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Who Is Gerald Armstrong?

    Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk for the Church of Scientology of California who, in
December 1981, left the Church and took with him more than 10,000 pages of records that did
not belong to him.

     In late 1984, a police-sanctioned investigation [1] of Armstrong discovered that he was
engaged in a bizarre scheme to take over Church assets.

     Armstrong was working in collaboration with two men, known as "Joey" and " Mike",
whom he believed to be staff members of the Church who were disaffected with Church
management. This was not the case, however, and unknown to Armstrong at the time, his
plotting with "Joey" and "Mike" was videotaped. [2]

     Armstrong's claim in court that he lived in fear of the Church was shown during these
conversations to be a sham:

"JOEY": " Well you're not hiding!"


"JOEY": " You're not hiding."

ARMSTRONG: "F-k no! And

"JOEY": " You're not afraid, are you "

ARMSTRONG: "No! And that's why I'm in a f-king stronger position than they

"JOEY": " How's that?"

ARMSTRONG: "Why, I'll bring them to their knees!" SECTION 1

     Armstrong wanted "Joey" to plant in the Church's files documents fabricated by
Armstrong, who planned to tell the IRS office in Los Angeles to conduct a raid against the
Church and find the "incriminating" documents. He reassured " Joey" that he would be able to
create the needed documents "with relative ease" since he had done "it for a living."

     Armstrong explained to "Joey" how he intended to go about forging the faked documents:

ARMSTRONG: "So it seems to me that the use of the communication lines, I don't
know maybe you guys are using them, but it seems to me that you don't have a way
of printing anything to get an issue on the lines, used for anything. Right? I'm

[page break]

saying that I can do it. I can type those goddam things and duplicate them and make
them look exactly the same. You can't, you would not be able to tell the difference."

Armstrong's program to remove current Church management included the filing of a civil
suit, based on evidence that he would manufacture. In a conversation with " Mike", Armstrong
insisted that the suit could be launched based on manufactured allegations.

ARMSTRONG: "They can allege it! They can allege it! They don't even have - they
can allege it!"

" MIKE": "So, they don't have to -- like, they don't have to have the document
sitting in front of them, and then ...." ?

ARMSTRONG: "I'm f-king saying the organization destroys the documents ....!"

" MIKE": "The point -- the point I'm trying to get across is that that's not criminal.
That's the -- that's the civil complaint in there and that would have to be proven."

ARMSTRONG: "Show me the lines you're talking about."

" MIKE": "Well, it's over here."

ARMSTRONG: "Where are the -- we don't have to prove a goddam thing. We don't
have to prove sh-t. We just have to allege it. SECTION 2

     Armstrong instructed "Joey" how to lie under oath about their plans to disrupt Church
management. Armstrong wanted him, if deposed, to say that he and Armstrong had merely
discussed a "global settlement" of Church litigation.

ARMSTRONG: "OK, what are our conversations, should it come down to it? "

" JOEY": "What do you mean?"

ARMSTRONG: "What do we talk about? You're deposed. You walk out there, and
there's a PI hands you a paper, saying you're deposed, Jack, and not only that,
you're out of the organization. And what do you say in deposition. Well, Armstrong
and I talked about this, and he had a whole bunch of ideas about how to infiltrate
the communication lines and spread turmoil and disaster, you know. What are we
doing here? That's my question, before I tell you my ideas on documents."

" JOEY": "Well, what I got is basically -- Loyalists [Loyalists was an invented name
for Armstrong's "co-conspirators"] gotta -- we gotta move -- we've got the suit
coming up and I guess we need other lines to get stuff going . ..."

ARMSTRONG: "OK. So as far as the doc ... Let me just say, ah, you and I get
together, we get together because we have a goal of global settlement. You have felt

[page break]

that the turmoil and abuses and so on have gone on too long ... Hence we get
together and discuss things. We have not discussed anything about a destruction of
the tech, or, Scientology is bad, or anything like that. Are we agreed? " SECTION 3

Breaches of Agreement

     Armstrong's plan to take over Church management was foiled and in December 1986 he
agreed to resolve his differences with the Church. [3]

     One of the settlement conditions was that he would not assist any persons litigating any
claims against the Church. Armstrong has since changed his story about signing the settlement
agreement and now claims that he was pressured into signing it, but that he put on a happy face
and proceeded to sign and go along with it.

