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Date: 13 Sep 2001 08:05:53 -0000
Message-ID: <A748XGUA37147.7540856482@acapulco>
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (The Librarian)
Subject: YOO-HOO! PTSC! About Those Copyrights PART 1
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Comments: This message came via at least one anonymous remailer.
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Oh, ptsc, I am soooooooo so so sorry! But it took me just *forever* to
get your message. And by time I did-- Well...

I was just *So*! *Fed*! *UP!*

Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! I mean, I had been *poring* for days over *boring*
government documents, and government court rulings, and government
*lies* trying to make *sense* out of nine DECADES of nuttiness on this
B-I-I-I-I-G Time line. So when I say "fed up," I mean I was "FED"


I just put my black-stockinged feet (I had long since kicked off those
heels!) up against the Reference Desk and *shoved*, sending my office
chair wheeling and spinning and clacking across the old wooden floor of
the ARSCC Chimerical Library. Well, suddenly I was just laughing like a
*lunatic*, my legs and arms spread out wide in the air to keep me from
tipping over.

I - mean - I - had - *lost* it! I was giddy!

The chair lost it, too: its momentum, that is, and rolled to a soft
CLUNK against one of the big polished library tables, next to the cute
little faux Tiffany lamp. Blowing a strand of hair off my face, I
slouched waaaayyyyyy down in my chair (which scooted my skirt
waaaaayyyyy up), s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d my legs out in two directions, folded
my arms, laid my head back on the rounded edge of the table, and just
sat like that for I don't know how long, exhausted, *sick* of all the
paperwork and research. I tapped a nail against my teeth, wondering what
the heck a girl could do for a little entertainment, to get her mind out
of the Federal documents gutter, to let her *hair* down a little. I
mean, I had *earned* it!

Then I glanced up at the glow coming from the computer terminal. Should
I? No, I shouldn't! But it's been so lonnnnng since I checked it. Well,
I better. Just real *quick*. Then I'll relax. Or *party*!

I crab-walked my rolling chair over in front of it. And, knowing better,
I logged in to A.R.S....

And there it was, darn it! Right there on the screen, like some poor
little waif peering pitifully at me through the glass: Message ID
<73DSUCSV37126.0895138889@acapulco> "Re: ATTENTION LIBRARIAN."

Noooooooooooo! I want to go *HOOOOOOMMMMME*!

Then I noticed that it was from *you*: cute little ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT
alias DOT net>. Look at all those darling little DOTs! And you were
being *soooooo* *sweet*! You said:

>Hey, glad to see you around these parts again.

Awwwwwww, ptsc! Bless-your-heart. Well... Come on in! Let me just give
you a big warm bosomy hug. <Sigh> I know I've been neglecting you boys,
but there is *so* much CRUD I have to wade through trying to verify
FACTS, FACTS, FACTS--I mean, just *look* at my desk!--and it takes
*soooo* much time. I think about you all, though, and I miss you lots.
And I *did* see where you had collected up my little posts and reposted
them. <BUH-LUUUUUSH!> You are *such* a little sweetie!

Ptsc. Hmmm. P. T. S. C. Peeteeesscee! <Tch!> Now, *there's* a mouthful!
Honey, you won't mind if I call you Rob, will you? I can say that, like,
*real* throaty--you know? RrrrrrrOB. Oooo. It's almost like "throb."

>In fact, just the other day, I was sitting around conversing with
>various elves on the subject of copyrights and BOTWO books, and the
>"new edition" of Ulysses by James Joyce, and the general notion of
>squirreling, and how hideous locis is.

Eeeek! Don't I know it! I mean, how hard do you have to *work* to take
simple information and make it THAT complicated? And they get *paid* for
it? With *our* taxes? Hellllll-OHHHoh?!? I am sooooo glad there are
*smart* little elves in the world who were able to somehow get all that
copyright information and post it back in 1999. That was *so* exciting,
wasn't it! All those pages and pages and pages and PAGES of HARD FACTS!
It just made me feel *faint*!

I sure hope they didn't have to use LOCIS. I mean, "Ulysses" is "See
Spot Run" compared to LOCIS. *GAG* me with a *Tel*net terminal!

>The topic got around to copyright expiration, and how you can
>effectively end up with a "permanent copyright" on a work merely by
>changing it around enough to qualify as a new work.

Oh? Can you? Now, Rob, I *hope* you know better than to go trying to
slip something by me without having some hot FACTS in your pocket,
honey. I think *somebody* whose name I like to say with a low, gutteral
growl better spend a little time cozied up with USC Title 17. Rrrrobbie.

>The question is whether this is the purpose of the BOTWO materials.

Welllll, it's a *cute* theory, and I *so* love it when you boys actually
THINK with your HEAD instead of-- Well, you know. And you've caught me
at *such* a weak and vulnerable and giddy moment that you've actually
got me to musing about this now; you've got me all rubbery and squirming
and murmuring about *THEORIES,* for the love of Aunt Marcie, instead of

You are a bad, bad boy--trying to ruin my reputation, trying to lull me
into baring it all and giving you a <SHUDDER> naked O P I N I O N.

>Has anyone compared the release dates of BOTWO squirrel materials with
>the date on which such material would ordinarily have lapsed into the
>public domain, to see if there is any merit to this?

Awwww, you know *all* my soft spots, don't you! Let me cuddle your
precious little head. You know I just can't resist when you ask me for
hard, HARD *FACTS*!

To answer your question, sweetie-pie, I don't know of a single soul
who's completely done that comparison. That's a big job. There was
*going* to be <A-HEM!> a court-appointed Special Master who was *going*
<Aa-HEM!> to answer ALLLLLLLL those questions. But *certain parties*
made sure *that* didn't happen, now, *didn't* they. Ohhhhh! <STAMP!> I
wish you hadn't, um...brought that up. *Now* I'm just going to have to
spread it allll out... Rob Clark! How *dare* you leer like that! I
*meant* the FACTS about that Special Master thing! OooooOOOOooo.
"Special Master." I *like* the sound of that. Well, we'll get to that.
When I've cooled down about it. <Humph!>

>I would do this myself, but I take one look at the login for that
>hideous locis interface, and immediately run screaming, deciding to let
>braver souls than I venture into that labyrinth.

