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Date: 13 Sep 2001 08:27:29 -0000
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From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (The Librarian)
Subject: YOO-HOO! PTSC! About Those Copyrights PART 3
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Comments: This message came via at least one anonymous remailer.
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OoooooOOOooo! Being out of those hose feels *so* *much* *better*! Want
to feel and see?

Now where the heck were we in this Little Mini Timeline (LMT)? Oh! I had
just said:

Ohhhhhhh, Rrrrrrobbie, we have to *stop* for a minute. I
feel like I've been *spinning* around in my office chair
again! Help me out, darling Rob! Okay, we've only gotten
up to early 1994, and here we have Larry Wollersheim and
F.A.C.T.Net connected to attorney Graham Berry connected
to Steven Fishman connected to F.A.C.T.Net President
Gerry Armstrong connected to Robert Vaughn Young (who
succeeded Gerry Armstrong in charge of the Hubbard
archives and so used to meet with Sherman Lenske, and
supposedly knows allll about a big copyright fraud going
on in the church, but, like, *he* ain't telling!)
connected to Stacy Young--who was the *Org Officer* over
*all* of Scientology when former Assistant to
Commissioner of IRS Meade Emory set up CST (with Sherman
Lenske and Thomas Small)--and they are *all* connected
to former Commissioner of IRS Senior Counsel consultant
Scott Mayer, and *all* of them are connected to
Priscilla Coates and attorney Daniel Leipold of CAN, who
are close, close friends with Dennis Erlich. And Larry
Wollersheim and Gerry Armstrong have set up this
corporation to "collect and electronically publish
documents" right at the time when *somebody* put the OT
levels into a public record, and then Larry and Gerry
have dedicated *all* the assets of the corporation to
CAN and AFF--which is, like, *run* by psychiatrists,
including CIA psychiatrist Jolly West (who was involved
with Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann in the CIA-sponsored
remote viewing program using copyrighted Scientology
texts)? SheeEEEEEEEEEeesh! Oh, and let's *please* not
forget Shermy-Wormy Lenske's little sock-puppets--Norman
Starkey and Mr. Doofus Vorm--all busy doing *something*
in the back of the shed with their "Media Storage." And,
*heck*! The *real* show hasn't even *started*! This is
just all backstage. The *curtain* hasn't even come up
yet on the *big* show!

Well, now my sweet little precious little bright and shiny scholar, get
comfortable in your seat, because the orchestra is tuning, and the
lights are dimming, and the play is about to begin. Shhhhhh--

18 June 1994
There is a meeting in Los Angeles that is attended by Larry Wollersheim,
Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West, Priscilla Coates, attorney Dan Leipold,
Hana Whitfield, Bill Jordan, and unnamed others.
SOURCE: A "review" of the meeting in the F.A.C.T.Net archives by an
unknown author. The F.A.C.T.Net Card Catalog Entry has only: "DOS

8 July 1994
Mike Rinder, with Mike Sutter (President of the corporation known as
"Inspecter General Network" [formerly the "Hubbard Dianetics
Foundation"]) fly to Seattle, Washington, from Los Angeles, ostensibly
to meet with Robert Vaughn Young and Stacy Brooks Young. Robert Vaughn
Young flies to Seattle from Los Angeles on the same day. The Youngs
purportedly meet daily with Rinder and Sutter for the next eight days.
[NOTE: Seattle is also the location of CST co-founders Meade Emory and
Leon Misterek, as well as the firm LeSourd and Patton, where both Emory
and Misterek were based in 1982 when they founded CST. Francis A.
LeSourd (like many of the attorneys in his firm) is a former member of
the Department of Justice Tax Division. Also: Registered Agent for
"Hubbard Dianetics Foundation" is Marcello Di Mauro, the attorney who
had, in late 1993, initiated contact from CST attorney Kendrick Moxon's
office with Jason Scott in Seattle--which leads later to the demise of
CAN. Di Mauro is not listed in FindLaw as a California attorney, but is
listed with the California Bar Association, and, as listed there, has a
"discipline record."]
SOURCE: 14 December 1994 Declaration of Stacy Brooks Young; October 1994
Declaration of Mike Rinder; information on Emory and Misterek from
numerous legal and corporate documents, on file; Information on LeSourd
and Patton from their web site and from DoJ Tax Division alumni rolls;
information on Marcello Di Mauro from FindLaw.com and web site for the
California Bar Association.

16 August 1994
An Amendment is filed to the Articles of Incorporation for F.A.C.T.Net,
Inc. The first stated amended goal of the corporation is to "collect,
index, and computerize information about coercive psychological tactics
and make it available via a computer bulletin board." The signing
President is Jon Atack. Larry Wollersheim signs as Secretary.
SOURCE: 8 August 1994 Amendment as filed with Colorado Secretary of
State Corporations Office.

20 c. August 1994
Dennis Erlich posts portions of policies related to "Fair Game"--the
same subject of policies discussed in Robert Vaughn Young's 25 October
1993 Declaration--to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (a.r.s.).
SOURCE: 8 December 1995 Affidavit of Dennis Erlich

22 August 1994
Ehrlich receives a letter from attorney Thomas Small (purportedly
representing RTC, but with proven intellectual property ties to CST).
The letter accuses Erlich of violating "the Church's" copyrights in his
postings, and demands that Erlich "remove the offending material from
the Internet and agree to refrain from any repetition of your acts in
the future." Erlich purportedly replies that his postings made fair use
of Scientology writings for the purpose of criticism and satire, and
challenges the Church to PROVE THAT IT HELD VALID COPYRIGHTS [emphasis
added] on the material that he had posted.
SOURCE: 28 December 1994 Letter from Thomas Small to Dennis Erlich; also
Ron Newman's web page, "The Church of Scientology vs. Dennis Erlich, Tom
Klemesrud and Netcom"

Psssst! Rrrobbie. It's Thomas Small again. I knew it I knew it I knew
it! Here he is starting off the whole thing... I wish I had some Junior
Mints... Oh, "shush" yourself!

