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August 22, 1991

Eric M. Lieberman, Esq.
Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard,
Krinsky & Lieberman, P.C.
740 Broadway, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10003-9518

Dear Mr. Lieberman:

    If there be any doubt about the veracity of the facts stated in my
letter of yesterday please add these.

    Yesterday, after writing you, I returned to Mr. Greene's office. At one
point, in the late afternoon while standing outside talking to Mr. Greene,
he noticed and pointed out a car perhaps a hundred yards away, across Sir
Francis Drake and up a small hill. In it sat a man who at my first glance
appeared to be watching us. I ran across SFD, up the hill and approached the
car. I could see the man lower an object out of sight. I raised my hands,
palms toward him to let him know I meant no harm and was unarmed; in
case I had erred in my assessment that the man in the car was an operative,
and I was approaching head on at flank speed an innocent innocently eating
his dinner. He rolled up the window as I neared. I got very close and looked
in the driver's window. He had dark hair, thick, a wiry appearance; i.e., his
hair, somewhere in length between yours and mine, and a thick mustache. I
couldn't smell his breath because, as I said, the window was rolled up, but I
was close enough I imagined it. Height + 6'. On the front seat beside him
were, inter alia, a video camera and a clipboard and some lawyers' yellow
pad sheets. His firearms were clearly out of sight. On the top sheet in pen
were written a page of entries with a progression of times beside the entries.
I tried to make them out; i.e., the entries, but I was, as you can imagine,
freaking out, my pulse was up around 150; not from the short run up the hill
but the terror these confrontations strike in me; from a rest rate of + 48; and
the driver, after a few second comm lag started the car and began to drive
away. I put my body in front of the car because I wanted to get someone
from law enforcement somewhere to do something but he let me know
through unmistakable gestures that my body was not about to stop his
forward progress so I, and I think in this case wisely, stepped aside and let
him flee. I did run alongside the car and was near it when Mr. Greene
arrived across SFD and also observed the driver and recorded the number
from the car's muddied licence plate. When last seen his weapons were still
out of sight; nor have I seen any more of him.

    You might recall that when org operatives began their summer of 82
psycho-terror campaign I was able to detain the yellow VW by putting my
body in front of it. Times and personalities have changed, the new fearless
leader shoots photos of innocents with his 45, and for some totally baffling,
unreasonably unreasonable reason you guys hate me. And you all sure act
as if a sense of humor isn't a gift from God; and it is. Various people, on
order from Hubbard or Miscavige, have tried, inter alia, libel, slander,
threats, muscle, sworn false witness, frames, blackmail and betrayal. You
can understand my concern at knowing that the top, the top operatives and
the legal cutouts are chewing over the acts called for to satisfy the next
gradient, while not even bothering to keep in mind what a flaming SP I am
and what a threat I am to the future of mankind.

    You will have probably received by now a report from Terry Gross in
your office concerning my call to you of earlier today. If you think there's
someone else connected to the organization who might be a more logical
person for me to communicate these concerns to, please pass on my letters.

Very truly yours,



Gerry Armstrong



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