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Historical Writings and Documents

a.r.s. posts


Armstrong letter to David Miscavige 03-13-2008


Armstrong letter to  Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr., D.O. 07-03-2007

Letter to Metaball re: No Xenus is Good Xenus 04-03-2007

Scientology's hypnosis and death ray device 03-25-2007

Letter to Professor Marci Hamilton 04-09-2003

When in Doubt, Picket 01-31-2007

Les autorités européennes traitées par les scientologues de néonazis du "4ème Reich"
[French] [Original article in English]


Armstrong letter to David Miscavige 11-23-2006

2006 Challenge 01-01-2006


Suppressive Person Defense League Letter to Canada Member of Parliament Derek Lee 11-21-2005

Armstrong Letter to President Hu Jintao 11-19-2005

The Real Value of the Scientology v. Armstrong Case 10-26-2005

Letter to Frank K. Flinn 07-05-2005

Latest Ancient Mystery Solved 05-18-2005

Armstrong's position on activism at oral argument, Scientology v. Armstrong, CA CoA, Cases A107100 and A107095 03-22-2005

Armstrong Report of "Spacetraveler" Incitement to Murder 02-09-2005


Statement of Gerry Armstrong at the International Conference “Totalitarian Cults and the Democratic State”
in Novosibirsk, Russia November 9-11, 2004 [German translation]

Open Letter to Joseph K. Grieboski 10-25-2004

Tom Cruise: Executing the Suppressive Person Doctrine 09-15-2004

This year on alt.religion.scientology

Armstrong Declaration — Xenu 07-22-2004

Essay: Scientology's Ultimate Weapon 07-15-2004

Hot News — Barricade Books August 2004 [ Deutsch ]

Xenu Breakthrough! 07-08-2004


This year on alt.religion.scientology

Office for the Protection of the Constitution- Baden-Wurttemberg Report 2003 (Introduction)
[Deutsch .pdf]

Thanks Dr. Singer 11-2003

Essay:  Scientology Collaborator: Duplicitous or Just a Dupe?  10-15-2003

Essay:  The Scientology v. Armstrong Cases 10-12-2003

Armstrong on Reunification Day 10-03-2003

Scientology’s “Proclamation on Religion, Human Rights and Society” – Gerry Armstrong’s Response   [English]  [German] 09-28-2003

Armstrong comments on Jokers and Degraders 09-22-2003

Marburg Journal of Religion: Scientology and the European Human Rights Debate: A Reply to Leisa Goodman, J. Gordon Melton, and the European Rehabilitation Project Force Study
Paper by Stephen A. Kent 09-2003

Marburg Journal of Religion:  Scientology: Religion or Racket?
Paper by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi 09-2003

Armstrong on remembering the Vultures at 911 09-11-2003

Essay: The Miscavige Regime:  Criminality and Squirreling Go Hand in Paw 08-27-2003

Armstrong Letter to OSA Op "Sharky" and All Scientologists 08-21-2003

Letkeman Letter to David Miscavige 07-31-2003

Aznaran Testimony 07-29-2003

The glory of making it go right 07-29-2003

Re: 1974 Flagship wedding photos 07-25-2003
Re: 1974 Flagship wedding photos 07-29-2003

Hallelujah, bye and bye, Michael Douglas 07-18-2003

Scientology's Hatred of Medicine, the Real Why 07-09-2003

Hubbard's "Admissions," additional authentication 07-08-2003

Scientology only hires lawyers who will participate in criminal activity 07-05-2003

Finding an American von Stauffenberg 06-26-2003

Armstrong Notes on OSA Int ED 19 Squirrels 06-18-2003

Letkeman Press Release 06-09-2003

Letkeman Letter to David Miscavige 06-06-2003

Armstrong's Greeting at the Leipzig Award Ceremony 05-18-2003
English | Deutsch | French

Scientology's Black Christmas Propaganda 01-05-2003

Armstrong Letter to Saddam Hussein 03-18-2003

Armstrong Response to Scientology's Application for Criminal Prosecution in Ekaterinburg 03-19-2003

Armstrong Letter to David Miscavige 03-20-2003

Notes on Damages Claims Special Bank Estimate 03-25-2003

Article by Professor A. Dvorkin
"A scientologist said that scientological centers are open for the members of this totalitarian sect only" [Russian] Also here: [Russian]


This year on a.r.s.

