Declaration of Malcom Nothling

Nothling Litigation

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[CT 7958]


I Malcolm Claude Nothling, the undersigned, hereby state the following under oath:

1    I am a Caucasian male 38 years of age, born on 31/08/54.

2    I was a dedicated member of The Church of Scientology from 1979 - 1986.

3    I served in the Special Forces in the South African Defence Force. During this period I became highly skilled in handling firearms. This information was known by senior members of the Church of Scientology in South Africa.

4    In May 1986 I was requested to take up an administrative position at the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Los Angeles.

5    I arrived in Los Angeles on 6th June 1986 expecting to take up an administrative post that urgently needed to be filled. A week after arriving I was seconded to assist with demonstrations outside the Los Angeles Supreme Court in which the case between Lawrence Wollersheim and the Church of Scientology was being heard.

6    I was also promised by the Church of Scientology, on arrival in Los Angeles, that they would attend to some of my previous counselling that had gone horribly wrong. I was experiencing suicidal .feelings and feelings of anger and destruction. It required a tremendous effort on my behalf to restrain myself. I had previously submitted a report to the Religious Technology Centre of my condition.

7    During June/July 1986 I was approached by two Scientologists from the San Francisco area, specifically Concorde.
Unfortunately I cannot recall their names but one of them had a signwriting business in that area. They proposed that I should assasinate Larry Wollersheim. They would organise the weapon and whatever else I needed to accomplish this task. I cannot say with any accuracy wether or not they had been instructed to organise this from a higher level within the organisation. However, I now find it disturbing that Scientologists, myself included at the time, can consider this method of resolving what they consider to be a problem. In fact I blame the policy within the Church of Scientology known as the 'Simon Bolivar' which encourages these acts against supposed enemies. At the time I seriously considered committing this crime but believed that I was going to be used as the "fall guy" because it would have been easy thereafter to show that I was demonstrating and stating that I found myself in an unstable condition. When I declined I fell out of favour with the Church of Scientology and was expelled without a hearing and on trumped up charges for which I am currently suing the Church of

Malcolm Nothling


[CT 7959]


8     The above is true and 1 am willing to submit to a polygraph test or any other method to establish the integrity of my

Malcolm Nothling