Now, Rob! Look, there already *is* that database of all the copyright
registrations and renewals. That little dollface Ralphie Hilton has it
webbed somewhere. So you wouldn't have to deal with <GAG> LOCIS. And
I've got some, like, little factlets and other little thingies that
might help. (I'll throw them in here somewhere before I go. I *know* how
you boys like toys!)

I'll bet it can be done. And I'll bet you're *just* the man for the job!

But for now, let's wrestle.... <SMACK> Stop that! I *meant* with that
PUBLIC DOMAIN thing you brought up, silly! And how it led to the
"Special Master"... OoooOOOO! Annnnywaaaaayz, you've *really* opened a
can of worms with *that*! Oh, there were just scads of *allegations*
flying around for years about some of the copyrights having lapsed into
the public domain. There are just *reams* of posts and legal documents
and all *sorts* of vague accusations and claims and counterclaims and
hoohah about it! But that's, like, a whole spooky story in itself. It's
almost as spooky as CST.

So if you want it, and if you're very *very* good, I'll reluctantly give
you a copy of a Little Mini Time line on the whole copyrights mess that
I extracted from the *B-I-I-I-I-I-G* Time line that The
Coalition--whoever the heck *they* are--dropped off at the ARSCC
Chimerical Library [wdne] that fateful Sunday back in the beautiful
autumn of '98. Every so often I find new updates dropped through the
squeaky little mail slot on the big double doors, but I never see
*anybody.* It's just one more of the *weird* things that go on around
this place. Oh, like I *need* any more!

But, now, Rrrrrrrobbie, sweetie-pie. Darling. Dumpling. Before I give it
to you, I have to be very *very* strict with you:

First thing iiiis, this Little Mini Time line (LMT) will *not* be
complete for many purposes. 'Kay? I do *not* like giving out just
excerpts from the *B-I-I-I-I-I-G* Time line, because, well, you know
*my* motto: the BIGGER the BETTER! But, really, there are *so* many
things that might be related that get left out. For instance: this
extracted Little Mini Time line takes up *very* little about the
overseas copyright events, like in Germany and the Netherlands. It also
by-passes the whole David Mayo-Robin Scott mess, and Grady Ward and
Keith Henson--all related, but, like, their *own* sagas. Even, so, this
thing is lonnnnng. Of course, the LONGER the BETTER, when it comes to

So, *second* thing iiiis, if I'm going to do this one-time single little
itsy-bitsy special favor for you, you have got to *promise* me that you
will study it *all* very carefully. I mean, *I've* had to! And all of
these *very* untidy and random and strange little bits and pieces *do*
have their place, and *do* come together like a string of pearls--*if*
you're a good little scholar! So if you're *not* going to be a good
little scholar, then I would rather that you not even peek under the
cover, okay? <SMACK> Not *that* cover, silly! Pay attention! Now, are
you listening to me? I *am* your Librarian, you know!

So, um, do you want it or not? <SMACK> Not *that*! *Oh*! You *boys*!

Well, I'll just grab it and you can decide for yourself. Oh gosh, it's
down here in the bottom of this file cabinet, though <Unh!>, and now I
have to *crawl* around <Ow-ee!> down here-- DON'T LOOK! <Umph!> Oh, here
it is. Oh! And *look*! No-no-no-no-no! I don't mean *look!* I mean I
found part of a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps I must have left in the
drawer! Want some? *I* do! Ooooo how pretty!

<THUD> Here's your Little Mini Time line (LMT). However, it is
*strictly* provided on a raw and "as-is" basis. And there, on top, are
your Official ARSCC Chimerical Library Disclaimers[TM]:

1) The following Little Mini Time line includes commentary
and/or conclusions by the creators and/or editor[s] of the
time line that may or, like, may *not* be the views of
the ARSCC Chimerical Library and/or its pert, sweet, and
unassuming Librarian.

<Curtsy> That would be *me*. <Dimples>

2) There are *no* ARSCC Chimerical Library Warranties
[wdne], express or implied.

Like, *really*! For the love of Pete, if you see things that happen in
some strange relationship to each other, do *not* come back complaining
to *me*! You will *not* get your money back. It's a Time line, and
things happened when they happened. I mean, Sheeeeesh! *I* didn't make
them happen that way! I am just *so* <STAMP!> *sick* of some of these
*whiners* in A.R.S., like that sniveling little Michael Reuss and Dead
Head Ed, getting their *diapers* in a wedgie just because somebody
provides HARD *FACTS* about things involving the CIA and NSA and the
rest of the alphabet soup group. What a bunch of *babies*! It's like
they want to cover up their eyes and say, "You can't see me! Those
things didn't happen!" Wipe their *noses* for them! Shhhheeeeesh!

3) Entries in any Little Mini Time line (LMT) may refer
to entries that are only in the B-I-I-I-I-G Time line,
but do not appear in the excerpted portion.

Okay? Now you have all the disclaimers and the *very* strict rules. So
now behave, and let's study and be *qui-et*. This *is* a library, after
all, even if it is, like, after-hours. But--you won't mind if I just,
um, sort of sit close and sip schnapps and read over you shoulder, will
you? Awwww, you are *such* a doll...

1 October 1972
CIA Office of Technical Service Contract 8473 is dated 1 October 1972.
It is marked CONFIDENTIAL. According to the referenced source--CIA's own
Dr. Ken Kress--it is a $50,000 research contract with "the physicists at
SRI" for an "expanded effort in parapsychology." Kress says that as of
this date, he has been assigned as the CIA Project Officer for the
contract. The "physicists at SRI" are Russell Targ and Scientology OT
Hal Puthoff, but the contract also includes Scientology OT Ingo Swann
and, soon to be added, Scientology OT Pat Price, neither of whom are
physicists. [NOTE: 1 October 1972 is a Sunday.]
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and
Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue
of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication;
report released to the public in 1996

Oh, Robbie, hold it! I mean, we've hardly gotten *started* and I already
need to check something-- Hmmmm! Onnne second, my sweet little scholar.
Let me get out my ARSCC Chimerical Calculator and check the inflation
factor. <Click tick-tick tacky tickity click tick-tick TACK!> Well!
According to this "NowDollars" button, that would be equivalent, in
1972, to just about $213,000.00 today. I mean, let's not sell the boys
*short*. Okey-dokey. Yes, I'm done now. You little cutie.

21 c. December 1972
Scientology OT Ingo Swann arrives at Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
to begin work there with fellow Scientology OT Hal Puthoff on the CIA
contract to develop "remote viewing."
SOURCE: Book, "Remote Viewers--The Secret History," Chapter 7; Ingo
Swann's own accounts, on the internet.

