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Statement of Gerry Armstrong
at the
International Conference

“Totalitarian Cults
and the
Democratic State”

Novosibirsk, Russia
November 9-11, 2004

Professor Alexander Dvorkin and Gerry Armstrong at the 2004 Conference Totalitarian Cults and the Democratic State Novosibirsk, Russia November 10, 2004
Gerry and his stalwart translator Prof. Alexander Dvorkin
November 10, 2004


Scientology, the Cult of Total Espionage

To understand Scientology’s intentions and activities it is necessary to understand Scientologists’ worldview. It is a worldview postulated and enforced by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard when he was alive, and now enforced by current organization leader David Miscavige. In the Scientology worldview, Hubbard, and now Miscavige, are totally right. Their orders must be complied with in their totality. The ideal form of their organization is a dictatorship under their total control.

Paralleling all totalitarian organizations or movements, Scientology’s worldview, now enforced by the Miscavige regime, is that their system is the only hope for survival — for Scientologists and for all mankind. In the Scientology worldview, the system is scientifically precise, discovered by the great scientist Hubbard through years of painstaking scientific research.

Scientology teaches that all other systems, ideas, religions or cures throughout the history of man have failed. Scientology proclaims that its system, and only its system, can raise its adherents to superhuman levels of ability and power, raise their IQs to supergenius levels, and even raise the dead.

In Scientology’s enforced worldview, mankind is in a trap, and Hubbard alone discovered the only way out of the trap. Scientologists alone are responsible for getting Hubbard’s “technology” for escaping the trap implemented across the world, and are responsible for the salvation of everyone in the whole world. Hubbard wrote in a directive, which every Scientologist studies and accepts as truth:

“The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology. This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.”

The Scientology worldview divides the planetary population into two groups, Scientologists and “wogs.” Scientologists are taught and accept that by their “progress” in Scientology, and just by being Scientologists, they are superior to wogs. Scientology enforces the belief that Scientologists are more intelligent, more aware, more able and more ethical than wogs.

“Wogs” is meant in Scientology to be a racial slur, and is comparable to the hate term “niggers.” Wogs comprise the human race, known by its Latin name “Homo sapiens,” and Scientologists believe they comprise a new created race, “Homo novis.” Aside from the Scientologists who have snuck into this conference, we are all wogs here.

Hubbard and Scientology teach that in the wog world there are just two types of people: “good people” and “bad people.” Good people, Scientology says, “are trying to build things up,” and bad people “are trying to tear things down.” In one of his many black-or-white totalitarian pronouncements, Hubbard wrote, “There are no other types…there aren’t even shades of grey.

In the Scientology worldview, the real “bad people,” the “truly dangerous,” comprise two and a half percent of the planetary population. Scientology calls this two and a half percent “Suppressive Persons” or “SPs.” According to Scientology’s “Suppressive Person” doctrine, all other people who are bad or destructive are so only because they are “connected” in some way to an SP.

The “Suppressive Person” doctrine, which is central to the Scientology worldview, states that SPs are the cause of all illness, all accidents and any bad condition in the world. The SP doctrine states that SPs are completely evil, psychotic and impossible to cure, redeem or reform. Scientology teaches that SPs commit crime continuously, and should be given no civil rights. In one of his books, which is still advertised and sold by the Scientology organization, Hubbard provided as an answer for such people “to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.”

The Suppressive Person doctrine states that the only people on whom Scientology does not work are the two and a half percent, the SPs. The infallible way of identifying SPs, in fact, is if Scientology did not work on them. People who complain that after doing Scientology they did not acquire superhuman ability and power, or that their IQs did not go up to supergenius level, are simply SPs.

Scientology does not permit people connected to an SP to participate in its courses or “psychotherapy” until they have “disconnected” from the SPs they are connected to. This is Scientology’s infamous policy of “Disconnection” by which the cult has broken up and destroyed countless families, businesses and other relationships.

