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From: milne@crl.com (Andrew Milne)
Subject: Re: UK MEDIA 1987: Review of Bare Faced Messiah
Date: 1996/03/19
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Martin Poulter (plmlp@mail.bris.ac.uk) wrote:
: Sunday Times
: 15 Nov 87
: Books: Face to face with fanaticism /
: Review of 'Bare-Faced Messiah' by Russell Miller


: BARE-FACED MESSIAH by Russell Miller/Michael Joseph Pounds 12.95 pp390

The following is a letter written to Miller's publishers in 1987,
showing the venality and falsity of Miller's book.

4201 Peachtree Place
Alexandria, Virginia 22304
USA October 4, 1987

Alan Brooke, Managing Director,
Michael Joseph Ltd.,
27 Wright's Lane
London W 8,

Dear Mr. Brooke,

I am addressing you and your good organization on a matter of
current and signal importance. Quite simply put, it involves the
question of the moral philosophy and responsibility of your
publishing house, and has been instigated as a result of a
reading of the manuscript of a work by Russell Miller on the
life of L. Ronald Hubbard.

The particular reason for this letter stems from reading a copy
of a book to be published under your imprimatur with the title
"Bare Faced Messiah" and written by Russell Miller. This book
purports to be a biography of L. Ron Hubbard. As a work of the
biographer's art, this book takes the low read.

Would the New Testament be read and cherished by anyone today if
Judas Iscariot had been the author of the "Life of Christ?" To
be believed and to be honest a true biography must be written by
an honorable man who himself reveres the memory of his subject.
The biographer must agree with most of us that "To live in
hearts we leave behind, is not to die." The most despicable kind
of murder is that committed by the false biographer. Nothing is more
distasteful than the discovery that a man, who claims to
write the story of another's life, does so with evil intent.

Such is the book you plan to publish and distribute. This is the
work done by your minion, Russell Miller. It is a disgrace to
your house and those who have chosen to take such a course.

I was alerted to the course this work was taking when I read on
page two of the Preface the name of one, Gerry Armstrong. I know
quite a bit about this young man and about his machiavellian
schemes and malicious sponosrs.

Some years ago I discovered that there is a regular "Dog and
Pony" show that had been put together by unscrupulous principals
and their lawyers who intended to get rich suing and defaming
Mr. Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. To do that they had
collected, trained and financed a selected group of dissidents
from the Church of Scientology and used them in many courts, on
TV and in the media to tell stories that have been fabricated
or warped from the inexperience, venality and immaturity of
their court-room puppeteers. The London Sunday Times broke a
spear on that one not too many years ago.

When I first came into this work, I discovered that many of the
people with the Church, among them many who were working with
their own lawyers to develop a defense in these cases, did not
know, themselves, the intricate workings of deep, Navy
intelligence...where Hubbard worked. Unlike MI-5's Peter Wright,
Ron Hubbard was of the old school. He never revealed important
intelligence sources and methods. As a result, in some cases,
these Church members themselves had been unable to properly
brief their own counsel in order to defend themselves from these
imaginative lawyers as they ought to have done. This factor
appeared to lend credence, in court documents, to many untrue
and highly imaginative stories.

From the "Gerry Armstrong" in the preface and on through the
manuscript Miller has exploited these shameless puppets choosing
the low road rather than going to those who might have provided
him with the facts. He was given the chance. He refused it.

Among the many weaknesses of this troubled writing one stands
out above the rest, and strangely it is a veiled one of
ommission. In his endeavor to paint this man Hubbard in as bad
light as he could this hack almost totally ignored the fact that
L. Ron Hubbard had served with the U.S. Navy on active duty from
a period beginning before America's entry into WW II on Dec 7,
1941 and throughout the war...in that silent service... Naval
Intelligence. He uses that military term once in his manuscript.

From this contrived point of view, Miller handles the subject
adroitly. On page 87 in the Chapter "The Here Who Never Was" he writes:

"On 24 November [1941], after six weeks' leave [sic]
he [Hubbard] was posted to Headquarters, Third Naval
District, in New York, for training as an Intelligence

There it is! This is the way this pseudo-biographer handles one
of the most important periods of his subject's lifetime. Nothing
reveals the venality and sham of Miller's work more than this
cavalier treatment of Hubbard's intelligence service. This
writer tackles this subject by the simple expedient of
ommission. He never mentions the word again. This would be like
writing a biography of Charles A. Lindbergh without mentioning
the fact that he was a pilot, or of writing about Winston
Churchill without some mention of his role during WW II.

