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 July 3, 2007

Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr., D.O.
Maulfair Medical Center
403 N. Main St.
Topton, PA 19562

Also E-mail:  maulfair7@earthlink.net

Dear Dr. Maulfair:

Last Friday, I discovered on your medical center's web site a link to the Scientology cult's Internet hate site www.religiousfreedomwatch.org, and I called your office that day to demand that you take down this link.  Your link to your cult’s hate site is still up today, and I am repeating my demand in this letter.

I am quoting here the totality of a letter I wrote to Scientology cult head David Miscavige in November last year, protesting his and Scientology’s black PRing of me as an “anti-religious extremist” on the hate site you link to.  I have webbed the letter to Miscavige, with links to many supporting documents, on my own site at:

As you can see, I demanded that Miscavige and his agent Joel Phillips, who operates the hate site for Miscavige and Scientology, remove me from the list of people they identify and black PR on the site as anti-religious extremists.  As I state and as you can also see, the clear and unlawful reason that Miscavige, Phillips and Scientologists like yourself have falsely positioned me and falsely labeled me on this hate site and on Scientology’s related hate sites as an anti-religious extremist is to facilitate my obliteration.  As your cult’s founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote in your Scientology “scriptures,” Scientologists’ purpose for black PRing or beastifying good people like myself who object to your cult’s dishonesty, aggression, abuses, sociopathy and criminality is, to facilitate these good people’s obliteration, or murder.

November 23, 2006

David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A.

Also by E-mail

Dear Mr. Miscavige:

As you know, I am the Gerry Armstrong identified on the Scientology web sites religiousfreedomwatch.com, religiousfreedomwatch.org and religiousfreedomwatch.net.  This letter is a demand that you immediately have all references to me removed from these sites.

You and Scientology first published the web pages on your sites that now contain references to me on or about October 20, 2006.

As you know, your Scientology organization junior Joel Phillips is identified as the administrative contact for these three sites, and I am therefore copying this demand to him.

Because of your reported policy and practice of denying receipt of communications that are sent to you directly from your targets and victims, who include me, I am also copying this demand letter to a number of other Scientology organization personnel and components junior to you in the global Scientology enterprise.  In that way, since you control every component of Scientology and direct all organization personnel, and since you require publicly that all personnel report all such communications and situations as mine to RTC, I am prudently doing what is reasonable to reduce or eliminate any temptation you might entertain to delay responding to this demand by pretending you didn’t get it.  If you say you get it and you’d like to communicate one to one without the whole world having to have every word, that would be fine with me.

The truth, known to you beyond any rational doubt, is that I am not an anti-religious extremist, in any sane meaning of the term.  The clear and unlawful reason that you have positioned and labeled me on these sites as an anti-religious extremist is to facilitate my obliteration.  Positioning and identifying me as an anti-religious extremist is black propaganda, and done to cause the intended effect for black PR stated in your Scientology scriptures, which you know and enforce.

As you know, I am as far as a person can reasonably get in a lifetime from being an anti-religious extremist.  Your libel that I am an anti-religious extremist is particularly hurtful, insane and threatening because you are actively prosecuting a massive, multimillion dollar anti-religious judicial and extra-judicial campaign to suppress and destroy my basic human rights, including, most egregiously, my freedom of religion.  Virtually all your juniors in the Scientology religion and organization in every country of the world, including Phillips, participate in this religious persecution campaign against me that you control and direct.  As I have often pointed out, you are all contracted legal beneficiaries in your litigation war against me, which is using wog secular courts, agencies and lines of communication to suppress and destroy my religious liberty and the religious liberty of my classes, widely "Suppressive Persons" and narrowly those SPs acting in concert with me

I am not arguing that anti-religious extremists do not exist, and indeed I would argue that you yourself are, on a gradient scale of anti-religious extremists, an extreme or extremely anti-religious extremist.  I cannot, however, speak for or about all the other people on your sites whom you identify as anti-religious extremists, and I have, as you cannot but know, no way of knowing if some are anti-religious extremists or not.  A few of them very well may be anti-religious extremists.  Some of them, in fact, may very well be your agents or covert operatives, and included on your sites because perhaps they act the part of anti-religious extremists.  You then associate and position me, and whoever else isn’t an anti-religious extremist and doesn’t act the part, with your actors.  I don’t know.  I do know, however, with complete clarity, that I am not an anti-religious extremist in any sane meaning of the word.  I also know, as I said above, that you cannot but know that I am correct, and that you are willfully falsely identifying and labeling me as an anti-religious extremist with manifest malice.

