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Subject: Report and Findings on International Crimes
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13 March 2003



INFO: The White House, United States of America
10 Downing Street, United Kingdom
Prime Minister, Israel
Central Intelligence Agency, United States of America
MI5, United Kingdom
Ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim, Israel
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom
Foreign Ministers Worldwide
Diplomats and Ambassadors Worldwide
Intelligence Organizations Worldwide
Media Personnel
Council on Foreign Relations
Interested Parties







This brief has immediate and direct bearing on the current international
situation centered upon Iraq. This report includes summaries of evidence
of an extensive and secret arsenal of weapons systems in exclusive
possession and control of the parties named above, which systems never
have been disclosed to the United Nations or to the world.

This report constitutes an Executive Summary of Findings of
Incontrovertible Evidence that the above named parties (hereinafter
"International Conspirators") have conspired to wage a decades long
campaign of international crimes and high crimes against peaceful and
non-participant nations and people, against at least two world
religions, against their own allies, and against their own people, those
crimes and high crimes including, without limitation, kidnapping,
murder, conspiracy against human rights, conspiracy against civil
rights, conspiracy to commit international genocide, conspiracy to
commit political assassination, document forgery, blackmail, extortion,
embezzlement, theft, customs violations, international money laundering,
international banking fraud, corporate fraud, intellectual property
fraud, and fraud upon the courts.

In carrying out their crimes and high crimes, the International
Conspirators have used and often deceived the agencies, institutions,
courts, and embassies of their own nations and those of Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Ghana (the
Gold Coast), Morocco, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark,
Sweden, Holland, Panama, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Russia,
Japan, Korea, and China. This list is not exclusive.

The principals and primary agents of the International Conspirators have
been actors of and for agencies and offices of the United States of
America (USA), Israel, and the United Kingdom (UK), the latter working
in coordination and collusion with agencies and offices of countries
formerly composing "The Commonwealth" (hereinafter "The Commonwealth" or
"Commonwealth Agents").

The International Conspirators have waged war on one Islamic nation in
the past year and stand poised to launch war on another Islamic nation,
based on unauthenticated allegations by the International Conspirators
of the exact crimes and high crimes of which they, themselves, are
demonstrably guilty.

The International Conspirators have used and misused the terms and
privileges of international treaties to justify, to facilitate, to carry
out, and to cover up their misdemeanors, crimes and high crimes against
humanity and human rights.

The evidence of the crimes and high crimes described herein has been
being collected, organized, analyzed, and published into the
international public domain over the course of many years. It resides in
many repositories and archives around the world, and on a number of web
sites, all of which are universally available through the internet.

This brief outlines and summarizes cumulative findings arising out of
intensive study and evaluation of that widely available evidence.


The purpose of the International Conspirators was to monopolize,
control, and publicly destroy at least one non-denominational and
non-exclusive world religion, Scientology, and to continue their same
pattern of crimes and high crimes toward the reduction of another
growing world religion, Islam, all in pursuit of cultural, religious,
economic, political, and military goals held in common by the
International Conspirators.

Both Scientology and Islam have threatened the international cultural,
religious, economic, political, and military aims and motivations of the
International Conspirators.

The first stage, the conquest, monopolization, and control of
Scientology, has largely been accomplished. The Iraqi campaign is the
latest in the campaign of the International Conspirators against Islam.


Scientology was perceived as a threat by the International Conspirators
because in addition to having been a popular religious philosophy that
was outside of Judeo-Christian boundaries, it contained technologies
specifically related to the mind and the spirit, technologies that the
International Conspirators wanted to own a monopoly on. Their interest
in Scientology technologies was not for social and spiritual benefit and
betterment, which were Scientology's aims. The International
Conspirators wanted to exclusively own and monopolize the mental and
spiritual technologies of Scientology in order to pervert them to the
service of their own cultural, political, economic, religious, military,
and anti-human-rights purposes.

Dianetics, a sub-study of Scientology, had been demonstrated to be an
effective counter-measure to brainwashing, to psychotropic drugging, to
duress, to torture, and to other measures for international
interrogation, intelligence, and warfare that were being developed
intensively and in secret by the intelligence agencies of the
International Conspirators for use against their perceived enemies.

Scientology went further, promising spiritual abilities beyond the human
norm, abilities that extend into the fields of psychology and
parapsychology, including increase in human intelligence and reaction
time, and reaching further still to embrace the more esoteric fields of
telekinesis, extra-sensory perception (remote perception), and out of
body travel.

All of the fields addressed by Dianetics and Scientology have been of
intense interest to the intelligence agencies of the International
Conspirators since at least as early as the 1940s, as well as being of
intense interest to intelligence agencies of their perceived enemies,
most notably, at relevant times, the Union of Soviet Socialists
Republics (USSR) and China and their allies.

