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"The spirit of Christmas
lives with us . . . .

We are the protectors of the
real tradition of Christmas - peace on Earth
and Goodwill to all.

We are the hope of Man - the only hope.
Mankind's salvation lies within our hands.
With our tech and ability we can create here on
Earth a real heaven where men can be free.
In our hands lies the power to restore to man his
determinism and all that he finds good in himself -
his honesty, his integrity, and the thrill of
being of real help to others. A very
Merry Christmas to you all and a
bright friendly new year."

[signed L. Ron Hubbard]

The Officers and Crew of The Flag Land Base
wish you a joyous Holiday Season
and a prosperous New Year"

© 2000 CSFSO



From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry @gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Do Scientologists Celebrate New Years and other Holidays?
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 23:30:56 +0100
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Card and text webbed at:

Also special holiday music from John Williams.

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 13:20:45 -0800, grouchomatic
<grouchomatic@cox.net> wrote:

>Ball of Fluff wrote:
>> "Dave Bird" <dave@xemu.demon.co.uk> wrote in message
>> news:jnNEeXG3Qny$Ewiz@xemu.demon.co.uk...
>>>In article<20031128210652.01923.00000807@mb-m27.aol.com>, Rookie1122Rk
>>><rookie1122rk@aol.com> writes:
>>>>Someone wrote here that L.R.H. considered Jesus to an implant from an
>>>>alien in our heads.
>>>>If so, I am surprised that would celebrate New Year's since it is a
>>>>Christian (implant) calendar which in some ways would be supporting
>>>>Jesus as a legitimate entity.
>>>>Do Scientologists shun Christmas as well?
>>>>Do they take off work for L.Rons B-Day?
>>> It is true that higher-level teachings of Scientology
>>> decry Christian belief, but few members know this.
>>> Generally the low-level member is told, and the local Org run as if,
>>> scientology is either (a) a self-help system which is part of
>>> secular society, or (b) compatible with the religion of the
>>> surrounding culture... and in practice it has only ever flourished
>>> where that is a West European version of Christianity [e.g. not even
>>> in black-African countries which are majority Christian].
>>> So, this is how low-level Scientology behaves. It has Christmas
>>> because everyone else, not just Christian believers, has Christmas.
>>> It has Christmas for the same reason Macys has Christmas:
>>> as a way to sell product to customers.
>>> The Church<spit> of Scientology is not big on specifically
>>> Scientology forms or dates of celebration.
>> Yes, they are.
>Name the exclusively Scientological holidays. The Birthday Bash? SI
>Day? Groundhog Day?
> They have Xmas trees, Xmas parties and New Years' parties.
>> Sponsored by the Org. Separate from any private parties individuals would
>> have, if so inclined.
>> But it's a secular thing, more or less.
>What is "more or less" in this context? Christmas is a Christian
>holiday. The CofS lies to pc's by telling them that Scientology is
>compatible with all other religions. Why do you excuse that lie?
>>>There is usually
>>> some sort of event on L Ron Hubbard's birthday in March,
>>> and again on Auditor's day around 9th/10th September.
>> Nobody takes work off for 'em, though.
>> Not even a non Scn job.
>>> The new year is a special case. Cof$ is like any other
>>> business or campaigning organisation which runs its activities
>>> according to the secular calendar -- New Year is a time to
>>> review how well it did in influence, finance, and recruitment,
>>> last year and set targets for what will be done next year.
>> Yes. And most Scn'ists I know consider it a time to party even though it is
>> a church sponsored event.
>> I have yet to meet a Scn family that does not celebrate the holidays in some
>> way.
>> C
>What exactly is it they are celebrating? A day off from being reg'd?
>They don't still sec check on Christmas Day?
>As with everything else Hubbard "created" there is no intellectual
>honesty in the CofS sponsoring Christmas parties, putting up Christmas
>trees, or giving Christmas presents. It's all part of the bull shit
>designed to keep the customers pacified. So, if you "have yet to meet a
>Scn family that does not celebrate the holidays in some way" then you
>haven't met a Scn family with any integrity, intellectual or otherwise.
>It is my view that when a Scientologist recovers their integrity, that
>is when they leave Scientology.

This Christmas dictate from Ron the Messiah® in the 2000 Christmas
card from "the officers and crew of the Flag Land Base" reveals that
the cultists have, in their own view, seized and now own the day, and
own the whole Christian Christmas message and tradition.