With the understanding that I cannot know if some of the people you identify and classify as anti-religious extremists may be anti-religious extremists, I do know that those I know personally reasonably well, are most certainly, like me, absolutely not anti-religious extremists in any sane meaning of the term.  I will also copy these people and suggest that they also protest their being falsely, maliciously and threateningly vilified as anti-religious extremists on your sites, and demand you remove any reference to them.  There is, however, no reason for me to take up their cases with you at this time.  I know how thoroughly wrong you are about me, and I reasonably extrapolate you being just as wrong about more people around the world, including a significant percentage of the people identified and attacked on your web sites as anti-religious extremists.

As I’ve documented and demonstrated in several legal proceedings, your Scientology head predecessor L. Ron Hubbard spelled out in your scriptures what you are doing in black PRing me as an anti-religious extremist on your sites, and why you and your Scientology juniors are doing it.  In his 1969 directive "Battle Tactics" Hubbard ordered that Scientology and Scientologists are to degrade the images of people like me to beast level, and drive public opinion into a frenzy of hate against us.  He ordered that Scientology and Scientologists are then to just go all the way in and obliterate us.  You had the "Battle Tactics" scripture reissued in 1987, the year after Hubbard’s death, and you had it included in Scientology intelligence training manuals in 1991.  You are responsible, Scientology wide, for the enforcement of all scripture, and all application of scriptural directives, including Battle Tactics.

Obviously, the most beastly, degraded image imaginable is of anti-religious extremists.  The public hates anti-religious extremists, and hates to be associated with anti-religious extremists.  The public accepts that anti-religious extremists are so hateful it’s legitimate to attack or pursue them, to cut off their communications, funds and connections, to deprive them of political advantages and power, to raid and harass them, and to take over their possessions and territories.  Clearly, by obliteration and by your behavior, you mean me death or physical harm as well as other forms of harm, and consequently I have been at all times and continue to be in physical danger as well as in other forms of danger from you and your juniors and agents.  Your hate sites black PRing me as an anti-religious extremist are intended to generate so much public hatred against me that the world cheers when I’m obliterated, and to generate so much hatred against me within your Scientology enterprise that it’s a snap getting someone to just go all the way in to do the obliterating.

I recognize that your three hate sites listed above that willfully, wrongly, maliciously and threateningly vilify me as an anti-religious extremist comprise only one weapon system in one channel in a multi-channeled and international campaign to suppress and destroy me.  Removing references to me from these sites will not guarantee, or even mean, that you and your juniors have ended your war on me.  There are many more actions you and Scientology must take, and other actions you must stop taking, to work toward peacefully ending the Scientology v. Armstrong or Miscavige v. Armstrong war.  The corrections and reparations you and Scientology must make are also on multiple channels, and will extend through some time.  The first action toward that end, however, which you can do immediately, is to have any reference to me removed from your Internet hate sites.

As you cannot but be aware, I have identified you for some time as a sociopath.  I think this is clarifying for everyone, and good for you as well because it gives you a real and immediate public opportunity to take your sociopathy by the horns and pen it up.  Your reported history as Scientology head of physically beating people, your agents’ physical attacks on me and death threats, your continued operation and promotion of the murderous "Suppressive Person" doctrine, your bragging of shooting down people like ducks in a pond, and many other indicators, show that you are a sociopath of a violent stripe.

You and your Scientology juniors have conspired against me in violation of laws and moral and social norms for almost 25 years.  Throughout those years, you have willfully falsely labeled and black PRed me as an "SP," meaning in Scientology, as twisted by Hubbard, a "sociopath."  To get your 1993 tax exemption and "religion status," you black PRed me in official documents as "psychotic."  And now you label me an anti-religious extremist.  There is a statistically negligible chance that you will have a change of heart and cease your sociopathy, simply because you are a sociopath.

Nevertheless, I know that with God all things are possible, and certainly He can raise anyone above his sociopathy with the slightest willingness.  This knowledge is itself adequate proof, it should be clear, that I am not in any way an anti-religious person, let alone an anti-religious extremist as you label me.  There is also a chance that some smart good people in Scientology will get together and prevail upon you and upon your other organization juniors to do the sane, decent and lawful thing and remove your black PR on me from your hate sites.  Thus, I am still hoping that the war you and your Scientology juniors wage on me can be ended without obliteration and more terror, and I writing you in that hope.

