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From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Slatkin Trustee going after Scientology entities
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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"kady@wwwaif.net" <kady@wwwaif.net>

>Michael Reuss <michaelreuss@attbi.com> wrote in
>>> CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon> wrote:

>>> You think she gives a flying FUCK about YOU or ANYBODY? Wake up,
>>> you poor plaything. She has a JOB and a PAYCHECK and a SCRIPT to
>>> follow, and that is ALL she is in ANY of this for. And she strokes
>>> those who she KNOWS she can fucking USE to forward her PROPAGANDA
>>> agenda.
>> Kady, I suppose CL believes that we're both being paid by the same
>> secret government agency, to whom Teegeeackian national boundaries
>> would appear to mean nothing at all, seeing as how you are a
>> Canadian and I'm a citizen of the USA and Chris Owens is a British
>> citizen.
>Apparently, it's some kind of Commonwealth Conspirators Cabal, with
>Chris Owen, as the shadowy head of MI7 (Her Majesty's Really, Really
>Secret Service), me as the Commonwealth Liaison Double Agent and you
>and Tikk (so far) as Benedict Arnoldian traitors to the republic for
>which you stand. Or something like that.

Well, at least you still have the pathetic lonely lunatic loser Michael
Reuss to talk to. I think that's fitting. You deserve each other.

Reuss, of course, only has one post; he just rearranges it. And you only
have one fixed, unchanging, scripted message, too.

Yes, you deserve each other.

You both use precisely the same formula to create and spread
disinformation, lies, and distortions, to discredit anyone presenting
facts, and to poison the well for everyone attempting to get at the
truth. You make a lovely couple.

An integral and vital part of your little scripted formula, of course,
is the tag-team discredit: sort of like the gang-bang sec check, right,
Kady? You know, like you and Reuss and Owen are doing here in this

It's like a cardboard stencil. The pattern never changes--it just gets
worn and frayed and stained around the edges from overuse. Like now.

Stacy and Gerry and Arnie were very good at it. But they're gone now.
And it isn't fooling anybody that matters any more. You're twisting in
the wind.

The formula is idiot simple:

1. Control the medium; own it if you can.

2. Create "plausible" theories and stories that make up the
propaganda message out of a combination of truths,
half-truths, and outright lies and put ONLY that propaganda
message out through the medium.

3. Never address or propagate any fact that contradicts the
propaganda message.

4. Attack and smear, discredit, or destroy any source of
facts that threaten the propaganda message.

It's just 1, 2, 3, 4, over and over and over again, ad infinitum, ad
nauseum, never changing, never self-correcting, never EVER allowing the
complete truth to be known.

I'm not saying it's pretty watching one-trick ponies humping and getting
off on each other in a public forum--it's just to be expected. It's
rote. It's dony by formula.

>I've actually been glazing over CL's most recent screeching

Right, robo-writer: get it established right up front that all I produce
is just "screeching diatribes." Element 4 in the formula: "Attack and
smear, discredit, or destroy the source of facts that threaten the
propaganda message." That erases and nullifies the facts in what I
present, right? At least that's what you ~want~ it to do. You never get
around to noticing that it doesn't work. You're too busy admiring your
work product and thinking how clever you are.

>because there's only so many times I can be called a
>faithless Royalist cunt before it loses all real meaning.

None of it has any meaning to you. The words are just things. The words
are just tools for your job, the poisons and tinctures you use to taint
and muddy the waters, to obfuscate, to distract, to twist, to alter, to
demean, to ridicule. To lie. You do it by rote formula. The formula is
set in stone: just 1, 2, 3, 4. The formula is known. Only the tiny
variables change, and those hardly at all any more. You are as
predictable as gravity.

Faithless Royalist cunt.

