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Legal and Disclaimer

Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman are solely responsible for gerryarmstrong.org. All pages, documents, photos, drawings and other materials are Copyright 2002, 2003 by Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman unless otherwise noted. We have made every effort to ensure that documents or data provided here are accurate and complete. We cannot, however, guarantee that there will be no errors. We make no warranty, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and we assume no legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any documents or data on this site. If you find any errors, please communicate them to caroline@gerryarmstrong.org.

This is an entirely non-commercial site. Its content is intended to be critical of the human and civil rights violations, abuses, fraud and criminality of the Scientology enterprise. If we failed in this intention, we apologize. Neither Gerry Armstrong, Caroline Letkeman or gerryarmstrong.org is affiliated with or sponsored or authorized by any Scientology organization, and in no way or measure whatsoever do we support Scientology's rights violations, abuses, fraud or criminality.

We are fully aware that many documents herein, and gerryarmstrong.org itself, are prima facie violations of an Injunction the Scientology cult obtained in California Superior Court against Gerry Armstrong and anyone acting in concert with him. It is our conviction, however, that said Injunction is illegal, legally unenforceable, a legally impermissible violation of our civil rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, due process and freedom from slavery, and that the Injunction was obtained by the Scientology cult by fraud, threat and other illegal means. We therefore believe that we are legally and completely justified in webbing and making available the information and documents on this site.

We hope that court papers on gerryarmstrong.org from Gerry Armstrong's litigations with Scientology, or documents from related legal proceedings, assist attorneys against the cult and assist its victims and opponents in their defenses from the cult's legal predations, in seeking redress for its attacks or abuse, and in prosecuting its criminal activities. We are aware that any help the site might be to people abused or persecuted by Scientology or to these victims' attorneys is also prohibited by the Injunction the cult obtained in California. Such a prohibition, we also believe, is illegal and legally unenforceable, and we believe that we are morally and legally justified in providing whatever assistance to wogs ® or to Scientologists that the site can in any way be. There is no way, of course, of knowing if we are assisting, so please let us know, or send other materials to us that you think could help us help even more.

We are very aware that the Scientology organization is the most notorious abuser of copyright law in the world. The cult uses this commercial law to suppress discussion, prevent people from making informed decisions, and as a "legal" weapon to attack and fair game critics of its abuses and criminality. Scientology is no respecter of the fair use guarantee of copyrights, and consequently is no respecter of the benefits the fair use doctrine gives to society; namely, teaching, scholarship, criticism, comment, reporting and research. Scientology seeks to triumph, and attain its goal of world domination, by suppressing or destroying these societal blessings. [1]

The formulators of the fair use right of copyright could not have predicted that any persons or organization would have the malevolent intent and hubris to use commercial copyright law to hide their public libels of people or to keep secret their manuals directing criminal acts against their human targets. Thus there is no mention of limiting or curtailing tortious or criminal conduct as a public benefit in national or international copyright acts. But it is for this public good, as well as for the various copyright acts' stated benefits of education, scholarship, criticism, research, etc., that we have included on this site complete versions of certain Scientology copyrighted documents. We have included Scientology's published attacks on our persons, its black PR disseminations, publications ordering criminal conduct, and any other category of the cult's documents pursuant to our fair use right granted by copyright law, and pursuant to our common law right to self defense. See, e.g., " Squirrels,", "Who is Gerry Armstrong, " and "Dept of Govt Affairs ." It is also needful to include some Scientology documents in their entirety to eliminate any validity to the cult's charge, which it has the bad habit of making with critics of its abusive or noxious policies or directives, that its statements are being taken out of context.

In a number of instances our parodies require our use of Scientology's photographic images because the humor in the parodies derives from that particular use, without which they would neither be humorous nor parodies. See, e.g., this page. Parodies and other jokes directed at Scientology are also included pursuant to the fair use right of copyright law, and the right to self defense, since it is the traditional, inalienable self defense right of the abused and oppressed to poke fun at their abusers and oppressors. Our use of Scientology's images or other materials is specifically encouraged by copyright law exactly as we have used them.

In all instances where we have used Scientology's, or anyone else's, materials, documents or images, we have mentioned their source and author, if these are known or available. If we have failed to properly mention or credit the source and author of any materials, documents or images on the site please advise us at caroline@gerryarmstrong.org and we will correct the omission immediately.

For further information regarding our position on copyrights, fair use and Scientology's copyright terrorism, see Caroline's letter to Scientology cult leader David Miscavige in response to his cult's attack on her own website.


[1] See:
a) U.S. code on Copyright, particularly Title 17, Section 107 (Fair Use)

b) Berne Convention [http://www.law.cornell.edu/treaties/berne/10.html]


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