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March 2008


Armstrong letter to David Miscavige 03-13-2008

February 2008

A Press Magnate on Your Side
Declaration of Gerry Armstrong 03-04-2008

January 2008

Ben Barrack Radio Show 01-27-2008

December 2007

Scientology v. Armstrong, interview on The Standard December 7, 2007

Last week, Randall Mark, the host of CHNU TV's program The Standard, interviewed me about the Scientology v. Armstrong war. According to the station's web site, the interview will air Friday, December 7 in the Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Victoria markets at 9:00 PM. Here in
Chilliwack that's Channel 10.  http://www.chnutv.ca/tv/standard/

On Mark:


Before assuming his position with The Standard Randall Mark was a professor of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Trinity Western University for six years, and a professor of World Religions at Simon Fraser University.  His writing and research interests have included
the interplay of film with spirituality and the importance of inter-religious dialogue in Canada.

Mark has written numerous articles and book reviews and has recently penned an academic book exploring the religious and political thought of Canada’s premiere philosopher, George Grant.  He also has extensive experience as a public speaker and corporate trainer and has developed a number of seminars that deal with topics such as maritalcommunication, spirituality and dealing with grief and loss.

[End Quote]

A Vancouver Scientology representative OT VIII Susan Kerr has been on the program in the past, and I proposed to the producer that we meet in a debate format. Here she's identified as the cult's "Human Rights Director." http://humanrights.scientology-tor.ca/2006_12_01_archive.html
It would be great to debate her because the Scientology v. Armstrong case demonstrates that virtually every Scientologist, Ms. Kerr included, is contracted to suppress and destroy basic human rights.

Being the Human Rights Director for Scientology takes some OT level pecksniffery.

I can't record the program from TV, but the station promised me a DVD after it airs, and I'll do what I can to make it available.

© Gerry Armstrong

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