In 1968, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard,
declared Dianetics and Scientology non-political, making his
technologies available to all peoples of the world regardless of
national boundaries, political ideologies, or religions, save only that
the technologies not be used for warlike or political ends:

"I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and
non-ideological. ...The reason for this declaration is the
consistent disaster visited upon her 'allies' by the United
States government and the efforts of that government since
1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the
United States rather than forbid or stop it and the role
played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian State
attacks in Australia. ...Scientologists may be members of any
political group on this planet without restraint only so long
as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize
Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it
unworkable or distasteful by invidious connection.
...Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this
date declared free of any political connection or allegiance
of any kind whatever."
L. Ron Hubbard
Founder of Dianetics and Scientology
10 January 1968

It was shortly after the declaration above that the International
Conspirators devised their "Final Solution" to the Scientology problem:
a decades-long campaign of international kidnapping, murder, deceit,
fraud, political assassination, political manipulation, blackmail,
extortion, genocide, and grand theft in order to secure a complete
monopoly for themselves on the technologies of Dianetics and
Scientology, to control Scientology organizations internationally, to
use Scientology organizations internationally for political espionage
purposes, and to adapt and use the technologies developed by L. Ron
Hubbard for their own political, religious, and military aims, while
also gradually eradicating international public accessibility to those
Dianetics and Scientology texts and materials in their original form.

To that end, the International Conspirators have surreptitiously
replaced the original Hubbard materials with forged, altered, and
rewritten fraudulent materials described by the International
Conspirators as "orthodox scriptures" of "the Scientology religion" for
the criminal intent of denying the actual original texts and
technologies to the rest of the world, selling instead a fraudulent
travesty of the originals materials.

At the same time, they have classified as Official Secrets their own
implementation and use of Dianetics and Scientology mental and spiritual
technologies, hiding their seizure and abuse of this world religion
behind the impregnable fortifications of "national security" secrecy. In
short, the International Conspirators have criminally appropriated these
religious technologies and have classified them as unregulated weapons
to be used at their sole discretion against any country, agency,
religion, culture, or people on earth for any purpose.


The religion of Islam has long posed its own threat to the International
Conspirators. At its core is belief in a Creator that is a dichotomy, an
opposite to the Judeo-Christian Creator, just as the Judeo-Christian
Creator is a dichotomy, an opposite to the Muslim Creator: Allah is not
Yahweh, just as Yahweh is not Allah, according to the teachings and
descriptions handed down to the respective religions by their respective
prophets. Obviously, there cannot exist two exclusive and discrete
omnipotent and omniscient Creators of the same universe in which Jews,
Christians, and Muslims all must live.

Unfortunately, the Judeo-Christian Creator and the Muslim Creator have
no tolerance or place for the existence of the other. This clash of
ideologies and beliefs makes the Creator of one the "Satan," or evil
opposite, of the other.

While each religion involved in the conflict sincerely teaches peace,
each religion involved equally holds the view that universal acceptance
of their own Creator is the only hope for mankind and the souls of men,
and each religion has some expression of the need for and justifiability
of warlike means to the realization of the goal of such universal
acceptance of their own Creator.

Each religion also views non-believers in their Creator as inferiors:
heathens, infidels, heretics, or even demons. This dehumanization of
non-believers is an exacerbating feature of each religion, further
justifying warlike means to what each considers a justifiable end.

Ignoring the differences in messianic views between Judaism and
Christianity for the purposes of this discussion of the motives of the
International Conspirators, both the Judeo-Christian belief systems, and
the Islamic belief systems, teach that growth and expansion can occur
only through the negation of the existence of the Creator of the other,
and through the reduction in numbers of believers in that opposing
Creator, either by conversion, or by destruction.

There is no need to belabor the inherent and inescapable conflicts, nor
is this a discussion of the relative merits of these religions. There is
no opinion expressed or implied about the veracity of any individual's
faith in any religion he or she chooses. It is a discussion of the
motives of the International Conspirators, and this conflict of
predominating ideology and beliefs cannot be omitted from any such
discussion. It has provided the International Conspirators with at least
some portion of what they have considered "justification" for the most
egregious and condemnable crimes and high crimes against humanity and
against human rights internationally.

More mundanely, nations that are primarily Islamic control the majority
of one of the most sought-after world commodities: oil.

Finally, Islam largely surrounds the nation of Israel, the seat of
Judaism, and no review of the long conflicts arising from that
injudicious situation need be included here.


While the International Conspirators are making a public outcry and
threatening war against an Islamic nation, Iraq, claiming that Iraq is
hiding weapons, the International Conspirators themselves have secret
and entirely unregulated weapons systems that they stole and began
developing over 30 years ago through the expediency of egregious
international crimes against many individuals, peoples, and
sovereignties, weapons that never have been revealed to the world,
weapons that are completely unknown to the rest of the world in their
specific form and capabilities.

No report has ever been forthcoming from the International Conspirators
addressing the extent and scope of these weapons systems, or addressing
the nature and scope of the use of these weapons systems internationally
over the past 30 years by the International Conspirators. Only
individually insignificant evidentiary revelations have leaked out from
various agencies of the International Conspirators over several decades
which, taken together, have accumulated to reveal not only the
undeniable existence of these weapons systems, but confirmation of their
use in international political and military objectives and operations by
the International Conspirators.

These weapons systems are classified Top Secret and as Official Secrets
by the International Conspirators on national security grounds.

They unquestionably are weapons by definitions universally accepted and
agreed upon in politics, war, and law: an instrument of offensive or
defensive conflict, or anything used, or designed to be used, in
destroying, defeating, or injuring another; a means used to defend
against or defeat another.

By CIA admission, these weapons are known to have been used by the CIA,
the DIA, Naval Intelligence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department
of Defense, and Presidents of the United States of America in tactical
and strategic intelligence gathering for political and military
purposes. These intelligence assets have been shared with the other
nations making up the International Conspirators, but to what extent is
unknown, the information having been hidden by the International
Conspirators behind the iron curtain of "national security."