October c. 1994
Lawrence Wollersheim buys an insurance policy for FACTNet of up to a
million dollars coverage.
SOURCE: 25 October 1995 Declaration of Kim Baker

November c. 1994
Former Coast Guard Intelligence officer and FACTNet associate Joe
Harrington reportedly founds "an independent church" called the United
Free Zone Fellowship. The purpose of forming UFZF is purportedly
two-fold: (1) to obtain a "legal advantage" under United States law and
(2) to set up a Church to take advantage of and invalidate the Church's
[Scientology] copyrighted materials. Part of the purpose is purportedly
"to position the litigation as a church v. church to defeat trade secret
and copyright claims" and for "gaining use of the trade secrets and
copyrighted materials of the Church of Scientology in the future."
SOURCE: 25 October 1995 Declaration of Kim Baker

Christmas Eve, 24 December 1994
An anonymous poster, "nobody@replay.com," posts OT Levels and some of
the New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTs) issues in a.r.s. (Subsequent
similar postings of upper-level material in a.r.s, during 1995, become
known as "Scamizdat" postings--a term allegedly coined for them by Grady
SOURCE: 8 December 1995 Affidavit of Dennis Erlich; also "American
Lawyer" magazine, March 1996, "Making Law, Making Enemies;" also 2
August 1996 Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Dissolve
Preliminary Injunction, RTC v. Grady Ward, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT

Christmas Day, 25 December 1994
The Washington Post publishes an article by Richard Leiby that features
Arnie Lerma at odds with Scientology officials. And, as it happens,
Leiby makes specific reference to information from OT III (with several
details), but giving no source for his synopsis.
SOURCE: 25 December 1994 article with the verbose title: "ENFORCING
'TRUTH' How the Scientologists try to impose their version of the truth
on members, defectors--and on journalists. Scientology Fiction, The
Church's War Against Its Critics--and Truth;" Front Page, Outlook
Section, Page C1, Christmas Day edition, The Washington Post 1994.

Ohhhhh, it was *so* sweet and thoughtful of Richard Leiby--who did *so*
much to spread the government's version of the "Snow White" case--to
just go ahead and make Arnie Lerma, like, *famous* here *months* before
Arnie will post the Fishman Affidavit to... Rrrrrrrobbie, honey, don't
*glare* at me. I know I'm jumping ahead of the script. I can't *help*
it, I just get *so* excited! OoooOOOOoooooo! I just get *quivery* with
all these HARD FACTS unfolding. Do you think you need to, like,
discipline me? Do I need, like, a *spanking* or something?

26 and 27 December 1994
Dennis Erlich re-posts to a.r.s. the anonymously-posted OT Levels in
their entirety, with only short notes describing them or prompting
discussion of them.
SOURCE: "American Lawyer" magazine, March 1996, "Making Law, Making
Enemies; 28 December 1994 Letter from Thomas Small to Dennis Erlich.

28 December 1994
Dennis Erlich receives another letter from RTC attorney Thomas Small
(who in fact is acting as an agent for the copyright owners, CST)
threatening legal action for the 26 and 27 December postings. The letter
is posted to a.r.s. through the e-mail account of attorney Helena
Kobrin's (a member of Small's firm). The letter also says, "These
actions will be taken against you and all of those who have participated
with you or contributed to your infringements. This includes those who
provide the systems and services through which your postings are made."
Dennis Erlich posts to a.r.s. the following reply: "I have no idea what
you are talking about or who even are [sic]. I do no [sic] appreciate
your threats. I am excercizing [sic] my rights as a citizen of the
United States. If you have a problem with that, do whatever you intend
to do. Do not send me more of these unsubstantiated, harassing threats.
In the jargon of the net: FOAD."
SOURCE: 28 December 1994 Letter from Thomas Small to Dennis Erlich, as
posted to a.r.s.; also 28 December 1994 posting by Dennis Erlich.

30 December 1994
CST/RTC attorney Helena Kobrin calls Tom Klemesrud, proprietor of the
BBS through which Erlich has been posting, and Klemesrud hangs up on
her. He posts the following message to a.r.s.: "I am the System
Administrator for Support.COM. A few minutes ago I was contacted by
someone identifying herself as 'Helena Kobrin,' complaining about Dennis
Erlich's access to the Internet. I replied, 'Do not call me on the
phone. I consider it harassment.' I hung up on her. A note to anyone
concerned: I may be a witness in a Federal Criminal Case. Any such
harassment, or 'dirty tricks' played on me, may be considered Federal
Witness Tampering." Kobrin then sends/emails a letter to Klemesrud,
advising Klemesrud of possible legal action against Erlich, adding, "If
we are forced to litigate over this matter, continued facilitation by
you of Mr. Erlich's offenses will force us to include you in any such
legal action."
SOURCE: 30 December 1994 letter from Helena Kobrin to Tom Klemesrud, as
posted to a.r.s. by Klemesrud; 30 December 1994 post by Tom Kemesrud to

Well, heck, Robbie! What the heck is this "Federal Criminal Case" that
little Tommy Klemesrud "may" be a witness for, and why would he mention
it in relation to *this*? Sheeeesh. Mom always told me you don't have to
be too bright if you're sexy, and then always said thank *God* she
didn't have to worry about me being too bright. Whatever *that* meant.
But, jeeeez, you know, I sure wish sometimes I could figure some of this
stuff *out*! You know? Well, whether I'm bright or not, for *some*
strange reason, I think I smell *real* trouble brewing. Oh, oh, dearie
me... And here it comes...

