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Subject: Concerning Harry Ross Hubbard probate
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In approximately August or September 1975 L. Ron Hubbard's father Harry
Ross Hubbard died in Bremerton, Washington, near Seattle.

According to Ronald DeWolf's testimony in the 1982 Clearwater hearings,
Harry Ross Hubbard had established a trust for DeWolf's son, Leif. DeWolf
states that the trust was in the care of "trustees of the People's Bank in
Burlington [Washington]," and goes on to say that the Harry Ross Hubbard
probate was under the jurisdiction of "the probate court in Seattle,

Regarding the probate and the trust, DeWolf says, "in the very beginning
with the attorneys, it was a legal matter. So, I had a very good attorney
that handled all of the estate problems, what have you..."

Additionally, concerning the death of Harry Ross Hubbard, DeWolf said the
following in response to a line of questioning from a Mr. LeCher:

"MR. LeCHER: Can you tell us about the Sea Org? Did your grandfather die
and then they [sic] sent the Sea Org to pick up your grandfather's remains
at the funeral and--

"MR. DeWOLFE: Yes, that's correct. ...Well, my grandfather died in 1975;
my grandfather was eighty-eight years old. ...And they [sic] sent in a
full Sea Org crew to supervise things. Because I remember, when I did find
out about it, I was terribly upset, because they hung around town and the
very second he died, they took off everything that he owned. This was,
possibly, an attempt to cover his past and, also to--cover the past of my

Oddly enough, pointers to this event came to light arising out of
information provided by a Moroccon refugee concerning events and people
connected with the 1972 disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard and the subsequent
expulsion of Scientology personnel from Morocco.

Several important questions have now emerged, and this is a plea for any
help from any source in attempting to get these questions answered:

1. Exactly when did Harry Ross Hubbard pass away?

2. Who were the "People's Bank in Burlington, Washington" trustees named
to administer the trust established by Harry Ross Hubbard?

3. Who were the Seattle (or surrounds) attorneys involved in the attendant
actions in the Seattle Probate court, whether for DeWolf or for the Harry
Ross Hubbard estate and trust(s)?

4. Who briefed and fired the Sea Org mission to Seattle and/or Bremerton,
Washington to collect the remains and property and effects of Harry Ross

5. Who were the missionaires?

6. Where were the remains of Harry Ross Hubbard taken and what was done
with his remains?

7. Where were the property and personal effects of Harry Ross Hubbard
taken and what was done with them?

Other questions are likely to arise, but these are the most urgent ones to
be answered, so if there is any person anywhere who has any information at
all about these events and can post it publicly it would be of enormous

Although there is no exact date yet for Harry Ross Hubbard's death, all
indications are that it was late summer to early fall of 1975, around the
same time that the bulk of the Apollo crew came ashore in Florida, not
long before the Florida corporations were set up and the Ft. Harrison was

Although a suggestion was made recently that Gerry Armstrong and Terri
Armstrong (Terri Gamboa) might have been on a secretive mission around
that time period to move cash from the Apollo to some foreign accounts and
close out other accounts, in fact the Armstrong bond of 22 September 1975
was signed in Canada, and it is believed that Armstrong was in Vancouver
at the time, which is just north of Burlington, Bremerton, and Seattle,

There are other indications that the moving of the cash between foreign
accounts around that time period almost certainly was carried out by Kima
Douglas, Mike Douglas, and Fred Hare, not by Gerry and Terri Armstrong.

Therefore we believe it most likely that at or around the same time as the
money transfers preceding the Ft. Harrison purchase, Gerry and Terri
Armstrong were most likely the ones who were on the mission to handle the
Harry Ross Hubbard estate matters, which was why they were in Vancouver,
and gave a cover story of having been on a leave of absence to visit
Armstrong's parents near Vancouver.

This is an urgent call for any and all information concerning these




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