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June 26, 2003



U.S. President George W. Bush
Members of the U.S. National Security Council
U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
U.S. Senators
U.S. Representatives
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Clearwater, Florida Police Department
Los Angeles, California Police Department
All other interested U.S., State and City Government Officials



Caroline Letkeman




Finding an American von Stauffenberg

I am writing you to protest the support being given to the Scientology cult by U.S. Government agencies, by certain lawmakers, and by law enforcement departments. Scientology is a criminal enterprise, and the U.S.’s support of this criminal enterprise is revolting. I ask you instead to support the victims of Scientology fraud, human rights abuses and criminality.

I was a Scientologist for 24 years. I was in the Sea Organization, the pseudo-military corps that runs Scientology, and I attained the "training" level of "Class IX Auditor," and the "processing" level of "OT 5." When I discovered that the cult had stolen from my credit card, I left. Since leaving, I have been researching the history, actions and intentions of Scientology, its founder L. Ron Hubbard, its present leader David Miscavige, and Miscavige’s henchman. When I concluded that I had been defrauded out of all those years, and out of all the money I paid to obtain Scientology’s promised results -- promises that are utterly false -- I requested a refund of my money (over $61,500) pursuant to the cult’s own refund policy and promise.

The promises Scientology makes, and the services it sells, are completely secular -- promised results like “cause over matter, energy, space and time, ” and an increase in Intelligence Quotient of a point per hour of its “ processing.” Scientology lures in its customers with the claim that it is a “science, ” based on Hubbard’s “scientific research.” And the cult promises a money-back guarantee if a customer is not “satisfied.” The subsequent claim that the promised results, for which the cult charges enormous sums, are "religious" or "spiritual" is just to avoid legal liability for secular fraud. I was lured into Scientology by a promise of "career advancement," and then was kept trapped and slaving for the cult by a web of lies, brainwashing and threats. I had a thousand hours of Scientology’s “processing, ” and my IQ did not go up even one point.

Miscavige’s response to my request for a refund was to have me declared a "Suppressive Person," or “SP.” That makes me an "enemy," and a target of Scientology’s notorious and judicially condemned "fair game" doctrine.

“ENEMY – SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

See, e.g., http://www.xenu.net/fairgame-e.html

Miscavige also ordered that my only daughter, Ann Reinertsen, now Ann Haney, disconnect from me. Threats from Scientology made me leave the U.S. in 2001 and go to Canada. More threats from Scientology made me leave Canada last year and come to Germany, along with my fiancé Gerry Armstrong, who is himself a major target of Miscavige "fair game."

Just this month I came into possession of a Scientology "checksheet," or program, by which the organization is training its intelligence personnel to obliterate "enemies." This discovery made me physically ill.

By "enemies," Scientology means good people – the good people who oppose its fraud, abuses and its criminal activities, such as its plan for obliterating good people. The cult declared me to be an " enemy" in 2002. I believe it is not possible to obliterate people without violence, in fact without murder.

Just consider how the following directive in some cult's intelligence training manual would be viewed?

"Never get reasonable about George Bush. Just go all the way in and obliterate him."

Or how about this?

"Never get reasonable about the Jews. Just go all the way in and obliterate them."

Would the Secret Service or the Anti-Defamation League believe that no crime is intended? No. And neither do I. The good people Scientology targets for obliteration are as religious a class of people as the Jewish people. And they are just as good, and just as deserving of governmental protection, as President Bush. Perhaps they are even more deserving of protection because, unlike Mr. Bush, they stand up to and do not support Scientology fraud, abuse and criminality.

On June 6, I wrote a letter of protest to Miscavige, because he is responsible for the organization’s criminality, for the creation of this “checksheet”, and for training and directing Scientologist agents to obliterate people like me. Since Scientology is a dictatorship, Miscavige is also the one person inside the cult who can issue the necessary orders to stop the obliteration training, stop the fair game, stop breaking up families with disconnection, and refund the money his cult stole from me.

I think that fighting back against Miscavige's cult and doing what I can to end the threat of obliteration by his thugs will help me recover. I certainly must fight the Miscavige cultists to end the enforced disconnection from my daughter. Typical of dictator Miscavige, who is also a coward, he has not responded to my letter.