As you know, a number of your Scientologist juniors such as Barbara Schwarz or hired operatives have the hat of spreading your web sites’ black propaganda onto Usenet to further incite hatred and threat toward me, and toward all of the individuals you label anti-religious extremists on your sites. I will therefore post this demand letter to ensure that as many people as possible who are involved in Scientology’s war on wogs on Usenet, including, of course, your junior Scientologists and operatives, get the message as well. I will also web it.

Within a reasonable time, which is really up to you, I will begin the process of retaining an attorney to represent me in any potential legal action necessary to compel you and your Scientology juniors to remove the references to me from your hate sites.  I will forward this letter to various government officials and media representatives who know or should know about Scientology’s antisocial and criminal activities.  Because of the specific and immediate nature of your actions and of this demand I will also copy this letter to Tom Cruise, who recently has publicly identified you as his best friend.  I do this in the hope that he isn’t also a sociopath, and that he can get you help, or at least talk to you about removing the references to me on your hate sites.  I’ve seen that you are honeymooning together on a yacht as I send this letter, so this could be an ideal time for you and Cruise, and probably Ms. Holmes now, to talk about the antisocial and criminal things you’ve been doing and having Scientology do, the ignominy you bring to Scientologists, and most urgently your black PRing me as an anti-religious extremist on your hate sites.

I won’t list all the false statements about me on your sites at this time.  You know what the truth is, and you know how big a liar you are.  I will mention five willful lies that relate to your declaring and vilifying me as an anti-religious extremist.

1. "In 2000, Armstrong traveled to Europe to attend an anti-religious conference in Leipzig, Germany."
The event I attended in Leipzig, in multiple years as you know, had nothing whatsoever to do with anti-religion.  Religious people from many countries participated, and all people who participated were joined by the common desire for religious liberty everywhere.  Events at these Leipzig events are very well recorded and documented, and you cannot but know that all the Leipzig events that I attended, if they were in any way at all religious, were pro-religious.

2. "In 2001, Armstrong traveled extensively in Europe, joining in a hate march in France with extremist Roger Gonnet"
I have never joined in a hate march in France, or at any other time or place in my life.  I know Roger Gonnet personally, and spent some days with him in France and elsewhere.  At no time did I ever see him join in a hate march, and indeed at no time while with him did I even observe a hate march.  At no time did I observe any behavior by him that would lead a reasonable person to conclude he is an extremist, in any sane meaning of the word.

3. "and visiting anti-religious groups in Russia and Denmark."
I have never visited an anti-religious group in Russia, Denmark or anywhere else in the world.  In fact, the groups I visited in Russia and Denmark were truly religious in the most sincere sense of the word.

4. "At a meeting of hate groups in Russia, Armstrong met with deprogramming proponent Alexander Dvorkin."
I have never attended any meeting of hate groups in Russia at any time, nor have I attended any meeting of any hate groups in any other country.  I have met Dr. Dvorkin several times in Russia and in other countries, he has translated for me on several occasions, and I have been able to observe him for several hours at a time on many occasions.  At no time did I observe him attend a meeting of hate groups, discuss attending any meeting of hate groups, or suggest that I or anyone else attend any meeting of hate groups. At no time did he propose deprogramming me or anyone else, as you define "deprogramming" on your hate sites; i.e., activities involving kidnapping and assaults or such stupidities.  He is a Doctor of Theology, a religious man in the sincerest rational meaning of the word, and a teacher in religious studies and in religious organizations.  He is one of the people identified on your hate sites as an anti-religious extremist that I know with complete certainly is not an anti-religious extremist.

5. "The following is what Gerry Armstrong’s ‘friends’ think of him:"
These people are not my ‘friends’ at all as the word ‘friends’ is commonly and sanely understood.  Some of these people you call my ‘friends’ hate me almost as sociopathically as you do, and indeed serve your malevolent purposes in your Scientology v. Armstrong war.  Some of these people you call my ‘friends’ and quote on your hate sites you don’t even identify by name.

You chose or invented, approved and webbed the untruthful, hateful things you say about me on your sites, and the untruthful, hateful things you claim other people say about me, whether my ‘friends’ or not.  These things were written or selected to "support" your willful misidentification of me as an anti-religious extremist and your willful misassociation of me with other people you identify or misidentify as anti-religious extremists.  You label, portray and position me as an anti-religious extremist so that more hate and more evil can rain down on me from everyone, and to create an atmosphere in which you can have me disposed of silently and no one would sorrow.