These weapons have been incorporated by the International Conspirators
into their interrogation methods for "enemy combatants" and prisoners of
war, and certainly are in use today on the Islamic "enemy combatants"
being illegally held, against all principles of human rights and
justice, on a United States military base in Cuba.

Evidence exists that these weapons have been used to pry into state
secrets of perceived "enemies" of the International Conspirators, but
also into the state secrets of their ally nations, even into personal
secrets of principals and officers and diplomats of governments of all
nations, such acquired information then being developed and used for
blackmail and extortion in molding world politics to conform to the will
of the International Conspirators.

These weapons include a complete battery of mental and spiritual
technologies, for use both on individuals and on populations,
technologies and systems that the International Conspirators have
monopolized and classified as Secret, and which they have used not only
against natural persons, not only against political enemies, not only
against military enemies and objectives, but which they also have
utilized in the creation and dissemination of international propaganda
for controlling population segments and public opinion.

The CIA's own Allen Dulles, and later CIA's Richard Helms, both
principal planners and actors of the International Conspirators,
described the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the world as being
engaged in a "battle for men's minds."

In setting out to win that battle, the International Conspirators
honored no moral, ethical, national, civil, or criminal boundary, no
rule or law of either God or Man. The International Conspirators
assumed, themselves, the rights and authorities reserved by all
religions to God over the destinies of nations and people, and
considered that the commission of any crime, any sin, any atrocity was
justified, that any enemy or ally was fair game in the realization of
their heinous and self-serving goals.

Having accomplished their universally abhorrent objectives in seizing
and appropriating these technologies, hoarding and hiding them from the
rest of the world, the International Conspirators have not limited their
use of these secret and hidden weapons systems to perceived enemies and
even allies, but have turned these same weapons on their own people, and
are using these weapons today, internationally, under the veil of
"national security" secrecy.

Although the CIA has published minor accounts of their Scientology-based
"Remote Viewing" program that secretly began in October of 1972 and
secretly ran under the control of CIA and DIA through at least 1995,
that program was only one portion of the secret psychological weapons
systems stolen and secretly used for several decades by the
International Conspirators. Despite assurances by the CIA that the
Remote Viewing program was discontinued as recently as 1995, there is a
history of the intelligence agencies of the US shuffling these
psychological weapons systems around under cover of "national security"
mandates and directives, and there is credible evidence and precedent
suggesting that the program merely was renamed and moved in order to
continue to keep it hidden not only from the American people, but from
the world community.

One highly-placed CIA operative in the program has said emphatically
that at least 95% of the information on these weapons systems is still
classified as Top Secret, still hidden and buried from the eyes of the
world. These weapons systems were stolen through the commission of
unspeakable atrocities and international crimes.

The hypocrisy of the International Conspirators in demanding full
weapons systems disclosure by others, while maintaining tight secrecy
guarding their own weapons systems which they stole from the world,
cannot be allowed to stand.


This section will address only the principal and most egregious crimes
and high crimes of the International Conspirators in their conquest and
seizure of one world religion, crimes and high crimes that are an exact
parallel to the same tactics the International Conspirators are now
using against Islamic individuals, peoples and nations. The perpetration
and continued obstruction of justice required to hide their crimes
against individuals, nations, and mankind required many ancillary
attendant crimes such as extortion, blackmail, bribery, assault, and
possible other murders or attempted murders. This study does not reach
all such acts and incidents, only those for which ample evidence exists.


UNITED STATES: In the US the planners, instigators, and funders included
George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr., Gerald Ford, Richard Helms, Dr. Sidney
Gottlieb, Major William E. Mayer, William E. Simon, Donald C. Alexander,
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Eric Lieberman, and Meade Emory.

UNITED KINGDOM: The most senior planners, instigators, and funders of
the crimes and high crimes described herein included Prime Ministers
Harold Wilson (Lord Wilson of Rievaulx) and Sir Edward Heath of the UK,
with Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home.

ISRAEL: In Israel, the most senior planners, instigators, and funders of
the crimes and high crimes included Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Shimon
Peres, Ariel Sharon, and Yitzhak Rabin.

These lists are not exclusive.

The successors in office to each of the above-named principals have
inherited and continued the criminal activities of these architects of
crime, and have continued the international cover-up of the crimes and
high crimes, and are accessories to and after the fact of the crimes and
high crimes described herein.


In order to achieve their monopoly and control of Scientology for use in
political and military operations, the International Conspirators
planned, arranged, and carried out the kidnapping and murder of
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Commonwealth Agents and US Agents
were infiltrated into the Scientology organizations with that intent by
at least the late 1960s. Kenneth Urquhart was one of the earlier and
certainly most important Commonwealth Agents. He worked himself into
position directly next to L. Ron Hubbard, becoming Hubbard's personal
secretary, known as "LRH Pers Sec."

Once in this highly placed and virtually totalitarian position within
Scientology organizations, Urquhart was able to give carte blanche
clearance to numerous other US and Commonwealth Agents of the
International Conspirators, which infiltration accelerated in 1969 and
reached its peak in 1971 and 1972. In addition to Urquhart, some of the
most important infiltrators were Commonwealth Agents Jane Kember,
Anthony Dunleavy, Norman F. Starkey, Terri Gamboa, Kima Douglas, Fred
Hare, Gerald Armstrong, Laurel Sullivan, John McLean, David Mayo,
Michael Rinder, Hana Whitfield and Anthony Hitchman.