As is well known, eleven Scientology intelligence personnel were imprisoned in the U.S. for crimes against the Federal Government, which were discovered in a massive FBI raid on the cult’s intelligence bureau in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. in 1977.

Miscavige has claimed that he disbanded the intelligence bureau, threw all the “ criminals” out of the Scientology organization, and stopped all illegal activities in 1981. The "checksheet" I have shows that he was in fact training Scientologists in the same espionage materials, and worse -- the obliteration of good people -- a decade later.

As is also well known, in 1993, following the conviction and imprisonment of the Scientology Eleven, and after decades of refusal to give the cult tax exemption because of its lies and criminality, including crimes against the IRS, the U.S. Government suddenly reversed itself. The U.S. declared Scientology a "religion" and made it tax exempt. Subsequently, the State Department, Justice Department, IRS and a number of Congressmen have been supporting and promoting the cult, including by condemning other countries that have continued to oppose Scientology for its excesses, abuses, criminal tendencies and anti-democratic totalitarianism.

Since I left Scientology and have been targeted as fair game for asking for my money back, I have had to confront the shocking fact that the U.S. Government and officials, by supporting this cult as “religion,” are supporting the defrauding and fair gaming of its victims like me. My discovery, just over three weeks ago, of this clear intention by Miscavige's intelligence apparatus to obliterate people, shows me unequivocally that what the U.S. has been supporting is a criminal conspiracy. This obliteration plan also shows that those countries that have opposed Scientology -- notably Germany, France, Belgium and Greece -- were fully justified in their opposition, and that the U.S.’s condemnation of those countries’ opposition is ignominious.

Scientology stated in its submission to the IRS, on which the cult’s tax exemption was granted, that it is organized solely for religious purposes. By this statement, Scientology makes fair game, indeed the obliteration of good people, its “religious” activity, and its “religious purpose.” But the reality is even more diabolical than this. On Scientology’s “checksheet,” the cult identifies the obliteration of people as its “stable datum,” that is, its central “truth,” on which all other data and activities in the subject depend. Obliteration of good people -- people like me, whose only “ crime” may be demanding the return of money ripped off from them -- is Scientology’s key “religious” datum and activity.

As I wrote to Miscavige, and as must be known by the U.S. officials involved in this issue, Time Magazine, in its May 6, 1991 cover story, “ Scientology - the Cult of Greed and Power” stated: “Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen.” Scientology sued Time for libel, and, although the defense cost the magazine some eight million dollars, the organization lost. Scientology is indeed a ruthless, classically terroristic cult.

Why does the U.S. Government support it, and condemn those countries that oppose it? I believe that it is because Scientology is a ruthless, classically terroristic cult, and because it is the U.S.’s own ruthless, terroristic cult. It serves the U.S. Government’s purpose. If having an international, ruthless, classically terroristic cult headquartered on its soil -- a cult that defrauds good people, fair games them and obliterates them -- did not serve the U.S.’s purpose, the government would oppose and not support this cult.

It is often stated that the aim of terrorism is to induce fear and anxiety, and to destroy our way of life. We are just as often admonished to not let terrorists undermine our ability to pursue our normal activities. See, e.g., http://www.brandeis.edu/humanresources/hres-local/Coping_With_Terrorism.pdf
Because Scientology is organized to induce fear and anxiety in its “ enemies,” and destroy our way of life, the cult is, beyond argument, a terrorist organization. The question is, since the U.S. Government and its agencies do nothing to protect good people from this terrorist organization, and in fact support its terrorism with tax exemption and with attacks on its critics, what must we, Scientology’s “enemy” targets, ourselves do to prevent these terrorists from obliterating our way of life -- or worse, obliterating us?

Scientology’s classic methods for inducing fear and anxiety and destroying the way of life of its “enemies” are “black propaganda” and financial ruin. Black propaganda or black PR is the name Hubbard gave to his cult’s policy and practice of destroying “enemies’” reputations by the broad, relentless and often covert dissemination of lies and scandals about them. In a “ confidential” Policy Letter entitled "Battle Tactics," from which the "obliteration-of-enemies" idea also comes, Hubbard ordered Scientologists to "degrade the image of the enemy to beast level." Once a good person is degraded to beast level, it becomes easy, in fact laudable to obliterate him -- or her. Miscavige’s declaring me to be a “suppressive person,” which, to Scientologists means that I am a “criminal,” a “psychotic,” and one of the most evil people on earth, is pursuant to the cult’s black PR beastification doctrine, and a necessary step toward my obliteration.

