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Other Resources

Suppressive Person Defense League
For over half a century, Suppressive Persons have been beastified, attacked and menaced in perhaps the most vicious hate campaign ever manufactured by madness.

Bulletin Board
Upcoming Events and Announcements.

Operation Clambake
The Fight Against Scientology on the Net.

Breaking News and Information on Cults and Mind Control since 1993.

Berliner Dialog Informationen und Standpunkte zur religiösen Begegnung.

Religio.de Das elektronische Informationssystem über Sekten, neue religiöse und ideologische Gemeinschaften und Psychogruppen in Deutschland.

Stephen A. Kent Ph .D.
New Religions, Deviance, Social Movements, 'Cults'.

Freedom of Mind Center
Steven Hassan, cult counselor and mind control expert, author of critically acclaimed book Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves.

Dorfkirche Buckau
This lovely kirche and the wonderful people of Buckau gave us sanctuary in 2002.

Ilse Hruby
Author of My Marriage with a Scientologist. [Deutsch]

Austrian Ministry for Environment, Youth and Family
Brochure re: Sects [English Translation]

The Truth about the Fraud called Scientology.

The Leipzig Award
The European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom.

The Cult of Greed and Power
Tilman Hausherr's home page. We also love Xenu's Link Sleuth for checking links on web sites.

LMT International [Mirror site]

I Write Therefore I Am
Karin Spaink's Critical site on Scientology.

Roger Gonnet's Critical site on Scientology in French and English.

http://www.ingo-heinemann.de/ [Deutsche]
Ingo Heinemann's critical site about Scientology and other cults.

St. Irinaeus of Lyon Information and Consultation Center [Russian]
The most exhaustive Russian site for research and critical interpretation of totalitarian sects and destructive cults.

Excellent site of ex-Sea Org veteran, activist and researcher, Mark Plummer.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A commentary by Mike Gormez on Scientology's violations of these worldwide rights. 

Peter Widmer's Scientology Site [Deutsch]

Scientology Critical Information Directory
An excellent starting point for serious researchers.

Other Gerry and Caroline Lynxes

The Gerry Armstrong Chronicle
Thanks Warrior and Chris Wood.

Thanks David Rice.

LMT International
Thanks Zenon Panoussis and thanks Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks, Grady Ward, Mark Bunker, Jesse Prince, Jeff Jacobsen, et al.

The French and German Versus American Debate over 'New Religions', Scientology, and Human Rights
Thanks Prof. Stephen A. Kent and Marburg Journal of Religion.

Scientology and the European Human Rights Debate: A Reply to Leisa Goodman, J. Gordon Melton, and the European Rehabilitation Project Force Study
Thanks Prof. Stephen A. Kent and Marburg Journal of Religion.

Scientology: Religion or Racket?
Thanks Prof. Benjamin Beit- Hallahmi and Marburg Journal of Religion.

Religio.de [Deutsch]
Interview der TAZ-Redakteure Bernhard Pötter und Bernd Pickert mit Gerry Armstrong
Thanks Berliner Dialog and religio.de

Ingo Heinemann: Scientology-Kritik [Deutsch]
Gerry Armstrong: Scientology-Kritik statt Hubbard-Biografie.

Russian Article re: Gerry Armstrong
Thanks Alexander Dvorkin.

Discussion of Armstrong testimony re:  Hubbard's racist remarks
Thanks David Gerard.

Spanish Site
Thanks Roberto Diaz.

Apologetics Research Resources on Religious Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines, Etc .
Thanks, Anton Hein.

[ The Ross Institute ]
Scientology critic is cited for contempt
Thanks, Rick Ross.

Thanks, Watchman Fellowship.



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