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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry @gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Reunification Day
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 23:02:47 +0200
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Today is German Reunification Day, Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2003, the
commemoration and celebration of the day in 1990 when East and West
Germany were reunited after 45 years of separation dictated by the

This day has additional significance to those people of every
nationality who oppose the Scientology cult and its RTC intelligence
apparatus. Scientology and its intel arm can fall as suddenly, and as
quietly, or noisily, and as totally without sorrow, as the GDR and the
Stasi fell. Tag der deutschen Einheit gives all of us who are
targeted and victimized by this cult -- its "suppressive persons" or
"SPs" -- great hope that Scientology's suppression will end. This day
gives us hope that separation by Scientology -- by its Stasiesque
threats and black ops -- from our families, friends and associates,
can end at any time.

Tag der deutschen Einheit also tells us that it's possible that
Scientology and its RTC Stasi can fall without bloodshed. We should
all pray for that day, but we should also be prepared for blood, death
and the most horrible horror that Scientologists can imagine. Blood,
death and horror are in the Scientologists' hands and minds, but we --
their suppressive person victims and targets -- must not shrink from
the pain, death and horror that they would inflict to achieve their
postulated goals of our obliteration.

Scientology, like Stasiism and Communism, can disappear in any nation,
or in all nations, and everyone would celebrate its disappearance.
Just as East Germany's Stasiism disappeared, without any immediate
reason, or with a thousand reasons, there are a thousand reasons for
Scientology's disappearance, and none of these just reasons need be
*the* reason for the cult's demise.

The challenge with Scientology is even greater than the challenge with
Stasiism, because the border is much longer. The border between
Scientology totalitarianism and its victims stretches around the world
many times. And Scientology totalitarianism is supported by the U.S.
Government as "religious liberty," whereas Stasiism, when it
prevailed, was opposed by the U.S. as ... well, totalitarianism.

The conquest of totalitarianism, however, is by the same means if the
system is operated by the Communists or by the Americans.
Totalitarianism, including Scientology totalitarianism, cannot
tolerate reason, logic, honesty, true friendship, truth or love.
Scientology, and any other totalitarianism, can suppress these
God-given gifts to His children, because that is Scientology's, and
any other totalitarianism's, purpose and role. But the promise is that
reason, logic, honesty, true friendship, truth or love, although
suppressed by Scientological terror and ignorance, will prevail. By
God's will, all His children, by His Warriors and by all His means,
will be free.

Today is also, and poetically, Bob Minton's birthday, so reunification
is particularly fitting. In a moment of this oppressive and deadly
Hubbardian and Miscavigian war, Happy Birthday Bob!

A number of people have written to warn me that the cult's suit
against me and Bob and the LMTis a "friendy lawsuit," that it was
contrived, after Bob had already "settled" with the cult, as a way to
get to me.

These people have said that the lawsuit is a way for Bob to " testify"
-- as a "party" "adverse to the cult" -- against me as his "friend,"
in service of the cult. Of course I recognize this. It's the way that
Scientology works®. And if so, no matter how painful, hallelujah! As
everyone knows, ATWTFGTTTLG.

If Bob's great spirit of play was all faked, if his friendship was
phony, if his gift of a computer was a cheap con from the cult, if his
laugh was a laugh, if his jokes were a joke, nothing happened. The
cult won nothing. They are still faced with being a totalitarian
organization, organized for the criminal purpose of depriving people
of their rights and privileges secured by the U.S. Constitution and
laws. But I'd like to believe that Bob was cool, that I wasn't conned,
and that today really is his birthday.

What a relief, a joy, and a blessing to be on this side of the
Scientology issue.

Congratulations to all Germans everywhere.

Better to be dead than red ..... on white or on any other color. Happy
birthday united Germany. Happy birthday, Bob.

© Gerry Armstrong



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