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Date: 6 Apr 2001 12:24:15 -0000
Message-ID: <1BNNXULN36987.6001736111@frog.nyarlatheotep.org>
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (Kase Ossifer)
Subject: Re: Q for Gerry Armstrong
Newsgroups: alt.paranormal,alt.religion.scientology
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Gerry Armstrong <armstrong@dowco.com> on 03 Apr 2001 wrote:

>On 1 Apr 2001 11:55:29 -0000,
>(~Jimmy K~) wrote:
>>Say, Gerry, can you help me out here? I'm reading this time
>>line for 1974 on remote viewing and scientology and trying
>>to get a handle on this. It says you were Port Captain for
>>the Apollo in the first part of 1974.
>Does it also say that at the very minute Henry Kissinger was
>negotiating peace in Viet Nam I was climbing up the back stairs?

Read it yourself and find out what it says. You can read, right? It's in
the Google usenet archives if you don't have a copy. Try a search on
"Tuesday." You'll find it eventually. Wouldn't recommend a search on
"back" or "stairs," though.

>The remote viewing deal I view as a Miscavige op,

Right, Gerr. Well, almost right - it's a Miscavige amd Kissinger op.
Miscavige and Kissinger are also behind the recent solar flares. They
also built the pyramids.

>just as it was a GO op.

Yeah, Gerr, that's right. All of Remote Viewing was just one big
Guardian's Office op, all the way. The whole thing. Start to finish. I
didn't realize you had been briefed. Ken Kress was not really a CIA
official, as he wrote in CIA's in-house publication - he was actually a
GO plant, an "FSM" that had been hired as a clerk typist by CIA during a
hiring freeze. Before that he had worked at Baskin-Robbins.

>Not the OT powerzzz part of it;

Well no, of course not, Gerr. There's no such thing. It was the CIA
fundinggggggg part. It wasn't really the CIA's $20 mil; see, McLean - you
remember him - actually infiltrated the CIA for the GO, carrying a
briefcase full of cash, and started writing checks to Puthoff. And The
Company still hasn't found out! (Don't tell 'em - okay?) That's because
Heard infiltrated the CIA, too, and is handling the internal PR. You
know about internal PR, doncha, Gerr? Also, the money is coming from the
numbered Swiss accounts. You remember those. You know, the ones used to
funnel money into, not out of, Scientology - in briefcases. (Hm. Maybe I
shouldn't have mentioned that just yet. What do you think? By the way,
you looked smart with a briefcase. Burgundy grosgrain lining, right?)

>the part that postulates their "reality" as cause for intrigue and
>great corporate mystery.

Wow! Thanks for letting us in on that! Even I didn't realize Miscavige
was that clever: so HE dreamed up the CIA's Remote Viewing program, and
got GO operatives infiltrated into the CIA to start it in 1972 - when he
was 12 years old - just so he could come up the time track to 2001,
"postulate" its "reality," and somehow use the Veritas Kornspiracy to
create "intrigue and great corporate mystery" - all just as a way to
annoy you. Wow! Who would have ever guessed! You have the inside skinny
on everything, don't you. <Wink, wink> Have you told RUPROSE about this?

>So, accept my response with that in mind.

Oh, count on it.

>In any event, I'm not certain how I can date any of this very

Why does this not surprise me?

>When I was Port Captain, I believe, is unrelated to whatever this
>"time line" has to do with.

The fact of your being Port Captain is in this "time line" making it
very related to what this "time line" has to do with. Search the Google
usenet archives on "err" AND "rmstron" AND "ppol" AND "aptai." You'll
find it. (Those are secret code words of the Veritas/Miscavige/Kissinger
Kornspiracy. <Wink, wink>)

Lot's of very interesting things happened while you were in the Port
Captain's office, none of which you seem to know anything about - even
though they happened right under your nose. Inquiring minds want to
know, inquiring minds are finding out: was Gerry really that stupid, or
has Gerry been hiding some burgundy little secrets?

>My recollection is that in early 1974 I was the "Ship's Rep," posted
>in the Port Captain's Office, which was a division of the Flag Ship
>Org. I was first Deputy Ship's Rep then Ship's Rep for maybe 2 1/2
>years, from 1972 into 1974.

