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President Hu Jintao
People’s Republic of China

November 19, 2005

Dear President Hu:

You will be meeting very soon with United States President George W. Bush, who has promised that he will pressure China about its denial of religious freedom.

Please take the opportunity to ask Mr. Bush about the Gerry Armstrong case in California in the U.S. My case shows that people can be, and are being, jailed and financially crushed in the U.S. just for mentioning a federally favored “religion.”
Have some scholars start here, and work back through time: http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a7/appeal/ord-deny-pet-rehearing-2005-11-14.html

The kind of “religious freedom” that the U.S. seeks to impose in China and around the world is not the kind of religious freedom any nation should seek to impose on any other nation, and should not allow in its own country.

I doubt that even in China a person can be assessed fifty thousand dollars per utterance (404,158.33 CNY) and jailed just for talking about a “religion” and his “religious experiences” in that “religion.” This is not for publishing whole Holy Bibles, but for saying even one word about a “religion.”

People in the U.S. are being terrorized by religious cults into signing “contracts” that contain just such conditions. And worse, these “contracts” allow the fantastically wealthy “religious corporations” and all of their agents to say the most horrible things about the people forced to sign these documents -- to anyone, friends, family, government officials, the media, or even priests -- and the victims of these attacks can say nothing in their own defense or in the defense of their class or loved ones. If these victims of U.S.-based religious persecution speak up to defend themselves, or their friends and families and their lives and reputations, the victims are assessed $50,000 per utterance and ordered to jail.

I know it must be astonishing to anyone in China, and certainly a well educated person like yourself, that in America people can be so terrorized, imprisoned and ruined by a “church” or a “religion.” But it is actually encouraged and made a tax-exempt “religious activity” in America that is promoted by the U.S. Federal Government as “religious freedom.” Just for writing this letter to you, to alert you to this danger, and to ask you to do something about it, a “church” in America would have me pay $50,000 and go to jail.

These religious persecution contracts and their judicial enforcement are not well known about even in America because they are a relatively new tool of religious suppression invented by clever lawyers hired by the federally favored “religious corporations” to invent such diabolically suppressive tools.

Also, of course, the religious persecution contracts are kept secret and the religious persecution is done largely in secret, and in fact these “religious corporations” often operate as intelligence organizations. The number of good people being persecuted with monetary crucifixion and imprisonment at the direction of these “religions” is not known, because these people, and many others, have been terrified into not talking about it. If they talk about it they can be bankrupted and thrown in jail.

It is known that this religious persecution by contract exists across the U.S. and definitely beyond its borders. The best-documented example of this new religious persecution that the U.S. seeks to impose on the world is the Scientology v. Armstrong case. Over twenty-four years of religious persecution by contract, U.S. religious agents followed me all the way to Canada and then France, Germany and Russia to persecute me for discussing my experiences being religiously persecuted. Scientology is one of the “new religions” that the U.S. promotes, that in its core and operation is an intelligence organization with all kinds of covers and covert activities.

Please have some scholars and your people in Canada and the U.S. look into this extraordinary case that lays out the clear and willful intention of “religion” in the U.S. to suppress and destroy rational thought, conscience, and conscious expression. I was forced to sign three of these religious persecution contracts, each one more draconian. The expressions being suppressed and punished are simple words just like these, which hurt no person and are no threat to public order or safety, and are all about “religion.”

The U.S. Courts, Congress, the Administration, and President Bush personally, are well informed about the religious persecution being perpetrated by religious corporations based in the U.S. I have personally kept President Bush apprised of the religious persecution being perpetrated on me, and I will do what I can to get a copy of this letter into his hands. The only reason the U.S. permits this U.S.-based religious persecution to persist is that the U.S. wants this religious persecution to be persist.

Western media are warning us at the moment that the U.S.’s Iraq War is eclipsing all other issues, and that “religion freedom” is a diversion. It should be remembered, however, that the war is being fought to protect American freedoms. One of America’s most prized freedoms is the freedom for U.S.-based “religions” or “religious corporations” to destroy these freedoms and to persecute and obliterate individuals as a “religious right.” The Iraq War is actually a diversion. Very few of America’s military personnel know that they are fighting and dying for the freedom to crush freedom, religious or otherwise.

It is clear that what the U.S. seeks to impose on China, and the rest of the world, as “religious freedom” is a form of stupidity. The U.S., and particularly Mr. Bush, assume this right to pressure other nations to accept this stupidity by pretending to be so stupid they cannot see that wisdom is a better idea. Please do not let Mr. Bush and America get away with any more pretended stupidity. Ask them about the Armstrong case, about religious persecution by contract, about their support for the religious persecutors, and about their participation in the persecution of the religious victims.

Mr. President, I believe I understand why you might have a dim view of religion, and an especially dim view of the religious corporations like Scientology coming out of the U.S. The answer to these stupidities is wisdom. True religion is wisdom. False religion is stupidity. America right now is extremely stupid about religion. Be wise yourself and hold President Bush to a higher standard, for all our sakes.

Yours sincerely,

Gerry Armstrong
#1-45950 Alexander Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 1L5

cc:  President George W. Bush
cc:  China and US Media
cc:  China and US Embassy
cc:  Canadian Minister of Justice/Attorney General


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