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Subject: Chris Owen's "LRH Abduction Series #08"
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From: Anonymous <BigappleRemailer@Optonline.Net>
Date: 10 Apr 2004
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Subject: Re: 28th May 1972
Newsgroups: alt.politics

Sun, 4 Apr 2004 George Orwell <nobody@mixmaster.it> wrote:

> Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was taken out on 28th May
> 1972 by agents working for and with American Central
> Intelligence under the direction of Richard Helms. The
> staging area was Morocco. American and Moroccan government
> assets, transportation and logistics were utilised in the
> job. CIA assets were assisted by two United States Special
> Forces agents who had been tasked earlier in Viet Nam for the
> operation and subsequently had been insinuated into the
> Scientology organisation in positions close to Hubbard,

Tabayoyon, Preston

> plus
> a third distanced from the task.

Aznaran, unless there was someone else

You know who did the tasking in Nam, don't you? Same dude who
went to Japan and set up Gary Snyder to ghost "Hymn of Asia."
(Snyder was thick with the raving psycho Burroughs who murdered
his wife in Mexico and got away with it and helped club-foot set
up the company's LSD experiments.) Then the same dude tripped the
wire that set up "The Plumbers" under Krogh, an Emory buddy from
Seattle. You going to take this all the way?

> Also assisting were
> CIA-placed embassy personnel in Morocco, Madrid and
> Copenhagen,

CIA'a Galbraith was part of that lot. Went by William and Jack.
Entered the White House on June 16, 1971, on pretext of being one
of the "officers of the White House News Photographers
Association" who were having a meeting with Nixon that day. This
was immediately after Liddy had been moved over to room 16 in the
old Exec Office building with the CIA hotline and scrambler under
Krogh and Young. Met with Liddy and less than a month later was
in Safi Morocco meeting with Starkey and co. over the Meister
murder ("suicide"), July 13,1971. Briefing them on what was
coming down the pike really. Same day Hassan Deuce executed the
leaders of the 1971 coup attempt on tv.

In the '72 Hubbard job Copenhagen was reporting to Pat Gray.
Hoover had been taken out by Baldwin on May 2, 1972. Baldwin
reported in to McCord the same day. Gray was put in to replace
Hoover and was in the loop. McCord sent Baldwin north to Maryland
to set up the Wallace hit for two weeks later, on May 15, because
Wallace had to be gotten out of the picture or the Hubbard job
couldn't go down. They blew it, but Wallace was hurt bad enough
that he was out and the Hubbard op got a green light.

> as well as several operatives of the Commonwealth
> in mission-critical positions within the Scientology
> organisation.

Starkey, Kember, Urquhart, Armstrong, Laurel Watson, Kima
whoever, Eltringham, Mayo, some others with deep cover.

> The job was architected to coincide with the international
> focus provided by Richard Nixon's trip to Moscow. Because of
> the extreme nature of the international crime an alibi for
> the dates surrounding 28th May 1972 was planned and provided
> by CIA to its senior assets involved in the Hubbard task. The
> alibi was accomplished using a group of Cuban CIA operatives
> and served the collateral purpose of eliminating a political
> figure who would have encumbered CIA plans for the aftermath
> of the operation.
> The alibi for the mission dates relied on self- and
> mutually-incriminating testimony by the Cubans and by the
> senior CIA assets concerning more minor illegal activities
> far away from the staging area where the senior CIA assets
> had in fact been on and around 28th May 1972, carrying out
> the Hubbard mission. In order that the alibi be impenetrable
> it led, as planned, to the conviction of the Cubans, and of
> the senior CIA assets as well, on criminal charges with
> minimal penalties under conditions prearranged by Helms et
> al. All eventually were compensated for their trouble, some
> of them handsomely.

The posts of "THE REAL DEEP THROAT" a few months ago blew that
whole scam wide open. I read that I knew "uh-oh here we go."

> CIA control of the legal matters was
> coordinated through Gall, Lane, Powell & Kilcullen (later
> Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP).

One CIA asset from Gall, Lane, Powell & Kilcullen was Douglas
Caddy, very thick with Robert Bennett and Hunt. Caddy was the
hook-up to Emory who was connected with Lane Powell while
legislation attorney for the Joint Committee on Taxation, which
was the same time all this was going down. Emory started the tax
litigation ball rolling on the Hubbard groups as soon as Hubbard
was in the bag. He got paid off later with the Ass't. Commish job
at IRS and ran the whole GO document gag for CIA from there.

> To commemorate for themselves their successful operation,
> which culminated in the termination of Hubbard, the
> principals arranged through Meade Emory of Lane Powell to
> have the Church of Spiritual Technology incorporated on the
> tenth anniversary of the task, 28th May 1982, in order that
> the corporation be final and sole beneficiary of the Hubbard
> estate under their governance.
> Persons still closely associated with intelligence and
> defence in the United States and even intimately related to
> the present administration were complicit in the planning and
> execution of the task itself as well as in the subsequent
> leveraging and exploitation of Hubbard's material in
> intelligence and defence programmes and activities
> internationally.

Bush Sr. was deep cover CIA doing the diplomat gig, and got
bumped to US ambassador to the U.N. in '72 and was in the loop on
the Hubbard job and the embassy traffic on it. So he later got
bumped to DCI.

I never thought I'd see the lid come off this one. What I want to
know is if Blair is blowing it open because of all the stink on
Iraq now or if it's a lower leak. The Brits have their own stink
on the Hubbard trick and I don't see the upside.

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The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"[T]he Church of Spiritual Technology...owns ALL the copyrights used by
Scientology, and ALL Hubbard's intellectual property, and is run by
NON-SCIENTOLOGIST LAWYERS named Lenske and Lenske and Heller... ."
--Kady O'Malley

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