>From what I
>can tell, this latest rampage was spurred by the announcement of
>Scientology Watch (http://www.scientologywatch.org)

Step 4 of the formula: "Latest rampage." What a dainty and delightful
and clever wordsmith you are: it's nothing but "the latest," and it's
always a "rampage"--the final verdict is handed down from the Kween Kunt
of Propaganda with two words. Excellent. Brilliant. You boring,
predictable twit. I guess the writer pool isn't what it used to be--at
least not when the primary requirement is that you have to be a debased,
unconscionable, amoral liar.

You'll do fine.

And no, in fact your exposure as the debased, unconscionable, amoral
liar you are was "spurred" by your long fixed and unchanging
stencil-like pattern of lies, half-truths, spin, and evasion. You know:
like you're doing in this post, in your little practiced tag-team effort
with Reuss and Owen aimed directly and only at discrediting a source of
material facts that rip your fucking "Official Story" propaganda to
shreds. The pattern never changes. You fucking stencil. You bloodless
machine, automaton.

It's just 1, 2, 3, 4. Over and over and over.

>which for some reason, C "It's all about me" L

It is not and never has been about any "me," and you know it, liar. I
know your nacissism always makes you think everything is about you, but
it's not about you, either, Kady. You're nothing but a whoring hack.
You're a laundry hamper. You're filth. You're alley garbage. You,
personally, aren't worth crossing the street to spit on.

What it's about is your lies and distortions on important social,
cultural, religious, and political issues that have affected, and
continue to affect, the real lives of many people. It's about your
willful, knowing disinformation. It's about the impossible circular
mazes of information traps you build, with malice aforethought, for
people to get lost in. It's about your malicious tampering with and
sabatoge of the truth. If you really were as stupid as anyone would HAVE
to be to maintain the phony, manufactured position you take on the data,
I would have far too much pity for you to bother with any of this. I
wouldn't take you on: it would be like mugging a retarded person.

But you aren't stupid. You're just devoid of any scruples, any morals,
any integrity whatsoever, and so you have the job of carefully, cleverly
leading people down blind alleys, down dead ends, of taking them on
slow-moving trains to nowhere. You have the unenviable, even pitiable
job, of picking through facts, choosing the ones that serve your
despicable propaganda purposes, mixing them in your mortar with lies and
half-truths, grinding them with your pestle, then diluting them with
honey and saccharine, and pouring your poisonous swill down the throats
of as many people as you can get to swallow it.

You're good at it. I don't deny that you're very good at poisoning
people, poisoning their minds, poisoning their beliefs, polluting the
world's base of knowledge. There have been mass murderers who were very
good at what they did, too. They got away with it for a long time. Some
of them maybe forever. They were clever, too.

But you're a walking, sweet-talking social disease. You are what
destroys lives, groups, and nations. Lies destroy. Liars are the mass
murderers of truth. And you are a liar. You are a paid liar. You are a
knowing liar. You are a malicious liar.

You make Typhoid Annie look like Florence Nightingale. You spread your
septic taint to everything you touch, into every sentence you write, and
it leaches into the groundwater of the information table, and it poisons
it all. But I'm not telling you anything you don't know. You know
exactly what you're doing. And you will live all of what I hope will be
a long, long life with the full knowledge of your willful, malicious,
sabotaging dishonesty. And your own knowledge of it will leer back at
you from your mirror every day that you live--at least as long as you
can even bring yourself to face a mirror.

The truths, though, the facts, will outlive you by a mere eternity. Your
lies will be your only legacy. You will leave NOTHING else behind you
when you go. And your name will be attached to every one of your lies,
and to your willful harm of countless innocent and decent people in the
mile-wide path of destruction of truth you leave behind you.

Your lies have seeped into every corner, every nook and cranny around
the world. People rely on your lies, believe your lies, trust your lies,
and so never reach the truth. That's the only thing your lies are there
for: to deny them the truth, to be a counterfeit of truth, to replace
the truth with lies. And the destruction and harm that results is
incalculable. It is not measureable. It can never be known, not in any
statistical or countable way. But you know it. You know it fully.

May you drag that knowledge like a 2-ton weight behind you every minute
of your miserable, dishonest, deceitful life.