11 January 1995
Attorney Helena Kobrin, of the firm Small, Larkin & Kidde (with known
intellectual property ties to CST) attempts unsuccessfully to have the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology removed from Usenet. Her message,
reproduced below, sets off a firestorm of controversy and adverse
publicity, attracting huge numbers of curious and incensed internet
users and much media:

>Control: rmgroup alt.religion.scientology
>Newsgroups: alt.config,alt.lotto.players,alt.lotto.players.ctl
>From: hkk@netcom
>Subject: cmsg rmgroup alt.religion.scientology
>Message-ID: <hkkD29JJB.1GA@netcom.com>
>Followup-To: alt.config
>Sender: hkk@netcom.com (Helena Kobrin)
>Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700
>Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 22:52:23 GMT
>Lines: 17
>Xref: uunet control:1568915
> We request that you remove the alt.religion.scientology
> newsgroup from your site. The reasons for requesting its
> removal are: (1) It was started with a forged message; (2)
> not discussed on alt.config; (3) it has the name
> "scientology" in its title which is a trademark and is
> misleading, as a.r.s. is mainly used for flamers to attack
> the Scientology religion; (4) it has been and continues to be
> heavily abused with copyright and trade secret violations and
> serves no purpose other than condoning these illegal
> practices.
> Please confirm that you have removed this newsgroup from
> your system.
> Helena K. Kobrin
> Counsel for trademark
> and copyright owner

SOURCE: Copy of the Kobrin message as posted to the internet

Oh. My. GOD! I am going to hide my eyes! I just can't *look*!

Well, *that* just tore it, *right* *there*! Now the whole
world--including 24 Tibetan monks isolated in the Himalayas--start
looking in on a.r.s. to find out what the *heck* is going on! I mean,
you couldn't have *scripted* it better, could you--*if* your little
stage play was to make a big public spectacle over this copyrights
question? Well? *Could* you?

Say, um, Rrrrrrrrobbie, my little dumpling precious, I was just
wondering: did you happen to notice the *exact* way that Helena K.
"Kobra" Kobrin signed her little international scandal? Do you know who
she *has* to be referring to--but not by name? Just checking to see if
you are being a *good* little scholar actually paying attention now to
the details of the way this whole sick, sordid little play we are
watching has been scripted. I'll lllllllick a big gold star and put it
up by your name if you get it right.

Would you care to just sliiiide that little bottle of schnapps over in
this direction? Didja ever notice that when you say "schnapps" you sound
like you're already drunk? Well you'll *wish* you were drunk when you
read the things that are coming up. Give me back my glasses, you little
imp. Tortoise shell just is *not* you...

14 January 1995
According to Tom Klemesrud: a woman [later identified as a Linda
Woolard] who approaches him at the bar claims that she is an IRS agent,
showing him an IRS Criminal Investigations Division (CID) ID card. She
mentions the names of IRS agents who had been involved with the
investigation of Scientology's tax-exempt status in the 1980s, and
"names of informants, and IRS Special Agents that only IRS insiders, or
Federal Grand Jury members would have known, in connection with an
attempted prosecution of L. Ron Hubbard for tax evasion, etc. in the
mid-1980's." They end up at his home where the woman spreads blood
around Klemesrud's bathroom, carpets, chairs, and bed, and police are
called (either by Klemesrud or by Woolard--conflicting reports).
According to the police report, the apartment is quiet, there are bloody
jeans on the hall floor, blood is smeared in the bathroom and on the
bed, and Klemesrud tells them that she was trying to frame him in an
attempt to silence Church of Scientology critic Dennis Erlich. The
woman's various accounts (in the police report and a later interview
with a private detective) say that Klemesrud had threatened her with a
loaded shotgun, accusing her of being CIA. She explains the blood as the
result of a medical problem with rectal bleeding and hemorrhoids
aggravated by alcohol and stress, and denies any involvement with
Scientology or acquaintance with anyone in Scientology. Klemesrud
alleges she had "a bag, bladder, or balloon nestled in her crotch"
filled with blood. Klemesrud is arrested on a charge of assault with a
deadly weapon and released on $30,000 bail the next morning, while the
woman is allowed to leave the scene without any examination. The
District Attorney rejects the charges against Klemesrud, refusing to
prosecute. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Quite apart from the sensationalistic aspects
of this lurid incident--the various accounts of which are filled with
contradictions--the most startling revelation of all is that Tom
Klemesrud had some way of knowing, himself, "names of informants, and
IRS Special Agents that only IRS insiders, or Federal Grand Jury members
would have known." Klemesrud has never presented any explanation for
such unique personal knowledge. --Ed.]
SOURCE: 12 May 1996 posting by Tom Klemesrud to the internet,
Message-ID: <tomklemDrB82F.4ny@netcom.com>; also "SCIENTOLOGY v. the
INTERNET Free Speech & Copyright Infringement on the Information
Super-Highway" By Jim Lippard and Jeff Jacobsen

20 January 1995
Media Storage, Inc.
c/o Sherman D. Lenske
President, Thomas K. Vorm,
419 North Larchmont, Suite 86
Los Angeles, California 90004
incorporated 06/26/87 under corporate number 1411014
Statement of officers filed 11/22/93, under file number 498607
tax board suspension 08/01/89
revived 06/29/93; dissolved 01/20/95. California Secretary of State
SOURCE: California corporate records.

Hah! Well will you look at that. Shermy-Wormy must have gotten himself a
steamer trunk or something. He doesn't need his "Media Storage" anymore.
For a Special Director of CST, he is one *busy* little beaver, isn't he?

23 January 1995
An anonymous poster with the nickname "-AB-" posts, through the
anonymous remailer anon.penet.fi, a message purporting to be an
interview with "Linda W." regarding the 14 January incident with Tom
Klemesrud. The entire text of the message can be read at:
http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/cos/rnewman/anon/ab-1.23.95 [NOTE: The
interview--allegedly conducted by private investigator Eugene Ingram--is
later reported to be a confidential file supposedly "hacked" from
Scientology computers. Using this justification, OSA officials operate
in coordination with Interpol to have anon.penet.fi invaded by Finnish
police, who manage to get the identity of "-AB-" and then turn it over
immediately to the local OSA rep. But -AB- ultimately turns out to have
been a Thomas Gerard Rummelhart, who had been a radio officer for the
Scientology ship "Freewinds," then Director of Computerization at the
Church of Scientology's INCOMM organization. This incident nonetheless
results in the closing down of anon.penet.fi.]
SOURCE: Primarily "The Church of Scientology vs. anon.penet.fi," on the
web at http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/cos/rnewman/anon/penet.html

8 February 1995
Thomas Small and Helena Kobrin, representing RTC (and also--necessarily
so--acting as agents on behalf of CST) go to San Jose, "hundreds of
miles away from the site of the controversy," to file their Verified
Complaint for Injunctive Relief and Damages against Dennis Erlich, Tom
Klemesrud, and Net-Com for copyright infringement and trade secret
SOURCE: 8 February 1995 Verified Complaint for Injunctive Relief and
Damages for Copyright Infringement and Trade Secrets Misappropriation,
United States District Court Northern District of California, No.
C-95-20091-RMW, RTC and BPI v. Net-Com, Ehrlich, and Klemesrud.