You write on your sites that I appear to have no gainful employment; as if this demonstrates I’m a degraded being and proves I’m the anti-religious extremist you say I am.  The fact is, you and Scientology have worked very hard to prevent me from obtaining normal, gainful employment, and from living a normal, peaceful life. Your actions and threats against me and anyone who would even grant me credence, let alone gainfully employ me, have been effective.  You have demonstrated that eight or ten million Scientologists, all close-knit on the one goal, can cut off many of my communications, pretty well all of my funds, and numbers of my connections, can deprive me of power, can harass me, and can impoverish me.  Now you signal to those millions of your Scientology juniors all together on one goal that you can build hate sites, can lie about me, can call me an anti-religious extremist, and can legitimately attack and pursue me as an anti-religious extremist.  That I am still alive, still defiant and still able to make this demand does not mean that your intentions and actions to suppress and destroy me on multiple channels are not adversely effective.  I cannot but fight back.  You cannot but remove all references to me from your hate sites.

Finally, you have webbed a photo of me (doing mayurasana) in multiple places on your hate sites without a proper copyright credit, and I request that you immediately correct this.  I have always strived to properly indicate copyright ownership, if known to me, of any photos of you, or anyone or anything else I have used, or other materials I’ve used, in accordance with the fair use provisions of national and international copyright laws. See, e.g., the photos of you on, or linked to from, this page: http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/fun/index.html

Even if you refuse to remove all your references to me from your hate sites and force me to take legal action to compel you to remove such references, this will not affect you at least providing a proper copyright ownership for my photo you are using.  http://armstrong.xenu.ca/photogallery.htm

Thank you for whatever good you do.


Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6
(604) 703-1373

cc: Joel Phillips
Various Scientology organizations
Various officials
Various media and representatives
Various other individuals

Miscavige and his agents have carried out a massive Fair Game campaign against me over more than twenty-five years.  They have physically assaulted me on several occasions; run into me bodily with a car; terrorized me and my loved ones on highways in California and Germany; threatened to assassinate me; sued me six times; attempted numerous times to have me prosecuted and jailed on false charges based on “evidence” your fellow cultists manufactured; scared my neighbors; menaced my family; paid a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department officer for fake authorizations to eavesdrop on me, my attorney and my associates, and to tap our telephones; covertly and unlawfully videotaped me; obtained unconscionable jail sentences against me and warrants for my arrest in California; black PRed me around the world; and broken into my car and stolen an extremely valuable manuscript, artwork and other documents, which Miscavige then kept in his personal possession.

I don’t really don’t expect Miscavige or Phillips to take down Scientology’s hate pages on me because both of them are sociopaths.  Miscavige is a violent, conscienceless man who has a reputation for physically assaulting people, and Phillips dramatizes similar consciencelessness.  You also very well may be a sociopath.  Your fees to Scientology have helped pay for this Fair Game and criminality, you are an active participant in your cult’s sociopathic CCHR group, and the link you give to your cult’s hate site directly forwards its black PR on me and other people of good will.  Your cult uses known sociopaths like Barbara Schwarz to spread its hate sites’ lies and black propaganda to incite hatred and threat toward me, and toward all of the individuals labeled as anti-religious extremists on the site; and now you add yourself and your medical center to be used for this evil purpose.  If you have a conscience, now is the time to find and obey it.

On her Scientology cookie-cutter web site, your wife Coleen Maulfair calls you a courageous man.  She’s wrong because you are a clear coward.  You were too cowardly to find out the truth about the people your cult black PRs on its hate site, which your medical center links to.  Or, having found out the truth, you were too cowardly to not join your cult’s campaign to beastify and obliterate these people.  All sociopaths, of course, are cowards.  And Scientology’s “valuable” product in Scientologists is cowardice.  Not one Scientologist speaks out about the unspeakable evils your cult does, and their fees buy.

Your medical center’s web page on Jeremy Perkins further reflects your cowardice and the irresponsibility that is so common among Scientologist “professionals.”  You claim Jeremy never became one of your patients, yet you apparently diagnosed, or really misdiagnosed, him for digestive problems, when he suffered in fact from schizophrenia.  http://www.drmaulfair.com/jeremy_perkins.htm Your treatment of Jeremy is grimly reminiscent of Scientologist Doctor David Minkoff prescribing drugs to “treat” Scientology victim Lisa McPherson, who also was suffering from severe mental problems, without even seeing her.  Although you claim, moreover, that you never treated him at your clinic, the title for your Jeremy Perkins page is “Alternative medicine at Maulfair Medical Center - Alternative, Preventive Medicine & chelation therapy in Pennsylvania.”

