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Subject: Who created the Religious Research Foundation (RRF)?
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Remember the "Religious Research Foundation" (RRF), that legendary
alleged conduit for "inurement" to L. Ron Hubbard?

For those who need a refresher course, we first learn of the secretive
"RRF" in a fabled document of impeccable origin and infallible
integrity, the United States Department of Justice's "Stipulation of
Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401,

And here is the first known mention of said RRF, taking place in the
rarified atmosphere of the upper-floor offices of the United States
Guardian Office (USGO) in approximately early February of 1976, while
Michael Meisner is on a "briefing" trip from Washington, D.C.--where he
is allegedly running a massive spy operation against the federal
government on behalf of the USGO--to Los Angeles for "briefing by
superiors." You will recall, from the article "Norton S. Karno and the
Real Estate Fairy," that Mr. Meisner had traveled to D.C. on or about 1
December 1975, and is soon to return to D.C. at the time of this event
where RRF is first introduced to the world.

Naturally, at no time during Mr. Meisner's several-month "briefing" trip
did he ever even run into a single "church attorney," even accidentally
in a hallway, because neither Norton S. Karno, Joel Kreiner, James Q.
Fisher, or any of the OTHER "church attorneys" who are the beneficiaries
of the alleged spy-ring thefts are EVER mentioned in the ENTIRE 300-page
"Stipulation of Evidence."

So here is WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, according to the "Stipulation" <SPIT!>:

4 c. February 1976
Meisner attends a meeting with Henning Heldt and Richard
Weigand in Heldt's office on the sixth floor of Fifield
Manor. Also present are the Deputy Guardian for Finance
Mary Heldt, the Deputy Guardian for the Legal Bureau Mary
Rezzonico, and the CPA US Martin Greenberg, an official in
the Finance Bureau. Its purpose is to discuss and analyze
the current IRS strategy as revealed in the stolen
documents regarding the pending Church of Scientology of
California audit. According to the Stipulaton, "Each person
present at the meeting expresses full knowledge that the
documents in question have been stolen from the IRS
offices. That same day Meisner attendees another meeting
with Mary Rezzonico and Gregory Willardson in Weigand's
office. During that meeting, Ms. Rezzonico directs Meisner
to instruct the covert agents in the District of Columbia
to be alert to any IRS documents regarding a Scientology
front organization known as the Religious Research
foundation (RRF). She is also seeking any information
disclosing knowledge by the IRS of any financial dealings
and relationship between RRF and the Church of Scientology
of California."
Source: Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for
Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

So, though the first order of business at the meeting apparently was
that a poll be taken around the conference table so that each GO
executive, in turn, could formally express "full knowledge that the
documents in question have been stolen from the IRS offices," at least
one little inconsequential sideline issue is that we learn, for the
first time ever, that there is a "front organization known as the
Religious Research Foundation (RRF)." This is very important to know.

Because we do not EVER hear another single word about RRF until 28
September 1980. And, again, believe it or not, we have the singular
situation of a group of most senior Scientology executives sitting
around a conference table merrily discussing criminal activities--in
this case, alleged inurement to "L. Ron Hubbard" via RRF. Except this
time, they are tape recording it for posterity. Naturally.

Now, unfortunately, the only few seconds that remain of this tape--at
least the only few seconds that were transcribed and then published all
over the world--SOMEHOW didn't manage to catch the name of ONE of the
CHURCH ATTORNEYS that WAS present at this meeting. And we're never going
to find out any more about this taped meeting or the identity of THAT
particular "church attorney," because the custody and sealed secrecy of
these tapes--the "Zolin tapes"--were made the subject of a case that
went all the way to the Supreme Court, making GODDAMNED sure that we
would never EVER see or hear any more than the carefully selected
approximately 30 seconds or a minute that had been carefully selected
and transcribed by Gerry Armstrong and published around the world.

