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June 22, 1996

David Miscavige

By Fax (213)960-1929

Dear David:

I am moved to write you at this time because of your recent actions toward me, and now again so directly toward my friends, the Waltons, and my great hope for peace.

If you would quit attacking people, with your church, the law, your private instigators, and other mechanisms of war, there would be no war. We could all do our work, which is not war. Nor is your work war. You signal to the world in your actions and your papers that you are going to continue to attack other innocent people. I care because I am their friend. If no one else will speak up for them I will. Yours is the wrong signal to send to anyone. So I am here to importune you. See Luke 11:8.

I call upon you to meet and communicate. You have many entanglements. I can certainly save you from your entanglements with me, which are themselves worth disentangling, and I have something different from stupidity to offer in your other entanglements.

Who could be more innocent than the Waltons? And being innocent, the rest of the picture is only David Miscavige trying to take away their house. And David Miscavige, knowing so utterly that the Waltons are utterly innocent, reveals what in his character? That David Miscavige needs another house in which to hide?

As regards the innocence of your grounds for your fraudulent transfer charges, you've seen the documents, you've seen the testimony of seven witnesses including your own agent's, and you've had a ruling on your same charges in your bankruptcy case. You continue to make the same charge on no evidence. You know what in this moment of history is true and you ignore it to continue the attack. Have the courage to do something about chickenhood. In the Age of Wisdom ®, into which we have just been moved either dancing or kicking, positions of strength are the same as admissions of weakness. Remember, it is your hands which are tied because you must hold the constraints by which you would bind me.

I know much more now about why God sent that answer to my prayer back in August, 1990, and I'm sure you've by now yourself imagined some. It is a demonstrably isolated sequence of events provably happening according to guidance beyond any man's

David Miscavige
June 22, 1996
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This is an opportunity, by the way, should you accept it, to listen to God. I know your present theology doesn't allow for such communications, nor wisdom itself for goodness' sake. Yet I guarantee that if you did listen, God will say to you something very different from "Take the Waltons' house, David." The house is for you an easily relinquishable obsession. Let it go. I never think about the house, other than to happily think of the Waltons all living there happily. I think you can just as happily think the same happy thoughts. I think now a lot about your renewed, unchastened grab, but that will certainly cease when you quit grabbing, which can happen at any and in no time.

Everyone should have a home of their own, and it would be great. On the other hand, no one should try to take away someone's home, and it would be great if you stopped. It's the Waltons' home. Simply drop your efforts to steal it. Come to the Waltons instead with a peace offering. Let your relinquishment of your grab for their house be your acknowledgment of the correction of your wrongness. Do you really want your organization to be known for what it's known for?

I am writing because at this moment there is still hope; in fact my hope has never been greater. All that's required is a complete about-face, what in God's Church is called repentance. But if you've been going the wrong way, especially for a long time, an about-face should not necessarily be totally unwelcome. All investments in getting somewhere on the wrong road have not got anyone any closer to the real goal on the right one. It's obvious to me that you need to get your own house in order. So do I. People do grow up, you know, not just become tougher.

You must come out and you must talk. You have refused to talk to me, yet I can help in so many ways, and it costs you what? Would it be so awful if I knew what I was talking about? Your health at this time is not unurgent for us. Your wasting precious time is a huge complaint, as you know, against your organization. How about get out here and do a little healing, breath, run, stretch, don't do anything unsafe, discourteous or stupid, find out who one is, and seek wisdom.

I wrote you back in March, and someone gave the response to Andy Wilson to handle, as the designated representative of CSI. Certainly everything involves CSI, but my communications are with
all of the "beneficiaries" of the illegal and illegally obtained December, 1986 "mutual release of all claims and settlement agreement" and the illegal orders of Judge Thomas enforcing said document. I know that, although all of these "beneficiaries" are David Miscavige
June 22, 1996
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participants in the illegalities, you are the person who can order them to stop such participation.

Don't get upset by my use of the terms "illegal" and " illegally." Getting upset, even fools know, distorts confusion. Fools just act improperly on their knowledge. You know getting upset makes you a fool but you get upset anyway because you already are one. The document and the orders which flowed from its enforcement will be judged to be illegal and illegally obtained. I know them to be illegal before any such judgment. You must come to see the same. Then you can put an end to the squandered defense of indefensible illegalities. Once you get rid of the illegalities no one has reason to prove them illegal. In the meantime, still I urge you to communicate.

I reason that if no one tries wisdom everyone will just go on being fools forever.