US Agents working in collusion with those Commonwealth Agents included
Paul Preston, Jim Dincalci, Andre Tabayoyon, and Scott Mayer.

This is not, cannot, be a complete and exclusive list. The evidence,
though, strongly establishes that the international crimes and high
crimes of the International Conspirators could not have been
successfully carried out without the participation of those persons
named above. The details and extent of the knowing complicity of each
must be the subject of interrogation and investigation.

The planning and execution of the 1972 kidnapping of L. Ron Hubbard, of
his subsequent murder, and of the subsequent cover-up, spanned several
years and many countries. The actual kidnapping was committed in Morocco
under the coordination of Ken Urquhart, effected with the assistance of
CIA operatives in Morocco who had infiltrated the security forces of
Hassan II. A fraudulent assassination attempt on Hassan II was planned
and executed by intelligence assets of the International Conspirators
and their Commonwealth Agents, in collusion with Moroccan Minister of
Defence Muhammad Oufkir, the partial intent being to create a
distraction for the kidnapping, while also accomplishing the execution
of Oufkir, who had become an inconvenience to CIA.

The obstruction of justice in the cover-up of the kidnapping and murder
of L. Ron Hubbard was a protracted fraud that crossed numerous national
and international boundaries. The international locations (general and
specific) involved in the operations included Morocco, Spain, Portugal,
Ghana, Jamaica, Dutch West Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Bonaire,
Curacao, Barbados, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and the
United States. This list is not exclusive.

In the United States the fraudulent cover-up and conspiracy to obstruct
justice in relation to the kidnapping and murder was perpetrated
primarily in the states of Florida, California, Nevada, and in the
District of Columbia, with many state lines crossed in transit.

The principals in the cover-up included Commonwealth Agents Ken
Urquhart, Laurel Sullivan, Gerald Armstrong, Kima Douglas, Norman F.
Starkey, Terri Gamboa and David Mayo. US participants in the cover-up
included Dr. Gene Denk, Jim Dincalci, Paul Preston, Mike Douglas, James
Mulligan, Scott Mayer, Major William E. Mayer, Norton S. Karno, Sherman
Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Michael Flynn, and Edward
Walters, plus two agents of the United States Treasury Department:
Howard C. Doulder and Richard L. Brunelle. These lists are not

A later kidnapping and murder of L. Ron Hubbard's son, Quentin Hubbard,
was committed by some of the same agents of the International
Conspirators. Knowing principals in that kidnapping and murder included
Scott Mayer, Major William E. Mayer, Ronald DeWolf (deceased), Kima
Douglas, Ken Urquhart, Norton S. Karno, Arthur Maren, and Edward
Walters. The perpetration of the kidnapping and murder and subsequent
cover-up and obstruction of justice was carried out in California and
Nevada, crossing state lines.


The theft and monopolization of the Scientology materials by the
International Conspirators for international political and military
intelligence, mind control, interrogation, and espionage purposes
required the theft of millions of dollars worth of L. Ron Hubbard's
intellectual property, and the replacement of it with forgeries, and
with altered and rewritten "based on the works of" materials that
removed and neutralized the effective essence of the original works.

The grand theft was carried out over time in the countries of England,
Denmark, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Greece, and the
United States. This list is not exclusive. In the United States, a
material portion of the grand theft was perpetrated in the states of
California, Florida, Massachusetts, Washington state, and the District
of Columbia, crossing many state lines in between.

This theft involved a complex intellectual property fraud that only
could have been carried out after the removal of L. Ron Hubbard, which
had been accomplished by his kidnapping and murder. The fraud and theft
was planned and supervised by the CIA, MI5, and Mossad. Attendant to the
fraud and theft was forgery of false and fraudulent writings and orders
purportedly by L. Ron Hubbard and other Scientology officials. The
primary Commonwealth Agents who executed the forgeries, thefts, and
related crimes included Ken Urquhart, Jane Kember, Gerald Armstrong,
Norman F. Starkey, Terri Gamboa, David Mayo, Laurel Sullivan, and Kima
Douglas. The primary agents of the US included CIA's Dr. Sidney Gottlieb
and Richard Helms, and CIA psychiatrists Major William E. Mayer, Louis
Jolyon West, and Cynthia Kisser at planning level. Also central to the
execution of the plan were Assistant to IRS Commissioner Meade Emory,
attorneys Eric Lieberman (Mossad), Norton S. Karno, Sherman D. Lenske,
Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, and Joel Kreiner, aided in forgery
by Robert Vaughn Young and Omar Garrison (deceased). These lists are not

Part of the grand theft also included the infiltration into Scientology
by NSA and CIA operatives Dr. Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price,
who would become the controlling supervisors of the CIA's Remote Viewing
program utilizing the stolen Scientology technologies and materials.

Of disturbing connection in this report to the UN Security Council and
UN World Court is Ingo Swann's prior employment at the United Nations,
which coincided partially with the Ambassadorship to the United Nations
of George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr., one of the chief architects of these
international crimes and high crimes.


The Genocide Convention of 1948 defined genocide as follow:

"In the present Convention, genocide means any of the
following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or
in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as

"(a) Killing members of the group;

"(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the

"(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life
calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole
or in part;

"(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the

"(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another

Once Hubbard had been kidnapped and murdered and the International
Conspirators had achieved a controlling presence inside the Scientology
organizations, they set upon a course of systematic genocide against
Scientologists, particularly the core Scientologists who formed the
religious fellowship known as "the Sea Org," which managed Scientology

Following guidelines laid down by CIA psychiatrists Major William E.
Mayer, Louis West, and Cynthia Kisser, Ken Urquhart created the
"Rehabilitation Project Force" in violation of (b) and (c) above.

