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March 6, 1997

David Miscavige

Dear David:

      Not many days ago I was led to somebody's web page which contained a portion
of Scientology's IRS form 1023 submitted in 1992. Because of what I found, and other
threats from your organization, I left the US.

      This 1023 submission made clear to me finally why you have attacked me so
violently since the 1986 "settlement," and indeed why you contrived the "settlement" to
take the form it did, even though I continued through the years to try to achieve a sane
and lasting peace. You believe that your billions and billions depend on my destruction.

     Your submission contains the same lies about me, the same attacks in all the
black PR/DA packs and court filings that you have had your organization manufacture
since the "settlement." Happily, as I'm sure you've noticed I've said before, since you
are personally responsible you can do what is necessary to correct it all.

     With this letter I am offering you another opportunity to right the wrongs done, to
correct the record without further conflict. If you wish to take advantage of this
opportunity please immediately communicate your willingness to meet with me by
advising my attorney who will forward this letter to you.

      Your refusal to participate in such a correction of the record by meeting with me
will signal to me your choice to continue your unjustified attack on me and others. In that
event I will, for everyone's sake, correct the record in a number of ways and on a number
of channels.

     1.      I will communicate the truth behind the falsehoods in your 1023
submission, both to the IRS and to other US government agencies responsible.

     2.      I will do what is necessary to bring about a Congressional awareness of
the false submission, and what I know about your related activities, including, but not
limited to, your attacks on and compromise of my attorney Michael Flynn.

     3.      I will communicate what I know about the falsehoods underlying your
organization's US tax exemption and your related activities to any foreign government in
countries where you have used the US tax exemption to forward or defend your activities.

     4.      I will investigate the truth or falsity of every charge you have made against
every other person or entity in your submission(s) to the IRS; e.g., Michael Flynn, Laurel
Sullivan, Lawrence Wollersheim, Charlie O'Reilly, Gene Allard, Roxanne Friend, Toby
Plevin, FAMCO, CAN.

     5.      I will do whatever I can to bring the US to reverse its improper decision
granting your organization tax exemption.

     6.      I will seek a Congressional investigation of the IRS's dereliction of duty in
its failure to investigate your false responses to its queries, and its granting of tax


David Miscavige
March 6, 1997
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exemption, when it had plenty of knowledge of your organization's history of lying and
obstruction of justice. I will also seek an answer to why this Great Nation surrendered in
the legal and extra legal war you waged with it, and thus abandoned the individual
victims it should have defended.

       7.      I will communicate all these matters to the media so that further
investigation can be initiated.

      8.      I will write and speak publicly and openly on these matters to anyone who
cares to hear. I will publish my story and thoughts.

     9.      I will make this letter public, and on its basis and on the facts known to
me I will solicit the funds to prosecute the necessary litigation to correct your wrongs.

      10.      I will take appropriate legal action against you and the various
organization components and persons responsible pursuant to RICO and civil rights
statutes. The precedent acts begin with your first post "settlement" threat, and run
through every threat, every lie, every effort to have me jailed or otherwise punished or
harmed, every obstruction of justice, and every use of the law to harass.

      Please do not continue to make the error of believing your own attacks and lies.
All your black PR has not damaged my character, although it has damaged the character
of its originators. You state in your 1023 submission that your "evidence proved
conclusively" [my] "state of mind"..."to be one sordid sado-masochistic nightmare."
You know this charge, which, I know you can imagine, tears at my heart, is untrue. You
must know as well that this sort of base calumny has no place in your organization's
statements to anyone, and certainly not to the IRS or a government.

     I believe you have an easy decision. With my help it is entirely possible your
organization can retain its tax exempt status, resolve its legal problems, and achieve a
sane and lasting peace. If you insist on continuing your attack on me and others, you and
your organization will face terrible and perhaps insurmountable difficulties.

     I am writing directly to you so that it rests upon you to advise all of Scientology
of the position in which you have placed it. All Scientologists will in any case soon learn
either that you put them at risk with dishonesty or that you have acted wisely to reduce
the needless threat to their survival and happiness.

     I have stated in many communications which you have received through these
years that I have other things I wish to do in my life, things, very dear, and untearing, to
my heart, different from defending myself and others from Scientology. I have no
interest, no matter what you think, in bringing you or anyone else to your knees. God
does that.

      Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the truth that I have been given a role, by your
unceasing attacks on me if not by His Guidance, in the resolution of the Scientology
conflict. Nor can I ignore the truth that your threats and attacks make my doing those
things dear to my heart impossible until the conflict is ended.

      I pray that you will see that by my writing you I am still hopeful that you will
choose to avoid what will be, no matter what you henceforth do to try to harm me,


David Miscavige
March 6, 1997
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certain calamity. I pray that you will immediately communicate your willingness to meet
with me and my attorney. You may bring with you whatever attorney or attorneys you
desire. My attorney will decide on the venue in a discussion with your designated

     I pray to God that we all do the right thing.


Yours urgently,

Gerry Armstrong




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