>has taken as a deeply personal attack targeted at his posts,

You pathetic thing. If only you COULD pull all this down to a personal
level, and discredit me, personally, you feel like you might have a
chance to keep selling the world your poison.

The one and only weapon you and Reuss and Owen and the people you whore
for have is this: discredit or destroy the source of facts.

It's point 4 of the formula. You have no other weapon.

You cannot and will not address the facts at issue, EVER.

That's point 3 of the formula.

You evade, dodge, create distractions and confusion, lie, and attempt to
discredit or destroy the sources of the information that are exposing
your lies, and are exposing you for the liars you are--just exactly as
you are coordinated in attempting to do right here in this thread.

Of course there's a handy "Barbara Schwartz" to constantly attempt to
compare me and others to. Before that, there was a "Koos." There's
always some entirely barking mad comparative that is using some of the
same actual facts in order to further discredit the facts and thereby
lend credence to your toxic propaganda, and to be used to link any
actual source of facts to in order to smear, discredit, and willfully
attempt to destroy that source of facts.

You have no soul, you have no conscience, you have no decency or
humanity left. It is a cold, calculated, and entirely formula-driven
machine that will run over and chew up anything, anybody who gets in its
path, and you are nothing but a cold, calculating cog in that machine.

The machine has absolutely no conscience, no humanity. It will KILL or
DESTROY anything or anybody in its propaganda path and never look back.

You are an important, educated, glib part of that machine. As is Owen.

This has been known for years. This was known going in. Why do you think
all the sources of factual information have been anonymous?

>which the above mentioned conspiracy

Why don't you tell us all again about THIS conspiracy, Kady:

"[CSC], its agents, and others willfully and knowingly
conspired to defraud the United States by impairing,
obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the IRS in
the determination, assessment, and collection of income taxes
due from [CSC] and from other Scientology organizations and
officials. The conspiracy began in 1969 and continued until
approximately July 7, 1977 when the FBI, pursuant to a
warrant, searched [CSC]'s premises for evidence of the
conspiracy and related crimes."
3352-78. United States Tax Court. Filed September 24, 1984.

Was there an eight-year conspiracy against the United States, or did the
Tax Court lie? Was there A FUCKING CONSPIRACY OR NOT, you hypocritical
lying CUNT?

Because IF there was a conspiracy, then there could have been a
conspiracy within a conspiracy, a play within a play, couldn't there,
Kady? There COULD have been a conspiracy by the international machine of
the United States and its allies to create a "conspiracy" against
itself, and then find the "conspirators" guilty of "conspiracy,"
COULDN'T there?

Or can it ONLY, EVER be just a ONE-WAY conspiracy, hypocrite? That's
"The Official Story," isn't it? That's what you're here to package and
promulgate and sell at ANY cost, isn't it? That's what you're going to
tell us again, and again, and again, isn't it?

That's the message you are here to hammer in over, and over, and over,
and over, and over, and here is your exact message:

"There WAS a conspiracy, but ONLY a conspiracy against the
government, and anybody who says there WASN'T a conspiracy
against the government is a CONSPIRACY THEORIST!"

Isn't that your message, Kady? That's quite a twisted, recursive,
triple-hooked little message, isn't it? You've planted that into the
mouths and gills of quite a few little fish to put into your bucket,
haven't you? It is cute though. It's worthy of your hypocrisy.

Only it doesn't take into account Scott Mayer, does it?

And suddenly when the facts about Scott Mayer are exposes, everybody is
now supposed to believe that 2 + 18 also = 7. Except you cannot coome
right out and say it, so you avoid the Scott Mayer issue, you dodge it,
you leave it alone.

Your propaganda doesn't take into account John McLean, either, does it?

So now we all need to start believing that 2 + 83 also = 7. So you won't
address the facts at issue, you just start smearing the source of the
facts at issue.

"The Official Story" doesn't take into account Meade Emory, does it?
~FUCK~ no, he wasn't mentioned ANYWHERE in YOUR brilliant "investigative
reporting" on CST, was he, you disinformation CUNT.