Scientology teaches that people who appear to be insane or who are in mental institutions, are not really insane, but have been made to appear insane by SPs or have been put in the asylums by SPs. SPs are the real insane, Scientology says, but they look and act perfectly normal. Hubbard wrote that “Well-known, even stellar, examples of such a personality are, of course, Napoleon and Hitler” but that “such personalities exist in current life, very common, often undetected.”

Scientology claims to have the only “technology” for identifying or “spotting” SPs, and sells courses to train its members to spot SPs. This “technology,” Scientology also claims, is completely scientific, the result of scientist Hubbard’s scientific research. The method Scientology sells, teaches and uses for dealing with SPs once they have been spotted, is to “shatter” them. Very menacingly, the cult even calls its course by which it indoctrinates Scientologists in the Suppressive Person doctrine, “How to Confront and Shatter Suppression Course.”

Suppressive Persons are the people that Scientology considers its “enemies.” Hubbard originally called the policy and practice for treatment of its SP enemies, “Fair Game.” In one of his best-known directives laying out what he wanted to be done to SPs, Hubbard wrote:

“ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

For decades, “Fair Game” has been condemned by courts and by government officials, and heavily criticized by the international media. Scientology claims that for public relations purposes it stopped Fair Game over thirty years ago. Yet it remains Scientology’s policy and practice for the treatment of the cult’s Suppressive Person “enemies” to this day.

I am not arguing here that there are not very bad people in the world. It may even be true that around two and a half percent of the population are very bad, and destructive, or suppressive of good endeavors. But these are not the people that Scientology identifies, targets and treats as SPs. And this misidentification, mistargeting and mistreatment of people as SPs is the terrible, dangerous and deliberate evil of the Suppressive Person doctrine.

Scientology does not declare actual bad, destructive people to be SPs, and does not target such actual bad, destructive people. The cult does not fair game murderers, rapists, Mafiosi, terrorists or dictators like Hitler. The people that Scientology’s leaders declare to be SPs are merely critics of the cult’s lies and fraud or of its antisocial or criminal policies and practices like Fair Game. The only people that Scientology fair games are good people who oppose the cult’s lies, fraud and criminality – doctors, priests, educators, writers, and many more, the very common, often undetected.

The Suppressive Person doctrine states that SPs are terrified of people getting better, becoming smarter, more able and more powerful. Since Scientology works, and makes people better, smarter, more able and more powerful, SPs attack Scientology. In Scientology’s totalitarian worldview, every critic of its policies or practices is a “criminal,” and Scientologists are to find or manufacture evidence of their crimes. Hubbard wrote:

“Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts.”

In truth, the critics of Scientology — as proven by the people in this panel of conference participants — do not have criminal pasts. In truth, Scientology does not work, does not make its practitioners better, smarter, more able, more powerful or more ethical. In truth Scientology’s claims and promises for its “technology” are false, and the cult extracts huge amounts of money from people by fraud and extortion. In truth, Hubbard was no scientist, and conducted no scientific research whatsoever. He was a charlatan who claimed academic degrees and titles he never earned.

In truth, Scientology with its Suppressive Person doctrine makes its adherents extremely unethical, dramatizing the very criminality they project onto their SP targets. In truth, Scientology’s SP doctrine makes the cult a hate group, and its execution of the doctrine – Fair Game – makes the cult a criminal conspiracy.

The actions that Scientology orders its personnel to take in the cult’s attacks on its SP enemies are shocking and criminal. One of Hubbard’s directives, which he entitled appropriately, “Battle Tactics,” is very revealing of what Hubbard expected his Scientologist troops do:

  • “apply the tactics and strategy of battle to the rows we get into, press or legal or public confrontation;”
  • “expend the maximum of enemy troops;”
  • “make the war costly to the enemy;”
  • “cut off enemy communications, funds, connections;”
  • “deprive the enemy of political advantages, connections and power;”
  • “take over enemy territory;”
  • “raid and harass;”
  • “capture and use his communication lines. A press magnate on your side is a big win.”

