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Pravoslavnaya Gazeta (Orthodox Newspaper) - Yekaterinburg Internet Version

Scientology tried to upset the appearance in Yekaterinburg of Gerald Armstrong, former personal secretary (officer) of cult founder Ron Hubbard

Yekaterinburg, 11 December, "Pravoslavnaya Gazeta." Canadian citizen Gerald Armstrong is familiar with the activities of an extremist religious organization, as he said, from the inside. He was in one himself for more than 12 years, and even now he sustains a stream of attacks at his address from the side of its adepts. This so-called "church of scientology" which, with approval of the government in the USA, puts other countries under pressure, and calls itself a religious charitable organization.

According to Gerald Armstrong, Scientology doctrine directs neutralization of individuals and cultivation of group hatred. No activity occurs without monitoring by an intelligence service, financial big shots and corrupt leaders. Its basic method is black propaganda, which is the destruction of reputation by interfering with organzations, leaders and personal affairs.

The speaker illustrated with personal examples. When he was invited to Nizhny Novgorod last year to participate in a similar conference, government and administrative offices, security agencies and the mass media of that region were literally flooded with anonymous letters, in which Gerald was accused of crimes and of anti- religious propaganda, and in which the addressees were warned that "his presence discredits the reputation of Nizhny Novgorod in the eyes of the entire world, and makes the city a proving ground for incitement of religious discord."

Thus, leaders of this cult assert that they are fighting for freedom of religion in that they haunt people who, like Gerald Armstrong, tell people about their personal experiences. For each negative remark made about them, the " church of Scientology" sues. It's no different for Gerald, who today can be sued for more than 500,000 dollars in penalties for participation in such a conference. He's even threatened with imprisonment for telling the truth about his activities in this totalitarian cult.

Verification of Gerald Armstrong's assessment could be seen in the attempts of the Scientologists to distrupt his appearance at the conference. A representative of the cult, a certain girl who was very excited, leapt up on the stage in the auditorium and began to demand permission to speak in defense of the " church of Scientology." And although Gerald Armstrong voiced readiness to discuss this with her, the reaction in the auditorium was much more adament: " The conference is not the place for a sermon from a totalitarian cult." The univited guest, in spite of all her fanatical tenacity, was escorted from the auditorium.




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