Later, under the direction of William E. Mayer and Scott Mayer, child
camps were set up to isolate the children of Sea Org members far from
their parents in violation of (e) above, driving many Sea Org members
out of the church and out of their religion.

An edict was issued stating that Sea Org members could not have
children, and a program of forced abortions for Sea Org women was
implemented in violation of (d) above.

Families were split up by savage orders and so-called "ethics actions,"
with orders of "disconnection" between husbands and wives and children.

All of these steps were a willful effort to eradicate the dedicated and
loyal core members of the religion, to expel them from the church, and
to prevent births within the group for the specific purpose of the
International Conspirators gaining complete and unopposed control.

The principal planners and executors of this conspiracy to commit
genocide were George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr., Richard Helms, William
Colby, William E. Mayer, Louis Jolyon West, Cynthia Kisser, Scott Mayer,
Eric Lieberman, Norton S. Karno, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and
Meade Emory, aided and abetted by Terri Gamboa, Norman F. Starkey,
Guillame LeSevre, and Heber Jentzsch. This list is not exclusive.

This genocide was carried out in international waters aboard ships of
the Sea Org fleet, and in numerous countries already named in this
document, but also including a "children's ranch" in Mexico.


The International Conspirators gained control of Scientology finances
worldwide after the 1972 kidnapping and murder of L. Ron Hubbard and set
up a complex system of international money laundering through existing
international bank accounts and new accounts that they established.

In collusion with agents of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Drug
Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Treasury Department officials, these
accounts were used by the International Conspirators for multiple
purposes, including the funding of their clandestine agents and
operations, and to create fraudulent legal entities that would be used
to build a fraudulent case of "inurement" against L. Ron Hubbard.

Pursuant to that plan, approximately $3 million cash was illegally
transported by Commonwealth Agents of the International Conspirators
from Swiss bank accounts to the Scientology Flagship Apollo in Morocco
in the summer of 1972, at or around the time of the kidnapping and
murder of L. Ron Hubbard. Commonwealth Agents involved included Jane
Kember, Ken Urquhart, Fred Hare, John McLean, and Gerald Armstrong.

Further pursuant to that plan, a number of fraudulent corporations were
set up in late 1972 in Ghana by Commonwealth Agents for the
International Conspirators, including the Religious Research Foundation
(a.k.a. Religious Research Fund, RRF). Commonwealth Agents involved
included Ken Urquhart, Kima Douglas, Fred Hare, and Liz Ausley.

Further pursuant to the plan, a trust fund was established in the name
of L. Ron Hubbard on 25 June 1973 by US agent for the International
Conspirators Norton S. Karno in collusion with Mossad's Eric Lieberman,
and with IRS's Donald C. Alexander (Commissioner). Informed of the plan
and also involved were Meade Emory and Howard M. Schoenfeld. The trust
was The United States Church of Scientology Trust (the Trust), which
Karno fraudulently backdated as having existed since 1969 in order to
help IRS begin to construct their artificial case of inurement against
Hubbard and his family.

Continuing into the mid and late 1970s, attorney and real estate agent
Norton S. Karno, in collusion with agents of the International
Conspirators, gained full control over the finances and estate of L. Ron
Hubbard, and gained significant control over the finances and operations
of Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc. (HASI,
Inc.), Church of Scientology of California, Inc. (CSC), and
Scientology's Guardian Office (GO).

Karno clandestinely used this control and the fraudulent corporations
and trust to manipulate the finances of Scientology internationally for
the benefit of the purposes of the International Conspirators, as well
as for his own personal profit, and the personal profit of other agents
of the International Conspirators working with Karno.

Norton S. Karno arranged for and had created more fraudulent
corporations for the purchase and sale of many millions of dollars worth
of real estate in the US and abroad, which real estate sales derived to
the personal profit of Karno and his co-conspirators, while also
advancing the criminal purposes of the International Conspirators.

Norton S. Karno, in collusion with Joel Kreiner, Sherman Lenske, and
Stephen Lenske, arranged for the passive dissolution of HASI, Inc., the
repository of Hubbard's intellectual property. This was preparatory to
seizure of the Hubbard property by Karno and the Lenskes on behalf of
the International Conspirators.

Norton S. Karno arranged to be appointed as Executor and Trustee over
Hubbard's estate for the purpose of gaining final control over all
Dianetics and Scientology materials, all Hubbard intellectual property,
all Hubbard finances, and all Hubbard investments and other property.
The purpose of Karno and the International Conspirators was to transfer
the entire Hubbard estate covertly to the ownership, custody and control
of a new corporation, Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), that would
be, itself, under the control of Mossad and the IRS, utilizing agents
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller as Special Directors,
themselves taking orders from Mossad's Eric Lieberman and from IRS. This
transfer of the Hubbard estate was finalized by IRS on 1 October 1993 in
a secret Closing Agreement.