Okay, *Stop* *Right* *There.* Robbie, honey, I'm just going to *freeze*
this for a minute. And you have to help me understand this.

Now, *WHY*, I ask myself.

Why? Why San Jose? Oh, sure, Net-Com is there, but the TWO other
defendants live near L.A. But do you know what *else* besides Net-Com is
up there near San Jose, though? Well, San Jose just happens to be just a
few miles from Morrison and Foerster's (MoFo's) home office in San
Francisco, and from MoFo's Palo Alto office. That's right: MoFo, who
would represent Dennis Erlich.

So *WHY*, I further ask myself, does MoFo--representing Erlich--have
listed among its "representative clients" the following:

Internal Revenue Service
(Fresh from a Secret Agreement with CST, RTC, Norman Starkey, et

al., employer of CST founder Meade Emory, employer of Scott
SRI International
(Birthplace of CIA-sponsored Remote Viewing, using OTs Hal
Puthoff and Ingo Swann, training CIA personnel with
Hubbard-written materials, with oversight by Dr. Louis "Jolly"
West of the American Family Foundation [AFF].)
Department of Justice
(Employer of Francis A. LeSourd and other Tax Division
attorneys at LeSourd & Patton in Seattle, where Meade Emory
and Leon Misterek were based when they founded CST.)


Is this *whole thing* just, like, one colossal macabre Punch'n'Judy show
or something, I ask myself? And if it *is*, then whose hands are in
these pathetic sock-puppets that appear on the stage to fight each
other? Who are the puppeteers and who are the puppets?


Well, whoever is putting on the show is putting on *quite* a show! And
now Thomas Small and CST-- (Oh. Excuse me. I mean, of *course*, "RTC."
Whaaaaaatever. Whatever makes you believe in the Tooth Fairy.) Well,
annnnywaaaaayz, "they" have their world-wide audience, and so "they" can
now perpetrate *this* little atrocity that makes headlines *everywhere*:

13 February 1995
Off-duty Sergeant Ed Eccles of the Inglewood Police Department, along
with approximately 25 other people, arrive at the home of Dennis Erlich.
Eccles says he has a writ of seizure that allows him to enter Erlich's
home, and that if Erlich doesn't open the door, he will carry out the
writ by force. After some discussion, six people enter Erlich's home.
Apart from Mr. Eccles, they include three people identified as officials
of the Religious Technology Center ("RTC"): Warren McShane, attorney
Thomas Small, and Paul Wilmhurst, RTC's computer operator. Also present
are on-duty Glendale police officer Steve Eggert, off-duty Inglewood
police officer Mark Fronterotta, and a private investigator hired by
RTC's counsel, Robert Shovlin. For seven hours, they copy and erase
files from two computers in Erlich's home, search his home and take
numerous items, partially kick in his garage door to attempt a search of
the garage, and have his home extensively photographed. Erlich calls his
attorney and the Cult Awareness Network to notify them that he is being
subjected to the search and seizure.
SOURCE: 8 December 1995 Affidavit of Dennis Erlich

9 May 1995
Attorneys for the defendants in RTC/BPI v. Net-Com, Erlich, and
Klemesrud take the deposition of RTC's Warren McShane in the offices of
Morrison Foerster. Klemesrud has as counsel Daniel A. Leipold.
SOURCE: Transcript of 9 May 1995 Deposition of Warren McShane

See?! I *told* you, Robbie! There's our little Danny-Boy Leipold,
sitting *right* in the thick of things now, allied with Morrison &
Foerster, pitted against Thomas Small and friends. Would you like to
borrow my little white-pearl binoculars and watch the stage *reeeeeal*
closely, Robbie, my love? Because coming out of the wings now is the
First Official Foreshadowing of the "Public Domain Allegations"...

July 1995
The law firm Morrison & Foerster files documents in the Dennis Ehrlich
defense, claiming, among other things, that there are "myriad defects
and inconsistencies in plaintiffs' [RTC's and BPI's]
SOURCE: "A.R.S. Week in Review," week ending 22 July 1995

Oh! These lawyers get my panties in *such* a wad! I just don't even know
where to start! That sentence is just *worthless*, start to finish!
Well-- *DUH!* How about the *main* "defect and inconsistency," which is
that RTC and BPI don't *own* the copyrights in the first place. The
copyrights belong to CST--NOT to RTC and BPI! Which MoFo *know* because
it was in the original Complaint filed by RTC and BPI, *and* it was in
the McShane deposition when McShane ADMITTED IT! Yes, I *KNOW* I'm
*SHOUTING*! It's so DAVE BIRD can hear me ACROSS THE POND! Sheeeeeeeesh!
Besides, there's nobody else here in the Library but us, silly boy.
Little Davey Sweetie-Tweety Bird sure won't be coming back anytime soon,
not since our *last* encounter. <SNICKER> I know, I am soooo bad, aren't
I. <GIGGLE> Can I just rest my feet up on your lap? I'm going to do my
nails now...

11 July 1995
For reasons unknown, and with jurisdiction unknown, attorney Daniel A.
Leipold--who is representing Tom Klemesrud in RTC v. Erlich et
al.--"assume[s] custody of the litigation files from Church of
Scientology v. Fishman containing the Fishman Declaration [a.k.a.
'Fishman Affidavit']." [NOTE: The source for this entry, referenced
below, has an incorrect date for the event as "July 11, 1996" rather
then the correct date of July 11, 1995. Perhaps the "1996" instead of
"1995" is an OCR error. Regardless, the same source goes on to say that
"twenty days later" Lerma makes his postings of the "Fishman Affidavit"
material to the internet--which happens at the end of July 1995 (see).]
SOURCE: 21 November 1996 ruling in United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

13 c. July 1995
Dennis Erlich posts on a.r.s.: "I am a guest in the home of Dr. Edward
and Priscilla Coates. Mrs. Coates, one of my very closest friends, is
coincidentally Director of the Los Angeles Affiliate of the Cult
Awareness Network."
SOURCE: "A.R.S. Week in Review" 16 July 1995

15 c. July 1995
Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma is made a director at F.A.C.T.Net.
SOURCE: Corporate records and testimony by Lerma and others in several
court cases cited herein.