15 c. April 1973
Scientology OT Pat Price becomes part of the CIA-sponsored remote
viewing program at SRI with Scientology OTs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann.
[NOTE: Price later enters into a private contract with CIA in which it
is believed one of his primary duties is training/apprenticing CIA
personnel in remote-viewing, from c. October 1974 through c. July 1975,
(see) just before his mysterious death.]
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and
Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue
of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication;
report released to the public in 1996

1 c. January c. 1974
Robert Vaughn Young claims that as early as 1974 the Department of
Justice and FBI has upper level, confidential Scientology [OT] materials
in their files: "We didn't know how they got in there, but they were in
the government files as well, yes. This would be in the period 1974,
1975, 1976, in that period." [NOTE: Young's horseshoes-and-handgrenades
approach to dates gives us no option but to put this at the beginning of
each year named.]
SOURCE: Transcript of 21 September 1995 Denver testimony of Robert
Vaughn Young in FACTNet case, testifying about his review of FOIA
documents from DOJ and FBI.

1 February 1974
A new CIA program, jointly funded by Office of Research and Development
(ORD) and Office of Technical Services (OTS) is contracted and begun at
SRI with Scientology OTs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann. Kenneth Kress is
the author of the program (he refers to himself as "the Project
Officer"). The project is to proceed on the premise that--from the
results of the earlier contract--the phenomena associated with remote
viewing exist; the objective is to develop and utilize them. The program
is referenced by a cite: "Office of Technical Services Contract, FAN
4125-4099; Office of Research and Development Contract, FAN 4162-8103; 1
February 1974 (CONFIDENTIAL)."
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and
Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue
of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication;
report released to the public in 1996

1 c. January 1975
Meade Emory begins tenure as Assistant to Commissioner of IRS. As
documented in this Time line, Emory's tenure will parallel much of the
so-called "Snow White" thefts of government documents from Internal
Revenue and other federal agencies.
SOURCE: Short bio of Meade Emory as filed with West's Legal Directory

15 c. January 1975
A CIA report describes the results of remote viewing experiments
directed at a Libyan installation, as performed by various CIA
"insiders," all members of CIA's Office of Technical Services (OTS):
"OTS/SDB; Notes on Interviews with F. P., E. L., C. J., K. G., and V.
C., January 1975 (SECRET)." [EDITORS NOTE: This is the first confirmed
indication that the CIA now has their own, in-house personnel as remote
viewers. Available data indicates that Scientology OTs Ingo Swann and
Pat Price have both been off training them--using the same upper-level
Scientology materials Swann and Price were trained in and which Robert
Vaughn Young claims were in government files at the time. Swann has been
away from the Stanford Research Institute labs between 15 August 1973
and 15 October 1974 (see), and Price has been working under a private
contract with CIA beginning October 1974 (when Swann returned to
SRI--see). --Ed.]
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and
Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue
of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication;
report released to the public in 1996.

15 January 1975
The strangely-named "Design Protection Act," S.22, is introduced in
Congress by Senator McClellan. It is a bill for "the general revision of
the Copyright Law, title 17 of the United States Code." It proposes many
changes and amendments, notably changing the term of copyright
SOURCE: Bill Summary & Status for the 94th Congress

24 March 1975
Laurie Zurn is the Deputy Guardian for Social Coordination US, working
directly with Henning Heldt, Deputy Guardian US.
SOURCE: A USGO Executive Directive dated 24 March 1975 issued by Zurn

10 October 1975
The "Design Protection Act," S.22, is signed into law by President
Gerald Ford, becoming Public Law 94-553. It will not, however, become
effective until 1 January of 1978. It provides for "the general revision
of the Copyright Law, title 17 of the United States Code." Among its
many changes and amendments, the new law:
A. Provides that a copyright in a work created on or
after January 1, 1978 subsists from its creation and
endures for the life of the author and 50 years after
his death.
B. States that any copyright, the first term of which is
subsisting on January 1, 1978, shall endure for 28 years
from the date it was originally secured.
C. Provides that registration is not a condition of
copyright protection.
D. Provides that the omission of copyright notice does
not invalidate the copyright in a work if: (1) the
notice has been omitted from no more than a relatively
small number of copies distributed to the public; or (2)
registration for the work has been made before or is
made within five years after the publication without
notice, and a reasonable effort is made to add notice to
all copies or phonorecords that are distributed to the
public in the United States after the omission has been
discovered; or (3) the notice has been omitted in
violation of an express requirement in writing that, as
a condition of the copyright owner's authorization of
the public distribution, they bear the prescribed
E. Makes a copyright infringer liable for either the
copyright owner's actual damages and any additional
profits of the infringer, or statutory damages of up to
$10,000 if the case is settled and up to $50,000 if the
owner proves willful infringement. Sets forth criminal
penalties for willful infringement.
F. Provides for the transfer of copyrights and the
recordation of such copyrights.
G. Makes copyrights subject exclusively to the provisions
of this Act after January 1, 1978.
SOURCE: Bill Summary & Status for the 94th Congress

Monday, 15 c. November 1976
CIA Director George Bush requests and receives an update briefing on
CIA's remote viewing labs at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), which is
being run by Scientology OT Hal Puthoff using Scientology OTs Ingo Swann
and Pat Price.
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and
Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue
of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication;
report released to the public in 1996

1 July 1977
The United States Guardians Office is overseeing Freedom of Information
Act lawsuits pending in federal court against the following federal
agencies and individual federal officials:

National Security Agency (NSA)
Director of NSA
U.S. Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Director of CIA
U.S. Department of Defense
Secretary of Department of Defense
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
U.S. Department of the Army
Secretary of the Army
U.S. Army Intelligence
Assistant Cheif of Staff for Army Intelligence
U.S. Department of the Navy
Secretary of the Navy
U.S. Naval Ingelligence
Director of Naval Intelligence
Attorney General of the United States
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Director of FBI
Secretary of the Treasury of the United States
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Commissioner of IRS

All of the intelligence agencies and defense-related agencies and their
personnel are contesting the suits on the basis of "national security."
[NOTE: Ultimately the Guardians Office will lose every single F.O.I.A.
suit, and almost none of the documents being sought (with minor and
relatively meaningless exceptions) will ever be released.]
SOURCE: Copies of federal court rulings and/or interim rulings and/or
appeal rulings on each of the referenced suits, on file.

