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From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Where the hell was Starkey?
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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deomorto@my-deja.com (Deomorto) wrote:

>CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon> wrote in message
>>Why wasn't Norman F. Starkey's picture on milk cartons around the
>>world from 1971 until 1981, when he suddenly appeared to "hire" the
>>He was the Captain of the Apollo in July of 1971, involved in
>>handling the death of Susan Meister, sending letters to the Senate
>>Foreign Relations Committee, to Attorney General John Mitchell, to
>>the Secret Service, and to President Richard Nixon bitching about
>>the conduct of the US Vice Consul in Casablanca, William Galbraith,
>>and then... POOF! No Starkey.
>>Then suddenly in April of 1981, nearly 10 years later, he pops up
>>like a fucking rabbit out of a hat, magically working "directly" for
>>the MISSING L. Ron Hubbard, and so "hires" the firm of Lenske,
>>Lenske & Heller. Jesus Christ, it's just...
>>Ah, ~FUCK~ it!
>>So where the ~fuck~ was he for 10 years, and what the ~fuck~ was he
>>doing? What was his post? How did he come into this sudden
>>commanding position he had in April 1981, which was OUTSIDE the Sea
>>Org? Does anybody know ANYTHING about this?
> well this won't go far toward assuaging your paranoia but, believe it
>or not, Norman Starkey was in the SO.. jeez how about that?

Conceded and stipulated, Dr. Deomorto. Yes, I was incorrect. Starkey was
still in the "religious fellowship," but no longer an employee of any
corporation. Instead, WHOEVER had the ultimate purse strings on "R
Accounts" for the missing "L. Ron Hubbard" at the time was Starkey's
employer and Daddy/Mommy. How much would you like to bet me, right here
in public, that that's going to prove out to have been Norton S. Karno
and/or the Lenskes? Want to put your money where your mouth is, Dr.

>First of
>all you seem to think he disappeared in 1971 - he did not. Just
>because YOU don't know what he was doing doesn't mean he was not
>doing anything.

Oh, I ~KNOW~ he was somewhere doing something, you fucking blockhead.
Why the ~FUCK~ do you think I posed the questions? In fact, since I
raised them, I've already been sent at least a little data that is
starting to make this picture at least a little clearer. I'll even tell
you about it.

>So yeah - he was around - he was on mission in 1980 in Europe for

Well, Jesus, in your projectile vomit of ad hominem, I think you might
have accidently spewed out something useful.

So, GREAT! Norman F. Starkey is NOT completely invisible in the record
for ~10~ years, then--only 9. At least according to you. (Thanks a lot.)

Europe's a big place, Dr. Deomorto. And 1980 is a big year. Is that the
best you can do? Let me see if I can contribute to your storehouse of
knowledge, and let's see if together we can't get this little elusive
fuck Starkey into a little better focus. I think I can get him down to
being invisible for only 8 years! How about that!

So though I am loathe to invoke the name of St. Gerry Armstrong, it just
seems I can't turn around in researching any of this without running
into his grinning decayed carcass. So, follow along with me if you will:

24 January 1979
Bill Fosdick and Debbie Carringer are two people who have
"blown" from "WHQ" (Western Headquarters, another name used
for La Quinta). Gerry Armstrong goes to do a "handling" on
them in Pine Grove, California, where Fosdick and Carringer
are staying at Fosdick's parents home. The "handling" is
supposed to be done at "a nearby hotel as arranged by George

Now, don't get impatient with me, Dr. Deomorto; this is to establish
that Armstrong was at "WHQ" and entrusted to go on this kind of errand,
which is important to what follows.

7 February 1979
SU (Special Unit) Conditions Order 288-2 say that Gerry
Armstrong is assigned to SHQ, posting to be assigned by SHQ
CMO msnger.

