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Subject: The Simple Truth
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 11:20:03 +0100 (CET)
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1. Agents of the NSA and associated agencies infiltrated Scientology in
the late 1960's to steal L. Ron Hubbard's upper-level research on the
mind and spirit. These agents were then set up by the CIA in a secret
facility at Stanford Research Institute to develop remote viewing as a
military intelligence tool for the United States federal government and
her allies.

2. L. Ron Hubbard was abducted by United States and multi-national
federal agents in early December 1972, almost immediatly after early
major successes of the remote viewing program using the stolen Hubbard
materials and technologies.

3. With Hubbard himself under control, an agent named Ken Urquhart (who
had infiltrated Scientology highest executive levels in the late '60s
and had planted and disseminated false and potentially derogatory
information about Hubbard) implemented in Scientology organizations the
"Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF)--a program based on fear, physical
and mental duress, and coercion, which had been developed by CIA-funded
psychiatrists after several decades of CIA research and experimentation
on brainwashing. The purpose of this crucial phase was to have in place
a mechanism to run totalitarian control on Sea Org members (bypassing
and nullifying all Scientology ethics and justice systems), throughout
the ensuing phases of take-over.

4. Agencies of the federal government of the United States and several
of her allies, including Great Britain, ran a multi-national,
multi-level domestic and foreign operation and secured all of the few
existing copies of L. Ron Hubbard's upper-level research on the spirit
and the mind, and planted fake, forged and altered versions in
Scientology organizations. Robert Vaughn Young was a federal agent
working in the Guardian's Office as a double agent. He even admitted
that as early as 1974 the Department of Justice and FBI already had
actual upper level, confidential Scientology (OT) materials in their
files: "We didn't know how they got in there [lie], but they were in the
government files as well, yes."

5. The Guardian's Office, headed by L. Ron Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue,
filed numerous Freedom of Information Act suits against the NSA, CIA,
DIA, FBI, the Justice Department, the IRS, and other agencies of the
federal government that, if successful, would have exposed what had been

6. Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office were then subjected to
extortion (including the murder of the Hubbards' son, Quentin) and a
massive and elaborate federal frame-up. The Guardian's Office was
destroyed, with its senior officials, including Mary Sue Hubbard,
sentenced to jail. All of its FOIA cases were nullified.

7. Federally-appointed receivers (attorneys) then took over legal
control of all Scientology organizations, and all of L. Ron Hubbard's
business and personal affairs and intellectual properties, and all
Scientology finances. They completely gutted the structure L. Ron
Hubbard had set up over twenty-five years, and reorganized it as
corporations structured specifically to be put under IRS control as 501
(c)(3) corporations--which they ultimately were--and as super-secret

8. Around the same time (late 70's to early 80's), these federal
attorneys and agents began a long-running (and still-running) campaign
to dilute and ultimately destroy Scientology from the inside by
inundating the organizations with confusing and destructive "official"
issues called "Board Technical Bulletins," "Board Policy Letters," and
"Scientology Policy Directives," as well as by replacing the actual
works of L. Ron Hubbard with covertly altered and re-written versions.

9. At around the same time that the corporate takeover was occurring
(late 70's to early 80's), the fake versions of the upper levels,
including the infamous "Xenu" OT III, were intentionally leaked to media
in order to discredit Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. Robert Vaughn
Young was actively involved in the first important "leak" of these
forgeries--to the The Las Vegas Review Journal. On August 10, 1980, it
published an account of the OT materials. Since then, they have been
intentionally "leaked" numerous times into the media and the internet.

10. The entire purpose of the copyright "infringements" and suits and
controversy was to spread these forgeries as far and wide as possible
(while simultaneously earning huge fees for the attorneys), and to
create as large a swell of adverse public opinion against L. Ron Hubbard
and Scientology as possible. Meanwhile, the original works have been
buried in titanium vaults in remote and inhospitable areas by the
federally-created corporation that owns all the intellectual
property--the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST). It is the specific
intention of CST and the governments involved that the original,
unaltered, unaldulterated works be completely inaccessible to the public


The amount of evidence that supports the above statements is truly
overwhelming. It has been amassed, cataloged, shared, sifted, and
analyzed by independent groups and individuals in countries around the
world, and the body of evidence grows daily. Most of those involved in
the collection and analysis and dissemination of the evidence and
information have chosen wisely to remain anonymous. The ones who haven't
have been uniformly subjected to vicious and relentless character
assassination--at best.

Obviously, the bulk of the evidence is circumstantial. Only idiots would
expect or clamor for a single "smoking gun," or for a sudden public
sheepish confession from the governments, federal agencies, and
individuals involved. But only idiots--or the covert agents assigned to
keep the truth from coming out--would continue to ignore or try to
explain away the enormous body of evidence that does exist.

A wise man once defined "paranoid" as "someone who has found out what is
*really* going on." The above is the simple truth about what happened to
L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. Ultimately, the entire truth will out.

The favorite tool of covert agents and other people who can't think very
well is "Occam's Razor." In the hands of a covert agent, it always
slices one and only one way: "there is no evil in government, the
government has done nothing wrong, there is no conspiracy anywhere about
anything, and so now that I've explained that too you, moron, whatever
you have left is the simple solution so you better use that, buddy,
'cause I know how to say 'Occam's Razor,' which makes me smarter and
less paranoid than you."

They utter these idiocies-disguised-as-erudition because they have no
concept of the original concept behind "Occam's Razor"--which was not
originated by William of Ockham, anyway. That concept is: "Pluralitas
non est ponenda sine neccesitate" or "plurality should not be posited
without necessity." The idiot-agents, and those who buy the lies of the
idiot-agents, aren't bright enough to realize that any goverment is, by
definition, a plurality, and its acts are the act of a plurality of some
size, known or unknown, without any unecessary positing occurring

But rest assured that this post will have the covert agents who monitor
alt.religion.scientology leaping out from their hidey-holes, weilding
"Occam's Razor" like flashing switchblades, and/or weilding the
"Paranoid" label like a club.

So? The facts accumulate, the analysis continues, methodically. The
idiots and agents catcalling from the sidelines are ignored. Ultimately
they are gone. They are temporary and have no effect except on other
idiots. The facts remain. The facts shall not be moved.

The following people (not meant to be a complete list) have been exposed
as likely being informed covert agents who were or are actively involved
in one or more of phases 1-10 above:

Robert Vaughn Young
Stacy Brooks Young
Gerald "Gerry" Armstrong (Canada)
Ken Urquhart
Norman F. Starkey (South Africa)
Kendrick "Rick" Moxon
Chris Owen (England--British Ministry of Defence)
Harold "Hal" Puthoff
Ingo Swann

The following attorneys (not meant to be a complete list) are believed
to be informed and principal parties to one or more phases:

Sherman Lenske
Stephen Lenske
Meade Emory (former Assistant to Commissioner of IRS)
Leon Misterek
Lawrence E. Heller
Eric Lieberman
Monique Yingling
Gerald Feffer
Norton Karno
Michael Flynn






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