The spirit of Christmas
lives with us . . . .

We are the protectors of the
real tradition of Christmas - peace on Earth
and Goodwill to all.

We are the hope of Man - the only hope.
Mankind's salvation lies within our hands.
With our tech and ability we can create here on
Earth a real heaven where men can be free.
In our hands lies the power to restore to man his
determinism and all that he finds good in himself -
his honesty, his integrity, and the thrill of
being of real help to others. A very
Merry Christmas to you all and a
bright friendly new year."

[signed L. Ron Hubbard]

The Officers and Crew of The Flag Land Base
wish you a joyous Holiday Season
and a prosperous New Year

© 2000 CSFSO

[End Quote]

This is one of the most insane and disgusting claims in Hubbard's
whole library, which is filled with insane and disgusting claims.

It is interesting that both you and Hubbard use the word "integrity."
He claims that in Scientologists' hands lies the power to restore to
man his integrity. And you say, essentially, that only by leaving the
cult can Scientologists acquire integrity.

I know from years of experience that you, and not Hubbard, are right.
Integrity in Scientology is impossible. Scientologists would rather
have you at 0.0 on their tone scale than integritous. It is impossible
to have integrity in Scientology, because the essence of Scientology,
indeed what makes Scientology Scientology, is hypocrisy. And, of
course, hypocrisy is the absence of integrity.

This madman's (not messiah's) Christmas message is a bad tiding to all
people of his cult's inglorious hypocrisy.

"The protectors of the real tradition of Christmas - peace on Earth
and Goodwill to all." Scientology is a philosophy of hatred. The cult
is a hate group. The Suppressive Person doctrine is possibly the most
virulent hate literature being sold as "scripture" today. The
Scientology cultists are at war and treat every skirmish as war, and
will do so until they stop being Scientologists.

"The hope of Man - the only hope." What madness. Scientology and
Scientologists derive their power from being a threat to man. Hubbard
was a misanthrope. He hated man, and called us wogs®. Scientologists
all still call us wogs®.

"Mankind's salvation lies within our hands." What a crime. What they
want lying within their hands are mankind's denominations -- the long
green ones.

"With our tech and ability we can create here on Earth a real
heaven..." Well, how about what Hubbard really had to say about
Heaven, and in fact what he had to say about the Christians' Christmas


Well, I have been to Heaven.

And I've found that Scientologists have been to Heaven.

And that everybody has evidently been to Heaven.

The Goals Problem Mass implants, which are the apparent basic
source of aberration and human travail, which begin with the goal To
Forget, were cynically done "in Heaven".

For a long while, some people have been cross with me for my lack
of co-operation in believing in a Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I
have never said I didn't disbelieve in a Big Thetan but there was
certainly something very corny about Heaven et al. Now I have to
apologize. There was a Heaven. Not too unlike, in cruel betrayal, the
heaven of the Assassins in the 12th Century who, like everyone else,
dramatized the whole track implants - if a bit more so.

Yes, I've been to Heaven. And so have you. And you have the
pattern of its implants in the HCO Bulletin Line Plots. It was
complete with gates, angels and plaster saints - and electronic
implantation equipment. So there was a Heaven after all - which is why
you are on this planet and were condemned never to be free again -
until Scientology.

Before you went to Heaven you were not really very bad or very
good, but you didn't think you had lived only once and you had a good
memory and knew who you were and enjoyed life. Afterwards ---

The symbol of the crucified Christ is very apt indeed. It's the
symbol of a thetan betrayed.



Five goals in all may be common to both sequences. The first 3 of
the 5 are the same. There are no implants as to time according to the
meter. There are no numbers in any implants, but dates rocket read.
Implanting was done on a non-visible thetan, but arrival was in a ship
in a doll body according to the meter. Star of Bethlehem, Pearly
Gates, The Way out of the Universe, all of which RR on the meter,
give a clue to recruitment actions.



The pattern of RIs is different for the two series, consisting in
the second series of added RIs below the To Have a Goal-ivity and with
a different dwindling of adjectives and adverbs, but are otherwise

Both series have the Gates of Heaven visible. The last implant of
both consists of "entering" Heaven. The last goal of both is To Be In

The gates of the first series are well done, well built. An
avenue of statues of saints leads up to them. The gate pillars are
surmounted by marble angels. The entering grounds are very well kept,
laid out like Bush Gardens in Pasadena, so often seen in the movies.
Aside from the implant boxes which lie across from each other on the
walk there are other noises and sounds as though the saints are
defending and berating. These are unimportant to the incident.