Letkeman Letter to Miscavige et al. 03-28-2002

Lisa McPherson/Caroline Letkeman 04-09-2002

Dandar's Closing in Baird 09-18-2002

Press Release: Scientology's Salman Rushie Goes Global 10-18-2002
[ French ] [ German ] [ Russian ]

Juggernaut Eval 10-29-2002

The Goodrich Suit Evaluation 10-31-2002

a.r.s.: Bowing to goons 11-19-2002

a.r.s.: Top Goon vs. the Marqueebians 11-19-2002

From Russia with Aeroflot 12-19-2002

Armstrong/Wilson E-mail correspondence 11-10-2000 -- 02-04-2002

Armstrong Letter to Wilson 09-02-2002

Armstrong Letter to Saddam Hussein 12-29-2002


This year on a.r.s.

Gerry Goes Global 04-03-2001

Letkeman Letter to Miscavige 11-13-2001


This year on a.r.s.

Making Light of Black PR, Part 4, OUR Solution 03-06-2000

Making Light of Black PR, Part 7, The Admissions of L. Ron Hubbard 03-11-2000

Vancouver Picket 03-17-2000


This year on a.r.s.

L. Ron Goodbugger About Homosexuals in $cientology 02-26-1999


This year on a.r.s.


This year on a.r.s.

Armstrong Letter to Judge Whyte 01-26-1997

Wilson Letter to Armstrong 01-24-1997

Abbott Letter to Norman 02-12-14-1997

Wilson Letter to Abbott 02-25-1997

Armstrong Letter to Miscavige 03-06-1997

Abbott Letter to Miscavige 03-25-1997

Abbott Letter to Miscavige 05-05-1997

Wilson Letter to Abbott 05-08-1997

Armstrong Letter to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 10-18-1997

The Armstrong Collection 11-06-1997


Minton Letter to US Senator Judd Gregg 02-13-1996

Armstrong Letter to Miscavige 06-22-1996

Armstrong Letter to Brian Maxwell 09-27-1996

Armstrong Letter to Los Angeles City Council 10-07-1996

Wilson Letter to Armstrong 10-23-1996

Armstrong Letter to Wilson 11-07-1996

Armstrong Letter to Wilson 11-11-1996 [ .pdf]

Wilson Letter to Armstrong 12-11-1996

Armstrong Letter to Editor 12-23-1996


Armstrong Letter to Bartilson 04-06-1995


Armstrong Letter to Jonathan Lubbell 05-14-1994


Armstrong Letter to Wilson 08-15-1993


Armstrong Letter to San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan 01-13-1992

Mayor Jordan Letter to Armstrong 11-16-1992

Greene Letter to Bartilson 02-19-1992

Greene Letter to Bartilson 02-24-1992

Bartilson Letter to Greene 03-02-1992

Armstrong Letter to Miscavige, et al. Christmas Manifesto 12-22-1992


Armstrong Letter to Office of the Clerk California Court of Appeal 02-27-1991

Armstrong Letter to Lieberman 06-21-1991

Lieberman Letter to Armstrong 07-03-1991

Armstrong Letter to Lieberman 08-21-1991

Armstrong Letter to Lieberman 08-22-1991



Robert Vaughn Young Letter to Armstrong 12-16-1981

Armstrong Letter to the Loyalists (Handwritten) 12-05-1984 [ .pdf]

Also see: 
Historical Writings and Documents

Treatments and Screenplays

One Hell of a Story


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