31 July and 1 August 1995
Arnie Lerma posts to alt.religion.scientology the entire text of the
so-called "Fishman Affidavit," including all of the OT Levels. [NOTE:
There are conflicting and confusing accounts of exactly where and how
Lerma came by the documents he posted. The Washington Post wrote that
"some copies of the documents...got out" of the court clerk's office in
Los Angeles, then wrote: "Lerma says several former Scientologists
passed the copies among themselves and then gave them to him; he then
used a scanner to put them onto the Internet." But in a post to a.r.s.
dated 30 August 1995, posted for Arnie Lerma by "henri@netcom.com
(henry)"--who was in fact Rob Clark--Lerma himself says, "I ACTED as a
FACTNet director when I posted the Fishman-Geertz public records FROM
THE FACTNET ARCHIVES" (emphasis added to last four words). And in a
declaration dated 6 September 1995, Lerma says he did receive the
materials in the mail, but that: "Upon inspection, I determined that the
documents I had received in the mail likely were authentic copies of the
documents filed with the court in the Fishman action. I confirmed my
impression in a conversation with Lawrence Wollersheim, during which he
told me that the documents came from FACTNet's optical archive, and
indicated that the documents originally had been obtained from the
court's file." According to Lerma, the document "bore a stamp stating
that it had been filed in U.S. District Court on April 9, 1993" (see).
But Wollersheim later, under oath, denied Lerma's account, saying that
FACTNet didn't have the Fishman Affidavit (and accompanying OT Levels)
in an "optical archive," and that FACTNet's only copy was a hardcopy
that had been stored in Bob Penny's garage at the time.]
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of
LEIBY; ARS Week In Review 6 Aug 1995; 30 August 1995 post to a.r.s. by
Arnie Lerma via Rob Clark (henri), message ID

Robbie! *You* got into the middle of this?! <Tch!> Now *what* am I going
to do with you. But what are you doing on stage? I thought we were
sitting in the ARSCC Chimerical Library together. Um, watching a play.
Geeez, this spooky old Library is like a set in Ghelderode's
"Pantaglaize," isn't it--you see what you believe. But then, it's sort
of the same for the things happening before us. <BRRR! SHUDDER!>

4 August 1995
Attorney Melvin F. Jager, representing "RTC," sends a FAX to Arnie Lerma
threatening legal action if Lerma does not take immediate action to
remove from the Internet the material Lerma had posted.
SOURCE: Copy of the FAX as posted on the internet

5 or 6 August 1995
Arnie Lerma sends a hard copy of "the Fishman Affidavit" and the OT
Levels to Washington Post reporter Richard Leiby.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of
LEIBY; ARS Week In Review 6 Aug 1995

6 August 1995
Arnie Lerma responds to Melvin F. Jager, telling him that the materials
Lerma has posted to the internet were part of a public court record, and
that Jager's characterization of the materials as "stolen" is
"ludicrous." Lerma informs Jager that he, Lerma, has sent a copy of
Jager's letter, and Lerma's copy of the court documents from 91-6426 HLH
(Tx) [the CSI v. Fishman-Geertz case] to Richard Leiby, reporter at the
Washington Post newspaper." [NOTE: The "court documents" Lerma refers to
include the OT Levels.]
SOURCE: 6 August 1995 letter from Arnie Lerma to Melvin F. Jager

11 August 1995
"RTC" [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yeah, right. --Ed.] files a lawsuit against
Arnaldo Pagliarini "Arnie" Lerma, and against his internet provider,
Digital Gateway Systems.
SOURCE: 22 August 1995 Press Release from Leisa Goodman and Earle

12 August 1995
At 9:30 a.m., attorney Earl C. Cooley, attorney Helena Kobrin, President
of RTC Warren McShane, and others, accompanied by two federal marshalls
and a writ of seizure, raid Arnie Lerma's home, seizing computers,
computer files and disks, and other items. "RTC" representatives also
show up at the home of Washington Post reporter Richard Leiby wanting
Leiby to return to them the documents that Lerma had sent to Leiby. The
materials are returned to RTC--but at the same time, the Post is already
setting into motion a way to get the same documents from the California
court where the Fishman case is pending.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of
LEIBY; numerous public accounts of the raid, on file

Wow, Robbie! They sure are going to extreme lengths to let the audience
know that the Big Bad Wolf is "RTC," aren't they? OoooOOoo. *I'm*
convinced. Aren't you? Are the fingernail polish remover fumes getting
to you, honey? They do *not* mix well with the odor of peppermint
schnapps! Phew-wee!

14 August 1995
The Washington Post sends Kathryn Wexler, a news aide stationed in
California, to the United States District Court for the Central District
of California where the Fishman documents are filed. Although RTC has
been checking the Fishman file out every morning and holding it all day,
Wexler persuades a court clerk to take the file and make a copy of it
for her, which she sends to the Post in Washington.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of

15 August 1995
Larry Wollersheim issues a public statement on the Lerma raid: "The full
Board of Directors of FACTNet stands behind its fellow Board member,
Arnie Lerma, who acted in accordance with our organizational purposes in
distributing the legally obtained court record called the Fishman
affidavit. ...FACTNet's full financial, insurance, informational and
human resources will be used to defend Arnie Lerma." Wollersheim goes on
to urge that others "immediately begin putting up 100-1000 times more
Fishman affidavit type public records on Scientology into world wide
distribution on the Internet."
SOURCE: 15 August 1995 "FACTNET'S statement on SCIENTOLOGY'S RAID ON
FACTNET DIRECTOR ARNIE LERMA," by Larry Wollersheim, posted to the
internet by Bob Penny