Boy, you sure *didn't* date that very precisely, did you. Why does this
not surprise me? I liked how you started in "early '74," then looped
back to just plain old general "1972," then back up to plain old general
"1974." That's elegant. That keeps time spiraling and generalized in the
mind. Why does this not surprise me?

But, Gerr, you're so damned efficient with keeping personal effects and
personal records, it seems like you'd have a box somewhere - Well, I
guess you're better with other people's personal records than with your
own. ;-)

But since you've brought up 1972...

Let's see: you arrived in January of 1972, and were Deputy Ship's Rep,
and later Ship's Rep in 1972, in the Port Captain's office.

Now, don't I recall you giving that "Ship's Rep" post another name
somewhere? Let me rub my chin and think here...

GERRY ARMSTRONG: "And through most of my time on board the ship I was
the Legal Officer - we called it the Ship's Representative. I dealt with
Immigration and Customs and the police, Harbor Master, and handled all
the needs of the ship while in port."

That's it! Legal Officer. Thanks!

So, during 1972, nothing very interesting happened that could jog your
memory about that year, huh? Was there nothing even sort of interesting,
like - oh, I don't know, how about a PR trip outta' the Port Captains'
Office by some "Sea Ogres" (with their little briefcases) to Rabat,
Morocco to visit with the Minister of Defence, Muhammad Oufkir? Or how
about an attempted coup a little later against King Hussan II by the
very same Muhammad Oufkir? Slipped your mind? Can't remember where you
were and what you were doing when the coup went down?

Or how about maybe something else minor - maybe word of criminal charges
against LRH coming from Paris, causing a major two-day scramble to
completely eradicate the entire base at Tangier and rush him by plane to
Lisbon, and from there to New York. Were you on hygiene time through
that? Heavy sleeper? Making a Kools run? Didja miss it?

>The Ship's Rep handled many of the ship's needs in port, including,
>dealings with immigration, customs, police, port authorities, the
>ship's agent, chandlers, all sorts of suppliers, lawyers, and so
>forth. I had a certain gift

You do have a certain gift. No question. Unfortunately, it's not a gift
for remembering dates about your own life, huh? <Snort!>

>and dedication

Yes. Yes. Dedication. Yes. That maple leaf shore is purty. <Snort!>

>which permitted me to survive on this post for some time.

"Some time."

>Sometime in 1974 I was promoted to Port Captain,

Right, right. "For some time." "Sometime in 1974."

Some-some-some-some- some time, sometime.
Some-some-some-some- some time, sometime.

In other words, true to form, spook, you're going right by the book, and
you ain't gon' to answer the guy's question, and you're gon' keep it
very vague about exactly when you went on the posts and went off the
posts, for whatever Maple Leaf Rag reason you have. (That's a Scott
Joplin tune.)

>probably because
>someone got busted. This was a stupid posting because I'm the last guy
>you want drinking tea with the Pasha.

If I was the Pasha, I just wouldn't want you making the tea - not where
I couldn't see you. But you did all right with FDDs, didn't you? Of
course the HCOBs were better off in other hands, but those PR
things...don't sell yourself short, man! You had "a certain gift."
<Wink, wink>

>At the same time, I had been the
>guy charming it right with all sorts of port and legal contacts for
>the past couple of years,

Yes, the legal contacts. And you were so charming with your smart
briefcase. And with the girls, too! Don't leave out the girls. <Wink,

>so it was not an altogether illogical order.

All order, by definition, is not altogether illogical. (Just wanted to
throw a little Gerrism in there so you'd feel at home. Wanted to
establish some "R" with you. <Snort!>)

>There was also the policy and practice of demoting and destroying
>anyone who refused a posting.

Of course there was. And you didn't want to get demoted and destroyed.
Anyone can understand that. You were at all times a victim of oppression
and brainwashing, wisely evading the "policy and practice" of "demotion
and destruction." Just buckets of sympathy for you.

But Gerr, don't I recall your saying something a little different about
your SeaOgre career? Lemme rub my chin here and think a minute...

GERRY ARMSTRONG: "And I was, organizationally, a social climber.
[LAUGHS] Nah, I'm kidding - it just worked out that way. I was just in
the right place at the right time, I guess."

Yes, I thought I did.

>So I ended up for a period of maybe a
>couple of months being the Port Captain,

Mm-hm: "Maybe a couple of months." Many "maybes" are good. "Couple of"
is good, too. The more vague and foggy and uncertain the better. And of
course you never kept any personal papers or records.

