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I am indeed extremely fortunate to have been given
this opportunity by LRH to become redeemed and to have
been given my sanity.

It was a long haul, 17 months to the day. But there
is not one minute of that time regretted because I was always,
because of the nature of the RPF, progressing towards the
goal of full honesty and redemption.

I had the tremendous good fortune to do the RPF at
the precise time LRH put his attention to the recompiling
and perfecting of XDn Tech.

It was also uncommon good fortune to be able to have
the Flag Snr C/S, Lt. David Mayo, on the line overseeing
RPF XDn auditing and Tech in general. And of course to
audit under him.

I had fabulous auditing from my twin Andre Clavel
who cared tremendously that I get through totally and
became sane. He never for one second applied anything but
Standard Tech to me.

I became an auditor, a goal every Scientologist has had.
I audited almost 1000 hours on my twin in the RPF. The
education was priceless.

I became a Scientologist, for I wasn't one before.
I learned to handle people and situations more sanely.

I had the rare opportunity also to be the RPF Bosun
for about 9 months. I learned to become a senior and exec.
I also learned how to be a junior.

I acquired a list of a hundred close close friends.
I've been through a lot of battles with these guys, all of
whom I love dearly.

I had the opportunity to improve the FLB a bit, to make
my ideas for improvements in many cases become realities.

I know that I have left the RPF in very capable hands
and that those staying behind will also enjoy the success
I did during my RPF stint.

I am ready to again become a Flag Staff Member and
share the burden of clearing this planet with other staff.

There are many people to thank for these 17 months of
wins: Andre of course; all the RPF Tech unit, especially
Charlie Rush, Freddie Randall, David Phillips, Richard Kennedy,
David Ziff, Frank McAll, Mark Britowich - and all the others;
the execs, Larry Price, Hakan Johansson, Frankie Freedman,
Ed Brewer - and the others.

To all the RPF members for each of you in his way is
keeping Scientology working for the others.

To the FLB staff who never complained that I took this
long or have hounded the RPF, but have made it possible through
their work for the RPF to do its job.

To the Snr C/S who has instilled in the RPF a love of
LRH's Tech and inspired us all to improve ourselves and our

To LRH Pers Comm who has kept the channel of the RPF
straight and narrow yet has always been patient and  understanding
with us.

And to LRH, who has given me my sanity and given me the
Tech with which to help him in his goals for man. Sir, I'm
a good investment, and I'11 be able sometime to repay you.

Much love,                                   
Gerry Armstrong
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