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Letter From NH Senator Gregg
Author: Robert S. Minton




In reply to my letter to Senator Gregg of Jan 26 (see below) I
received the following letter on Feb 12th:

>February 7, 1996

>Thank you for passing along your opinions and concerns regarding the
>Church of Scientology. I have forwarded a copy of your letter to
>the Department of Justice for their review. I will get back in touch
>with you when I receive their response.

>Again, I appreciate hearing from you. If you should have any further
>questions or suggestions, please let me know.


>Judd Gregg
>U.S. Senator

It's only a start for me because I care about the victims of the
scienos. I only wish I had cared sooner and maybe I could have been
helpful in keeping the scienos, their hired lawyers and the justice
system in the US from stripping Gerry Armstrong of each and every
right and freedom we all take for granted.

WIRED March 96 issue 4.03, pg.86 has an article, "Don't Mourn,
Organize" by Simon Davies, Director of the London-based Privacy
International (davies@privint.demon.co.uk) which is sub-titled
"While the politicos have been raping the Constitution, netizens
have been preaching to the choir."

The article focuses on the CDA and the telcom reforms but a few brief
excerpts that I think have relevance to ars:

>Congress and the White House have come to believe that the Net is use-
>less as a political weapon--and that its users are incapable of organized
>political resistance. If netizens want to stem the hemmorage of remaining
>freedoms, this passive stance must change--and fast.

>Yet all that impassioned ASCII amounted to little more than a digital
>wank-off session, as netizens wasted time preaching to the converted.

>Netizens have confused technological wizardry with political might. But
>history proves that the death of freedom comes about more through apathy
>than conspiratorial tyranny.

>Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill once observed that all politics are
>local. It's time for Net users to discard their grand futuristic rhetoric
>and rediscover the lost arts of letter writing, and lobbying by telephone.
>We may live in a brave new world, but some principles of political action
>don't go out of style.

Talk about preaching to the choir--vast energies are expended here to
a largely converted audience. If those energies could also be channel-
ed in a more organized political way to expose the abuses to freedom
and liberty committed by scienos throughout the world just maybe their
demise as we now know them will occur sooner rather than latter.

I think we need to go out of our way to welcome the Andrew Greenberg's
of the world into this effort (back in his case) on our side rather
than push them away by abusing them because we don't like their stance
or because they have stepped on fragile egos in this group. ARS needs
friends not enemies. Every enemy of ARS is a friend of the scienos
because we have taken a soapbox away from them.

I see some point to countering the lies posted to ARS by the scienos
but sometimes the posters here are obsessed with a thread which goes
on and on. That energy can surely be channeled more productively to
expose the scienos for what they do and what they are.

Remember that in Germany and the Netherlands, it only took one or two
elected officials to take enough interests in the scienos abuses to
begin the processes that will eventually stop their abuses in those
countries and no doubt other European neighbors.

I volunteer to help, but I'm no organizer at least not yet. Maybe we
need to have a discussion for all to see as to how to go about
creating a meaningful lobby to neutralize the political influence that
the scienos buy. Any ideas?

When we take to the streets on March 9th are we going to do better
than the few hundred protesters worldwide back in September? How
about more than a dozen in Boston? How about a meaningful number of
pickets in Clearwater? Or, is this all just one more ASCII wank-off?



January 26, 1996

The Honorable Senator Judd Gregg
393 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Gregg,

The Constitution of our country is repeatedly under attack by a
Section 501 (3) (c) U. S. taxpayer supported entity which has a 40
year history of criminal behavior in the United States and the world.

Actions that I have witnessed vicariously through the Washington Post,
New York Times, L.A. Times and on the internet in the last year by the
Church of Scientology compel me to ask something of you. Why is
Scientology allowed to flagrantly abuse the First and Fourth
Amendments to our Constitution; specifically, Scientology's abuse of
ex parte searches and seizures with expedited discovery in copyright
related civil court procedures?

These ex parte searches essentially allow private citizens to conduct
searches of other private citizens with little, and, in some cases
almost no, oversight by courts or law enforcement authorities. Ex
parte searches without supervision effectively legalize Scientology's
previously documented criminal practices of burglary and theft. If
you ever have trouble sleeping, try reading the almost 300 pages of
Stipulations of Evidence in the United States of America v. Mary Sue
Hubbard, et al (the others being 10 more top Scientology officials).
Read how this now 501 (3) (c) corporation infiltrated and burglarized
the IRS, the Justice Department and the Attorney Generalís office.
Scientology says it has changed since 1974 but every day on the
internet I see these people doing the same thing they have done for
over forty years---LIE. Scientology, semper idem.

I am asking you as one my State Senators to find out if indeed you
and the Attorney General's Office shares my belief that the Church of
Scientology makes it a practice to abuse the laws of the United States
of America and to harass citizens of this country who dare to exercise
their rights to criticize Scientology.

I'll share a few quotes with you from the November 1995, VOL., 9.NO 2.
issue of The American Jurist, Washington College of Law cover story:
Dangerous Science: The Church of Scientology's Holy War against

"Some critics claim that Scientology is far too great a force for just
private attorneys and citizens to deal with. They ask that the federal
government take major steps to crack down on the church illegal
activities (as the governments of Germany and other European countries
have been doing)."

"Federal agents complain that the Justice Department is unwilling to
spend the money needed to endure a drawn out war with Scientology or
to fend off the cultís notorious jihads against agents."

"Ignorance about Scientology and its evils are widespread, both here
and abroad."

Senator Gregg, I firmly believe that the Constitutional rights of
private citizens in New Hampshire and every state should be free of ex
parte search and seizure tyranny! My understanding of this issue is
that Congress authorized ex parte searches in 1984 to stop counterfeit
Disney t-shirts, Gucci bags, Rolex watches and the like. Now these
searches are increasingly being used in civil copyright infringement
cases. Little if any proof of infringement seems required to obtain a
court order allowing for another private citizen to search my home.
Almost no court or police supervision of those doing the searching is
required and, worse yet, the materials seized have been allowed under
the control and possession of the party doing the search; in the cases
I'm talking about, the Church of Scientology.

Litigious entities like Scientology have found a way around our
Constitutional ban on prior restraint, and that in itself makes this a
dangerous practice. Who is defending my rights under the First
Amendment? I would have far more rights under the Fourth Amendment,
as compared to an ex parte civil search, if I were being searched with
a valid criminal search warrant issued by a judge with probable cause
and executed by officers of the court. This just really makes no
sense to me!

Please tell me your position and what more I can do to help stop these
practices. In the process, do not hesitate to use my tax dollars to
stop Scientology from undermining the U. S. Constitution, our legal
system and the rights of all of our citizens.

Very best wishes and thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Robert S. Minton

P.S. I may take the liberty of posting a copy of this letter on the
internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology to encourage others to
write their elected officials. Your response to this letter may,
unless I am requested not to and I agree to respect such a request,
be posted on the same internet newsgroup.

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