I mean, not your own. ;-)

So. You were Port Captain "maybe a couple of months," and that "maybe a
couple of months" was "sometime," and that "sometime" was "in 1974."
That's good and general and nothing can stick to you that way. You can
continue to be the teflon Gerry, with a memory second only to Ronald
Reagan's - current. And look what that does: it brings us all the way
back to where we started, to Jimmy K's original question:

>>It says you were Port Captain for the Apollo in the first part of
>>Is that right? Do you remember from when to when you were Port

Gotta' hand it to you, Gerr. You're good. You do have "a certain gift."
In fact, we're not even back to where we started: you not only managed
to go on for paragraphs without ever answering the question, but you
even managed to muddy things up more, and throw into doubt that "first
part of 1974." So poor old Jimmy K is now worse off than he was before
he asked you. You're goooooood, good!

>and then PR I/C, in the PR Department in the Port Captain's

You mean "they" demoted you from Port Captain to PR I/C, but "they"
didn't destroy you? How off-policy! How off-practice! What were "they"

>under someone who actually
>wanted to schmooze with Presidents and Potentates.

Why do you just say "someone?" Why don't you say the name of the
"someone who actually wanted to schmooze"?

But at least the demotion left you more time for smuggling the booze and
the cigarettes and the briefcases through Customs, right? Maybe "they"
kept you around for the Kools and the rum. (Oh, and the briefcases.
Musn't forget the briefcases.) Lessee, what was it you said about that?

GERRY ARMSTRONG: "We - We - We - We did move a lot of money
around - briefcases. Briefcases of money that were brought to the ship.
But - Booze, cigarettes, that sort of stuff, taken off the ship and run
through Customs. And other things that were just done, sort of
borderline activities. But I was willing to do those sorts of things at
that time, and I considered that what I was doing was the greatest good
for the greatest number."

My, my, my.

>My recollection is that Captain Bill was then the Ship Captain,
>Starkey having been RPFed, or at least busted.

Well, hell - "they" apparently didn't destroy Starkey when "they" demoted
him, either, because he grew up to be the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" and
went around collecting up the copyrights for CST so they could grow up
to be the "L. Ron Hubbard Library," too!

(If none of that last paragraph makes sense to any newcomers, it's
because the whole scheme of having two different entities doing business
as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" was designed to confuse the shit out of
people, and your best hope of sorting it out is the urls below):


(I have to post those urls, Gerr. I'm part of the Verita$
Korn$piracy/Group/Movement/Club/$ewingCircle/BowlingTeam. You know

>Capt. Bill may even
>have held the Port Captain hat from above at one point.

Mm-hm. "May even have." "Maybe." "Some time." "Sometime."

>He was one hell of a senior.

Wasn't he. And you're one hell of an expert.

>As far as me participating in intrigue and legal chicanery I did that
>more from the Ship's Rep post.

You, Gerr? Intrigue and legal chicanery? Say it isn't so. Hmmm. But now
that you mention it, I *do* seem to recall...

GERRY ARMSTRONG: "I clearly had been involved in some illegalities,
especially while I was on the ship: smuggling things on and off, and,
uh - "

I probably shouldn't have brought up that stuff about money coming
*into* the organization through numbered Swiss accounts for the benefit
of certain "special" staffers and operations. Sorry, Gerr.

>I was saved from my depressing PR
>career by...

Shock treatment? Prozac?

>...getting myself sent on a series of port setup missions in I
>guess the summer of 1974,

You "guess in the summer of 1974." Yeah, a guess is good.

>which I'm sure I've written about.

Oh, I'm sure you did somewhere, "sometime." Or was that "some time"?
Check your personal papers. No, that's right: you don't have any. (I
mean, of your own, of course.) ;-)

But I bet you can tell us all the precise date of L. Ron Hubbard's
second VA exam, right?

>If you tell me the relevance of these data I may be able to
>assist with more relevant facts.

The relevance is that we - you know, the Veritas Kornspiracy - we're doing
a bio of Miscavige, because of course we work for him.