Since this is an important subject, the book becomes less than
worthless without it. Let me explain who I am and why I feel so
strongly about what you and your writer are doing.

I joined the U.S. Army in June of 1941; Hubbard joined the Navy
in July 1941. We served contemporaneously during the long years
of WW II. I served in the Southwest Pacific area during WW II as
an air force pilot. I stayed with the Air Force after the war
and in 1955 I began a nine-year assignment with the headquarters
U.S. Air Force as Chief of the office of Special Operations. This
use of the term "Special Operations" covers the meaning of "Air
Force support of the clandestine operations of the CIA." After
five years in that capacity I was assigned to the Office of the
Secretary of Defense [Gates and McNamara] in the same function.
This was followed by two more years as Chief of Special
Operations with the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [similar
function including responsibility for all services.]

As a result of this vast experience, and related military
service, I know the intelligence business at first hand, at the
highest levels, and quite thoroughly. I have written a book on
the subject, "The Secret Team" published by Prentice-Hall and
later by Ballantine.

It may be pertinent to note here, that during my long and
top-level relationship with the US/CIA I had frequent contact
with our friends in London. In fact I worked with authors and
knew about the special arrangements that existed between those
authors, our CIA and its friends in the British publishing
business. I have on my shelves books written by Americans, fully
funded by the CIA, and first published by your more prominent
associates in London. It may well be that certain elements of
that peculiar experience add to my unique understanding of the
possible relationship between Michael Joseph Ltd and Russell
Miller and why they have chosen to take this pejorative position
with respect to L. Ron Hubbard. Would you agree with that?

Some ten years ago, or more, because of this unusual experience
and background, I was asked by a law firm representing the
Church of Scientology to provide it with "expert witness"
assistance on, among other things, matters relating to the
military record of L. Ron Hubbard. As a result I have read most
of the public record, in fact I wrote some of it, that Miller
neglected to utilize, and much more.

I have worked with various of the law firms on behalf of the
Church of Scientology on a number of cases in many countries on
these subjects. In this process I discovered many things about
what was available of Hubbard's military record that had been
misinterpreted or ignored by others...many important things.

For example: Almost all of Hubbard's millitary record is replete
with markings that signify deep intelligence service at the
highest levels. Many of his records, copies of official records,
revealed that even the originals had been fabricated in
the manner peculiar to the intelligence community in a process
that we call "Sheep Dip". I myself have supervised a lot of that
function in the offices I managed during 1955-1964.

"Sheep Dip" is a process that provides, customarily, three
files. One is the true civilian record of the agent. One is his
agency or military true record. The third is his "cover"
personality and all that it takes to support it.

Thus when one researches these files, in a routine manner, he
may get copies from any one of three...or of various kindred
files that are maintained for special reasons. Some of
Hubbard's records are kept in from 8 to 18 files as is clearly
noted in codes on the records.

Many of Hubbard's critics make light of his "war related
injuries". The official "Notice of Separation from the U.S.
Naval Service" dated and signed 6 Dec 45 includes a Section 34
that lists "Purple Heart (Palm)".

The Purple Heart medal is awarded only to those wounded in
action. The Palm is awarded in lieu of a second Purple Heart and
signifies that the recipient had been wounded in ation on at
least two occasions.

Miller treats the subject of Hubbard's "wounds" as though they
were non-existent; yet, on page 218, he quotes a "Ray Kemp...
a Royal Navy radar technician" saying:
"I knew he had been wounded because one night he kept
complaining of a pain in his side and when he stood
up a little bit of shrapnell [sic] fell out from under
his shirt."

As with the subject of "Intelligence" and with the "wounds", this
author simply dropped the subject when it did not fit his
contrived scenario. The official U.S. Navy record establishes
that Hubbard had sustained wounds in action before Dec 1945.

Miller closes out Hubbard's military career with the statement:

"Unfortunately, his US Navy record indicates he was
awarded just four medals-"

As mentioned above, he had two medals, ie. the Purple Heart with
Palm. This same Section 34 of the Notice of Separation lists
"Asiatic-Pac. Theatre (3 stars)." The Asiatic- Pacific Theatre
was a most active region and during Hubbard's service therein,
early 1942, bitter combat was frequent. The award of that medal
was for participation in that theatre during time of war and the
Three Stars were awarded for participation in three combat
campaigns in that theatre. Lacking data to the contrary it is not
too difficult to conclude that his wounds wre
received there and that this was the basis for the award of
these two Purple Heart medals during action in those three
combat campaigns.