Agents of the International Conspirators who conspired with Karno in the
international corporate, real estate, probate, and financial crimes and
high crimes were Donald C. Alexander, Eric Lieberman, Meade Emory,
Howard M. Schoenfeld, Martin Greenberg, Scott Mayer, Howard D. Schomer
(Homer Schomer), Jane Kember, Joel Kreiner, Sherman D. Lenske, Stephen
Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Michael Flynn, John McLean, Lyman Spurlock,
Ken Urquhart, Norman F. Starkey, Terri Gamboa, Bill Franks, Kima
Douglas, Laurel Sullivan, and Gerald Armstrong. This list is not
exclusive. These agents have each received large illegal and undeclared
laundered cash profits for their participation with the International
Conspirators, which profits have been protected by IRS, Inland Revenue
and other Commonwealth revenue agents of the International Conspirators.

Countries and international locations whose agencies and offices were
used and deceived in the corporate, real estate, probate, and financial
crimes and frauds have included the United States of America, the United
Kingdom, Denmark, Ghana, Panama, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein,
Morocco, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, France, Germany, Jamaica,
Dutch West Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and
Barbados. This list is not exclusive.


The International Conspirators have conspired willfully to own, control,
and destroy a world religion, Scientology, and to deny access to the
free and unencumbered study, understanding, pursuit, and practice of
that religion to all the peoples of the world.

So intent have the International Conspirators been on their monopoly
over the mental and spiritual technologies of that religion that they
have conspired to create impregnable titanium vaults on the soil of
sovereign states of the United States of America in which to bury and
hide the original materials of the religion, permanently to hide from
the rest of the world the evidence of their forgeries, their theft,
their illegal appropriation of the materials for military and political
purposes internationally, and their other related crimes and high

In conducting their full scale assault on a world religion, the
International Conspirators have violated every concept that the peoples
of the world commonly hold to be the most fundamental and sacred of
Human Rights and Civil Rights. The International Conspirators are
demonstrably guilty of:

1. torture;
2. cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment;
3. arbitrary arrest or imprisonment;
4. denial of fair public trial;
5. invasions of home and privacy.

They have denied individuals the right to the fulfillment of such vital
needs as food, shelter, health care, and education.

They have denied to individuals and to nations the right to enjoy civil
and political liberties such as:

1. freedom of thought, of religion, and of assembly;
2. freedom of speech;
3. freedom of the press;
4. freedom of movement both within and outside of one's own country;
5. freedom to take part in one's government.

In conducting their full scale assault on a world religion, the
International Conspirators have willfully and with malice violated the
spirit and letter of:

1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
2. Genocide Convention (1948)
3. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (1957)
4. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)
5. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
6. Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading
Treatment or Punishment (1984)
7. Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)
8. Human rights provisions of the UN Charter

The above lists are not exclusive.

In conducting their full scale assault on a world religion, the
International Conspirators have caused and inflicted kidnapping, murder,
physical and mental torture, blackmail, extortion, genocide, and other
crimes and high crimes described herein.

In conducting their full scale assault on a world religion, the
International Conspirators have violated every term and condition of the
UN Charter and all UN Human Rights efforts internationally.

While conspiring to commit these heinous crimes against humanity around
the world, the International Conspirators have masqueraded as the
world's leading proponents and defenders of these same rights.

The International Conspirators are currently embarked on a similar
decades long campaign against Islam for their own cultural, religious,
economic, political, and military ambitions, and have committed, and are
continuing to commit, the same crimes and high crimes against peoples
and nations of Islam.


The International Conspirators have with malice aforethought engaged
others (non-principals) in their criminal enterprises and activities,
then blackmailed and entrapped those individuals, and handed them over
to their own criminal and civil authorities and courts for criminal and
civil prosecution.

The International Conspirators have manufactured spurious civil disputes
with parties and attorneys on both sides of the conflicts being in
collusion as agents of the International Conspirators, all of them
profiting from these contrived and fabricated legal shams, while also
advancing important legal, tactical, and public relations purposes of
the International Conspirators.


In one incident the International Conspirators conspired to steal and to
forge government and other documents and to entrap members of
Scientology's Guardian Office in participation in these crimes, then to
criminally prosecute the members and officials of Scientology's Guardian
Office, while denying them due process in the courts of the United
States, all deriving to the benefit of the International Conspirators,
and resulting in the final control over the properties and finances of
L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology internationally.

The principals and parties and agents of the International Conspirators
involved in the planning and execution of this criminal conspiracy
included George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr., Gerald Ford, Eric Lieberman,
Donald C. Alexander, Meade Emory, Howard M. Schoenfeld, Norton S. Karno,
Jane Kember, James Mulligan, Joel Kreiner, Martin Greenberg, Kendrick
Moxon, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Raymond Banoun, Howard C. Ruff,
Judge Charles R. Richey, Gerald Wolfe, and Michael Meisner, with the
cooperation and knowing participation of agents of the US Treasury
Department, the US Secret Service, the US Department of Justice, the
Joint Committee on Taxation, and intelligence oversight committees of
the United States Congress.


Boston attorney and International Conspirator Michael Flynn, in
collusion with attorneys Eric Lieberman, Norton S. Karno, Sherman
Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, and Joel Kreiner, conducted
a seven year campaign of international and interstate criminal fraud,
filing as many as 27 frivolous and collusive civil suits, tying up
untold hours of court time in suits that had been designed only to
spread the anti-Hubbard, anti-Scientology propaganda of the
International Conspirators, to create obscene profits for the conspiring
attorneys, to provide the United States Treasury Department with a stage
for presentation of public false and fraudulent evidence that L. Ron
Hubbard was still alive, and to derive to the personal profit of their
co-conspirator plaintiffs, consultants, and witnesses in the fraudulent
civil suits.