8 July 1977
The FBI raids offices and installations of the Guardian's Office at
Cedars complex and Fifield Manor in Los Angeles, and in the Washington,
D.C. office, at 06:00 hours Pacific time. [NOTE: This raid is the
precursor to the conviction of Guardian's Office officials, the
destruction of the Guardian's Office, and the later establishment of the
501(c)(3) corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology"
(CST)--which will inherit all the copyrights and controlling interest in
the trademarks of L. Ron Hubbard.]
SOURCE: Newspaper, AP, and UPI reports, court documents, and other
sources on file too numerous to list

9 August 1977
CIA Director Stansfield Turner admits publicly that CIA has had
"operational interest" in parapsychology.
SOURCE: J. O'Leary, "Turner Denies CIA Bugging of South Korea's Park,"
The Washington Star, 9 August 1977.

1 January 1978
The new copyright law, Public Law 94-553, goes into effect.
SOURCE: Bill Summary & Status for the 94th Congress

1 c. July 1978
The Army's Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) sets up its own
unit of military remote viewers at Fort Meade, Maryland. Major General
Edmund Thompson, the Army's Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence,
has encouraged the establishment of the unit. It is part of a remote
viewing programme being managed by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
that is codenamed GRILL FLAME. Jon Atack says of this period: "In 1978,
the intelligence community was so pleased with the results of the SRI
team [run by Scientology OTs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann] that funding
was massively extended. A multimillion dollar project called 'Grill
Flame' was brought into being under the auspices of the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Navy. The projects at SRI continued,
but were greatly augmented at Fort George Meade in Maryland. The US Army
Intelligence and Security agency became involved in the project... ."
[NOTE: Exact date in 1978 is not known; only the year is known. Also
note that at least three reports on file--one of them ostensibly
originating from a BBC reporter--state that CIA-funded psychiatrist Dr.
Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West (veteran of CIA Office of Technical Services'
MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE programs, and friend of OTS's Director, Dr. Sidney
Gottlieb) is responsible for "medical oversight" during this approximate
period in the CIA remote viewing program being run by Hal Puthoff and
Ingo Swann. Two reports place West at SRI, one places him at Fort Meade.
It is likely that he spent at least some time at each facility.]
SOURCE: The Independent (London); August 27, 1995, Sunday; SECTION:
Schnabel; also The Constantine Report No. 1, "Remote Viewing at Stanford
Research Institute or Illicit CIA Mind Control Experimentation?"; ALSO,
Article, "The Hubbard Intelligence Agency," by John Atack,
posted on the Internet

1 January 1979
The "American Family Foundation" (AFF) is incorporated in Massachusetts
as a 501(c)(3) organization. Part of the purported mission of the
corporation is "to study psychological manipulation and cultic groups"
and "to educate the public and professionals... ." On the board is
CIA-funded psychiatrist Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West, who reportedly is
also, at the time, conducting oversight in the highly secret
CIA-sponsored remote-viewing programs, which are utilizing Scientology
texts to train in-house operatives for CIA, DIA, and other federal
intelligence organizations. [NOTE: No Articles of Organization are in
the files of the Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporations division
for this corporation.]
SOURCE: Massachusetts corporate records; Public Relations information by
AFF, published in print and on the web; The Constantine Report No. 1,
"Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute or Illicit CIA Mind
Control Experimentation?"

1 January 1979
"By the beginning of 1979" the funding and the work tasks of remote
viewing are coordinated by the DIA, and the separate elements of the
project are going by the collective code name GRILL FLAME. The
integration of the project also provides political cover for the funding
of psychic spying. Atop this cover is one of the Pentagon's top
scientists, Jack Vorona, who heads the DIA's Scientific and Technical
Intelligence Directorate (known as "DT"). Funding for the SRI branch of
the remote viewing operation alone, where Scientology OTs Hal Puthoff
and Ingo Swann are operating from, is estimated to run close to $1
million annually.
SOURCE: BOOK: "Remote Viewers; the Secret History of AmericaÕs Psychic
Spies," by Jim Schnabel. Chapter 15

Hold on, Rrrrrrobbbie-- I've got my little calculater still out, and my
"NowDollars" button all ready to go. Okay--that $1 million in 1979 is
equivalent in today's dollars to about $2.5 million a year. Juuuuuust
checking. But, Robbie, that's only for the SRI branch, and John Atack
said, back there in 1978, that "GRILL FLAME" was already a
"multi-million dollar project"--in 1978 dollars--so there had to be a
separate budget for at *least* the Fort Meade branch. So-- Well, where
the *heck* to you find a button on this for entering "Secret, Hidden
Intelligence Agency Budget Numbers"? There are all these *buttons* but I
don't see a single *one* for that! What? Oh. Oh, um, yes, dear--I'm done
now. <Dimples> <Eyelashes>

26 October 1979
In a "rare procedure" by a ferderal judge, Judge Charles Richey orders
federal prosecutors to accept a "Disposition Agreement" (which Richey
asserts was made earlier in closed-door sessions) wherein Mary Sue
Hubbard and eight other officials of the Guardians Office are to sign a
government-written "Stipulation of Evidence" and are to be found guilty
of one count each without entering a "guilty" plea. This precludes the
possibility of a jury trial. It allows the defendants to appeal the
conviction to federal appelate courts. However, the "Disposition
Agreement" also debars them from ever challenging the "sufficiency" of
the government's "Stipulation of Evidence" on appeal. [NOTE: Richey then
files his order enforcing the agreement on Columbus Day--a court
holiday. Note also that national and international newspapers and wire
services carry conflicting and false accounts of this incident. In fact
The New York Times publishes a patently false report that the defendants
had entered a "guilty" plea, which they never did--such a plea would
have precluded appeal, which was the entire point of the "Disposition
SOURCE: AP, UPI, Washington Post, and New York Times articles of 8
October, 9 October, and 27 October 1979, on file.

