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Wed pm Dec 16

Dear Gerry:

Sort of jumped the gun and called your mom to reach you to no avail
so decided to get the letter out as a guarantee.

I suspect now that the comm I missed out on when I dashed off for
that briefing was a so long. Sorry I missed it. Had I been here,
I would not have done anything but wished you and Joyce well
and probably asked a couple of questions about the area.

However, since then, I've got a couple more. I heard from Barbara
that you were going to do a writeup but I think I've got a couple
of questions you'd miss. Here they are:

1. I've seen some comm with a post office box number to you and
Laurel. Is it still operating? Do I pick it up?

2. What's the combination to the lock on that MS file? (I am not
good at those.)

3. Can you give me a writeup on the car care and how it is done?
(I haven't had a car for some time let alone a new one.) And
when will it need oil change and all that kind of stuff.

4. Is there a cord to the Sony tape recorder?

5. What is the heck is "Alternative 4"? I saw the tape in the
folder, played it and got a musical group. Significance?

6. Who do I call on the Minolta and what's the procedure re how
it is paid for etc? Include refueling (toner).

7. Who all is coming through this place? I got Virgil, then Woods
and Gray (?) on the SF book, a girl on copyright things. Just
curious who is regular traffic for you.

8. I've noticed some colored xeroxes of some pulps in the files.
(Of the covers.) Any significance like you borrowed them and
made copies as you couldn't get an original or what? Just
wondering difference between them and the originals on shelves.

9. There are some old Minolta boxes with what appears to be blank
tapes in them. Are they? What are they for?

10. On that Sony machine, what's the "cue marker" for?

11. Did you just go out and buy supplies from your float money?

I got the keys OK, thanks. A bit of a trick finding reverse in
that thing.

I do want/hope to get a phone line to you as I'll end up having
some fast questions that come in on the comm lines like who-in-the-



Plus if there is any material you can think of that is supposed to
go back to anyone that is on loan here.

Other than the mechanical part of wondering where a few things are,
miss you. Still think you're the best damned whatever-we-researchers/
archivists-types-are I've met.

I'm in comm with OVG and going to see him to work out the final parts
of the recontracting. My CSW was approved in full so now we merely
hammer out the final wrinkles.

So if I don't reach you by phone, this will have to suffice for the
moment. Call me collect if you want. I can call you back.

I really do wish you well. The letter is a bit awkward which is
why I'm hoping to get onto the phone to ensure that our line is OK.

[signed]R.V. Young


PS - I cover the Minolta every night!

PPS - Where is the Pile on Perry Chapdelaine?



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