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From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (The Librarian)
Subject: Re: Part 3, 1976-A
Date: 2000/03/03
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"Chip Gallo" <cgallo@intrepid.net> sent me the *sweetest* little love
note when he wrote, in message <38bbd78e.0@news2.lightlink.com>:

>Jay Armstrong was Info BR II director around 1979. This was after
>Bruce Ullman left the post and went back to LA. Jay's wife was named
>Patty so she probably is the Patty Pease you mention here.

You come *right* over here, Chip Gallo, you adorable little thing, and
let me snuggle your head in my perfumed bosom, and give you big, wet,
sloppy kisses all over! You just don't *know* how I love a man who
brings me HARD FACTS! Mmwah, kiss, kiss, kiss, Mmmmmmmwah! OH! I could
just squeeze you to *pieces*. Now, I hope you naughty little ARSers will
take this darling little Chip as an *example*!

>He definitely wasn't Gerald Wolfe, although I supposed GW could have
>masqueraded as him.

Well, Chip, honey, I don't believe the Time Line suggested that; it
questioned whether it might be a psuedonym for Gerald *ARMSTRONG*, not
Gerald Wolfe (see the original entry from the database, which you so
*thoughtfullly* provided, below). But it looks like you even cleared
THAT up, too! Darling, *darling* Chip! You can visit *my* cloakroom ANY
time, sweetheart!


>>Monday, 05 c. April 1976
>>Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner take investigators Patty Pease and
>>Jay Armstrong into the main IRS building Information Bureau and make
>>counterfeit IRS identification for them.
>>OUTPOINTS: DROPPED-OUT TIME: No exact date is given for this, just
>>"in April," and a reference to "early April." We have no idea who
>>Patty Pease or "Jay" Armstrong. Any relation to Gerald Armstrong? A
>>psuedonym for Gerald Armstrong? He is believed to have been in DC at
>>this time [see entry for 01 c. March c. 1976].
>>SOURCE: Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington,
>>HUBBARD, et. al.

Well, I am just *singing* as I update my copy.

Of course, NOBODY has knocked on my back door with a bottle of bubbly
wanting to play "STUMP THE LIBRARIAN" (strip version, of course) on this
1972-1982 Time Line. Gawd! What is *happening* with you people?!? Are
the seams in my hose wrinkled, or something? I mean, like, *what* is

Where is that exciting (yawn) ARS Resident Histrionic Historian, Chris
"If the Facts Don't Fit, Bludgeon Them" Owen? I mean, I thought *surely*
he would be beating down my *door* to get in here and rip me naked over
this thing!

And, speaking of Gerald Armstrong (well, I *was* just a sec ago, a
couple of paragraphs back), it seems like he could march in here and
just leave me weak and *wet* if he wanted to, because he was RIGHT THERE
in Washington, D.C., right *in* that brownstone with L. Ron Hubbard,
while those nasty government stooges...I mean, uh, GO criminals...were
just down the *street* ransacking Intelligence branches of the
government. And Gerald Armstrong was handling ALL of the Old Man's
traffic, like, the *whole* time! Oooooo, Gerry, honey--come on *down*
and let's *party* with some HARD, HARD, FACTS! I want you sooooo bad!

As for Zed, well, I think I have *al-most* given up on Zed after he
broke my heart so long ago. (Sigh) Zed, darling, wherever you are, I'll
never forget the way you stood for truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but hard facts, and you *always* have a warm place right *h-e-r-e.* Yes,
sweety, that *is* where my heart is. You can feel it pounding there,
whenever I think about you. Kisses, my darling, long-lost Zed.

And that darn Sheriff Ron seems to have taken a sabbatical or something!
Who the heck is going to keep the peace if I get, like, *gang* tackled
on this Time Line thing?

Oh, well. I *did* get a whole new collection of satin paisleys, and I am
dusted *everywhere* with Crabtree & Evelyn (you could just *faint*), and
I have painted my toenails a deep, luscious red, and *I* am *ready*. If,
that is, anybody wants to play.

Otherwise, I have still got just *scads* of research to do on all the
*other* years of this Time Line. So, don't worry boys. If you want to
stay home and play pocket pool, your dear Librarian has *plenty* to keep
her busy.

Toodles, kiddies. And Chip, darling: Here's one *quick* little peek of
paisley--JUST for YOU!

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

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*The ARSCC, like its (PEEKABOO!) pert little Librarian, does not exist.

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