6 and 7 December 1979
Mary Sue Hubbard and eight other Guardians Office officials are
sentenced by Judge Charles Richey. Richey orders that every defendant
except Mary Sue Hubbard be taken into penal custody and begin serving
their sentences immediately WHILE THEIR APPEALS ARE PENDING. Mary Sue
Hubbard's 5-year prison sentence is deferred pending a three month
"evaluation" by the "prison system." Appeals are soon filed for all
defendants. [EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a likely possibility that Mary Sue
Hubbard's court-ordered three-month "evaluation" included being in the
custody or control of psychiatrists, and perhaps even being put on
psychotropic drugs. --Ed.]
SOURCE: Ruling in U.S. v. Heldt et al., Nos. 79-2442, 79-2447 to
79-2450, 79-2456, 79-2459 and 79-2462. United States Court of Appeals,
District of Columbia Circuit. 668 F.2d 1238 215 U.S.App.D.C. 206;
Newspaper and wire service articles of 7 and 8 December 1979, on file.

1 c. July c. 1980
Former Scientology executive Scott Mayer becomes a "personal assistant"
to Internal Revenue Service's Martin Cohn, who is Senior Counsel to
Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Special Cases Division.
SOURCE: 4 April 1994 DECLARATION OF SCOTT MAYER in Church of Scientology
International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz, United States District
Court Central Division of California, Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx).

28 July 1980
Larry Wollersheim files suit against the Church of Scientology of
California (CSC) for "severe emotional injury."
Plaintiff and Appellant, v. LAWRENCE WOLLERSHEIM, Defendant and
Respondent., Nos. B084686; B086063 Second Appellate District Division
Three Super. Ct. No. BC074815, Appeals from judgments of the Superior
Court of Los Angeles County; Cite as 96 C.D.O.S. 773

10 November 1980
The trial of Church of Scientology of California (CSC) v. Commissioner
of Internal Revenue begins in United States Tax Court.
OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent, Docket No. 3352-78, United States Tax
Court, Filed September 24, 1984.

26 November 1980
The Guardian WW, Jane Kember, and Guardians Office executive Morrison
"Mo" Budlong are convicted on charges of burglary of government offices.
SOURCE: AP, UPI, and New York Times articles of 26 and 27 November 1980,
on file.

19 December 1980
The Guardian WW, Jane Kember, and Guardians Office executive Morrison
"Mo" Budlong are sentenced to six years imprisonment.
SOURCE: AP articles of 19 December 1980, on file

1 c. March c. 1981
Scott Mayer becomes a paid consultant to Internal Revenue Service's
Martin Cohn--Senior Counsel to Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Special
Cases Division--during the trial of CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA,
Petitioner v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent, Docket No.
3352-78, United States Tax Court.
SOURCE: 4 April 1994 DECLARATION OF SCOTT MAYER in Church of Scientology
International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz, United States District
Court Central Division of California, Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx);
Also, 24 September 1984 ruling in CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA,
Petitioner v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent, Docket No.
3352-78, United States Tax Court.

1 c. April 1981
According to attorney Sherman Lenske claims, he begins representing "Mr.
L. Ron Hubbard in all aspects of estate planning" on or about this date.
[NOTE: Gerry Armstrong is on the L. Ron Hubbard biography project at the
time, and has province over a huge collection of personal documents and
writings belonging to L. Ron Hubbard. Robert Vaughn Young, who later in
1981 takes over the project from Armstrong, describes it as "hundreds of
thousands of pages of material--much of it originals or carbon copies in
his [Hubbard's] own handwriting... ." Every scrap of it, of course, is
part of L. Ron Hubbard's estate, and the total intellectual property of
the estate will later be valued by Lenske, via Norman F. Starkey, at $25
million. See entry for 16 April 1987.]
SOURCE: Quoted excerpt of Sherman Lenske's Declaration dated November
12, 1995; Armstrong declarations, affidavits, and new stories, cited
herein; United States District Court Central District of California,
Church of Scientology International, Plaintiff, vs. Steven Fishman and
Uwe Geertz, Defendants. Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx), Declaration of
Robert Vaughn Young in support of cost bill for Dr. Geertz's motion for
award of costs, expenses, attorney's fees and sanctions, 4 April 1994.

1 July 1981
Mary Sue Hubbard, Controller and senior over the Guardians Office (and,
as such, over all legal matters related to the copyrights and
trademarks), is removed from her position through the expediency and
force of a "letter prepared by lawyers."
SOURCE: Book, "Religions Inc."

13 July 1981
Norman F. Starkey and Vicki Aznaran are senior executives in Sea Org
missions, called the "040 Missions," sent out to "take over the GO."
SOURCE: United States District Court Central District of California, No.
Cv 91-6426 Hlh (tx) Church of Scientology International, Plaintiff, Vs.
Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz, Defendants, Declaration of Vicki Aznaran;
ALSO, David Miscavige's affidavit to U.S. District Court for the Central
District of California in the CSI, plaintiff vs. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE
GEERTZ, Defendants, CASE No. cv 91-6426 HL

5 August 1981
A Committe of Evidence is held on senior Guardians Office personnel, who
are found guilty and removed from post.
SOURCE: International conditions Order number 1, 5 August 81; Peter
Greene Debrief of 23 June 1982, on the internet

14 September 1981
Laurie Zurn is Deputy Guardian US.
SOURCE: AP story of 14 September 1981, "Shakeup in Top Office;" New York
Times story of same date, "Top Scientology Officials Removed from

2 October 1981
A final appelate court ruling in the appeals of Mary Sue Hubbard and the
eight U.S. Guardians Office defendants is issued, upholding all of the
convictions and denying all of the defendants' appeals. Mary Sue's case
is then appealed to the Supreme Court.
SOURCE: Ruling in U.S. v. Heldt et al., Nos. 79-2442, 79-2447 to
79-2450, 79-2456, 79-2459 and 79-2462. United States Court of Appeals,
District of Columbia Circuit. 668 F.2d 1238 215 U.S.App.D.C. 206

13 October 1981
Author Services, Inc. is incorporated, installing Norman F. Starkey as
President, with Sherman Lenske as the Registered Agent.
SOURCE: California corporate records

20 c. November 1981
Gerald "Gerry" Armstrong goes to visit Ronald DeWolf, a.k.a. L. Ron
Hubbard, Jr.
SOURCE: Gerry Armstrong, quoted in Bent Corydon's book, "Madman or

1 c. December 1981
Gerry Armstrong deserts his post on the biography project, severing his
ties with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, and taking, according to him,
"about 2 percent of the accumulated [L. Ron Hubbard] biographical
SOURCE: UPI story of May 11, 1984, Friday, BC cycle, SECTION: Regional

15 c. December 1981
Quoting Robert Vaughn Young: "Starting in 1981, I had full access to
Hubbard's most private papers, diaries and letters. I continued to have
unlimited access to it for years as part of the work to write a
biography of Hubbard... ." According to Young there are "hundreds of
thousands of pages of material--much of it originals or carbon copies in
his [Hubbard's] own handwriting... ." [NOTE: Given Young's usual
horseshoes-and-handgrenades approach to dates, this entry is put at the
end of year because other data in the Timeline indicates that Young
gained access to the personal Hubbard files by succeeding Gerry
Armstrong on the biography project.]
SOURCE: United States District Court Central District of California,
Church of Scientology International, Plaintiff, vs. Steven Fishman and
Uwe Geertz, Defendants. Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx), Declaration of
Robert Vaughn Young in support of cost bill for Dr. Geertz's motion for
award of costs, expenses, attorney's fees and sanctions, 4 April 1994.