You see, the house and my transfers, you and I and everyone know, have nothing to do with you. You decided, for no reason beyond malice, to inject yourself into that aspect of my life. I must tell you, I've done everything I could to be unobsessed with it all, but have still written so much about it in a book. You are the one who injected Scientology into what did not involve Scientology. Haven't you also seen that by injecting yourself into something which has "legally" nothing to do with you, the truth makes itself inescapable. Everything has everything to do with you, and no less me, and who would want to stop anyone from saying exactly that? I am a writer. What can I say?

You cannot stop me from writing about what doesn't involve Scientology. On the other hand, although this letter is my attempt to convince you to consider stopping, I can't stop you from injecting yourself into what doesn't involve you. I believe you cannot, moreover, stop me from writing about what doesn't involve Scientology by injecting Scientology into what doesn't involve it. Judge Thomas, as we all know, is really wrong; but even accepting the wrongness, and stretching it to its limits, no order can stop me from writing about your presence in a part of my life, law basing its presence on life having parts, having nothing to do with you.

I pray that your sense of humor be restored, so that
you can get why so many people are laughing. You and your gang pretend so hard to make it such a grim world that you terrify us. You should see your forces at court appearances. That's really why we joke about your big scary cult. We mean it all in good fun. People remember unhappily what happened with Hubbard; he lost his sense of humor. Ended up sending people to the RPF for joking. You tell me, is that funny or what?

David Miscavige
June 22, 1996
Page 4 /

I realize you still have Gene Ingram, and he has, as you
know and I keep saying, threatened to assassinate me. That is no laughing matter. So as long as I don't wind up dead there's
something amusing in store for me every day. I do sadly know that in the Ingram solution you can stop me from writing anything at all. You must, therefore, stop Ingram, and you must stop all your bad thoughts like him. Oh, and look, it would not be unthinkable for a person in my profession to have taken actions to ensure that his words, and all of them, are indeed published in the tragic event he is killed. I write, that's enough.

So we can talk about it in the future, I've given this book the working title God's House. You've already seen something of that period in I Declare. Since GH concerns, as did ID, a piece of my life which in truth has nothing to do with you, you will have no legal interest in it. I am, however, willing to discuss its development as it develops, as it is developing, to a degree, especially when you're ready to meet and talk. I really don't have any desire to embarrass you, because clearly the opportunities are wasted. I'm appealing to your more selfless nature.

While I do have this opportunity, however, there is another matter which is very important to a multitude of us. I represent all nonscientologists, as you know a considerable denomination. You refer to us throughout your copyrighted materials as "wogs." We reject the term as we understand people of African origin to reject the term "niggers." We understand that you mean by the term "wog," inter alia, a disadvantaged person with inherently less ability, intelligence, emotional stability, power and opportunity for success than a non-nonscientologist. It is possible there are other disparaging and inflammatory terms, such as "homosap," still used in your literature also in derogation of nonscientologists.

We request that you immediately undertake to tender an apology to nonscientologists and to remove all offensive terms from your literature. We are aware that you use nonscientology courts, services and utilities in the furtherance of your goals. It is inappropriate to insult the denomination of the very people on whose kindnesses you so completely depend. Perhaps you didn't know what you were doing. You do, however, know that you personally have control of every public statement by every organization person or thing, and control of all of its copyrighted works. If you have any communications you wish to send to nonscientologists please consider me a channel.

As an immediate first action, as a signal of something sensible, will you please have Ms. Bartilson correct your erroneous "judgment" filed May 2, in the Thomas case. I received David Miscavige
June 22, 1996
Page 5 /

a letter from her last night in which she refused to correct the errors. She apparently insists that the following part of the "judgment, " which I quoted to her in my letter of May 22, 1996, makes sense:

"On August 16, 1994, the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, in which this action was then pending, granted the motion of Defendants under Code of Civil Procedure §437(c) on the ground that the causes of action asserted in the 2nd and 3rd causes of action on the Cross- Complaint of Gerald Armstrong, for an order that judgment be entered for Defendants and against Plaintiffs on said causes of action."

I know this doesn't make sense, and that it makes sense to have something as important as a judgment make sense. If it doesn't make sense to you to have your "judgment" make sense, then it won't make much sense for me to try to make sense of it. If you want your " judgment" to remain nonsense, let me know anyway, and I will continue to treat it accordingly. Ms. Bartilson is your lawyer after all, and you can have her be as sensible as you want. Please have her file a correct "judgment."

And when you do communicate to God it might be an idea to thank Him that you've been so completely wrong about me all this time.


Yours faithfully,

Gerry Armstrong
715 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone & Fax (415)456-8450
© 1996 Gerald Armstrong


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