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Where's the Little Fakir? Use your mouse to investigate  


Why do we see Ron in these snazzy western outfits? Why is he in the blue cowboy getup with the black boots in the photo above, and decked out in the green rig shown here with the brown boots? http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/fun/index.html (Oops, I made a mistake. Duh! Fooled me. That’s some other cowboy wearing Ron’s duds.) But really, what’s with the Hopalong Hubbard® deal?

The answer is astonishing, but simple. It’s Ron the Cowmanitarian® doing his part to bring civilization to wild wild Teegeeac.

During his "State of Man Congress" in a lecture he gave on January 3, 1960 entitled “Create and Confront” Hubbard stated:

You know, this civilization thing is - repeats itself like a baby's development. You know, you have these various circumstances. There's been seventeenth- century France time after time after time on the time track, you know? And there's been - there's been a Renaissance time after time after time. There are Greek civilizations time after time after time. You get the idea. About the only thing there hasn't been enough of according to the American public, has been cowboy civilizations.

And why is Ron the cowboy in the black hat? Hubbard also provides the answer to that question in a lecture he gave to the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course on August 27, 1963 entitled “Rightness and Wrongness:”

if you don't intend to make the person happy, and don't intend to make the person cheerful, don't intend anything except just to fit the person better into the social framework, and if that's all that mental therapy is for, why, you got it wrapped up. I think it's faster than implanting. Now, in the first place, the only condition for this sort of thing is we have to be more capable of communicating, perhaps. We have to be able to communicate to the person in that we would have to listen to the person. We'd have to listen to the person. We'd have to ask the person a question. But we'd also have to get our hands on the person in order to do that. The cowboy in the black hat has to get his hands on the person to implant him too.

But how about that white cowboy hat floating off to camera left? Well Ron also explains that in detail in a lecture entitled “Assists” he gave on October 3, 1968 to students on the Class 8 Course on the “Apollo.”

And there was quite a bit of 'huffle ruffle' and then upset and so on before R6 took place. What it was was the Loyal Officers were the body, the elective body, and they called them the Loyal Officers. They were there to protect the populations and so forth. And they had elected a fellow by the name of Xenu, could be spelled X-E-M-U, to the supreme 'rulah'. And they were about to unelect him. And he took the last moments he had in office to really 'goof the floof'.… He took these last moments to really upset it. He, of course, had several key birds who were close to him. He was a Suppressive, they involved Suppressives, he got these administrators and so on and heads of planets in various positions and places. He picked out all the cowboys in the white hat and he got rid of them first.

Notice that the white hat in the photo has no cowboy. This couldn’t be merely an Overt Product Photoshop elimination of SPs à la Stalin, because the photoshoppers quite clearly left in notorious SPs Nancy Rodes and YT
http://www.google.com/groups?selm=bVwsa.1528%24mD5.581224%40dca1- nnrp1.news.algx.net&oe=UTF-8&output=gplain

No, the answer again is found in the tech. It comes right from P.A.B. 69 of January 6, 1956 entitled “Six Levels of Processing,” where Hubbard writes:

The goal of Waterloo Station is not to make the pc make one thing vanish. That phenomenon is just the start. Auditors have been quitting when the pc made somebody's hat disappear. When the pc can make the whole universe wink on and off at his consideration to know or not-know it, you're getting somewhere -- so don't stop at a hat.

So Ron’s implanters not only didn’t stop with the hat, they didn’t even start with the hat. They went right for the throat and disappeared the cowboy wearing the hat.

But check out the whole pic and see if you can ID the SPs. And while you’re at it, see if you can find the Little Fakir®. If you find the Little Fakir, e-mail us, gerry@gerryarmstrong.org , and tell us where you found him. Every e-mail that correctly identifies where the Little Fakir was found will be posted to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology and submitted to the Find the Little Fakir® Contest I/C for a chance to win the Big Prize®.

We’d also like some help identifying the unknown Scientologists or ex-Scientologists we’ve not been able to ID in the L. Ron Spielberg® photo above. If you can identify any of the unidentified personnel in this photo, which was taken outside the “stables” at the La Quinta base in 1978, let us know.

Image from International Scientology News 12 © 2000 CSI
Reporting on the famous Cloned Clams ® New Year's Event 2000
200 res scan [343 k]



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