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August 21, 1991
Eric M. Lieberman, Esq.
Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard,
Krinsky & Lieberman, P.C.
740 Broadway, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10003-9518

Dear Mr. Lieberman:

Organization operatives filmed me yesterday at least in the following

1. Talking to an employee of attorney Ford Greene, in the doorway to
Mr. Greene's office, at 711 Sir Francis Drake in San Anselmo, California.

2. Walking outside Mr. Greene's office.

3. Pulling on a T- shirt outside Mr. Greene's office.

4. Running outside Mr. Green's office.

Whilst I was on foot I was also pursued by one of the operatives
driving a white Cadillac.

The driver of the Cadillac was later confronted by Mr. Greene who also
recorded the licence number of Cadillac and the other vehicle being used by
the operatives.

I doubt that you find it hard to believe that I consider the
organization's operation has as its major target in the eval known but to two
or maybe three or even four the assassination of Gerry Armstrong.

I am not unmindful of your use of the earlier videotape event in your
Petition For Rehearing filed in the Armstrong appeal (n. 1, p. 6, second
edition; n. 2, p.5, first edition).

There was no reason to videotape me as proof that I was associating
with Ford Greene. I had spoken the day before to two of your fellow org
lawyers, Laurie Bartilson and Bill Drescher, and two men from SO legal
liaison staff, Howard Guttfeld and August Murphy, and from none of whom
had I withheld the fact that I was helping Mr. Greene, None of them were
not aware that I was speaking to them from Mr. Greene's office because all
of them except for Mr. Murphy called Mr. Greene's office and I had spoken to

[page break]

them when I answered Mr. Greene's telephone to take messages for him
while he was out of his office. Mr. Murphy spent some time in Mr. Greene's
office and we spoke for a few minutes. I am quite certain he left with the
impression that I was helping Mr. Greene, and specifically in the Aznaran
case since, in addition to my saying so, he did observe me carrying into Mr.
Greene's office two boxes containing the mega-copies of the two Oppositions
to Summary Judgment Motions (Statute of Limitations and First
Amendment) and related documents, and did hear me lament that his
organization had cost Mr. Greene that very day over seven hundred dollars
in copying costs.

I did note the sophrosynial shift in the two writers of the second
edition of the Petition For Rehearing. I imagine the organization's idea of
having Marty talk to me is not in the works.
I'm sure you understand why I do help those who need it, and why
people who litigate with the organization need it. And I'm sure you know
how utterly unbiased I am in that all I oppose are antisocial policies and
activities. In that Scientology denies that any of its policies or activities are
antisocial I am not opposed in any way to what Scientology says it is and
says it does. I am only opposed to antisocial policies and practices.

It is really a matter of logistics. Your organization scares people. It
scares me. There are therefore few people willing to do what needs to be
done regarding the organization. I am simply willing to do what I can no
matter how scary it is. If there were not so many people afraid of your
organization I wouldn't need to do what I can to help.

As you know, the organization has at times terrorized me, it has a
policy of revenge, its present owners have a personal hatred for me, and it
has acted with its fair game doctrine directing its attitude and acts toward
me since and in violation of the settlement. Obviously, then, it is in every
way reasonable for me to associate with and help those who have the
courage to oppose the organizational beast.

Then there's the religious argument. And its legal corollary: if
antisocial acts are religious, then so must be any opposition to antisocial acts.

Then there's the matter of theology.

All of which brings me to the matter at hand. You know about
compartmentalization, PIs, cutouts, lies and paranoia. There probably are
things which can be done to bring the organization's self-destructive

[page break]

institutionalized hatred to a peaceful conclusion. Although you exhibit in
your most recent descriptions of me and in your willingness to go beyond
mere factual twists, a new and greater animus, I still have an idea that you
can do something.

I trust you'll reply.

Very truly yours,
Gerry Armstrong (415)456-8450



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