Plaintiffs and other persons who conspired with the attorneys in this
felonious national and international fraud on the courts included Scott
Mayer, John McLean, Nancy McLean, Gerald Armstrong, Laurel Sullivan,
Kima Douglas, Paulette Cooper, Ronald DeWolf (deceased), Edward Walters,
Anne Rosenblum, Howard D. Schomer, Gabe Cazares, Bill Franks, Kima
Douglas, Mike Douglas, Jim Dincalci, Nancy Dincalci, LaVenda Van
Schaick, Tonja Burden, Judge Paul R. Breckenridge, and Dr. John Clark.
This list is not exclusive.


The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of Justice
perpetrated a massive fraud upon the courts and the world in 1981
through 1984 in a Tax Court travesty that purported to be an examination
of the financial activities of Church of Scientology of California (CSC)
and of L. Ron Hubbard for the docketed years 1970-1972. The Tax Court
relied on forged and fraudulent "policy letters" that had been created,
altered, and back-dated by agents of the International Conspirators;
relied on fraudulent corporations and trusts created by the
International Conspirators; relied on records of transfers of cash that
had been carried out solely by agents of the International Conspirators;
and relied on testimony and consultation provided by senior agents of
the International Conspirators: Scott Mayer and John McLean.

In addition to Mayer and McLean, agents of the International
Conspirators who colluded in producing the Tax Court's false and
fraudulent ruling included Ken Urquhart, Kima Douglas, Fred Hare, Meade
Emory, Howard M. Schoenfeld, Christopher Cobb, Martin D. Cohen, Eric
Lieberman, Norton S. Karno, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E.
Heller, Lyman Spurlock, Martin Greenberg, and Joel Kreiner. This list is
not exclusive.


In a later fraud on the courts and on the world, agents of the
International Conspirators planned and executed intellectual property
crimes internationally, utilizing the internet for worldwide publication
and propagation of copyrighted works owned by CST and under the custody
and control of Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller,
and participated in fraudulent civil suits and even staged raids upon
the homes and properties of co-conspirators, all to defraud the public,
the press, and the world into the false belief that the contested
intellectual properties of CST were under the ownership and control of
Religious Technology Center (RTC). These frauds were part of the
continuing cover-up of the crimes and high crimes of the International

Knowing participants in and behind the fraudulent copyright civil suits,
working in collusion with the International Conspirators, included Eric
Lieberman, Kendrick Moxon, Helena Kobrin, Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Thomas Small, Norman F. Starkey, Lawrence D.
Wollersheim, Robert Minton, Robert Vaughn Young, Stacy Brooks Young,
Jesse Prince, Arnaldo Lerma, Scott Mayer, Tom Klemesrud, Louis Jolyon
West, Cynthia Kisser, and Graham Berry. This list is not exclusive.


Berry and Wollersheim launched a fraudulent probate challenge in the
courts over the transfer of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard. Much false and
misleading information was seeded into the probate challenge which was
created and crafted to fail in order to create an obstructionist
precedent to any other challenges to the probate. Colluding with Berry
and Wollersheim in the fraudulent suit were agents of the International
Conspirators Eric Lieberman, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E.
Heller, Monique Yingling, Thomas Small, and Norman F. Starkey. This list
is not exclusive.

This list of national and international frauds upon the courts is not
intended to be exclusive.


The scope of this brief cannot hope to embrace and include the details
and abundant evidence of the commission of the crimes and high crimes of
the International Conspirators described herein. Nor can it be a full
and final accounting of all of the misdemeanors, crimes, and high crimes
of the International Conspirators. Nor can it seek to finally and fully
identify every participant, accomplice, and agent of the International
Conspirators, or determine with absolute certainty and accuracy the
complicity and culpability of each in any given misdemeanor, crime, or
high crime.

Where evidence of the participating agents and actors of the
International Conspirators exists, their names have been included in
this brief for further investigation.

What can be said beyond any reasonable doubt is that the International
Conspirators have conspired to commit the most egregious and odious
possible international crimes against humanity and against human rights.

In doing so, the International Conspirators have violated and betrayed
the trust of every allied world neighbor and partner, and the trust of
every person, agency, and office in the world.

The International Conspirators have betrayed the letter and the spirit
of every treaty, covenant, and trust extended to them by the
international community, and every sentence, every word, of the United
Nations Charter.

The International Conspirators have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt
an unwavering dedication to secrecy, duplicity, dishonesty, fraud,
violence, and every monstrous and ineffable crime in the annals of
national and international law in order to achieve their cultural,
political, economic, religious, and military aims.

The International Conspirators have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt
an arrogant and unspeakable disdain for all human rights, decency,
morals, ethics, and law, while masquerading as the world defenders of
human rights, decency, morals, ethics, and law.

The International Conspirators have used every agency and office at
their disposal, in their own countries and in others, to carry out their
covert and seditious campaigns against individuals, countries, peoples,
cultures, and religions.

The International Conspirators have earned and deserve expulsion and
exile from the family of nations, from the United Nations, and certainly
from the Security Council of the United Nations until such time as they
fully disclose all hidden evidence of their crimes as described herein,
and all of their hidden and secret weapons systems.

The International Conspirators, by their crimes, have lost all right to
the maintenance and funding of secret agencies such as CIA, DIA, DEA,
NSA, IRS, MI5, Mossad, and their sibling agencies, departments, and
contractors. These agencies are the largest and most dangerous criminal
organizations on our common Earth, and have abused, violated, and
betrayed every trust extended to them, using the trust and funding
provided by their own people to commit and hide the most abhorrent and
horrific international crimes in utter complacency, with guaranteed
immunity from the prosecution that they so justly deserve.

