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From: martinottmann@yahoo.com (Martin Ottmann)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Jihad puts Mike Gormez on his OSA goon page
Date: 25 Feb 2004 15:57:12 -0800
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pts_2@webtv.net (pts2) wrote in message news:<c39de0a7.0402231851.53ab3231@posting.google.com>...

> > >> Kudos to you!!!
> > >
> > >Yes, congratulations from me too! Welcome to this exclusive club!
> Martin, how is it exclusive? What rare deed does one have to do here
> to achieve such lofty status?

One has to have the courage to criticize the self-styled "prophet of
God". Subsequently the "prophet" allows then the person entry to the
club of the chosen ones:


> "Not" return to some REAL "relegious"
> beliefs? Not be a Christian? A Jew? I'm lost here.

No wonder! You were busy fighting your own religious battle with Diane
Richardson on OCMB.

> Help me, I don't
> get your antagonism? Is it cyberspace polictics I'm missing? You and
> I where on the Dec. 1997 Lisa M. panel together in Clearwater, FL and
> spoke out against the cult right?


> Has something changed for you?

Has something changed for me during the past 6 years? Yes, a lot has

> You're in Germany right?


> Have you ever thought about meeting with
> Gerry face-to-face to hash out what bugs you both?

No, it never entered my mind. What I had to say about Armstrong's
ludicrous *blinking* (letter-size changing) OSA-page, I have
communicated via ars. In response he created a page about me, and
insinuated that my comments about him were part of an OSA operation.
Isn't that stupid?


> > I wish to thank all the people congratulating me. I feel honored to be
> > amongst you fine and upstanding folks. It is as if I passed an exam of
> > sorts. I feel so validated!
> Validation is not a product of being on some ex-$cienos' list Mikey.
> I thought you knew that! :(
> When you make it on $cn cult's list of (perceived) enemies, or
> worse....thee ultimate, Diane Richardson's list,

Interesting, Tom. While you are trying to tell me to stop criticizing
other critics, because per your opinion everybody in the critics'
circle should get along fine with the others, bla, bla, bla, you
continue your own Palestinian/Israel war against your private nemesis
Diane Richardson (in the same post). Why don't you clean your own
house first?





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