15 August 1995
RTC files its THIRD motion to have the Fishman file sealed; after years
of it being unsealed, and two previous failed attempts, the court
finally agrees to seal the file [EDITOR'S NOTE: Uh, now that the
Washington Post has their copy --Ed.].
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of

19 August 1995
The Washington Post publishes an article, "Church in Cyberspace: Its
Sacred Writ is on the Net. Its Lawyers are on the Case," written by Marc
Fisher. Much is made of "RTC's" lawsuit against Lerma and the seizure of
his computer equipment, as well as the history of Scientology litigation
against its critics and the growing use of the Internet by Scientology
dissidents. The article includes three brief quotes (46 words) from
three of the OT Levels.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of

21 August 1995
In response to Larry Wollersheim's official corporate endorsement and
support of Arnie Lerma's actions as a FACTNet director, "attorneys for
RTC" (though all their actions are carried out as agents for
copyright-owners CST) file a verified complaint against Lawrence
Wollersheim, Robert Penny and F.A.C.T.Net, Inc. for injunctive relief
and damages for copyright infringement and trade secrets
SOURCE: 15 September 1995 Order denying RTC motion for prelinary
injunction in RTC v. Wollersheim, et al., Civ. A. No. 95-B-2143. United
States District Court, District of Colorado.

22 August 22 1995
RTC files its First Amended Verified Complaint in its lawsuit against
Lerma and his internet provider. The amended complaint adds The
Washington Post and its two reporters, Marc Fisher and Richard Leiby, as
additional defendants.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of

OooOOOOOOoo. Gosh, Robbie, do you think that having a completely
worthless suit filed in RTC's name against the Washington Post might get
some more ugly publicity spotlighting RTC and David Miscavige in
connection with the copyrights? Do you? You think it might? Jeeeeez, *I*
do. Wonder if the attorneys involved ever thought that thought? You
think? You know what: *I* do. Do you like this deep, deep red for my
nails? *I* do. Or do you think the pink?

22 August 1995
"Attorneys for RTC" [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yawn. Yeah. And for "the Scientology
Religion." They are indisputably acting as agents for copyright-owners
CST--but the propaganda line alway has to be worded as "Attorneys for
RTC." Their childish little game gets awfully transparent and awfully
tiresome after a while. --Ed.] obtain yet another writ of seizure, this
time from a Colorado judge, and raid F.A.C.T.Net--the homes of Larry
Wollersheim and F.A.C.T.Net Vice President Robert Penny--seizing all
computers and computer files plus other material.
SOURCE: Numerous legal documents, news media accounts, and internet
postings regarding the event, on file; 22 August 1995 Press Release from
Karen Pouw and Gail Armstrong.

Well! See, Rrrrrrobbie? And the curtain comes down on Act I as the
eeeeeeevil forces of "RTC" march off-stage like goose-stepping Nazis,
seizing the life-line computers of a wheel-chair-bound Robert Penny and
a self-styled free-speech advocate. <SUCKING BREATH!> Oh, Rrrrrrrobbie,
I am moved almost to *tears*! Aren't *you*? Who do you think *wrote*
this? It is just utterly *magnificent*!

Hmmmm. Gee, Robbie, wonder if *that'll* result in any more publicity to
focus all the attention on and stir up public sentiment against "RTC"?
Do you think it might, Rrrrrrobbie, my smart little sweetie? While
Sherman Lenske and his friends at CST peek out through the keyhole of
their little P.O. Box at Village Mail Call? Isn't this a *masterful*
script? Isn't it *fun*?

Oh! Act II is starting! Shhhhh--

23 August 1995
In a Biennial Report filed with the Colorodo Secretary of State
Corporations Section, the officers of F.A.C.T.Net are listed as:
Lawrence D. Wollersheim, President/Director; Robert C. Penny, Vice
President; Jan L. Merrill, Secretary/Treasurer. Under "Directors or
Limited Liability Managers" are listed Larry Wollersheim, Gerry
Armstrong, Arnie Lerma, and Kim Baker. The Registered Agent is changed
from Larry Wollersheim to Marcia J. Sunahara, Asst. Vice President of
"The Corporation Company" in Golden, Colorado.
SOURCE: 23 August 1995 Biennial Report as filed with Colorado Secretary
of State Corporations Office.

5 September 1995
More "RTC" agents, accompanied by a locksmith, local police, and two
U.S. "computer experts," enter the premises of XS4ALL (xs4all.nl), an
Internet service provider in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They demand
that XS4ALL remove a copy of the "Fishman Affidavit" from a customer's
web page. XS4ALL refuses to do so. Dutch Internet users protest the
action by putting over 100 copies of the Fishman documents on web sites
all over the country.
SOURCE: Ron Newman's "The Church of Scientology vs. the Net" web pages

8 September 1995
In a deposition, RTC President Warren McShane admits that 90% of all
royalty income collected by RTC goes to CST.
SOURCE: 8 September 1995 testimony of Warren McShane, Denver, Colorado

12 September 1995
In an oral ruling from the bench, Judge Kane in Colorado orders that RTC
return all seized materials to FACTNet. The judge's comments include the
following statement regarding the trade secret status of OT Levels
material: "The evidence shows the materials are in fact in the public
domain, and I am not persuaded by the evidence presented here that they
entered the public domain only through unlawful means." [NOTE: This
bench ruling is followed by a written Order on 15 September 1995. Note
also that although the judge's remarks on "public domain" are qualified
in context as being specifically in regard to "trade secret" status,
nonetheless the judge uses the unfortunate and ambiguous wording that
"the MATERIALS (emphasis added) are in the public domain."]
SOURCE: 12 September 1995 ruling in the United States District Court for
the District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-B-2143 RELIGIOUS
TECHNOLOGY CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

22 September 1995
A court order is issued in RTC/BPI v. Net-Com, Erlich, and Klemesrud:
"The District Court, Whyte, J., held that: (1) church's copyrights were
likely to be valid; (2) defendant's use of the works was not likely to
be fair use; ...(4) church was entitled to enjoin unauthorized posting
of copyrighted works; ...Ordered accordingly." The ruling goes on to say
that "Erlich's contention that item 4 of Exhibit A ('20 Nov 1961,
Routine 3D Commands') has fallen into the public domain appears to be
correct." Beyond that one bulletin, though, the rulling finds: "Erlich's
next claim is that plaintiffs have not registered the works that were
infringed, but only the compilations in which they were included. Where,
as here, the author of a collection or derivative work is also the
author of the preexisting work, registration of the collection is
sufficient. ...Erlich's next argument, that plaintiffs have not shown
that Hubbard's statutory successors assigned the renewal terms of the
copyrights to plaintiffs, is clearly rebutted by the evidence."
SOURCE: 22 September 1995 Order in United States District Court Northern
District of California, No. C-95-20091-RMW, RTC and BPI v. Net-Com,
Ehrlich, and Klemesrud.