There is no hope for peace or safety or human rights ever being
guaranteed to any individual or nation on this Earth as long as these
International Conspirators and their criminal agents have free rein,
virtually unlimited funding stolen from their own citizens,
international immunity, and "national security" secrecy to commit and
hide their atrocities.

As the International Conspirators have done with Scientology, so are
they doing with Islam, so will they do with every nation and religion
and creed and culture on this Earth who do not bend to their will and
dictates, to their perverse concept of "human rights" and "freedom."

As with Scientology, the International Conspirators have conspired to
create demonized opponents within Islam nations against which they now
can wage war. This is the modus operandi of the International
Conspirators. Using unlimited funds stolen from their own citizens
through outrageous taxation, using the unlimited secrecy of their own
covert agencies, they plot to entrap and fund and supply the very people
they will then demonize, and then destroy, using their false and
repugnant moral superiority to enlist the help of honest nations in
their rampant campaign of world conquest and world terror, all in the
name of human rights, national security, and freedom.

Their hypocrisy is inexhaustible.

Armed with weapons of mass destruction, armed with unrevealed and
unregulated secret weapons systems, armed with closed and secret
agencies and offices, armed with a limitless supply of stolen and
extorted funds from their own people, the International Conspirators
constitute the largest and most complex and most unopposed criminal and
terrorist organization ever to exist in history.

Unchecked and undeterred, they will consume us all.


1. We call for the immediate expulsion of the International Conspirators
from the Security Council of the United Nations, from the United Nations
itself, and from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

2. We call for an immediate World Tribunal to investigate and prosecute
the international crimes and high crimes of the International
Conspirators and their architects, agents, accomplices, and

3. We call for an immediate expulsion and withdrawal of all military
forces and troops of the International Conspirators from all foreign
soil and from international waters.

4. We call for immediate and full disclosure by the International
Conspirators of all weapons systems, including all weapons of mass
destruction, and including all mental, spiritual, psychological,
mind-control, interrogation, and propaganda weapons systems and
technologies in their possession, with all materials, documents, papers,
and records relating to such weapons systems to be submitted to the
World Court in open session, which information may never be subject to
seal or secrecy.

5. We call for an immediate international embargo on the member nations
of the International Conspirators.

6. We call for all countries to sever diplomatic relations with the
International Conspirators, and to expel them from their soil with

7. We call for an immediate United Nations condemnation of CIA, DIA,
NSA, DEA, IRS, Inland Revenue, MI5, and Mossad for their patent
participation in and contribution to international crimes and high
crimes against humanity, against world religions, and against human

8. We call for the complete and permanent dismantling of CIA, DIA, NSA,
IRS, Inland Revenue, MI5, and Mossad, and for the investigation and
prosecution of their principals for crimes against humanity, religions,
and human rights since the inception of each agency and organization.

9. We call for the public condemnation of every President, Prime
Minister, Defence Minister, Foreign Minister, and other officer or agent
of the International Conspirators who has been informed of and continued
or participated in any way in these unspeakable crimes and high crimes
against humanity, religions, and human rights, and the cover-up of such
crimes and high crimes.

10. We call for enforced disarmament of the International Conspirators
of all weapons of mass destruction without appeal or recourse.

11. We call on all nations to begin systematic disarmament and permanent
disabling of all weapons of mass destruction once the criminal and
oppressive International Conspirators have been nullified for the threat
they are to world peace and cooperation.

12. We call on the peoples of the member nations of the International
Conspirators to implement immediate legal and orderly measures to
impeach, censure, and remove their leaders and officials who took part
in the crimes and high crimes and cover-ups, and responsibly to utilize
the political and humanitarian systems and processes of their respective
nations to rebuild a decent, honest, and open political and diplomatic
establishment that can again be allowed to take its place among the
world community.

13. We call on the United Nations and NATO to formulate and implement a
program of reconstruction and rehabilitation for the member nations of
the International Conspirators with oversight by the Security Council
that will, over time, allow those member nations to apply for re-entry
into the international fellowship of mankind.

Whatever hardship or consequences might befall the member nations of the
International Conspiracy as a result of these recommendations, they have
brought these onto themselves by their unjustifiable crimes against
humanity and the other nations of the world.

Whatever real or imagined threats to world peace and stability might be
feared to ensue, we believe that the vast majority of such alleged
threats have been wholly manufactured by the covert agencies of the
International Conspiracy specifically to justify and cover up their own
international crimes and high crimes, and that the combined reason and
probity of the responsible governments of the world are fully capable to
rise to meet any challenge, any eventuality during the rehabilitation
and reconstruction of the International Conspirators.

Whatever consequences there might be to action, the consequences of
failure to act against such hardened, wealthy, powerful, organized,
callous, amoral, immoral, impervious, lawless, and unrepentant criminals
and their criminal organizations, the consequences of allowing them to
continue to use our own trust against us, particularly when they command
the largest and most powerful arsenal of weapons of mass destruction on
Earth, can only be our certain and inevitable doom at their hands.

Respectfully submitted on 13 March 2003,


A consortium of multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-religious
individuals and organizations joined in unrecompensed and
unfunded humanitarian research for the benefit of mankind.


Scientology's terrorist black PR post above was spammed to numerous usenet groups.
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