One thing is absolutely certain, though: the names Norton S. Karno,
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Joel Kreiner--who, secretly, were
the highest legal forces anywhere on the scene at the time, personally
representing the "business interests" of "L. Ron Hubbard," during a
period while Norton S. Karno was the Executor and Trustee over "L. Ron
Hubbard's" estate, as set up by Sherman Lenske--well, NONE of their
names are in ANY way associated with the infamous "Zolin tapes" excerpt
provided by Gerry Armstrong, rest assured. As you'll see momentarily.

First, the provenance of these tapes must be touched upon.

On 23 February 1980--at almost the very INSTANT when "L. Ron Hubbard"
disappeared, never to be seen in public again--Gerry Armstrong had been
appointed as the "Mission 2nd" (second in command) of the Sea Org
mission, "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out" (MCCS), under the banner
of which this meeting purportedly occurred. (No one has EVER provided a
precise date for the early 1980 disappearance of "L. Ron Hubbard," but
most "sources" agree that it was at or near the "end of February.")

The "Mission 1st" was Laurel Sullivan. Gerry, though, had sort of
wandered off of this MCCS mission by the time the dark and furtive
(recorded) 28 September 1980 meeting took place--or he hadn't (he tells
conflicting stories, as seen below). But he SOMEHOW still managed to be
the ONE person in the world who "accidentally" came into possession of
these tape--even though HE purportedly wasn't one of the attendees--and
so it is Gerry Armstrong that we have to thank for the ONE surviving
little snippet of transcription (from several tapes), which JUST SO
FUCKING HAPPENS to contain a reference to the mysterious "RRF".

The conflicting stories that Gerry Armstrong told under sworn testimony
about how he--ALONE, it seems--came into possession of this magic tape
are convoluted to say the least, but thankfully they were admirably
analyzed in two messages posted to a.r.s. in November of 2001, and the
provenance of the tapes and subsequent transcription is such an integral
part of the story of our "knowledge" of RRF that it can't be left out.
Here are those two succinct posts:


From: Anonymous <nobody@remailer.privacy.at>
Subject: Armstrong Contrary Facts #8
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Message-ID: <0f11a56525922b653575d4f0b6dd0e48@remailer.privacy.at>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001

These contradictory dates from Gerald Armstrong (different
by over a quarter of a year) are important to events
surrounding the so-called "Zolin tapes"--an issue that went
all the way to the Supreme Court. See also "Armstrong
Contrary Facts #9":


"Defendant [Gerald] Armstrong was involved with [Mission Corporate
Category Sort-Out (MCCS)] until June of 1980."
Gerald Armstrong
Armstrong Appendix
18 October 1984


"In September of 1980, I was...on...the Mission Corporate
Category Sort Out (MCCS)."
Gerald Armstrong
11 February 1985


Date: 10 Nov 2001 17:40:06 -0000
Message-ID: <20011110174006.24530.qmail@nym.alias.net>
From: lcs Mixmaster Remailer <mix@anon.lcs.mit.edu>
Subject: Armstrong Contrary Facts #9
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology


"Hubbard's personal secretary gave [Gerald] Armstrong the
tapes [the "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out (MCCS)
tapes" or "Zolin tapes"] under the mistaken impression that
they were blank. The secretary's delivery of the tapes to
Armstrong was sufficiently involuntary and inadvertent as
to be inconsistent with a theory of waiver [of
attorney-client privelege]."
v. Frank S. ZOLIN, Respondent/Appellee,
and Church of Scientology of California
and Mary Sue Hubbard,
Nos. 85-6065, 85-6105.
United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.
Argued and Submitted Nov. 6, 1986.
Decided Feb. 9, 1987.