And you IMMEDIATELY started condesceningly discrediting EVERYBODY who
exposed his involvement, didn't you, you slinking, creeping, furtive,
slithering snake?

So now we put Meade Emory into the equation, and we start to see that in
your "Official Story," in the propaganda you spread like shit with a
trowel, 2 + 6,046 ALSO has to add up to = 7.

And the propaganda model starts to stretch and creak. But will you
ACKNOWLEDGE it? Will you take it up in DISCUSSION or DEBATE? Will you
factor it into your OWN message ANYWHERE? ~FUCK~ NO!

Point number 3 of the formula.

You have had point 1 in, control the medium (or you did), ever since
a.r.s. began. That's WHY a.r.s. was created, and WHY it was created with
a forged anonymous message having, guess who, DAVID MISCAVIGE'S name
attached to it.

You have point 2 in of your formula--your "plauible" "theories" and
"explanations" to make up the body of your scripted propaganda
message--or you did have it in and under control before these pesky and
meaningless "anonymices" came along and started ripping through your
giant block of horseshit like a buzz saw of truth--so now the ONLY
things you can do are 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4.

Avoid the facts.

Discredit the sources of the facts.

Avoid the facts.

Discredit the sources of the facts.




Even the flies won't go near the rotted carcass.

But you can always wave around the government-created scripts: the
"Stipulation of Evidence" and CSC v. Commissioner, and PROVE to
everybody that there WAS a FUCKING conspiracy, can't you?

You're one of the biggest fucking mouthpieces in the world for those
government-written CONSPIRACY THEORIES, aren't you Kady?

Let's ignore the fact that you and Owen and Reuss and the DoJ and the
Treasury Department are the biggest, most ludicrous, most laughable,
most psychotic, most driveling, most barmy "conspiracy theorists" that
ever poisoned the fucking earth we all have to live on with your FUCKING
lies and endless disninformation.

Let's just call everybody ELSE who is pointing out the FACTS "conspiracy
theorists." Right, Kady? Because the ONLY "conspiracy theory" that is
allowed is the government-written conspiracy theory, the poisoned
"Official Story" that you pump in tens of thousands of gallons all over
the world, you seditious, lying, two-faced, hypocritical CUNT.

And the "conspiracy theory" that the Tax Court sold everybody just
happened not to mention that during the docketed years, the Religious
Research Foundation (RRF) was incorporated by Commonwealther Kima
Douglas in 1972, EVEN THOUGH 1972 was one of the "docketed years."

Nope. For some reason, RRF didn't make the cut, when, according to YOUR
OWN "Official Story" THAT was the primary conduit of "inurement" to "L.
Ron Hubbard." It was your balliwick, Kady. It was your forte. Would you
like a little reminder? Here, let's all drink from your poisoned well,
let's all read from message <993dbd$2hc_002@news1.sympatico.ca> :

"They [the GO] weren't worried about the taxes that the government
already knew that Hubbard owed them. They were worried about
a personal audit of L. Ron Hubbard, which was something that
the Guardian's Office had been speculating was in the works
for years."
Kady O'Malley
18 March 2001

Your're a fucking liar. There was a three-year IRS audit of "L. Ron
Hubbard" that had been ongoing for MOST OF THE PERIOD of the "Snow
White" "Official Story" that you're trying to shove down everybody's
throat. And it just HAPPENED to be "settled" just WEEKS before the FBI
"confronted" Wolfe and Meister (in the arranged appointment they had
with the FBI) in the federal court building. But you know this. You just
have to lie, lie, lie, spin, spin, spin. And when you were confronted
with that fact--which you didn't see coming--what did you do? You turned
tail and ran, disinformation CUNT.