<SIIIIIIGH!> Well, now we have *one* judge saying that the "evidence
shows the materials are in the public domain," and *another* judge, ten
days later, saying that the "copyrights are likely to be valid."
Couldn't you just *scream*! Yes, I'm okay. Well, I mean, I need to
straighten my straps, but my darn nails are wet! Could you just... Mmmm.

25 September 1995
In Seattle, a jury awards Jason Scott $4,875,000.00 in his suit against
the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), Rick Ross, Charles Simpson and Mark
Workman. Jason Scott's attorney is CST attorney Kendrick Moxon.
SOURCE: 29 September 1995 Press Release

3 October 1995
A new order in RTC vs. FACTNet, et al., places some of the contested
property in the custody of the court, amending the 12 September 1995
ruling ordering RTC to return all seized property.
SOURCE: 3 October ruling in the United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants. [NOTE
REGARDING REFERENCED SOURCE: This case is variously referred to, in
different electronic copies of the court documents, as "95-K-2143" and
as "95-B-2143." There is no way to tell, without conformed copies,
whether this is an actual distinction, or merely the result of sloppy
OCRing. The original complaint was amended to include another plaintiff,
B.P.I., but there is no apparent consistency to show that this changed
the case number designation from "B" to "K" or vice versa."]

10 October 1995
F.A.C.T.Net Director Kim Baker resigns.
25 October 1995 Declaration of Kim Baker

25 October 1995
Former F.A.C.T.Net Director Kim Baker issues a declaration that says, in
part: "I have...come to realize that FACTNet's only real purpose is to
destroy Scientology. The main active members of FACTNet are Lawrence
Wollersheim, Bob Penny, and Arnie Lerma. There are also FACTNet
volunteers Vaughn and Stacy Young, Joe Harrington and Jeff Jacobsen.
.I learned through my association with FACTNet that their only
activity is to attack Scientology through litigation and the spreading
of inflammatory information about the Church of Scientology through a
computerized bulletin board service and through the Internet. ...What
FACTNet is doing is vilifying the Church on the Internet and advocating
the destruction of its trade secrets and copyrights. Being a board
member I was in close touch with Wollersheim, Penny and others involved
with FACTNet and our whole work centered on implementing ways in which
to attack the Church of Scientology or work on raising funds ostensibly
to cover the costs of the lawsuit brought by the Church for copyright
infringement. ...I learned from Wollersheim that he procured the
[million dollar insurance] coverage because he was expecting to, and
hoping to, get sued. Based on the information Wollersheim disclosed,
such as his copying and dissemination of the Fishman declaration with
the Church's copyrighted upper level materials...it is apparent that
Wollersheim had been planning to get sued from the beginning and that
his efforts to get an insurance carrier were part of the plan to fund
litigation with the Church and make money on the side by requesting
funds from the members. Insurance funding also means that funding would
be available for Scientology 'litigation consultants' such as Vaughn
Young, who is a FACTNet volunteer insider. ...In [a] message to FACTNet
insiders, Wollersheim instructed us to brief members of the free zone
about the jeopardy that the trade secrets and copyrights were in after
the first ruling in Denver Federal Court. Wollersheim instructed us to
give out information to the free zoners as to how beneficial it would be
to them to have all the restrictions removed from the usage of the trade
secret and copyrighted materials. He said to 'start people thinking
about the new version of Scientology.' ...Through my dealings with
Lawrence Wollersheim and Arnie Lerma, it has become very clear to me
that their true intention is to destroy Scientology and that FACTNet was
set up for this purpose. The distribution of Scientology's copyrighted
and trade secret materials on the Internet is a key element of their
plan. ...I am aware, based on the e-mail I've had with Arnie Lerma, that
Lerma was trying to figure out how to post the upper level materials in
a way that would get around it being a copyright violation and Lerma
acknowledged that he was aware these materials are confidential and that
they are copyrighted. ...Another example of FACTNet's true agenda was
made clear in an e-mail sent to me by Wollersheim on October 11, 1995,
in which he stated that...he would see to it the Church was going to
lose all trade secret and copyright protection for Church's upper level
materials. ...As part of his plan to destroy the trade secret and
copyright protection of the Church's materials, Wollersheim concocted a
scheme of creating negative publicity for the Church on the Internet by
having several FACTNet supporters do postings falsely promoting the line
that Scientology is anti-Christian or is linked to black magic. He
communicated this plan to me in e-mail messages and told me that he
wanted to keep the Church busy defending these false allegations so that
they could not properly defend themselves on the copyright and trade
secret issue. He instructed me to coordinate a FACTNet volunteer team to
promote dialog around the Fishman documents, linking them to occultism,
black magic and Nazism. I did this, and Joe Harrington and Vaughn Young
participated. ..."
SOURCE: 25 October 1995 Declaration of Kim Baker

28 November 1995
A summary judgement is issued by United States District Judge Leonie M.
Brinkema in favor of the Washington Post, Marc Fisher, and Richard
Leiby, and against RTC.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of

28 November 1995
Robert Gates, former director of the CIA, admits on national television
that the "intelligence community" has invested at least $20 million in
psychic intelligence techniques over a "sixteen-year period." [EDITOR'S
NOTE: The "sixteen-year period" is a flat-out lie. So Gates is a liar,
telling more public lies to protect the other government-paid liars who
have done nothing but lie about the remote viewing program since day
one. The first known CIA contract for the CIA-sponsored remote-viewing
program is dated 1 October 1972--almost twenty-three years prior to this
lie by Gates--and the program is known to have been active at least into
1995. (Just the latest "we don't do that any more.") So it's is a safe
bet that Gates lied about the dollar amount as well. --Ed.]
SOURCE: "Nightline" interview with Robert Gates

5 May 1996
An anonymous poster posts the entire contents of the New Era Dianetics
for OTs (NOTs) pack to alt.religion.scientology through the Hacktic
anonymous remailer. The person uses the handle "Vorlon." For the first
time, the entirety of NOTs is freely available on the Internet.
SOURCE: Numerous Usenet posts and messages on the subject, on file.