"The District Court and the Court of Appeals found that the
tapes [the "MCCS tapes" or "Zolin tapes"] at issue in this
case recorded attorney-client communications and that the
privilege had not been waived when the tapes were
inadvertently given to Armstrong. 809 F.2d, at 1417 (noting
that Armstrong had acquired the tapes from L. Ron Hubbard's
personal secretary, who was under the mistaken impression
that the tapes were blank)."
U.S. Supreme Court
UNITED STATES v. ZOLIN, 491 U.S. 554 (1989)
491 U.S. 554
No. 88-40.
Argued March 20, 1989
Decided June 21, 1989


"In September of 1980, I [worked on] the Mission Corporate
Category Sort Out (MCCS)" [second in command]. ...Barbara
De Celle was also involved in the MCCS Mission. She
borrowed the tape recorder and the tapes used to record the
September 1980 meetings [the "Zolin Tapes"]... . Several
months later in the summer of 1981, she gave me these tapes
of the September 1980 meetings and told me they belonged to
the L. Ron Hubbard biography project. ...De Celle and
everyone else who was on staff knew that any materials that
were given to me for the biography would be turned over to
Garrison. Garrison had no connection with MCCS and was not
even a Scientologist. After Barbara De Celle gave me the
tapes, I turned them over to Garrison. ...Barbara De Celle
voluntarily gave me the tapes of the September 1980
meetings of her own volition. I never asked for them. Nor
did I surreptitiously take them from her desk. She gave
them to me one day as I passed by her desk. ...I declare
that the foregoing is true and correct under penalty of
Gerald Armstrong
11 February 1985


Well, so much for how the world came into possession of this arcane and
invaluable knowledge about "RRF."

You might be surprised to learn that the alleged "authenticity" of
Armstrong's "Zolin tapes" transcript came from an Assistant Attorney
General of the United States, Shirley D. Peterson, who filed selections
from a September 1984 Gerry Armstrong Declaration in something she
called "Defendant's Proposed Findings of Uncontroverted Fact" in a case
that, strangely, involved BOTH the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST),
doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" <SPIT!>, AND the IRS.

Well, since it's in proposed findings of fucking UNCONTROVERTED FACT
while going against CST, I guess we all better just accept it, huh?

Here is what she said, from papers filed in CST v. The United States of
America, United States Tax Court:

"3. On or about September 28, 1980, a meeting was held at
the Cedars Complex at Los Angeles, California, one of the
corporate headquarters of the Church of Scientology of
California (CSC). Ms. Sullivan was then in charge of a
special mission, called the 'Mission Corporate Category
Sort-Out' (MCCS). The purpose of MCCS was to restructure
the Church of Scientology and, by so doing, conceal L. Ron
Hubbard's control of the Church of Scientology and develop
strategies to effectuate actual control of Scientology by
Mr. Hubbard without his incurring legal responsibility for
the activities of the Church of Scientology. Dick Sullivan,
a junior executive of the MCCS mission, pursuant to orders,
tape recorded the meeting."

No, she didn't bother to say who those "orders" came from. She goes on:

"4. At the meeting, the following exchange took place
relating to the corporate structure of the Church of
Scientology and Mr. Hubbard's position within the
structure. This exchange was tape recorded with the
knowledge and assent of all present."

Well, <tcht>! Of COURSE it was. How else could we have gotten this?


"6. Mr. Hubbard received millions of dollars through a
dummy corporation, Religious Research Foundation (R.R.F.
[RRF]), specifically set up to funnel money to him which
should have been paid to CSC by foreign customers paying
for 'Flag' services. 'Flag' is part of CSC. At a strategy
meeting on September 29, 1980, held by several high ranking
senior executives of the Church [t]he exchange was as

Well, there you have it: "Mr. Hubbard received millions of dollars
through a dummy corporation, Religious Research Foundation" (RRF). There
it is in black and white from the federal government, representing the
IRS. Can there be any question?

Ms. Peterson then elected to selectively quote a version from the
September 1984 Declaration of Gerry Armstrong, but I've elected to
present the most complete, least-edited version of the transcript I
could find. Notice that, unfortunately, it begins with an "unknown
speaker." Uh-huh. Gerry just had no idea who it was. Ms. Peterson left
that part out, but here's the most complete transcript I can find:

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: There is no need at all for them to be the
Board of Directors in order for them to run the Church, but
the authority of the Church has to lie somewhere, and on
some basis. And since the Church has always chosen a
corporate entity, eventually the authority is going to have
vest with the Board of Directors. The only reason it's
worked so long without that occurring is because everyone
has effectively been bound by the authority of LRH and have
ignored corporate lines... .