But let's all get to RRF:

"Whether they were right or not isn't the point. It was this
fear that drove the initial Snow White burglary attempts, and
was the motivating factor behind the entire silly caper. That
case may have been closed, but with Hubbard off sailing
around the world from one controversy to another, powered by
slush funds like the Religious Research Fund, it isn't
surprising that fear of an audit would be chronic within the
office dedicated to protecting Hubbard's reputation and
Kady O'Malley
18 March 2001

Then why didn't the Tax Court expose this "slush fund," Kady? The Tax
Court's ENTIRE purpose was to "prove inurement" to "L. Ron Hubbard." The
years the Tax Court was looking at were 1970-1972. RRF was set up by
Commonwealther Kima Douglas ~IN~ 1972, while "L. Ron Hubbard" was
purportedly thousands of miles away, in New York City, soon to write the
very "Snow White" program leading to the events you're "explaining" the
cause for. So the Tax Court could have completely opened up "RRF" like a
fucking can of stinking, rancid, botulism-saturated sardines, and they
didn't fucking TOUCH it. Why not, Kady?

Could it POSSIBLY be because the Tax Court and the United States
Treasury Department had the security of knowing that there was a little
section of "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out" (MCCS) tape, the EXACT
little section provided by Commonwealthers Gerry Armstrong and Laurel
Sullivan, that SPECIFICALLY just HAPPENED to sow into the record the
FUCKING LIE that RRF had been incorporated in 1973, ~NOT~ in 1972, as it
actually had? Let's revisit that little section of magically-appearing
tape that Canadians Gerry Armstrong and Laurel Sullivan made sure got
into the record:

CHARLES PARCELLE: That's right. Foreign - non US
Scientologists pay RRF they go to Flag [the flag Ship Org,
FSO: and take the services. RRF was originally supposed to
hold the money until the service was rendered and then pay
it to CSC. But in fact it has not really done that and so
CSC has rendered much service to many foreign
Scientologists and RRF has got the money Fortunately for us
RRF wasn't incorporated until 1973 and we're litigating
1972. So I haven't really tried to sort this one out but it
obviously is the classic case (loud laugh) of inurement, if
not fraud. (several laughs)
Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out (MCCS) meeting
September 28, 1980

Wasn't it nice and convenient of Parcelle to insert that little lie
about the creation date of RRF into the record? Wasn't it nice of
Canadians Laurel Sullivan and Gerry Armstrong to provide the vehicle for
putting that into the mouth of the DoJ's Shirley Peterson, who would
then get to stink up the IRS Commissioner chair while CST was being
perfected to receive the intellectual property.

Didn't that COMPLETELY solve the problem of the federal Tax Court having
to get into WHO had set up RRF, and WHEN, and under WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES?
It was a little mission of Commonwealthers in a country of Africa,
wasn't it. And isn't it convenient that the little taped meeting just
HAPPENED to be made barely a MONTH before the CSC v. Commissioiner trial

God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he, Kady?

And now 2 +18,068,256 ~ALSO~ equals 7, doesn't it, Kady?

You won't TOUCH this, will you? You won't go anywhere NEAR it, will you?
You avoid it like the hangman's noose, don't you?

And then any sane, any rational, any decent, any HONEST person on the
face of the earth starts looking at you with head tilted sideways. And
there are only two POSSIBLE conclusions:

1. You really ARE mentally retarded, or,

2. You're a fucking propaganda whore with a SCRIPT and FORMULA.

Do you have anything to say about these IMPOSSIBILITIES that are a
little inconvenient for hammering into your "Official Story?" NO, you
don't, you mercenary lying CUNT, because THEN you would have to violate
point 3 of your INVARIABLE fucking script and formula.

Your little unchanging propaganda message doesn't incoporate these
thousands or tens of thousands of FACTS that keep mounting up and adding
up, but which you evade and skirt and ignore and run from and cover up
like a cat covering its stinking SHIT every time they are brought up.


Point 3 of the formula.

And when that doesn't work, when you are called on it:

Point 4 of the formula.

So all you can do is attempt to kill the messenger bringing the truth.