In laying down what has been Scientology’s basic litigation strategy for almost fifty years, Hubbard wrote:

"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody … will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly."

Such a policy and practice of using U.S. law for purposes of harassment and utterly ruining one’s targeted “enemies” is, by the law itself, unlawful. It is a sad commentary on the U.S. Justice system that, in violation of its own law, it has permitted itself to be used by this cult for these unlawful purposes. But the shame on Justice is nothing compared with the suffering of the victims of Scientology’s use of the system to harass and ruin them.

It is certain that people do not commit suicide out of fear that Islamic terrorists will bomb them. But many suicides are rooted in a loss of reputation or financial ruin. In the west, the threat of reputational or financial ruination generates far more fear and anxiety, and undermines far more people’s ability to pursue normal activities, than the threat of being bombed. Since Scientology has policies and practices of destroying the reputations of its “enemies,” ruining them utterly, as well as threatening them physically, is organized for these criminal activities, and is training its personnel to carry out these crimes, this cult is more terroristic to its “enemies” than are Islamic bombers. The U.S. Government, disgracefully, has ignored the fact that Scientology’s “enemies,” whom the cult targets for obliteration, are the same class of citizens that the Islamic bombers target – utterly innocent good people.

Since Scientology is a terrorist organization, why then is Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge meeting with this cult’s PR representatives, and participating in a photo shoot? Homeland Security should be making citizens secure at home, not schmoozing with the cultists who terrorize them.

Since the cult is involved in criminal fraud and a criminal conspiracy to destroy good people, why is a Florida police department “coming very dangerously close to becoming a private security force for … Scientology?” And why did California police officers declare the cult to be “Organization of the Year? ” Police everywhere should be fighting the Scientology fraudsters and criminal conspirators, and protecting citizens, the good people whom the cult victimizes and targets.

Since Scientology’s “study technology” is being used, as this checksheet shows, to train Scientologists to obliterate good people, why are “senior Bush administration officials at the Department of Education,” including Education Secretary Rod Paige, meeting with cult actor Tom Cruise to listen to him promote this “tech?” Since Scientology is a criminal enterprise that terrorizes good people, why does the White House invite in Cruise to lobby “on Scientology-related issues?”

Since a person who is lured into Scientology will be lied to, defrauded and abused, and can be targeted as an “SP” and fair gamed by the cultists just for leaving the cult, why is the Bush Administration putting its seal of approval on this enterprise? Does the Administration invite in other mafias and validate other criminal rackets? The fact that the U.S. Government allows the Scientology fraud to persist gives the appearance of endorsement. But Government’s approval is very wrong. Scientology is a criminal fraud. If Tom Cruise does not know about his cult’s criminal intentions and activities, his information is worse than worthless. If he does know what he’s shilling for, he is a criminal just like his cult’s leadership.

Why has Congress and other official committees held hearings to condemn other countries for opposing the classically terroristic Scientology cult? And why has Congress and the Administration listened attentively to Scientologists lie about how they are discriminated against in those countries, but has never dared to listen to this cult’s victims? Why has the U.S. State Department published annual human rights reports criticizing those countries – the ones wise and courageous enough to oppose this terroristic cult -- for “religious discrimination? ” And why has the State Department said nothing in its reports about Scientology’s history of criminality, its exceedingly well-known antisocial and anti- democratic policies and practices, and its unholy beastification of good people, including U.S. citizens?

Why do U.S. Government officials support the Scientology cult in its “human rights” campaign, when the cult is in truth a destroyer of human rights? The U.S. has an obligation to its citizens and to the world community to oppose the destruction of human rights, not support the destroyers. That Scientology’s true aim is the destruction of basic human rights, and not the defense and promotion of human rights, is clear to anyone with eyes to see. What the cult is doing with Gerry Armstrong is all the proof any thinking person could possibly need to know that this cult is no respecter of human rights, but a lying, vicious destroyer of our precious rights.