21 June 1996
Having failed in an earlier attempt to reorganize under a Chapter 11
bankruptcy as a result of the Jason Scott case, the Cult Awareness
Network (CAN) declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy and closes its doors, its
assets coming under the jurisdiction of a federal Trustee.
SOURCE: 21 June 1996 press release issued by CAN; internet postings
surrounding the event, on file.

27 September 1996
In United States District Court, District of Colorado, a motion is filed
in RTC v. Wollersheim to allow Graham E. Berry to represent F.A.C.T.Net
in the case.
SOURCE: 21 November 1996 ruling in United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

OooooOOooo, Rrrrrrrobbie, this is Berry, Berry interesting, don't you

4 October 1996
Judge Leonie M. Brinkema issues a Memorandum Opinion in RTC v. Lerma, et
al. in which she grants summary judgement for RTC against Arnie Lerma
for copyright infringement--the only undisposed issue left in the case.
The ruling is perhaps most significant because of the egregious
falsehoods entered into the public record by Brinkema regarding the
ownership of the copyrights. In one place, Brinkema states that Lerma
does not "dispute that RTC properly owns the copyright interest in these
Works," leaving the very false impression that RTC does own the
copyright interest. RTC does not and never did. Copyright records later
obtained from the Library of Congress/United States Copyright Office
(which were not broadly available or easily accessible at the time of
Brinkema's ruling) show clearly that the registrations for the disputed
works at issue in the ruling were ALL filed in the United States
Copyright Office by "Norman F. Starkey as executor of the Estate of L.
Ron Hubbard d.b.a. L. Ron Hubbard Library" as Claimant, at a time when
Sherman Lenske was Starkey's attorney. ALL right and title to those
copyrights were then indisputably transferred by Norman F. Starkey to
the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) on 29 November 1993. Yet
Brinkema's ruling goes so far as to state blatant lies, such as "RTC has
registered the OT Documents with the copyright office in batches as part
of a series." She even says that RTC has filed with the court "a
certificate of copyright registration" for each of the exhibits
containing the disputed Works, and then lists the Copyright Office's
Registration Numbers for each of the disputed collections of works, and
their dates of registration. They are:


TXu 290-496 30 January 1987
TXu 303-388 17 September 1987
TXu 257-326 10 November 1986
TXu 303-384 1 September 1987
TXu 303- 386 1 September 1897

Comparing those exact registration numbers and dates to a now-available
database of the Copyright Office registrations reveals that every single
one of them, without exception, was filed by "Norman F. Starkey as
executor of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard d.b.a. L. Ron Hubbard Library."
Yet Brinkema still blatantly, falsely characterizes each of these as
"RTC's copyrighted document." [EDITOR'S NOTE: There are two possible
explanations: 1) Brinkema was paid off, blackmailed, or extorted by
government or CST agents (is there a difference these days?) to enter
the false information into the public record, or, 2) Brinkema was shown
forged "certificates of registration." Of course there is always the
third possibility of stupidity on her part, but if she were that stupid
she could never have found the courthouse. --Ed.]
SOURCE: 4 October 1996 Memorandum Opinion in RTC v. Lerma, CIV.A. No.
95-1107-A. United States District Court, E.D. Virginia, Alexandria

10 October 1996
In United States District Court, District of Colorado, Defendants
F.A.C.T.Net and Wollersheim file a motion to admit Daniel A. Leipold to
represent Larry Wollersheim in the case.
SOURCE: 21 November 1996 ruling in United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

Yes, yes, my dear, dear, sweet and loveable Robbie. Here, as we sit
together in the lonely, darkened Library, quietly sipping Peppermint
Schnapps and indulging in Kisses--the chocolate kind--there arises the
spectre of dapper Danny Leipold. Again. Emerging with Graham Berry in
the flames of the copyrights conflagration. But isn't Dan dapper,
sailing into Colorado to fiddle while Rome burns. Well, not Rome,
really--just his beloved CAN...

23 October 1996
The Cult Awareness Network, Inc.'s servicemark and trademark rights,
including rights to the use of the CAN stylized logo, are sold as part
of a $20,000.00 purchase of CAN assets in the federal bankruptcy court.
Steven Hayes, of the law firm of Bowles & Hayes, buys the assets.
[Bowles is Timothy Bowles, formerly of Bowles and Moxon; Kendrick Moxon
is an attorney for CST. The purchase becomes final 7 days later, on
October 30, 1996.]
SOURCE: "In Retrospect: Cult Awareness Network" on the web at:

21 November 1996
In United States District Court, District of Colorado, Judge Kane grants
motions for Graham Berry to represent F.A.C.T.Net, and for Daniel A.
Leipold to represent Larry Wollersheim in RTC v. F.A.C.T.Net et al.
SOURCE: 21 November 1996 ruling in United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

Well, <SIGH> *I'd* say that "The Return of Graham Berry and Dan
Leipold," and the murderous demise of CAN--who had been in line to
inherit the assets of F.A.C.T.Net--marks the curtain for Act II and the
beginning of Intermission before the final stunning act in this
tragicomedy of lies and deception.

My tummy is grumbling! I'm going to just *run* to the fridge in the
Cloak Room *real quick* and make us some sandwiches. How about
braunschweiger and sweet onion with cream cheese and brown mustard?
Doesn't that sound just *yummy*? Oh! And it will give me a chance to get
out of this binding *bra*!

I'll be *right* *back*!

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

- ------------------------------------------------------------------
*The ARSCC, like its spreading-cream-cheese just *everywhere* Librarian,
does not exist.

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