>apparently wants so desperately to silence that it will create an
>entirely new forum *just* to prevent the general public from reading
>his screeds on the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Your hyperbole stinks like your diseased lies and disinformation. You
also have prevented anonymous contributions on the site, haven't you? If
you are delusional enough to think it's going to stop ANY of the truth
getting out, maybe you really are stupid as well as being hopelessly
hypocritical and an amoral mercenary lying cunt.

>(Which, by the way, owns ALL the copyrights used by Scientology, and
>ALL Hubbard's intellectual property, and is run by NON-SCIENTOLOGIST
>LAWYERS named Lenske and Lenske and Heller,

Well, you finally were backed into the corner and for once in your life
told the truth. Oh, I KNOW that you IMMEDIATELY perverted it and
poisoned it: that's what you're PAID to do, that's what you HAVE to do.

Well, that's okay: Chris Owen wanted one of your quotes of note to make
sig status, so I'm going to give Tigger a reprieve from the sig frieze,
and enshrine you there, cozied up and entwined with Reuss in eternal
writhing tableau, where you belong. I'm marrying you two together. You
make a nice couple. And you and he will fornicate eternally in my sig.

It's down there at the bottom of this message now, waiting for you.

Feeding your incurable narcissism, I'm helping spread your name as a
writer far and wide. With every post I write, I'll have that beautiful
sculpture of you actually, for once in your life, telling the truth.
Don't like it? Please sue me.

Of course, since you ALWAYS mix truth with a heavy-handed dose of spin,
lies, and half-truths to convert the truth to poison, I'm NOT going to
help you in THAT effort in my sig. I'm just going to carry the distilled
TRUTH part of your complex potion. But let's certainly revisit your
special brand of toxic alchemy so people can admire again EXACTLY how
you and Reuss operate, building your elaborate straight-jacketed straw
men so you can ridicule and demean and discredit them:

>who control the tech at
>the behest of the CIA, which is part of the CCC (see above), in order
>to prevent mankind from becoming truly free. And also, from moving
>ashtrays with the power of the mind alone, not to mention remote
>viewing. Did I leave anything out? It's late, so please feel free to
>add any that I might have forgotten.)

Well, you left out what a perverse, pernicious, conniving, deceitful,
malicious saboteur of truth you are. But it's obvious now to everyone
who can feed themselves. You and Reuss and Owen go right on with your
mutual public fuckfest, with your shameless debased orgy of mutual
stroking and pumping out of poisoned lies. Please. The more you do it,
the more obvious and revolting and repulsive you become. You can't help
exposing yourselves. You're information perverts, and it's what you do
best. That's why I'm marrying you and Reuss together.

The problem you have, though, and which you're too stupid to understand,
is that people don't like twisted, glib, fraudulent liars. The cheap
thrills you experience by conning and defrauding people are the strands
of the rope you hang yourselves with. No matter how long you can skate
by, sooner or later you're found out. And when people find out you've
been lying to them, you become branded as the pariah, the exile, the
social leper that you deserve to be, and that you are.

So whether you have your orgy of mutual stroking in public again or not,
you will be eternally enshrined doing it in my sig. I'll always have you
two with me, like wallet snapshots. Doesn't it make you feel all warm
and fuzzy? Like mildew? Petri disk scum.

>Anyway, seeing as the contingent

Which "contingent" is that, Kady? Isn't it just some lunatic lone wolf?
Of course you never stop to calculate the sheer amount of resources and
organization it would take to assemble and organize and cross-index and
analyze the amount of data that has been collected, organized,
cross-indexed, analyzed, and publically presented, do you? No, because
you're just not quite that bright. How many shadows are you and Reuss
and Owen boxing at? Well, keep swinging away at your psychotic straw men
and beating the shit out of them. It's at least entertaining to watch
you create your surreal and grotesque hallucinatory opponents and then
viciously attack them like foaming mad dogs. Gosh, your fictional
psychos actually fall down and die and bleed and suffer ignomy, too. It
must make you feel awfully proud and powerful and brave when you've been
able to destroy one of your hallucinations in public.

It's all you can do.

It's point 4 of the formula.