Scientology calls these aggressive, antisocial actions “religious expression” and calls the “Battle Tactics” directive “religious scripture.” In the same directive, Hubbard laid out the function and goal of Scientology’s policy and practice of “black propaganda” or “black PR,” the “religious expression” by which the cultists destroy their SP enemies’ reputations, credibility, livelihood and lives.

“The prize is “public opinion” where press is concerned. The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy. This means standard wartime propaganda is what one is doing, complete with atrocity, war crimes trials, the lot. Know the mores of your public opinion, what they hate. That's the enemy. What they love. That's you.
You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and degrade the image of the enemy to beast level.”

In the same directive Hubbard makes very clear that Scientology and Scientologists are at war with SPs.

“We must ourselves fight on a basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.…
Wars are composed of many battles.
Never treat a war like a skirmish. Treat all skirmishes like wars.”

Because the Suppressive Person doctrine is hateful and even criminal — since it orders a conspiracy to commit crimes — its implementation is necessarily largely covert. Scientology’s war on SPs is largely a secret war. In our societies, open warfare is immediately defended against and hopefully stopped with victory and peace. A hidden or disguised war will not be defended against, unless it is recognized as a hidden or disguised war, and its troops and operations unmasked. Scientology does what it can to hide its acts of war and its belligerent intentions towards good people. But a study of Scientology’s own documents and its history of its aggression makes those bad intentions obvious.

The way that Hubbard chose to effectively wage his campaign against his SP enemies was far beyond a “war of words.” It was, and still is, a war of intelligence, of espionage. Hubbard did not intend to wage a “war of words,” any more than the CIA and the KGB waged a war of words when they waged the Cold War. In fact, Hubbard patterned his intelligence network and its operation after the operations of national intelligence organizations, particularly of totalitarian national regimes, and specifically Nazi Germany.

Intelligence, naturally, attempts to disguise many of its operations. Scientology, for example, currently is attempting to disguise itself as a “humanitarian organization,” a defender of human rights. The cult has spent millions of dollars to create this disguise. It is a tragicomedy disguise, a bad joke, however, because Scientology is a monstrous, utterly shameless destroyer of human rights. And while Scientology has spent all those millions creating its disguise, its cover, as a humanitarian organization, the cult has spent many times that amount destroying the rights it is trying to con people into thinking it is defending.

Scientologists go along with their leaders’ deceptions, and even with their organization’s flagrant human rights violations, because they accept Hubbard’s directive that they are at war. They accept that everything for all eternity depends on what they do here and now with and in Scientology. An essential part of what the cult’s leaders require Scientologists to do with and in Scientology is to wage war upon the designated SP enemies, to destroy human rights, and to lie about and disguise these actions. Scientology’s anti-drug program Narconon, Scientology’s education program, and its Volunteer Minister program (which recently was ejected from Beslan) are front groups with a central function of providing cover, plus more channels of attack, for Scientology’s covert war on Suppressive Persons.

Because Scientologists — even quite new ones — know that their organization is at war, and that they are all troops in that war, they instinctively know to be on the lookout for enemies. They keep an ear and an eye open for anyone in their environment “forwarding the enemy line.” They know what disinformation they should communicate. They know to not give away their real intentions. They are told by their organization leaders who the SPs are, and they spot even more SPs in their personal lives who correspond in behavior to officially declared SPs.

Scientologists can indeed spot SPs, as the organization’s directives and courses tell them, because SPs are simply people who criticize Scientology’s fraud, abuses and crime. If Scientologists read or hear a criticism, they know its source is an SP. All very scientific. They know who the cult’s “enemies” are, and they know these enemies are Fair Game, so they may be stolen from, injured, tricked, lied to or destroyed. The Scientology troops in their secret war also know to not get caught.