Okay, so Dr. Deomorto, I'm forced into a little speculation here--so if
you feel I go off the tracks, you let me know--but since there is a
"Special Unit" Conditions Order assigning Gerry Armstrong to "SHQ," and
since "WHQ" was a colloquialism amongst the cognoscenti there at the
time that meant "Western Headquarters," I'm just forced to conclude that
"SHQ"--which I can't find either mentioned or defined ANYWHERE
else--meant "Special Unit Headquarters." Please correct me if I'm wrong,
but I'm going with that. And this all leads to what follows:

3 April 1979
There is a Conditions Order, 288-3, re "Posting" concerning
Gerry Armstrong.

Now, I don't want to be accused of jumping to any conclusions here, but
since this "Conditions Order" is 288-3, and the earlier 7 February 1979
SPECIAL UNIT Conditions order we just discussed was 288-2, I'm going to
be forced to reason that this 3 April 1979 issue is ALSO a SPECIAL UNIT
Conditions Order--in fact, a direct follow-up to the earlier one--and
concerns Gerry Armstrong being posted SOME fucking where in "SU."

You with me so far? Because we're coming up on Stormiin' Norman Starkey
here pretty soon, but first a few more clues regarding who was in "SU"
around this important 1979 time period.

9 April 1979
Gerry Armstrong writes a Knowledge Report on "Port Captain
SU" Fred Rock, who is undergoing Comm Ev. (Fred Rock was
husband to Laurel Rock, a.k.a. Laurel Sullivan.)

14 April 1979
Bitty Tompkins is "returned to the RPF" for false reporting
on fellow staff members Laurel Rock (a.k.a. Laurel Sullivan)
and Gerry Armstrong.

See how our little roster of names that were connected with the
oh-so-secretive "SU" is filling out? And that leads us finally to
Stormin' Norman Starkey...

28 September 79
Norman Starkey writes a report that Gerry has been a good
worker and always put duty first, and could be trusted.

LMAO! L M F A O! Well, there it is. Now, again, I don't want to be
accused of leaping giant chasms of logic--even though giant chasms of
missing data have been left for the unwary to fall into--but this seems
to indicate to ME that Stormin' Norman F. Starkey, then, was working at
SPECIAL UNIT (SU), and APPEARS to have been in a position of seniority
and authority vis a vis the position that Gerry Armstrong was in at SU.
Not ~necessarily~ senior! I concede that point. But my assumption,
unless and until other data appears to modify it, is going to be that
Norman F. Starkey was pretty ~fucking~ high up in the "Special Unit"

>The trouble is that you appear to know absolutely fucking nothing
>about the Sea Org or the people in it and you twitter on like you are
>an expert of some kind.

Don't be a nattering nabob of negativity, Dr. D.

Let's see if we can't tie this all back in to your assertion about
Starkey, which was: "he was on mission in 1980 in Europe."

Looking into my "ON MISSION IN 1980 IN EUROPE" file, I only find one
entry. And of course it comes from Gerry Armstrong:

1 c. December c. 1979
According to Gerry Armstrong in a UPI story of 17 December
1982, during "1979 and 1980," there was "a representative in
Europe who was trying to find out who was on the nominating
committee" for the Nobel Prize.

So, Dr. D.: was Stormin' Norman F. Starkey this mysterious and unnamed
(NATURALLY) "representative" who was "in Europe" SOME~fucking~time
during "1979 and 1980," purportedly to "find out who was on the
nominating committee" for the Nobel Prize? Is that what you're referring
to? If so, what do you know about this, and how do you know it? Did
Gerry Armstrong tell you? (No, Dr. D., I don't have any electronic
eavesdropping facilities or resources.)

Whether this is or isn't the "mission in 1980 in Europe" that you claim
Norman Starkey was on or not, let me ask you a serious question: are you
REALLY so BUTT-PLUG STUPID that you'd believe somebody would have to be
SENT TO EUROPE FROM THE U.S. to "find out who was on the nominating
committee" for the Nobel Prize? Tell me you're not one of the gullible
fucking marks who fell for this story.

And ~IF~ this WAS the "Special Unit's" own Stormin' Norman Starkey who
was the carefully unnamed "representative in Europe" SOMETIME during
"1979 and 1980," this raises several questions for me:

1) Why was Gerry Armstrong, in the several places where he
refers to this "Nobel Prize" operation, so ~FUCKING~ careful
to NEVER name who was involved?