CHARLES PARCELLE: We could say that the RRF, [Religious
Research Foundation], and CSC are part of the same church,
even though they are corporately different. I mean if
anything was a sham corporation, it's RRF.

ALLEN WERTHEIMER: As I understand it RRF receives monies
that would otherwise be due to the California Church for
services rendered by the California Church to people
outside of the country who decide to pay the Church from
outside the country.


ALLEN WERTHEIMER: So that's basically right?

CHARLES PARCELLE: That's right. Foreign - non US
Scientologists pay RRF they go to Flag [the flag Ship Org,
FSO: and take the services. RRF was originally supposed to
hold the money until the service was rendered and then pay
it to CSC. But in fact it has not really done that and so
CSC has rendered much service to many foreign
Scientologists and RRF has got the money Fortunately for us
RRF wasn't incorporated until 1973 and we're litigating
1972. So I haven't really tried to sort this one out but it
obviously is the classic case (loud laugh) of inurement, if
not fraud. (several laughs)


UNKNOWN SPEAKER: It's all privileged.

DICK SULLIVAN: The tape recorder is going here Charles...

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: Now when you talk around a table like this
and there is no Internal Revenue agent present, (whispered:
I hope so), bugged or otherwise, one can work out
solutions. But when you are a few weeks away from a trial
and everything you say is going to be rammed down your
throat, then you have to start looking at what actually
happened. And its very difficult to assign significances to
things other than what was actually being done at the time.

Now, what that "UNKNOWN SPEAKER" is referring to there is the LANDMARK
case that was going to begin in December of 1980, which was CSC v.
Commissioner of IRS, wherein CSC would ultimately, finally, and for all
time be denied tax exemption when the fucking ruling FINALLY came out on
24 September 1984, which... Well, I'll be GOD-DAMNED! That's the same
month that Gerry Armstrong wrote the Declaration that Ms. Peterson
relied on.

Okay, so, where do things stand on "RRF"? It's been mentioned ONCE in
the "Stipulation" <SPIT!>, and it's been mentioned in this magic tape.

That's IT.

Okay, so the case of CSC v. Commissioner starts in 1980, runs through
1982, just RIPPING through the relationships of CSC and "L. Ron Hubbard"
and ALL the fucking foreign accounts, and absolutely rules of INUREMENT,
INUREMENT, INUREMENT, and their ruling was FINALLY published on 24
September 1984 (after CST has been created and the "Special Directors"
were in place). So the United States Tax Court MUST have just taken this
fucking "RRF" APART, just ripped it and "L. Ron Hubbard" a new asshole,

No. They never mentioned it. Not once.

Say what?


Well... But WAIT a ~FUCKING~ minute! But... Now, see here! An Assistant
Attorney General of the United States of America, representing the Tax
Division of the United States Department of Justice, represented this as

Look, they NEVER FUCKING MENTIONED IT, take it or LEAVE it.

Okay, WHO the ~FUCK~ created RRF, and WHEN, and WHERE? Because the
"docketed years" for the CSC v. Commissioner case were 1970-1972.

And you search, and you search, and you search, and then, suddenly,
there is a weird, contorted, confusing and confused statement from the
most unexpected source. And it's bizarre, and parts of it make no sense,
and of COURSE there is no date whatsoever connected with it, and for
SOME fucking reason it starts in the third person and finishes in the
first person. But the part about RRF is just un-FUCKING-mistakable. And
it says:

Quoted from the source: "MADRID. Kima [Kima Douglas] and a
girl called Jill went to the Gold Coast [now Ghana] in
Africa to register three corporations, RRF [Religious
Research Foundation], one was the 'Snow White' project to
straighten up and clean all Scientology's dirty washing.
Fred Hare was in charge. I had to incorporate these
companies. We arrived in Madrid. We went to the apartment
[MEA]. We had an OTC mailing office in Madrid and I was
given mail to take back to the ship. Next morning at the
airport I was arrested. I was taken into the back office
where 15 boxes of mail were that they had taken off the
aircraft. I was taken to prison, kept in solitary
confinement and interrogated for two days. I was there for
7 days."
Source: Interview with Kima Douglas for "Bare-Faced
Messiah," Oakland, California 27 August 1986


Well, I don't know what to say. If I say, "Kima Douglas created the
Religious Research Foundation" (RRF), it will provide the brilliant and
eloquent Monica Pignotti yet ~another~ opportunity to wheeze "NOTHING

I don't think I could sit through that tooth-drilling without benefit of
novocaine even one more time.