War binds troops in a life-or-death cause, and Scientology’s intelligence war is a significant factor in keeping people in the cult. It is exciting to be a covert operative in a covert war, living a double life if only for a moment, spying on the enemies, debriefing to senior organization intelligence personnel. Participation in Scientology’s intelligence war is also not particularly dangerous to the Scientologists, because the enemies they spy and war on and seek to destroy are good, undangerous people.

On one hand, it would seem that Scientology would be easy to defeat in its war, because the enemies the cult creates in order to keep its war going are good people. There is no evil empire of Suppressive Persons as Scientology tells everyone, and the cult’s attacks on these good people are immorally aggressive with no rational justification.

On the other hand, however, because Scientology selects as its SP enemies good people, it is quite easy for Scientology, an extremely wealthy intelligence-focused organization, to crush many of these good people, especially those who lack defenses and resources to fight back. Just because they are good people, they would never resort to the battle tactics that Scientology uses on them– raiding and harassing people, degrading them to beast level, obliterating them, etc.

The term “Total Espionage” in the title of this report, “Scientology, the Cult of Total Espionage,” comes from the book Total Espionage, by Curt Reiss, published in 1941. The book was one that Hubbard had Scientologists study in training them in intelligence procedures. Because of the dominance and pervasiveness of intelligence activities inside the organization, and in relation to the outside world, it is accurate to call Scientology a cult, or “religion,” of total espionage.

Scientology has a network of Scientologist intelligence personnel, and hires outside private investigators and other professionals. The cult uses standard intelligence means and channels for obtaining information: legitimate research or purchase, and illegitimate activities such as infiltration, burglary, theft and extortion. Scientology has security and counter-espionage departments, and external departments and covert operatives. They seek intelligence on every stratum of society: on the highest political leaders, industrialists, entertainers, medical professionals, and on the very commonest of citizens.

In 1977, 150 agents the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, raided Scientology’s intelligence offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Evidence seized in these raids showed that Scientology’s intelligence operatives had burglarized, infiltrated or penetrated over a hundred U.S. state and federal offices or agencies. Eleven Scientologists, including Hubbard’s wife, were prosecuted and sentenced to federal prison.

In a 1991 article in Time Magazine, the Bureau Chief of the FBI in Los Angeles, who participated in the 1977 raids, is quoted as saying:

“In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI.”
Since the 1977 raid, Scientology has only expanded its intelligence network and activities.

At its core, Scientology has all the functions of national intelligence services. But what makes it a cult of total espionage is the participation of every Scientologist in the organization-wide report system. Everybody reports on everybody else. Every Scientologist must report, or they will themselves become targets. Husbands report on wives, and wives report on husbands. Children report on their parents. Scientologists report to the organization about any “violations” of Scientology’s thousands of detailed policies, criticisms they hear, anything “suspicious,” anyone associating with an SP.

In their early indoctrination into the cult, Scientologists are brought to accept that they will be reported on to organization intelligence seniors, and that they will themselves report on others – Scientologists and wogs everywhere. The amount of intelligence information that Scientology collects through its report system, and dozens of other intelligence channels is staggering.

In Scientology’s psychotherapy, called “auditing” — the processing that the cult claims makes people super powerful, super able and super smart —Scientologists divulge everything about themselves and their pasts. During this processing, they are monitored on an electronic meter, and what they say is written down, and audiotaped or videotaped. Scientologists divulge their whole sexual history, anything they’ve done for which they could be prosecuted, anything embarrassing, all their innermost secrets, and their families’ and associates’ secrets.

All of this material goes to Scientology’s leaders and to the core intelligence personnel to be used for intelligence purposes, including controlling the Scientologists who divulged their secrets. It is a cruel irony that Scientologists pay huge sums of money to divulge their secrets, which will then be used against them to their further detriment. Scientology’s possession of these personal secrets is a very effective intelligence weapon in keeping people in the cult and preventing them from ever speaking out against the cult’s abuses and criminal activities.