1 c. February 1982
Robert Vaughn Young becomes part of Author Services, Inc. (ASI). In his
position at ASI, he has meetings (characterized as "briefings") with
attorney Sherman Lenske--puportedly L. Ron Hubbard's personal attorney.
SOURCE: 9 March 1994 Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young in Church of
Scientology International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz, United
States District Court Central Division of California, Case No. CV 91
6426 HLH (Tx); ALSO, 9 April 1997 Request for Admissions from Plaintiff
Religious Technology Center, Inc. filed by attorney Graham Berry in
Civil Action No. 95-K-2143, United States District Court for the

1 April 1982
Stacy Brooks Young is appointed as the Org Officer for ASI. As such, she
is effectively second in command over all of Scientology at the time.
SOURCE: United States District Court, Central District of California,
#CV-6426-HLH (Tx); Church of Scientology International v. Steven Fishman
and Uwe Geertz; Declaration of Stacy Brooks Young October 1994.

19 April 1982
Without comment, The Supreme Court of the United States "leaves intact"
the "criminal conspiracy conviction and five-year prison sentence of
Mary Sue Hubbard, the No. 2 official of the Church of Scientology."
SOURCE: AP news stories of 19 and 20 April 1982, on file.

28 May 1982
The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) [which is not a church but a
corporation] is founded by attorney Sherman Lenske, tax and probate
attorney Meade Emory (former Assistant to Commissioner of IRS), tax and
probate attorney Leon Misterek, and Lyman Spurlock. The corporation is
organized under IRS Code 501(c)(3). Sherman Lenske, along with his
brother--attorney Stephen Lenske--and attorney Lawrence E. Heller (all
non-Scientologists, all from the same law firm), are installed as the
three "Special Directors" of CST, having veto power over the decisions
and actions of the directors and officers of the corporation. [NOTE: CST
is the corporation that will inherit all of L. Ron Hubbard's
intellectual property as a result of the "estate planning" that Sherman
Lenske admits to having entirely engineered. It should also be noted
that one document, referenced below, names attorney Thomas Small as
being involved behind the scenes in the establishment of CST.]
SOURCE: California corporate records; Bylaws of CST; CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL
TECHNOLOGY Plaintiff v. THE UNITED STATES Defendant. No. 581-88T, UNITED
STATES CLAIMS COURT, June 29, 1992; also, document posted to the
internet: "Report to the Council for Spiritual Integrity (Corporate
Analysis of Scientology)"

Well, my *goodness*, seems like at least they could have let the *ink*
dry on the Supreme Court's Mary Sue ruling, huh? Oh, and look: it *is* a
"Small" world after all! We are going to see *more* of little Tommy
Small before the final curtain. Okay--shhhhhhh...

6 December 1982
A Newsweek story asks, "Is L. Ron Hubbard Dead?" It covers the
parallel-running lawsuits involving Ronald DeWolf (a.k.a. L. Ron
Hubbard, Jr.--who is seeking receivership of L. Ron Hubbard's estate),
and Gerry Armstrong. Both lawsuits are being conducted by Boston
attorney Michael Flynn's office. [EDITOR'S NOTE: There is ENORMOUS
publicity in November and December 1982 and January 1983 on these
contemporaneus cases--articles on file and covered elsewhere in the
Timeline: AP story of 13 November 1982; UPI story of 14 November 1982;
AP story of 15 November 1982; Newsweek story, 6 December 1982; Time
magazine 24 January and 31 January 1983; Clearwater Sun, 28 January
1983. What is striking is the regimented similarity of the stories: they
question whether Hubbard is alive--and if so, competent--and give the
same droning slant, quoting sensationalistic derogatory blurbs about
Hubbard from Armstrong and DeWolf, and Kima Douglas, all asserting or
implying that Hubbard is insane, a "Howard Hughes-like" recluse,
incapable of managing his own affairs, etc. But as will soon be seen,
there is tremendous purpose behind this synchronous media campaign,
because all of this publicity just happens to lead DIRECTLY to a
sensational climax: the presentation by Sherman and Stephen Lenske, in
early Februay 1983, of TWO DIFFERENT fingerprinted letters--one
presented in EACH lawsuit--both purported to be from L. Ron Hubbard,
"proving" that Hubbard is alive, well, and in control of his affairs,
and "proving" that his "estate is in good hands" (the estate is being
handled by attorney Sherman Lenske), and "proving" that he, Hubbard,
endorses Norman F. Starkey and the current management of Scientology
organizations. See entries for 10 and 14 February 1983 --Ed.]
SOURCE: Newsweek magazine, 6 December 1982; other media as listed

10 February 1983
Quoted from the referenced source: "A fully authenticated, handwritten
letter from best-selling author and Dianetics and Scientology founder L.
Ron Hubbard, bearing a set of his fingerprints and dated Feb. 3, 1983,
has been received by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge [John L.
Cole], who immediately ordered that it be made part of the official
court records, the Church of Scientology announced today." [NOTE: This
first letter of two is filed in the Gerry Armstrong case. See also entry
for 14 February 1983.]
SOURCE: PR Newswire story of 10 February 1983

