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From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Subject: Gerry, what does Lyman think?
Date: 1997/12/20
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Gerry! Buddy! Canada's cold without you!

We haven't seen you much on the newsgroup since the IRS/Scientology
Connection story broke. Where ya' been?

I wuz just wonderin' about a few thangs, Ger:

1. You say in your "Appendix" that "in January of 1980 there was an
announcement of a possible raid to be made by the FBI or other law
enforcement agencies of (Gilman Hot Springs)." Gee, Ger, that "raid" never
materialized, did it? Where was Lyman then? (Was he one of your buddies?)
Where were you? In the "Household Unit?" Ever find out where that
announcement originated? Who made the announcement, Ger?

2. As a result of the "announcement," you say the Commodore's Messengers
required everyone to "go through all the documents located on the property
and 'vet' or destroy anything which showed that Hubbard controlled
Scientology organizations, retained financial control, or was issuing
orders to people at Gilman Hot Springs." You know, Ger, that's just what I
would do if I had inside knowledge that Hubbard was about to disappear
forever (or had ALREADY disappeared forever) and I was going to take over
everything. Wasn't little Davey Miscavige in the CMO at Gilman right about
then, too? With you? And, let's see, where did you say Lyman was?

3. What were you working on at the time, Ger? Wasn't it "Mission Corporate
Category Sort-out?" Seems to me that little Davey and his buddy Lyman (and
whoever their friends are) wound up taking that job over, to make sure that
Mary Sue couldn't "retain control forever." Hey, Ger, how did you get that
plum job? But then, I think you got an even better job, didn't you?

4. Right! The "raid" scare came in January, 1980, all evidence of Hubbard's
existence got wiped off the face of the earth, and right at the very same
time, in January 1980 you - you lucky boy, you - "became the L. Ron Hubbard
Personal Relations Officer Researcher (PPRO Res)." According to your
"Appendix," you were working on BOTH jobs at the same time. So, let's see -
you had the inside track on the corporate info, AND you had the inside
track on all personal information regarding Hubbard? Am I right so far?
Stop me if I go too fast for you, Ger, or if I get anything wrong. But, you
know, I'm just using your own "Appendix" for this info.

6. And what stroke of luck came next? L. Ron Hubbard accomodates everybody
by suddenly DISAPPEARING FOREVER the very next month - February 1980. (With
luck like that, Ger, you ought to be in Las Vegas! But, you already _are_
in Nevada, aren't you? Doing a little research on a certain research
foundation? For whom, Ger? For Lyman? For Meade? Who's footing the bill for
your trip? Say, can you hear the airplanes going overhead from where you're

5. You wrote a letter to Mary Sue - on February 5th 1980 - advising her
that you had found a bunch of personal stuff on LRH. That doesn't have a
little ring of blackmail in it, does it? Naw, Ger, you wouldn't do that.

6. But, by God, Ger, it got you the job, didn't it? She responded, not
giving you _approval_ to be the Biography Researcher, but "acknowledging"
that you would be that. What does that mean, Ger?

7. Hey! Here's a coincidence! (I'm a card-carrying member of the Church of
Coincidence-ology, Ger. I know everything is just a coincidence.) On
February 19th 1980, right after you got your "acknowledgement" from Mary
Sue, N. Jerold Cohen, Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service, filed a
stipulation in United States Tax Court saying "Scientology is and at all
relevant times was a religion within the purview of the First Amendment of
the Constitution of the United States. 2. Petitioners' Articles of
Organization satisfied the 'organizational test' prescribed by Treas. Reg.
§1.501(c)(3)-1(b)..." This is a very curious coincidence, Ger. Know
anything about it? Boy, those guvmint lines can move _fast_ when they need
to, huh? (Well, if ya' got friends like Meade, that is.)

8. By December 1981, Mary Sue had been busted, Lenske was in place, the
G.O. had been blown apart, all the new corporations were in place (except
CST - that had to wait so it would look good). So then you "blew," right,
Ger, taking lots of personal information on the Hubbards? Am I getting this
right, Ger? I know these are all coincidences, cause I'm a TRUE BELIEVER in
the Church of Coincidence-ology, but I just want to make sure I don't get
any of the coincidences out of place.

9. Then you wind up in a big "fight" with DM and Lyman and those guys,
right? But you came out of that pretty well set up, financially, didn't
you, Ger? As I recall, you did better than anyone else in that settlement.
Oh, I know it was a "great trauma" having to settle with - well, I'll be
damned! With LAWRENCE HELLER, one of the co-founders of CST. Personally,
Ger, I think Lyman and Heller and Lenske did okay by you. Of course, I
think they should have paid you more, but I think you were pretty well
rewarded, don't you? And look at all that black PR you got to spread about
Hubbard while you were doing it! Boy, you won both ways, didn't you, Ger?
'Cause you had all those "official, bona-fide" documents on the sum-bitch,
didn't you, Ger? Yowza, you sho' did have the goods on the guy! And, of
course, you didn't have any help manufactur - I'm sorry, I meant
_collecting_ them all, did you?

10. Ger, how cum we can't _see_ all these boner-fide documents on that
sum-bitch? I sure would like to. I mean, of course your word isn't to be
questioned, but - well, dadgum! Did you slip up and let them all get sealed
or something? See, if you hadn't screwed up like that, we could all have
the inside skinny like you do. I mean, it _does_ constitute the Official
OSA (Office of Scummy Assholes) DA Pack on Hubbard, doesn't it? All the
very best books on the man, smearing him, use your data, don't they? (You
know, the books that the very best lawyers in the world somehow couldn't do
anything about?)

11. So, Ger? Where ya' been, buddy? Long time, no see! You can 'splain all
this to me, can't you? I jezt cain't wait to hear from ya'! Ger? Do ya' got
a computer down there in Nevada? There's always Kinko's, you know.

Heironymous Anonymous




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