Since Hubbard's service at that time was with an intelligence
activity, available records do not provide details of the action
or of injuries sustained in the Asiatic-Pacific theatre. (I
myself have an award, the Legion of Merit, that was given to me
by the U.S.Air Force in lieu of an award made to me by Allen
Dulles when he was the Director of Central Intelligence. Those
data surrounding that award have never been released...not even
to myself for my own keeping.]

Something most important that Miller chose to overlook was the
fact that Hubbard has been awarded (see document cited above) a
"Unit Citation". This award is most important and special. Unit
Citations are made only by the President of the United States to
those combat units performing particularly meritorious services,
for example: to the Nineteenth Bomb Group in Indonesia in early
1942. Hubbard's citation came from such service at that same
time when he was serving with "Asiatic Fleet Intelligence" as
cited above.

From that same Section 34, see above, there is the citation "Br.
& Dtch. Vict. Medals." This citation is found on very few U.S.
military records and signifies notable service with the British
and the Dutch during WW II. From what we know of Hubbard's Naval
Intelligence Serivce in the Pacific it is beyond question that
these awards were earned in and around Indonesia (Dutch at the
time) and in Australia and the seas around it (British Zone).

It is important to note that Hubbard had been awarded the
"Marine Medal". This medal is awarded rarely to Navy line
officers, least of all to those serving with Intelligence. To
back up this unusual award you will note that this Naval
Inteligence officer also held "Rifle, Pistol Expert"
marksmanship ratings. Both of these awards signify ground action
that is not typical of the sea duty expected of Navy officers.
You may recall that 400,000 Soviet Navy personnel took part in
the battle of Stalingrad. Hubbard met his major battles in a
different locale.

In the Miller scenario even the course of Hubbard's transition
from civilian life to Navy duty is handled lightly. The famous
Congressman from Washington, Magnuson, did write to President
Roosevelt urging that the President expedite Hubbard's request
for active duty. This was during early 1941. I was being
commissioned and placed on active duty at the same time. I can
assure you that it was a most unusual experience, in those
times, for a Congressman to single out one of his constituents
for such a reason...and particularly to do so by writing
directly to the President...formerly Secretary of the Navy.

Miller treats that lightly and fails to note that it was James
Forrestal, later to be Secretary of the Navy and the first
Secretary of Defense, who acted for the President and signed
Hubbard's active duty orders. For those familiar with the way
this was done it will be noted that the channel chosen for the
processing of those papers marked Hubbard as an Intelligence
recruit. He was then sent to New York where he began his special
duties under Vicent Astor the President's friend and appointee
as Chief of Intelligence in New York...Bill Stephenson's beat.

Miller failed to note that Hubbard's first Active Duty Orders
were signed by none other than Chester Nimitz, later the famous
five-star Admiral and hero of Pacific campaigns. A small code
number on those same orders identifies Hubbard as being placed
on duty with Naval Intelligence (ONI). From that intelligence
duty in New York City Hubbard was ordered to another
intelligence school in San Francisco and thence en route to
Cavite Navy Base in the Philippines. Cavite was the site of the
Navy's primary intelligence operation related to the MAGIC
program that broke the Japanese Code.

It is hard to understand the enormous oversight we have here. In
fact I have evidence that Miller has, or had been offered all
of these records that I had worked on; but declined the offer. I
can't use that word "oversight". He simply ignored vital facts.

One other subject relevant to Hubbard's unique service record
made no impression whatsoever on Miller. Or perhaps I should
understand that his programmed scenario did not permit its use.
On Page 109 he writes:

"Her [good ship ALGOL] erstwhile Navigating Officer,
meanwhile was on a four-month course in 'Military
Government' at the Naval Training School, Princeton,"

and later,

"...Ron was transferred to the Naval Civil Affairs Staging
Area in Monterey, California for further training,..."

Did Miller just muff this one? The special training at Princeton
for select Navy Intelligence personnel was to groom them for
unique duties in the Far East. The course at Monterey was the
higher grade training. This was a course derived from the Army's
"Civil Affairs and Military Government" experience in Italy. It
was so important that this was the first and only time that the
fabled Office of Strateigc Serices moved some of its choice
operators from Europe to the Pacific. This placed the OSS and
the Navy in the same work. Some rarity in itself. The end of WW
II foreclosed the wartime activity of this speciality.