The second series, probably in the same place, shows what a
trillion years of overt acts does (or is an additional trickery to
collapse one's time). The place is shabby. The vegetation is gone. The
pillars are scruffy. The saints have vanished. So have the Angels. A
sign on one (the left as you "enter") says "This is Heaven". The right
has a sign "Hell" with an arrow and inside the grounds one can see the
excavations like archaeological diggings with raw terraces, that lead
to "Hell". Plain wire fencing encloses the place. There is a sentry
box beside and outside the right pillar. The road "leading up" to the
gates is deeply eroded. An effigy of Joseph, complete with desert
clothing, is seen approaching the gates (but not moving) leading a
donkey which "carries" the original Madonna and child from
"Bethlehem". The implanting boxes lie on either side of this
"entering" path at path level.

These are the actual ends of the two series. One backs out the
gates, of course, from top oppterm down, as this is the end. The last
two RIs after this last goal say "it is the beginning", "Not the end".

The place, by implant and inference, was supposed to be in the
sky like a floating island. Actually it was simply a high place in the
mountains of a planet and the gates pathway falls away into a gorge,
very eroded and bare by the time of the second implant, but heavily
forested and rolling at the time of the first.

The beginnings have not at this writing been so well explored by
myself. I have not viewed the second beginning (which says it is the
end). However I do know that the second series was done in long square
tunnels with the implant boxes, not unlike small P.A. speakers with
fretwork fronts, on either side.

The first series actually begins with arrival in a " town" (as
everything is backwards to upset the time sense). This "town"
consisted of a trolley bus, some building fronts, sidewalks, train
tracks, a boarding house, a bistro in a basement where there is a
"bulletin board" well lighted, and a BANK BUILDING.

The bank is the key point of interest. It is interesting that we
use the word "bank" (taken actually from computerology) to indicate
the reactive mind.

This bank building was the on-the-corner old-fashioned
granite-like construction, two or three stories high, with the door in
the rounded front - even a revolving type door. Inside to the left of
the entrance door is a rounded counter. Directly across the room are
THE stairs.

The top oppterm and terminal of To Forget are at the top of these
stairs. The implant then proceeds on down the stairs, step by step,
terminals on one side (the left if one were coming up the stairs) the
oppterms on the other. The first series (43 Trillion) has all its
implant impulses at step level. In the second series the boxes are ear
high to a man. By the time the gates are arrived at in the first
series, the terminals are on the left as you approach the gates, the
oppterms on the right, having been reversed at some point.

The first (43 Trillion) series had very fine marble stairs. The
same stairs can be seen in any big well kept railway station. They
were complete with a white ball held in a wrought iron stand.

The thetan was taken along apparently on a pole trap to which he
was stuck. It does not proceed step by step throughout the whole of
the implant series, but after the first flight of stairs, goes a ways,
stops while several pairs of RIs fire then goes to a new location.

The place seemed to have people in it. But they are all effigies.
These seem radioactive. Contact with them hurts. No living beings are
seen. But effigies that look like humans are performing sudden,
repetitive actions with long halts between. In the "basement" such
dummies are seen operating machinery.

The boarding house at the actual beginning has a dummy guest and
a landlady in kimono and wrappers, reading a newspaper.

There are no devils or satans that I saw.

There is a passenger getting on the trolley bus, a " workman"
halfway down the first stairs of To Forget "eating lunch" and in To Be
in Heaven a gardener or electrician adjusting an implant box behind a
hedge and periodically leaping up and screaming.

The place, so long as the implants remain only partially
discharged, seems to swim in white and black electronic masses, but
these dissipate as the implants are run out by pattern.

One actually "enters" the "town" as the first action. The
implants, however, were rigged to make the gates seem the entrance to
the incident. One backs through from the town, into the bank, down the
steps and eventually out the Pearly Gates, down the hillside and is
there let off and abandoned. One might have had a body or its remains
at the town but has none when abandoned.

"TO BE IN HEAVEN" is the last goal implanted in both series. The
goal may be slightly differently worded in the second series.


I think we are lucky. It could have been much worse. This
Heavenly dream of destruction could have been current, not so long
ago. It could have happened often, not just once or twice or three
times per pc. But apparently it didn't and is unique in itself.