But, then again, this statement by Kima Douglas IS from Russell Miller's
interview with Kima, isn't it? You remember Kima? She and her husband,
Mike Douglas, are the ones who allegedly were right with "L. Ron
Hubbard" on many of those times when he was running and hiding in
disguises and vans with dark windows. She's the one who bid for a cash
price on the purchase of Gilman Hot Springs in a real estate deal which
she SAYS was ordered by "L. Ron Hubbard." (It didn't have anything to do
with Norton S. Karno or the Lenskes, doncha'know.)

But even if we take Kima at her word, that she personally DID
incorporate RRF in Ghana, we still don't know WHEN she did it. Do we?

Well, let's see if there are any clues.

On her return from the trip to "the Gold Coast" (now called Ghana), she
passed through Madrid, through the "MEA" (Mission European Agency)
apartment in Madrid. How do we know it was on her "return"? Well, that's
simple: she was being given mail to take BACK TO THE SHIP.

But why was she then going to the airport "the next morning?" Where was
"the ship"? We don't know, do we. So let's set that aside, and focus on
the fact that she was ARRESTED IN MADRID. Well, when did THAT happen?

We must turn back to Gerry Armstrong. Yes, dear Gerry. Because Gerry
hands us the clue. Of course, Gerry puts a wrong date on it, which I'm
not going to repeat here, and it is a very SIGNIFICANT wrong date, too,
especially when factored against the VERY strange reference by Kima
Douglas having to do with some corporation she set up in Ghana at the
time having SOMETHING to do with "Snow White." But we'll get back to
Kima's "Snow White" reference, oh, yes we will.

In the meantime, there is this arrest in Madrid. And Gerry says:

"I think when we were still in refit in Lisnave, MEA
flapped. The story I was told was that [garrison
missionaire X (brackets in original)] had been frequenting
gay bars; and whatever he had been doing there had excited
Spanish law enforcement, which had then connected him to
the amazing MEA air freight transshipment operation, and
the arrival and departure of an endless concourse of
couriers. The Spanish picked up and jailed the MEA
missionaires and then, before Flag was alerted, scooped up
6 more people, who were passing through Madrid to or from
the ship. The group of people jailed, I think for perhaps a
week on average, became known as the Madrid 8."
Source: Usenet message <7b22hn$dm8@drn.newsguy.com> from
Gerry Armstrong, posted by Warrior by permission of

So, although Armstrong assigned an incorrect date to the incident, we
have several more clues: the Apollo was "in refit in Lisnave," and the
six detainees were imprisoned for "about a week." And Kima Douglas had
said: "I was there for 7 days." It all snaps together like Legos.

But we still don't have a fucking DATE! So, when did the Apollo go into
refit in Lisnave shipyards--on the Setubal peninsula near Lisbon,
Portugal? And could THAT be where Kima was headed to from the Barajas
airport in Madrid, taking mail "back to the ship"? It would make sense.
It would still all snap together like Legos. And the Apollo went into
refit SOME fucking time in 1972, which has been being explored in the
"Attn Ralph Hilton" thread. Okay, 1972. But WHEN in 1972?

And we search, and we search, and we search...