It should be noted that the "Civil Affairs and Military
Government" curriculum gave birth to the famous U.S. Army "Green
Berets" Special Forces of Vietnam, and more recently to the
newer Low Intensity Conflict doctrine.

Any prescient writer ought to have recognized, at least with the
benefit of hind-sight, the deep significance of Hubbard's
assignment for that work at Princeton and Monterey...two
facilities not noted for catering to the dregs of anyone's Navy.

It would be a pleasure to comment on other sections of this bit
of writing. I know the military and I know Intelligence. So, I
have written about that. I am not a Scientologist; yet I admire
those with whom I have worked over the years. I wish I could dip
into other aspects of the book with some authority. I reserve
comment for one other amazing part of the book.

Hubbard submitted his resignation from the U.S. Navy Reserve,
simply a paper matter, on May 27, 1950. The magazine Astounding
Science Fiction of that month broke the news of Dianetics. The
book "Dianetics" was published on May 9, 1950. Miller has a good
time playing with all these dates and events. One might say he
was making fun of them...important as they are.

What he avoids mentioining is the relevance of these dates to
events that were taking place in the United Staets and among its
allies. Thse were the days of Project BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE,
the fore-runners of the infamous CIA project MKULTRA. These were
the days when the concepts of "Mind Control" and "Brainwashing"
were born. LRH was smart enough to get clear of that.

For example, there was an "Organization of the Special Defense
Interrogation Program" dated Feb 10, 1961 nee earlier. Among its
professional interests was something on Shock Technique. It

"Psychiatrists in many nations have used insulin and
electric shock as methods of choice under certain
circumstances in their psychiatric work. Electric shock
is more rapid than any of the above techniques...etc."

A Project Artichoke memorandum of 25 January 1952 spells out
more of the same:

"(1) Drugs.
It remains the dream of the interested agencies
that a drug is imminently forthcoming that can be
given a person orally without his knowledge that
will result in his revealing anything the interested
party would like to know,..."

"(3) Hypnosis.

There is no known hypnosis research being conducted
for ARTICHOKE purposes in the US today, except what
is being done by the members of the ARTICHOKE Team.
There is evidence that unethical actions are
definitely within the realm of hypnosis and it has
been proven by the present team that a hypnotised
person can be made to lie to the polygraph...etc.

"(4) It is known that there is expressed interest in
electro-psycho-therapeutic techniques, psycho-surgery,
supersonic radiations, and extra-sensory perception,
but to the writers's knowledge there is little more
than the interest, etc."

This goes on, ream after ream. In the inner sanctum of CIA and
certain sectors of the military establishment this period of
1949 through 1955 was one of tremendous growth in the desire to
push on the frontiers of this type of forbidden rseearch and
experimentation on humans.

Hubbard was well aware of all of this research. He knew many of
the principals involved in the "mind control" underground. I
discovered a few years ago that L. Ron Hubbard had been awarded
a special "Man of the Year" bronze plaque by the prestigious
American Ordnance Association, this is the oldest and most
exalted of the Munitions Group. Since I was with Headquarters,
USAF at that time, I attended most of their annual meetings. I
know that the only people chosen for such outstanding awards
were those who had genuinely contributed to the "cause of
Defense". Hubbard was singled out for that award. The bronze
plaque hangs, today, on the walls of the Scientology Office one block
from Capitol Hill in Wasington, DC.

OK, Mr. Brooke, and your hired hand Russelll Miller, fit that
into the picture you have ordered to be drawn of this man. What kind of
a job have you done? Has it been honorable?

I'm an old hand in this business of writing. My first text was
published in 1949. When I crossed the Atlantic from London to
Washington last February I was making an ocean crossing by air
during a sixth consecutive decade of my life. One could say I
have been around. I can see the hand of the "High Cabal"...the
term--according to Lord Denning--so frequently used by Winston
Churchill when recognizing his masters...in this work.

This may be so, and even if so, it is unwise. The concept may
have some merit dating back to the halcyon days of Halybury
College; but in terms of this "biography" it is flawed. May I
suggest the terms under which this despicable book ought to be
consigned to the trash heap?

I have learned from a fine, old-time former Editor of the New
York Times, A.M.Rosenthal:

"Substitute your own name in a story for the person
you are writing about and if you can say, Well I am
going to get hurt but the facts are right and there
is no innuendo or anonymous attack, your story is
fair. If not, do it over."

Think that over. Is it fair? Is it honorable? Would you hire
Russell Miller to do your own biography...under similar terms?

Very truly yours,

L. Fletcher Prouty

(Reproduced with author's permission)



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