It is understandable, albeit irresponsible and revolting, that you promote the Citizens Commission on Human Rights on your site and on your Jeremy Perkins page, because CCHR works to deny proper and professional help to people like Jeremy and Lisa McPherson.  You and CCHR state that medications that are used to properly treat severe mental problems “cause violence and suicide ideation” to divert attention from the Scientology cult’s activities that cause or contribute to these evils.  CCHR, for example, blamed Seung-Hui Cho’s murder rampage and suicide on these medications, even though the toxicology examination showed no drugs in his system.  What was in his system, however, was a history of being bullied, which is a Scientology practice.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18169776/
Hubbard was a bully, and Miscavige is a clear bully who enforces bullying throughout your cult.  Scientology’s intelligence arm, the Office of Special Affairs, bullies good people.  Miscavige’s own police corps, Religious Technology Center, bullies good people.  And CCHR, in which you are an active participant, bullies good people.  Scientology’s bullies its victims identified on its hate site, and you and your medical center forward and indeed take an active part in the bullying.  
We will add your picture now where it belongs on this bullying graphic.

You are also a quack.  You promote Dianetics, which is quackery.  You practice Scientology, which is quackery.  In fact, even by L. Ron Hubbard’s defintions in your “scriptures,” Scientology is quackery and all Scientologists are quacks.  You are a Scientologist.  http://carolineletkeman.org/sp/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=991&Itemid=165
You participate in CCHR, which is a hate group promoting quackery and attacking legitimate science.  It would be irresponsible to not presume you are also a quack in your private “medical” practice, and that your quackery contributed to Jeremy Perkins’ murder of his mother.  

As a Commissioner in CCHR, whether you know it or not, you are contracted to suppress and destroy my basic human rights, and the basic human rights of any wog who would act in concert with me.  It is of course elronic that your anti-mental health hate group is called a Commission on Human Rights because the whole group too, and all of its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, and even its lawyers, are contracted to suppress and destroy my human rights and the rights of anyone who might act in concert with me.  Several of the other organizations on your web site’s links page are contracted to destroy our human rights.  As a WISE company, your medical center and all of its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents and attorneys are contracted to suppress and destroy our basic human rights.  You are all contracted parties and beneficiaries in your cult’s Miscavige-directed war against me that uses wog secular courts to suppress and destroy our basic human rights, which include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, self defense, due process, and freedom from slavery.  See this contract:
and see the other documents listed on this page to find out what your cult and your fellow cultists have done and are doing to enforce this unconscionable contract against me and the good people acting in concert with me.  http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/index.html

CCHR’s, Scientology’s and Scientologists’ claim that you all are defending and promoting human rights is, as your war on me and people acting in concert with me demonstrates, a cruel, sociopathic fraud.  You all comprise in fact a criminal conspiracy against people’s rights, including rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and laws.  Only criminal bullies would concoct such a contract as your cult has with me to suppress and destroy basic human rights wholesale.  Only criminal bullies would want to enforce such an unconscionable contract.  And only criminal bullies would spend millions of dollars of a “religion’s” wealth to get lawyer bullies and private investigator bullies to persecute and imprison good people pursuant to such a contract.  It should be obvious that “adults,” like Hubbard, Miscavige, Phillips, Schwarz, and possibly yourself, who never matured beyond childhood bullies but instead conspired and organized to bully good people, are also sociopaths and also cowards.  Miscavige and the rest of Scientology’s bullies or sociopaths hate me pathologically because I have stood up to their bullying, and have so far not been bullied into silence.  And now I’m standing up to your bullying.

As I mentioned above, you might not have been aware that you are contracted to suppress and destroy my basic human rights and the rights of good people acting in concert with me.  You might not have even been aware that your cult and your fellow cultists are contracted to do this evil.  It is clear that Scientology’s leaders do not tell all their junior evil doers all of the evil their fellow evil doers are doing.  Now that you do know, however, that you, your medical center, its directors, officers, employees, agents and attorneys, CCHR and your fellow CCHR Commissioners, your “church,” and virtually all Scientologists are contracted to suppress and destroy our basic human rights and are supporting that evil purpose, what will you do about it?

It won’t be easy for you to do something courageous because you’ve been a coward about Scientology and its bullying for so long. You also of course would risk becoming Fair Game and having the power, vindictiveness and sociopathy of the criminal conspiracy you now support turned against you.  In Scientology, the state of “OT” is in truth a state of consummate cowardice, so you would also be risking your “gains” and “status” in the cult if you were to do the courageous or right thing.  Nevertheless, I urge you to search for your conscience, and, if you find one, to start your journey toward a conscionable life by taking down your link to Scientology’s hate site.  I can help.

Yours encouragingly,

Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6
(604) 703-1373


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