Scientologists are also routinely subjected to even more invasive and threatening interrogations called “security checks” or “sec checks.” The Scientologists are also monitored electronically during sec checks using the cult’s electronic meter as a lie detector. These interrogations can be very terrifying experiences. Scientologists have been kept in a sec check room for hours, on the meter, not permitted to go to the bathroom, multiple interrogators hammering them with questions. There is sworn testimony of Scientology leader David Miscavige coming into such a sec check, verbally abusing and threatening the Scientologist victim and spitting tobacco juice in his face.

Miscavige runs Scientology, and is ultimately and legally responsible for keeping it working as a hate group and as a criminal conspiracy to violate human rights. Miscavige runs the total espionage network and directs the war of intelligence against the SPs. He controls and operates Scientology through a web of corporations, associations and networks, and a highly dedicated Scientologist officer corps. The corporate structure is the product of a conspiracy of devious and power mad minds with some clever and connected lawyers.

Corporately, Miscavige calls himself the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, or RTC. To avoid legal responsibility for Scientology’s many failures, abuses, and crimes committed in the cult’s war on SPs, RTC claims to be autonomous. The truth is that RTC, under Miscavige and for Miscavige, runs Scientology, and operates the intelligence report system. Scientology states in its magazine “High Winds:”

“But RTC does much more within Scientology organizations to ensure the standard application of [Hubbard] tech. This is accomplished through its Inspector General Network. Inspector Generals investigate and root out suppressives within and outside Scientology orgs who would prevent or distract from 100% standard application of tech…
RTC collects tremendous amounts of information by direct inspection and by reports from staff and public around the globe.”

For several years RTC has published and heavily disseminated to Scientologists around the world a very revealing directive entitled “Matters of RTC Concern.”

“There are certain matters of particular importance and concern to RTC as provided here on a detailed list. Whenever these occur, copies of your reports should also be sent to RTC. RTC's Inspector General Network uses such reports to help locate hidden suppression, infiltration, subversion or corruption within and external to Scientology Churches, Missions and other Church organizations.”

“Matters of RTC Concern” then provides an extensive list of things that Scientologists are to report to RTC. The list includes:

  • Any suppressive act against Scientology or Scientologists.
  • Any anti-Scientology … or anti-Church management actions or intentions.
  • Any person who is hypercritical of Scientology or the Church.
  • Publicly departing Scientology.
  • Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists
  • Anyone forbidding or advising against the writing of Knowledge Reports.
  • Anyone forbidding or advising one not to send Knowledge Reports to RTC.
  • Anyone refusing a confessional or refusing to answer a reading question.

A “confessional” is what, for obvious intelligence reasons, Scientology calls its sec check interrogations. A “reading question” is an interrogation question that produces a reaction on the electrometer.

The Scientologists here today are all required to report to their intelligence seniors in their local organization, and to RTC in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. They will be debriefed. As a standardly ordered action, or if an organization senior suspects a person hearing the criticisms made here today might agree with any of those statements, they may be sec checked. My advice to any Scientologists here, or anywhere, is to stop reporting. Stop reporting to Scientology, stop reporting to RTC. Refuse to be sec checked.

My advice to Russia is to consider assembling from your vast and intellectually wealthy and powerful nation a group or network of good minds and hearts — academics, religious scholars, psychology professionals, intelligence professionals — to focus on and study specifically the Scientology organization. If it is found that the organization is a malignancy, then form an opposition. Penetrate and elucidate – for Russia and the world — this organization, its Suppressive Person doctrine, and the covert war on good people it engenders.

Scientology is a peculiarly American malignancy. Orders come from the U.S. to Russia, and intelligence information flows from Russia to the U.S. A Russian group, formed officially to study the Scientology organization, would, I believe, generate a dialog about Scientology with the U.S on the highest level. When people at the highest level criticize Scientology, the war on SPs will be ended.




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