Can you think of ANY fucking reason Gerry Armstrong would have for
hiding the identity of somebody who was supposedly one of his
arch-enemies, Norman Starkey? I can think of a few reasons, but I don't
think you'd like them.

2) What the ~FUCK~ was Norman F. Starkey ACTUALLY doing in
Europe sometime from late 1979 through early 1980?

If that ~WAS~ Norman F. Starkey roaming around "Europe," I
guaran-fucking-TEE you he wasn't dicking around with the fucking NOBEL
PRIZE committee. That's one of the biggest bullshit airheaded fucking
"shore stories" these scum ever came up with to cover what they were
doing. But their unchanging pattern of cover-up is so fucking
recognizable at this point, it's boring. Which brings me to my next

3) Why was it so important for Norman F. Starkey to be OUT OF
THE COUNTRY from approximately December 1979 (which is the
month when Sherman Lenske wrote the first Will and Inter Vivo
Trust for "L. Ron Hubbard" naming Norton S. Karno as executor
and trustee), through the point in late February 1980 when
"L. Ron Hubbard" disappeared forever, purportedly in the
company of Pat and Anne Broeker (even though David Mayo says
Pat Broeker stayed at Hemet to do a complete and thorough
evidence-wipe of everywhere that "L. Ron Hubbard" purportedly
had been)?

Can you think of any reason why old Stormin' Norman Starkey would have
needed to be over in Europe through those very important events, Dr. D.?
I can, but I don't think you'd like hearing them. But if that ~WAS~ Norm
over there on a little European vacation, it ~did~ provide a very
convenient "reason" for naming Karno, instead of Starkey, as executor
and trustee for that first Will and Trust, though, didn't it? God works
in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

But, hey: maybe it wasn't Norman at all, right? So maybe you can tell me
what Norman WAS doing over in Europe "in 1980," and WHEN "in 1980," and
WHO might have been with old Norm. If you know. And you seem to claim to
know. DO you know? And what is your source?

>>It's just "cue the fucking Twilight Zone music" time when you go
>>looking to find any information about him. I can't believe it. I
>>mean, he's ONLY the guy who "officially" brought the Lenskes in, and
>>he's ONLY the guy who became the bag-man for them and Meade Emory
>>and the IRS to transfer the estate property over to CST. And you go
>>to find out some information about him and what his post was and
>>what he was doing prior to hiring the Lenskes, and it's just one of
>>Ah, ~FUCK~ it!
>er no. But it won't help you - you are stupid enough to believe that
>the paper trail the CofS leaves is anything like what the real scene

Mmmm. Well, if you don't like the data I post, you can always go stick
your fucking head in the sand next to Warrior, Dr. D., and pretend that
all of this documented data doesn't exist, and wish it away, the way
Warrior is wishing "CL" away.

>Just go and play in your sandbox.

Well, see: it's not MY sandbox that Warrior has buried his head in. It's
the sandbox where Norton S. Karno, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske,
Norman F. Starkey, Terri Gamboa, Gerry Armstrong, and the other
principals and accomplices have buried their turds and the bodies.
That's why it stinks so bad.

So, you see, I don't really give a flying ~FUCK~ whether you or Warrior
or Magoo or "Bedford MacIntosh" or ANY of the other gourd rattlers read
my fucking posts or not.

Norman F. Starkey reads them.

Sherman Lenske reads them.

Gerry Armstrong reads them.

You may not be aware of the OTHER things that were going on in 1979 and
1980 that surround those little clues I gave you above, but THEY sure as
fuck know.

And if my posts make you need to work more on your anger management, Dr.
D., just be glad you aren't that other Dr. D.: Dr. Gene Denk.

Because HE fucking reads them.

So when you feel your blood-pressure rising as a result of reading one
of my posts, just imagine yourself in THEIR place, or in Laurel
Sullivan's place, or in Terri Gamboa's place, and just repeat this over
and over to yourself:

"Every day, in every way, the noose is getting tighter and tighter."


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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