The U.S. Government officials cannot help but know that Scientology is a human rights destroyer. Why then do these officials pretend to be fooled by the Scientologists’ protestations that their human rights are being threatened by the good people and good nations that oppose the cult’s criminality? Why do these officials pretend to be fooled by the cult calling one of its offensive arms its “ Human Rights Office” and calling L. Ron Hubbard a “humanitarian?” The “Human Rights Office” is part of the cult’s notorious Office of Special Affairs that trains its personnel in the obliteration of good people. And Hubbard was a misanthrope, a hater of mankind, who wrote that men were his slaves, and who advocated the quiet, sorrowless disposal of people who wouldn’t submit to Scientology processing. The “human rights” that Scientologists lobby, lie and attack for, and the “religious freedoms” they march, protest and beastify their opponents for, are rights and freedoms that no organization should be given. What Scientology and its cultists seek are the rights and freedoms to defraud customers, to degrade good people to beast level, and to fair game and obliterate them.

Terrible history has shown that the Jewish people in Europe were justified in taking up arms against the Nazis long before a few courageous remnants imprisoned and starving in ghettos did so. Almost certainly, the Jews would have even been too late to successfully defend themselves if they had taken up arms when the Nazis came to power in 1933. I believe that the Jews were justified in arming themselves and preparing for war when Gottfried Feder and Adolph Hitler articulated the NSDAP’s infamous twenty-five points, which included the intention of depriving the Jews of their human rights. And the Jews were justified in shooting Nazis when the government did not rapidly prohibit such a plan and punish the planners. If the Jews had waited, which they did, until the Nazis executed the plan and “legally” deprived them of their human rights, including self-defense, it was too late to fight back.

Scientology’s “enemies,” the “SPs,” are in the same position, relative to the Miscavige cult, as the Nazis’ “ enemies,” the Jews, were in, relative to the Hitler cult. Scientology beastifies SPs just as the Nazis beastified the Jews. Scientology uses its pseudo-science to “prove” Scientologists’ superiority and SPs’ inferiority, just as the Nazis “proved” their own superiority and Jewish inferiority with their Aryan pseudo-science. Scientology teaches that SPs should be denied citizenship and deprived of human rights, just as the Nazis taught that Jews were not citizens and had no rights. Scientology has, and obviously the Nazis had, a policy of depriving their “enemies” of property, of injuring them, tricking them, lying to them and destroying them, without any discipline of the Scientologist or Nazi perpetrator. Both Scientology and the Nazis concluded that the final solution to the “enemies” problem -- SPs and Jews-- was their disposal, quietly and without sorrow. Obliteration!

It is foolishness to believe that Scientology is a “religious cult” and not a political cult and therefore can never come to power and be in a position to exterminate people as the Nazis did. Scientology’s goals are political, and the power the cult seeks is political power. The checksheet I recently obtained states unambiguously that Scientology’s goal is political power and requires that the Scientologist trainees demonstrate this goal and their cult’s methodology for attaining the goal with modeling clay.

“CLAY DEMO: “The goal of the department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins. There is no overt in bringing good order.””

An “overt” in Scientology’s argot is a “crime.” The “goals of Scientology” referred to in this checksheet step include the beastification of the cult’s “enemies,” the demolition of their reputations, their financial ruin, destruction of their families, deprivation of their property, and their quiet, sorrowless obliteration.

Scientology’s claim of being a “religion” organized solely for “religious purposes” provides the cult with a cover, and a justification, for its frightful political goals. Its “religious” status is a weapon that facilitates the beastification and obliteration of its opponents. The cult generates the illusion that it occupies a moral high ground from which it can black PR the good people who oppose being beastified and obliterated as “religious bigots,” or “anti-religious extremists.”

But Scientology’s assertions of its religiosity should make no difference whatsoever in judging and taking action against its anti-human rights intentions, agenda and crimes. What if the Nazis had declared National Socialism to be a religion? Would the U.S. then have accepted the beastification, incarceration and extermination of the Jews as protected religious expression? Would the U.S. have condemned the U.K. and the Commonwealth countries for attempting to restrain the Nazi Religion practitioners’ religious liberties?

Since Scientology’s directives -- which, of course, the cultists call “scriptures” -- call for crimes against SPs, including the deprivation of their human rights and their obliteration, are not the SPs justified by history and by present societal conditions and standards in arming themselves to fight back? Are not the SPs justified in organizing and training an army to obliterate the obliterators? Since the U.S. Government refuses to enforce its own law to prohibit and punish Scientology’s human rights violations, are not the SPs justified in shooting down Scientologists, as Miscavige gloats of shooting down SPs?