     However, it is obvious from the video and transcript of Armstrong signing the settlement
agreement that he knew exactly what he was doing. SECTION 4 (video is available)

     In 1990, Armstrong began to undertake actions which directly violated the agreement he
had made. This placed him at risk that the Church would move to collect the damages that
Armstrong's breaches entitled it to. To make it impossible for the Church to collect any
damages, he fraudulently conveyed all his property including real property, personal property
and cash to his friends and to a corporation he set up for, that purpose, which he called, "The
Gerald Armstrong Corporation."

      One of the recipients of Armstrong's assets was an attorney named Michael Walton. Prior
to signing the settlement agreement with the Church, Walton had advised Armstrong about the
terms and conditions of the agreement. Walton also knew of Armstrong's intention to breach the
agreement and was thus fully aware of the fraudulent nature of the conveyance. SECTION 5

     After transferring his assets, Armstrong went to the media and, in an eccentric interview,
told them that he had given away all his money. SECTION 6 [4]

     In early 1992, a lawsuit was filed against Armstrong to enforce the settlement agreement
on him. On May 28, 1992, a preliminary injunction was ordered specifically prohibiting
Armstrong from assisting any person arbitrating or litigating a claim against the Church.

     Despite this order, Armstrong has continued to violate the settlement agreement. He has
now stated both in deposition and in his letters that he has no intention of abiding by the
preliminary injunction and that no court can order him to abide by the settlement agreement. SECTION 8

Ford Greene

     Armstrong's attorney, Ford Greene, has been a long- time attacker of religious

[page break]

movements. He has a history of using frivolous litigation tactics to delay and prevent cases from
being tried. In August 1992, Greene was forced to pay $6,167.23 in sanctions, plus $797.81 in
costs, to a fellow-attorney after Greene's dishonest and unprofessional litigation tactics were
exposed in court.

     The Sonoma Superior Court in California ordered Greene to compensate attorney John
Maderious, who had been trying for eighteen months to bring to trial a case in which Greene
represented the plaintiff. The case, once at trial, could have been disposed of in one hour.
Maderious's declaration to the Court described Greene's stalling tactics, his deception and his
purposeful failure to abide by court rules. SECTION 9

     Maderious stated that, "Mr. Greene enjoys a unique status in my office. Mr. Greene is the
only attorney I have had any contact with in almost twenty years of practice who I refuse to
speak with on the telephone. My response to telephone calls to Mr. Greene is to have my
secretary tell him to fax anything to me that he has to tell me since 1 do not wish to talk to him
on the phone. The reason for this is that Mr. Greene has demonstrated to me repeatedly that he
is willing to say anything to attempt to further his interests, regardless of the truth. "


a) Illegally obtained authorization 11-07-1984
b) Public Announcement by LA Chief of Police Daryl Gates 04-23-1985

[2] See raw footage of these illegal videotapes as well as Scientology's doctored version .

[3] Scientology conducted The Armstrong Operation during Scientology's litigation and settlement negotiations with Armstrong's attorneys that culminated in the December 1986 " Mutual Release and Settlement agreement." Armstrong learned of the op when the cult made public their illegally obtained and illicitly edited video during the Julie Christofferson trial.

[4] Scientology obtained the raw image that Marin Independent Journal edited for their 11-11-1992 article. a) See " SECTION 6"
b) See how Marin Independent Journal edited the Armstrong photograph.
c) See Farny deposition excerpt, authenticating the "WHO IS GERALD ARMSTRONG?" black PR article. [07-11- 1994] Lynn R. Farny is Secretary of CSI on this date. (Page 56 Vol 1 Deposition.)


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