But I notice none of the documented facts go away.

>hadn't so much as submitted news to the website

You go right on pretending, lying cunt, that you and the bloodsucking
tikk didn't set it up the way you did specifically to defeat anonymous
input. Keep trying to peddle your poisoned swill. People aren't as
stupid as you in your arrogance and vainglory want to believe they are.
They can see who is giving them facts and who is giving them spin. Of
course people are trusting and will believe you for a while, but when
your treachery and deceitfulness is exposed, like it is now, people will
quit going back to your poisoned well. Sooner or later the honest and
decent ones that you've beguiled and suckered into your filth go back
looking for those clean, straightforward, untwisted facts they remember
somebody made available, and they start adding 2 + 2 for themselves, and
realize that all you've EVER done is tell them that the answer is 7.

And you're STILL trying to tell them that the answer is 7. It's the only
answer you're allowed to sell. But it's not the right answer. And you
KNOW it. And you can only fool people for so long. And your time has run
out. You are BRANDED, bitch. You are twisting in the wind.

>before deeming it a government-backed propaganda effort
>designed solely to silence discussion of CST et al,

Maybe you can tell everybody where the discussion of CST is on your
site. Would you like to do that now, Kady? I think people may have even
a harder time finding any discussion of CST on your site than they do on
Chris "Tricky Dicky" Owen's Narconon pages. Of course you haven't
started any such discussion on your site yourself, have you? And why the
~FUCK~ are you waiting for SOMEBODY ELSE to do it, you covert, two-face
mercenary propaganda CUNT?

Of course if you now do start any such discussion, having been shamed
into it, you'll twist the facts like you always to, as inevitably as
nightfall, when things crawl.

Oh, BTW: I didn't hear how it went when you checked, in your
unquestionable journalistic integrity, to find out if Chris Owen HAS
been suppressing important evidence for five years. How did that go? Did
you have trouble figuring out how to use his e-mail address? If so, ~do~
let me know, won't you, so I can help you with it.

I think there's a bit of growing interest in "Mr. Owen's" transcripts.
Not that they are of any interest to you, I understand, any more than
his lies about CST in "Piercing the Corporate Veil" are of interest to
you. That's obvious, because you WILL NOT mention those lies, will you?
Will you, Kady? Would you like to answer just that one question? No, I
think this will sit here for all time as further proof of your agenda
and your support and furtherance and endorsement of knowing, willful,
malicious lies that have been propagated all over the world, that have
seeped into the information ground water smelling like Oxford and the
Mistry of Defence, so people will drink it up and lap it up and swallow
it and die never knowing the truth.

You know he's poisoned the well, and it's IMPORTANT poison, so you do
NOTHING to rectify it or provide an antidote, do you?

You are as obvious as a cobra in the baby's crib.

But please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, won't you?

Oh, ~I~ know: I bet you're going to come back and say I'm postulating a
big conspiracy by you and Chris Owen, right? I'm just a lunatic
conspiracy theorist, with "speculations," right, Kady? Isn't that the
official never-deviate line you have to use? Of course it is.

It's point 4 of the formula. It's the stencil you use to paint every
source of honest, straight facts that threaten your poisoned propaganda.

But please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, won't you?

You perverse, twisted, pallid, walking zombie.

>I think that this
>latest hissy fit is premature, to say the least.

Of course, Kady. Of course it's nothing but a "hissy fit," and of course
it's just the "latest," and of COURSE it's "premature," because of
COURSE you've been working night and day planning a CST-Lenske-Emory
festival, haven't you. Of course you will hold out a handful of air, a
handful of implied "promise," like you ALWAYS do.

You're as predictable as gravity: drop a brick, it hits the ground.

But what you really hold out is what you ALWAYS hold out: a handful of
revolting SHIT crawling with white worms of your FUCKING deceit and
lies. And you will NEVER ~DO~ a SINGLE fucking thing about it.

You ALWAYS talk the talk, you NEVER, EVER walk the walk.