This is the core of the Reactive Mind. It is all the way South.
For here, just once on the whole track, somebody discovered the
mechanism of purposes and RIs and utilized them to install religious
mania and pin thetans down to "one life" and planets.

The thing was done so well that it has hung up ever since. There
are other implants, there are other goals and GPMs, but these are
minor and easily found and listed once this key implant series is out
of the way.

We were in a position of having an infinite number of pieces to
the puzzle. Now we have a finite number which even though very tough
are still finite in number. Further, every processing step taken,
every RI discharged is a positive gain toward a definite finite result
in processing.

Further, we have our hands on an apalling bit of technology where
the world is concerned. With rapidity and a Meter it can be shown that
Heaven is a false dream and that the old religion was based on a very
painful lie, a cynical betrayal.

What does this do to any religious nature of Scientology? It
strengthens it. New religions always overthrow the false gods of the
old, they do something to better man. We can improve man. We can show
the old gods false. And we can open up the universe as a happier place
in which a spirit may dwell. What more can you expect? This actually
places us far beyond any other beings that are about. It puts us,
through increased beingness and a restoration of life, in control of
much destiny.

We have now only a few unsolved problems about life, huge though
they may be, such as the construction of bodies and how does one
establish the character of and communicate, if feasible, with beings
who are making trees and insects. There are a few things like these.
But I imagine when we finally manage to communicate with beetles under
rocks and free them, we'll no doubt find the Creator of Heaven who
43 + Trillion years ago designed and built the Pearly Gates and
entrapped us all.

Good Lord, I'd hate to be guilty of that overt. But never mind -
you aren't either. That guy is GONE (I hope!)

[End Quote]
Excerpted from HCOB of May 11, 1963 "Routine 3 Heaven" © L. Ron

Can Hubbard's intention, with Scientology's "tech and ability" to
"create here on Earth a real heaven," be anything but a sly reference
to his own determination to take over operation of the "heaven

Is there any doubt why a BANK BUILDING was his key point of interest
in his tour of Heaven?

Oh, in case someone, Scientologist or wog®, might think Hubbard was on
drugs, or even just mocking it up, when he wrote this bulletin, he
adds this vital note:


(Note: This HCO Bulletin is based on over a thousand hours of research
auditing, analyzing the facsimiles of the reactive mind, and with the
help of a Mark V Electrometer. It is scientific research and is not in
any way based upon the mere opinion of the researcher. This HCO
Bulletin is not the result of the belief or beliefs of anyone.
Scientology data reflects long, arduous and painstaking research
over a period of some thirty years into the nature of Man, the mind,
the human spirit and its relationship to the physical universe. The
data and phenomena discovered in Scientology is common to all minds
and all men and can be demonstrated on anyone. Truth does not require
belief to be truth any more than water requires anyone's permission to
run down hill. The data is itself and can be duplicated by any honest
researcher or practitioner. We in Scientology seek freedom, the
betterment of Man, and the happiness of the individual and this
comprises our attitude toward the data found. The data, however, is
simply itself, and exists whatever the opinion of anyone may be. The
contents of this HCO Bulletin discover the apparent underlying
impulses of religious zealotism and the source of the religious mania
and insanity which terrorized Earth over the ages and has given
religion the appearance of insanity. As the paper is written for my
friends it has, of course, a semblance of irreverence).

[End Quote]

Yes, Ron wanted to be sure that in this first chance to get out of the
trap in all the endless trillions of years of the past he put a stop
to giving religion the appearance of insanity.

In his deranged war with God, it is divinely fitting that Hubbard, who
asserted that in his and his cult's hands lay the power to restore to
man his honesty, should be judicially declared a pathological liar.

It is also divine that, in his criminal determination to erase that
truth, the cult leader who followed in Hubbard's bootsteps insured its
perpetuity and its precedential power by appealing the judgment in
which the pathological liar declare was issued, and then losing the

The Scientology cultists celebrating Christmas are like donkeys
celebrating Christmas. They all dramatize L. Ron Hubbard's Nativity
Implant. They all postulate asses of themselves. And they all bray
that they don't Forget to eat lunch.

But here's a real Christmas message to all you Scientologists. Do
something that really will protect for yourself the real tradition of
Christmas. Make it possible to really play a part in bringing real
peace on earth and real goodwill to all. Give yourself the real gifts
of honesty and integrity. This Christmas season just say to yourself,
and really mean it, "I am a wog®!" And may you always be the same.

© Gerry Armstrong




Original card © 2000 CSFSO



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