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June 21, 1991

Mr. Eric Lieberman, Esq.
Rabinowitz, Boudin, etc.
740 Broadway, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10003

Via Federal Express

Dear Mr. Lieberman:

     I received a call yesterday from Malcolm Nothling, the plaintiff in a defamation case against the organization in South Africa. He asked me to testify at the trial in early August.

     After listening to his story and his understanding of organization philosophy and practices I agreed. I said, however, that I would first attempt to bring about a peaceful resolution of the Scientology conflict. Hence I'm writing you.

     You will receive a photocopy of this letter because the original of my significant holographs are the property of a third party corporation by contract. I will, nevertheless, sign the photocopy, not so much because you or the organization representatives might doubt that I am the writer, but to add fifteen dollars to the value of your archive.

     And all of that is just another way of saying that serious matters are nothing to lose a sense of humor over.

     I am certain that the Nothling matter can be resolved easily with the following organizational actions:

     1. A sincere public apology for its " declare" and other antisocial acts.

     2. A sincere, public and complete repudiation of "" fair" game," philosophy of attack, vengeance and hatred, and elimination from Scientology literature of all policies advocating such philosophy.

     3. Monetary settlement.

     Mr. Nothling says he has no hope that the organization would do any of 1 - 3; and I recognize that it has exhibited no sign of rethinking its antisocial philosophy and practices. I also recognize that someday it will, and I do what I do because I believe it can be without, and not compelled by, a great human tragedy.

     Thus far the organization has attempted to solve its problems with aggrieved individuals with mere monetary settlements and the occasional insincere announcement; e.g., Hubbard's famous elimination of the term "fair game," because it "causes bad PR," or the more recent blaming of the GO for all things bad and bastardly. And so the organization has brought upon itself more problems and made more aggrieved individuals who seek sincerity but end up taking insincerity and money.

     Because I will go wherever my help is asked for I will continue until the organization sincerely denounces "" fair" game" in all its forms, or kills me. It should be understood that I have many things to do in my work, far more important than the application of ethics to the organization of Scientology. I do this because it is asked of me by those aggrieved. When there are no longer any aggrieved asking for my help I will do something else. Clearly there are others aggrieved by other organizations or nations who can use my help. They simply have not asked for it. It may be that the Scientology issue must be resolved in my life before I am called to help the others. I am not, and I'm sure you're also not, unaware that the organization has used my willingness to respond to requests for my help to entrap me and attack me. The only observable effect of the organization's ops and web of deceit has been an increasing willingness to help those likewise aggrieved by them.

     I truly believe that the organization's problems can be easily eliminated. It can only be done philosophically; and since its philosophy contains within it the philosophical idea that its philosophy cannot be changed, it continues to appear that nothing can be done. That fact does not make a philosophic shift difficult, it simply means that it's a pretty silly philosophy.

     Hubbard didn't have any original ideas just because there are no original ideas. There are only two ideas and Hubbard chose the least effective and most boring of the two; the same idea which prevails in society. He wasn't worse than everyone else; he was the same. Scientology, by espousing the same idea as Hubbard and everyone else is ineffective and boring.

     The real opposition is to Scientology's insistence that it is a religion. It isn't. It could be, but it isn't. And it isn't no matter what any government says it is, or any court or any lawyer. Almost the last people you'd want determining what is or is not a religion are judges and lawyers, since their profession depends on conflict, which within a religion cannot exist.

     Among all human activities there is only one which is religious- forgiveness. And that, technically, and in every sense, is the recognition that what needs to be forgiven didn't happen. It is somewhat difficult, of course for the organization, which uses peoples' pasts against them, to understand this simple fact.

     I am certain that Hubbard caught a glimmer of this understanding, but did not triumph over his fear so chose instead of forgiveness, condemnation. There is nothing within that choice which threatens reality, or for which Hubbard should be condemned. It is merely not religion.

     All of the things the organization does can be done by non-religious organizations or individuals. But forgiveness can only be done by the religious. Scientology, by publishing and defending its policy of unforgiveness; i.e., ""fair" game," "attack the attacker," SP declares, sec checks lower conditions, etc., etc., is not to be condemned; it is to be forgiven; but it is not a religion.

     A church's only function is forgiveness and sanctuary. Since Scientology collects the facts of its members' past, for control, or any purpose, it is not a church. The lawyers and courts may call it a church, but it is like any non-church organization; e.g., KGB, republican party, etc. A church to be a church cannot maintain a cause of action. Others, carrying out their purpose, might choose to defend it, but a church, to be a church, would not defend itself. Of course, an organization with a stated senior policy that the best defense is attack, cannot be a church.

     The world would welcome Scientology's doing something effective, yet condemnation, attack and hatred are without effect, and so the world continues to wait. And the Scientologists continue the boredom of unforgiving lives, and the lawyers and the few in control get rich and stay bored. And yes there are unforgiving and bored on both sides. But the forgiving are on no side. And I go where I'm asked to help. You haven't asked but I hope this helps anyway.

     Mr. Nothling will call me in about a week. I'll be reachable until then at (604) 795-5852. I believe you understand whence I come, and I believe someone can do something.

  Very truly yours,

This document in .pdf format.

Response from Lieberman



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