14 February 1983
Quoted from the referenced source: "Church of Scientology officials
Monday produced a second letter purportedly written by church founder L.
Ron Hubbard, saying he is alive and well and believes his estate to be
in good hands.
"The handwritten letter was filed as part of a motion to dismiss
the Riverside County Superior Court probate battle in which Hubbard's
son, Ronald DeWolf, claims his father is either dead or incompetent.
"...DeWolf's attorney, Michael Flynn of Boston, dismissed the letter
as insignificant compared to evidence he said will show Hubbard's estate
is being mishandled.
"'We have a letter from (Hubbard lawyer) Sherman Lenske to a third
party,' in which Hubbard's physical status is discussed, said Flynn.
"'I know he's alive and well. That's all I've ever said,' Lenske
said Monday, denying any letter could have indicated otherwise.
"Church lawyers submitted an alleged Hubbard letter last week in
the church's Los Angeles County Superior Court suit against former
Hubbard assistant Gerald Armstrong. The church is trying to get back
some 30,000 church documents it says Armstrong took.
"...'Any claim that my estate is being mishandled is false,' the
letter said. 'My business affairs are handled by contract with a
Hollywood-based company, Author Services Inc.'
"...Lenske and his brother, attorney Stephen Lenske, said Hubbard
won't appear in person to prove he is in good health because he should
not have to 'dignify the allegations of a crazed man.'
"'The man wants to be left alone, he wants to be private,' Sherman
Lenske said.
"The attorneys would not divulge whether they have had personal
contact with Hubbard, nor whether they know his whereabouts. ..."
[EDITOR'S NOTE: It was truly accomodating of Armstrong and DeWolf--who
just so happened to have met together a year before, while Armstrong was
still in charge of the vast library of documents making up a large
portion of the Lenske-managed Hubbard estate (see entry for 20 c.
November 1981)--to not only have concurrently-running lawsuits being
litigated by the same lawyer, but also to have filled the national press
for three months with the *exact* sorts of allegations that Lenske could
then "disprove" through the expediency of letters arriving via FedEx.
When the criminal warrants and subpoenas are finally issued, I hope
someone remembers to subpoena the FedEx records for February 1983.
Astounding. --Ed.]
SOURCE: AP story of 14 February 1983, on file: "Church Produces
Purported Letter From Hubbard."

February c. 1983
According to almost identical stories from both Robert Vaughn Young and
Jesse Prince, by "early 1983" [Prince] "many of Hubbard's
works"/"thousands of pages of Scientology material written by Mr.
Hubbard" have gone into the public domain:

"I was at ASI in 1983 when it was discovered that many
of Hubbard's works had 'gone public domain.' We were
told this was due to improper copyright registration
and/or renewal. ...[A] massive push was undertaken to
get the works registered. I remember...Pat Brice
remarking that registration notices could not be filed
on vast number [sic] because they were past the five
year time limit when a registration certificate can be
filed. At that time, ASI was being run by David
Miscavige who, although he held a position of Chairman
of the Board of ASI, was the person in actual command.
Miscavige said that it did not matter if the
certificates were late or not but that Ms. Brice was to
file them anyway. I remember Pat Brice trying to
politely explain that it was of no use, but Miscavige
would have nothing of it. He said to copyright
everything, regardless. There subsequently followed a
flurry of copyright filings. As the material was found,
registrations were checked, documents were filed either
as an original registration or as renewals. This is why
there is a sudden surge in 1983."

"In early 1983 I attended a meeting at Scientology's ASI
office in Los Angeles. In attendance at this meeting
were David Miscavige, Lymon Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran,
Patricia Brice and Edith Buchele. The meeting concerned
scientology copyrights. In particular, David Miscavige
stated that Scientology was 'in trouble' concerning the
copyright status of the many published materials of
founder L Ron Hubbard. Concern was expressed that many
of Mr. Hubbard's published materials had become 'public
domain' because the materials had not been registered
with the United States Copyright office for many years.
David Miscavige stated that Scientology had failed to
register copyrights for thousands of pages of
Scientology material written by Mr. Hubbard. These
records included the numerous policy letters and
bulletins published by Mr. Hubbard. ...At the same
meeting in early 1983 David Miscavige specifically
ordered Patricia Brice (who at the time was L. Ron
Hubbard's personal secretary and an employee of ASI) to
begin the process of mass copyright registration filings
for all of L. Ron Hubbard's materials. This order was
given despite the fact that Mr. Miscavige was already
aware that many of the materials in question were
already in the public domain. Thus, I know from personal
knowledge that in mid 1983 Scientology began a massive
program to register Mr. Hubbard's material with the
United State's Copyright office."

[NOTE: The source declaration and affidavit are documents filed much
later in support of copyright litigation involving F.A.C.T.Net, Inc. and
its Director, Larry Wollersheim, who states: "[T]he declarations of
Jesse Prince and Vaughn Young...describe Scientology's massive copyright
registration fraud in 1983... ."]
SOURCE: Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young February 1997; ALSO,
Affidavit of Jesse Prince 27 July 1998; ALSO, 8 October 1998 post to
alt.religion.scientology by Larry Wollersheim

Well! My *word*! It's almost like they're reading from the same

So, do I *have* this right? That since "early 1983," both Robert Vaughn
Young *and* Jesse Prince supposedly *knew* that there was, like, this
"massive copyright registration fraud" going on--all led entirely by
David Miscavige, and having *nothing* to do with CST or their stupid
"Special Director" lawyers--uh, who were only going to, like, wind up
merrily *inheriting* all these supposedly fraudulent copyrights later
with the blessings of IRS? Is that *right*? I just feel like such an
*airhead* sometimes! Well-- But-- Jeeeeeeez, Rrrrrobbie: Robert Vaughn
Young is, like, having *briefings* with Sherman Lenske, who is
*supposedly* L. Ron Hubbard's personal attorney, and Sherman Lenske is
handling "all aspects of estate planning"--of which the intellectual
property is about 95% (we'll get to *that* in a minute!). So wouldn't
Sherman Lenske have to know about the copyright registrations as part of
his "estate planning"? And Sherman Lenske is *also* a Special Director
of CST, who is going to receive and own *all* the copyrights. So
wouldn't RVY at least, uh, like, *mention* this sort of thing to Shermy
Wormy in their "briefings" they had together? Pllllleeease help me
understand this, Rrrrrobbie.