(Hey, Jimmy K: welcome to the Veritas Kornspiracy [wdne]. You've asked a
question of the infallible and unimpeachable Gerry Armstrong, so that
means you're automatically a "$cientologist" under the spell of David
Mi$cavige, and are out to get Gerry Arm$trong. Somehow a website named
Veritas is tied into this. You'll have to get Gerry to explain how. I
still haven't figured it out, but he's got it all figured out. He just
won't tell you. Maybe RUPROSE can help. Anyway, since you obviously know
how to use a remailer, that just proves that you're in it up to your
eyeballs, along with all the remops. Pick up your Veritas Kornspiracy
Kard at any participating drive-through fast food place that has out
front either a clown or a big smiling white ball or a kindly-looking old
fart with a string tie and glasses. Those are the secret outposts of the
Veritas Kornspiracy. [Why else do you think they're located in every
major city?!] The card is good for discounts as long as you also have a
discount coupon you've clipped from a newspaper. Also, such little
pieces of cardboard [or cereal box-tops] are good for popping the locks
on highly secure government agency doors - at least according to the
government's "Stipulation of Evidence." That's the only place it ever
worked for anybody, though. YMMV.)

So, Gerr, we in the Veritas Kornspiracy are doing this bio glorifying
our dwarfish asthmatic leader, David "Rear Admiral" Miscavige, and so
it's very important for us to know exactly where you were and what you
were doing in 1974. This is vital to our glorification of the little
butt-fucked moron Miscavige, because in 1974, when he was only 14, he
had already created the sham of CIA-initiated Remote Viewing for the
purposes of later "intrigue and corporate mystery" - just exactly as you
somehow discovered, you wily dog, you - and he had gotten the CIA to set
Puthoff and Swann up at SRI. Miscavige had also ordered Nixon to order
Donald Alexander to hire Meade Emory. Miscavige already had the
Watergate judges in his pocket, and had Nixon walking the halls of the
White House in the dead of night talking to himself. Miscavige had
arranged for Patty Hearst to be kidnapped by DeFreeze and the other
Vacaville MK-ULTRA experiments so Scientology OT Pat Price could be
called in to finger them. And Miscavige was the one who had the FBI
waiting on the dock at Charleston for LRH, even though there were no
warrants for LRH. (He had the FBI there with balloons and party favors
and a klown wearing a string tie as a welcoming committee. It was all
just a big misunderstanding.) So, you see, Miscavige was very
influential by 14. He was precocious.

Now we just want to "time line" in this "time line" how miserably little
you had accomplished by comparison, and show that you were just a
glorified Kool coolie. It's all to make Miscavige look good and you look
bad. It's a kornspiracy. It's a GO op, it's a Veritas Kornspiracy, and
it's all run by David Miscavige using Remote Viewing because he's
smarter than you and OatTea. That's why all this came into your life
right around the time of the solar flares. Kissenger, working for
Miscavige, ordered the flares from Paris just to distract you, and
McLean's writing the checks and Heard is issuing press releases from
Langley (posing as "The Public Research Foundation"), leaving out all
mention of the left-behind Dunedin guns. Foster Tompkins and FASE have
nothing to do with it, and Kima has her hand in her pants, while Gene
Denk has his finger up Miscavige's butt - but that's his job; he's a
doctor. I won't tell you how the pyramids factor in. You'll have to
figure that one out by yourself. I will tell you it has something to do
with the secret Veritas Kornspiracy Kode words I gave you. <Wink, wink>
But if they're softly spoken into the speaker box at one of the
drive-through outposts... Who knows.

>The dates I don't have,

No, of course you don't. Why does this not surprise me?

>but yes, I was formally posted as Port Captain some time in 1974.

Some-some-some-some- some time, sometime
Some-some-some-some- some time, sometime
Some-some-some-some- some time, sometime
Some - time! Sometime! (Bo-do-do-do)

Kase Ossifer

HAL PUTHOFF: "I had seen a copy of 'Ole Doc Methuselah'
written by Ron and decided I wanted one. I heard they
were on sale at Delta Meter Company, which I knew was
located somewhere near Celebrity Centre, although I did
not know exactly where. One evening as I was walking
away from Celebrity Centre I decided I wanted to know
where Delta was so I could go there the next day. As I
passed the building I knew it was the one. I wanted to
go in and check but the doors were locked. I could see
there was a directory on the wall about 30 feet away and
parallel to my vision where I couldn't read it. So I
closed my eyes and intended to read the directory. In
front of me I saw the directory and read 'Delta Meter
Company, Room 216'. A couple of days later I checked it
out and found the directory said just that."

Dr. Harold Puthoff
"Success Story" after OT VII





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