You ALWAYS ~feign~ some interest, or ~promise~ with sly implication some
contribution to the propagation of the facts, but somehow it just never,
ever materializes, does it. Imagine that.

No, the only thing that EVER happens is the SCRIPT, the formula: 1, 2,
3, 4. You just keep telling people in every covert and overt and implied
and expressed way you can dream up NOT to listen to these "lunatics" who
keep saying that 2 + 2 = 4. You just keep right on telling people in any
way you can dream up that the answer is 7, and there is NO other answer,
and any other answer that actually takes all the data into account is
the "conspiracy theory" of lunatics, right, Kady?

You have the government-written conspiracy theory to prove it.

So why don't you go ahead and tell us right now, just so we can all
understand how you arrived at 7 as an answer, exactly what the 1 October
1972 CIA contract et seq. had to do with ANY of "The Official Story."
Would you explain how those several CIA contracts fit in ANYWHERE?
Because, it's odd, but I have NEVER seen it in "The Official Story" you
live by and promote ANYWHERE. But it happened. It's a fact. You can't
make it go away. It's there in black and white. It's proven.

Yet I have NEVER seen you incorporate THAT fact of those CIA contracts
into YOUR brilliant and OBVIOUSLY superior interpretation and analysis
of the facts, have I, Kady? Maybe I missed it. Maybe that's the magic of
how you get 7 as the answer to 2 + 2, because 2 + 0 also = 7. Right?

Of course, in yours and Reuss's Scientological cosmogany, anybody who
points these CIA contracts out at ALL is a lunatic "conspiracy theorist"
because they actually had the fucking GALL to even MENTION anything with
the initials "CIA" in it. Right? Better to just keep pretending it never
happened at all, right? Better just keep trying to convince everybody
that the CIA doesn't really exist at all except as the big boogey man in
the wild paranoid delusions of "conspiracy theorists," right? Better to
try and link every single mention of the largest and most powerful
intelligence agency in the world to "floating ashtrays," right?

But then, I understand your problem about the CIA contracts, I
understand why you avoid it like it was the electric chair or the
hangman's noose, because it would be a little tough to make that shit
stick to L. Ron Hubbard or Miscavige, wouldn't it?

You seditious, two-faced, debased, disingenuous CUNT. God, you and Reuss
deserve each other. For eternity. For all time.

>Maybe if we gave CST its own topic section,

LMFAO! Oh, yes: "maybe." But you won't. And if you do, you will defile
it, you will degrade and trivialize it and ridicule it, sort of like...

>with a cute little icon, and little black
>figures marked "Lenske" and "Lenske",

You pathetic, transparent, malicious cunt. This will be your ENTIRE
legacy. This will be ALL that you leave behind when you go, this trail
of vindictive ridicule of the truth, this trail of dung, this trail of
poisonous, willful, knowing, malicious deceit and duplicity. You are a
pitiable, twisted creature. You are one of the saddest creatures I have
ever known or come into contact with. May some merciful God forgive you
for your mass murder of the truth and of the people trying to tell it.

>CL would stop writing creepy
>rants about how, soon, my body will hang, lifeless, a pariah even to
>carrion-feasting insects.

Dust to dust. Dung to dung. It's not your body you should be fretting
about. It's your integrity, it's your legacy, it's your soul.

But, hey, don't worry about it. You know what they say: You only live
once. And you live it with your choices. And you've made your choices,
haven't you? So you have your mercenary paycheck to collect, and you
have Reuss to spend that little blink of time we all have on this earth
with. He'll keep you feeling warm and fuzzy. Like mildew. And of course
there's always the tikk waiting for you...

>You think maybe that would work? Because I'm tired of getting shivers
>down my back every time that goose walks over my grave.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"[T]he Church of Spiritual Technology...owns ALL the copyrights used by
Scientology, and ALL Hubbard's intellectual property, and is run by
NON-SCIENTOLOGIST LAWYERS named Lenske and Lenske and Heller... ."
--Kady O'Malley

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