In fact-- <Tch!> Hang onnnnnn a second. I just *know* I have a little
chart of this *somewhere*. Let me juuuuust get my copyrights folder. Hm
hm hm hm hm. Dee-de-di-dee-dee. Yep! Here it is. Now, see, Rrrrrrobbie,
this is something you *boys* could have done with that database of
copyright registrations, *if* you boys would just *apply* yourselves. So
let's take a look and see about that "flurry of activity" and "sudden
surge" RVY says happened in 1983. Here is a table of all the
Scientology-related copyright registrations that took place from
1978--the year the law changed--through 1998--the year before these
copyright databases showed up in a.b.s.:


1978: 21 1
1979: 3 1
1980: 5 2
1981: 15 5
1982: 37 24
1983: 144 64
1984: 114 95
1985: 7 0
1986: 58 13
1987: 219 9
1988: 916 281
1989: 522 87
1990: 403 12
1991: 329 3
1992: 249 3
1993: 304 0
1994: 223 6
1995: 228 34
1996: 283 1
1997: 1,147 569
1998: 1,035 753

Well, *darn*! Sure, there's a blip there in 1983, but it's, like,
*nothing* compared to the deluge that comes after Stormin' Norman
Starkey and CST get hold of the copyrights--in 1986. In fact, I'd say
there is *quite* a little "flurry" and "surge" during 1997 and 1998--the
*very* years that Robert Vaughn Young and Jesse Prince were giving their
declarations, pointing everybody's attention back to 1983 and little
Davey DooDoo Miscavige. And if you'll look in the Copyright
Registrations database <A-HEM!>, you'll find that ALLLLLLLLLL those 1997
and 1998 registrations were being done by CST, Mary Sue Hubbard (for
CST, according to Zed and Title 17), and Normy Stormy Starkey! I mean,

What the *HECK* is really going on here? I mean...

Oops. Right. Shhh. Yes, this *is* a library. 'Kay. Sorry. Let's read...

17 July 1984
Kathleen Heard, as a representative of "Author Services, Inc." [see
EDITOR'S NOTE, below], issues a press story to PR Newswire that is a
blatant lie. The story claims that an $8 million library is to be built
[no library is ever built] to "house the collected literary works,
original manuscripts, letters, diaries and personal memorabilia of
author-philosopher L. Ron Hubbard." The release goes on to say: "The
Hubbard collection...will be kept in underground vaults until the
library's completion. ...[T]he entire existing Hubbard collection has
now been stored in a series of underground vaults in half a dozen
separate, but undisclosed locations. The collection will be kept in
these vaults until construction of the library and its associated
research facilities has been finished." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Only with
hindsight, hoarding a veritable vault-full of hard-won knowledge, can we
fully appreciate the calculated, callous calumny of this insidious set
of lies. First, the President of Author Services, Inc. is Norman F.
Starkey (see entry for 13 December 1981), who within two years of this
press release will be going around "doing business as" (d.b.a.) the "L.
Ron Hubbard Library" while he is the Executor of the Will and Trustee of
the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard. That d.b.a. will be set up for him by
attorney Sherman Lenske--co-founder of the corporation known as "Church
of Spiritual Technology" (CST) and "Special Director" of CST. It is CST
who will then inherit the deceitful name "L. Ron Hubbard Library" from
Starkey--courtesy of Sherman Lenske, who files the d.b.a. for CST--and
under that deceptive banner will be the builder and owner of the vaults,
the purpose of which will be to keep the original works of L. Ron
Hubbard permanently AWAY from public view and access--the utter
antithesis of a "library." It is also known now that the vaults were not
completed at the time of this press release (see entries for 1 January
1990, 1991, and 1992), and that CST will spend over $50 million on the
vaults and related costs by 1992--the year before they are granted tax
exemption. If any one element of the pack of calculated lies in this
press release can be considered to be more repulsive than any other,
perhaps it is the contemplation of the sort of diseased mind that would
hold out the false hope to Scientologists of a library to hold L. Ron
Hubbard's original manuscripts, connivingly using that as a cover story
or "shore story" for the creation of the vaults, only to then coldly
create and assume the "d.b.a." of the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" while
burying those very works in the vaults for all time. If only Poe could
have contemplated such a sick and twisted mind, literature would have
been richer for it. --Ed.]

31 July 1984
The Way to Happiness International is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Public benefit
President: Laurie Zurn
Registered Agent: Sherman Lenske
[NOTE: In the IRS Closing Agreement of 1 October 1993, this organization
is called "The Way to Happiness Foundation," and is granted tax
exemption under IRS Codes 501(c)(3), 170(c)(2), 509(a)(1), and
170(b)(1)(A)(vi)--but California corporate records of the California
Secretary of State list no such corporation as "The Way to Happiness
Foundation." There is likely, therefore, a d.b.a. filed in California
for "The Way to Happiness International" to do business as "The Way to
Happiness Foundation." Finally, it must be noted that all trademarks for
"The Way to Happiness" are owned exclusively by the Church of Spiritual
Technology (CST).]
SOURCE: California corporate information; United States Trademark Office

1 c. January c. 1985
Paul H. Smith, a Strategic Intelligence Officer and Intelligence Project
Officer (remote viewer) for U.S. Army Intelligence and the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA), has been personally trained in remote viewing
by Ingo Swann during 1984. [NOTE: This fully confirms Ingo Swann's
training of federal intelligence personnel.]
SOURCE: Paul H. Smith's biography material as found on his company's web
site at http://www.rviewer.com/main/phs.html

<SHUDDER AND CHATTER> Ohhh, Robbie, I just have goose bumps just
*crawling* all *over* my flesh, like, just *everywhere*! <SHUDDER> Now,
see what you've gone and *done*! I had this nicely buried in my own
little titanium vault--well, okay, in the bottom drawer of the file
cabinet--and now you're making me go through it *allllll* again and get
*spooked* alllllll over again, and now I feel like I'm about to poke
*holes* in my bra! And, more than that, I reeeeeeeally have to tink--
Um, I reeeeeeeally need to go water the plants in the bathroom. But
*you* are coming *with* me, because it is dark and creepy back there by
the Cloak Room this late at night! So here is your very own little ARSCC
Chimerical Library bookmark, with the "XENU IS GRUMPY" picture on it.
There. Now you just stick it in-- Rob Clark! Put that in the Little Mini
Timeline and behave! Good.

And we'll go to the bathroom together, now, like we were *sisters* or
something, and when we come back, we'll start at Part 2, and, oh! this
gets *really* scary *then*! Because now Larry Wollersheim enters the
scene with Jolly West in tow, and then Steven Fishman, and the IRS's
little ferret Scott Mayer is back, and there's the $12 million thing,
and... Oh, *you'll* see! But get *up* now and come *on*! I have got to

That's right--walk this way. Quick!

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

- ------------------------------------------------------------------
*The ARSCC, like its hips-shouldn't-be-allowed-to-hinge-that-way
Librarian, does not exist.

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