What the Scientologists are doing to SPs is a violation of U.S.Code Title 18, Chapter 13 (Civil Rights), Section 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights), which states:

“If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; [ … ]
"They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;"

Yet instead of prosecuting Scientology’s conspiracy to destroy the rights of their SP “enemies,” -- the U.S.’s own good citizens -- the Government has rewarded the cult with religious status and tax exemption. The U.S. gave Scientology an ideal cover for its criminal activities and a billion more dollars to destroy more human rights of more SPs, to terrorize more good people, and to train more Scientologists in their cult’s obliteration “technology.” The U.S. also rewards Scientology’s violation of Federal Civil Rights law by condemning other countries that oppose the cult’s destruction of their citizens’ human rights.

It is generally accepted that a key reason that the Jews did not take up arms and fight back to prevent their being enslaved and obliterated was because they could not believe that such atrocities could happen to them. After all, they were German citizens, and contributing members of society -- good people. And the Nazis denied and hid from them their real and murderous intentions and ran a successful disinformation campaign. But we SPs have the Jews’ tragic history to learn from, and we have access to Scientology’s own documents that order our obliteration. And some of us believe that such atrocities can happen. In fact, Scientologists’ denials of their murderous intentions toward us merely reinforce our belief, as the Nazis’ denials of their murderous intentions should have helped the Jews to believe.

Why does no U.S. Government official speak out against the evil that is Scientology? Why does no official speak up for the cult’s victims? I believe it is because of the fear and anxiety that Scientology generates with the threat of black PR and financial ruin. Every U.S. Government official is willing to speak out against Islamic terrorists who might bomb them, but none speak out against Scientology and its operatives that might destroy their reputations or their finances. I believe that this is because, among western politicians and government officials, the threat of reputational or financial ruination generates far more fear and anxiety, and undermines their ability to pursue normal activities far more than the threat of being bombed. Scientology thus is more of a ruthless, classically terroristic threat to democracy, justice and an open, free society than Islamic terrorists. And that is precisely why U.S. Government officials, Congress and Law Enforcement must do something, must stand up to Scientology, and must start to protect and make whole this cult’s victims.

If no one in the U.S. Government will stand up to Scientology terrorism, if no one has the courage to enforce existing federal laws against this criminal organization, what options do we SPs, the cult’s “enemies,” have? If there is no one in the U.S. Government courageous enough to risk being beastified and obliterated to do something to stop the war between the Scientologists and the SPs what can we do but fight back, even if that necessitates fighting back against the government that supports this cult? It is too late to prevent the war, because, as Hubbard’s Policy Letter “Battle Tactics” shows, Scientologists have been waging a dirty, largely covert war on the good people who comprise its “enemies” for decades. But it might not be too late to stop the war before it becomes terribly deadly, since we SPs have really not yet begun to fight.

It may be too late for justice, for safety, for security, or even for survival. It may be that Scientology has indeed brought every U.S. Government official into a state of complete compliance with the cult’s goals. But I am writing in the hope that there are still some officials in the U.S. with the courage necessary to stand up to Scientology and its government collaborators, and to speak out for its victims. I am hoping that some courageous officials will speak out against the cult’s secular fraud by which it extorts and impoverishes its marks, against “disconnection” by which the cult destroys families, and against fair game by which it terrorizes good people. I am hoping that in the U.S. there are some new von Stauffenbergs, some courageous persons who will risk reputation, finances, career and life to try to end this evil, as the original von Stauffenberg did to try to end a similar evil a lifetime ago.

If there are any courageous persons in government or law enforcement in the U.S. who will stand up for Scientology’s SP targets please, I pray, do so now. If there is even one courageous person, please, I pray, let us hear from you. Let us know that we, the people who are Scientology’s SPs, have hope for a future free of this cult’s terrorism.

In God we trust.

  Signature Caroline Letkeman
Caroline Letkeman

Please direct any reply or requests for further information to:

Gerry Armstrong
C/O Dialog Zentrum Berlin
Heimat 27
D-14165 Berlin-Zehlendorf
Tel: +49 (0) 30-8472-3958
Fax: +49 (0) 1212-5-205-27-015



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