And who should turn up to help us solve this mystery but Gerry
Armstrong's own good buddy and failed "L. Ron Hubbard biographer," Omar
Garrison, who, bless his heart, says in Chapter 4 of "Playing Dirty":

"On November 19, 1972, a shipment of chocolates being sent
via air freight by the church was detained and field tested
by the Narcotics Squad of the Spanish Secret Police who
said that they found indications of LSD. They arrested six
Americans and two British subjects who were concerned with
air freight to and from the Apollo and the various
Scientology churches.
"The Scientologists were taken to a police station;
locked in filthy cells and badly treated.
"Mike Douglas, one of the Americans being detained
said that he was grilled in the presence of Weldon K.
Curry, an agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
"'Curry threatened me that I and my associates would
be held in prison incommunicado. He said that we were now
in Spain, not the continental United States.'
"Douglas reported that during the next two days, he
was interrogated several times. 'The interrogators tried to
frighten me by falsely accusing me and my associates of
trafficking in drugs...'
"After being imprisoned four days, the eight were
released. Full laboratory tests had shown that no LSD nor
narcotic of any kind were in the chocolates. It had been a
typical policestate pickup, engineered and supervised by a
sworn officer of the U.S. Government."
Source: Book, "Playing Dirty" by Omar V. Garrison, Chapter 4

And it all snaps together like Legos. It happened on 19 November 1972.
The people arrested included Kima Douglas (who might have been Kima
Dunleavy at the time, or going under one of her other names), Mike
Douglas, Fred Hare, some "girl called Jill"--who could have been Lt.
Jill Carlstrom. (It might also have included David Rapp if he was still
doing the briefings at MEA. He had been in February of 1971.)

And they were detained by officials of the United States Treasury
Department for a week in November 1972. Fascinating. Of course, we only
have THEIR accounts of what they were doing for a week with Treasury
Department officials of the US Government there in 1972. But surely we
can believe how badly they were mistreated and imprisoned. Can't we?

Well, I guess we have to. But in the meantime, that means that Kima
Douglas went on mission to "the Gold Coast" of Africa--now called
Ghana--and there created RRF as a Ghana corporation sometime probably in
the first two weeks of November 1972. Of COURSE "L. Ron Hubbard made her
do it." I mean, how many people do we have squatting on this newsgroup
24/7 to make fucking SURE that EVERYBODY knows that EVERYTHING was done
by the raving psychotic "L. Ron Hubbard," who OBVIOUSLY had EVERYBODY in
his thrall and operating like mindless zombies.

Only, we got a little ~FUCKING~ problem.

Our little problem, unfortunately, is Ken Urquhart, the "LRH Per Comm."
You remember Ken: he's the guy who didn't created the RPF. "L. Ron
Hubbard" just typed poor Ken's name on the RPF issue.

Well, here's what the Ken doll says:

15 c. September 1972
"Now I will give a broad account of Hubbard and how he
changed over these years, 1968-1975. This period divides
neatly into two, firstly to September 1972 when he left the
ship for a year in New York, and then from September, 1973
when he returned to the ship. There were very marked
differences between the two periods.
"...[I]n September of 1972 he had to hustle out of his
lovely little house in Tangiers, Morocco to avoid being
extradited to France. This was in the middle of a
ridiculous attempt to train the Moroccan Security Forces in
sec-checking! He spent the next year in seclusion in New
"...The year that he [Hubbard] spent in NY changed the
way he operated, and the way we related. These changes
began the moment I (and another, John Bragin) put him on
the plane at Lisbon for New York, in September 1972."
Source: Ken Urquhart speech to the Freezone Convention

And when did Kima Douglas sneak off down to Ghana to set up the
"Religious Research Foundation" (RRF)? Somewhere between the 1st and
19th of November 1972, a month and a half to two months LATER, while "L.
Ron Hubbard" is allegedly off in some TOP SECRET fucking location,
hiding out from extradition with Jim Dincalci and Green Beret Paul
Preston, in some fucking apartment building in New York city.


So, since "L. Ron Hubbard" is not able to be reached, how the FUCK did
he put his stamp of approval on this trek down to Ghana? Anybody?
Bueller? Anybody?

And why the ~FUCK~ did it just so happen that Kima and company got to
spend a cozy WEEK in the private company of US Treasury Department
officials in Madrid RIGHT AFTER they got back from setting up the RRF?

Those ought to be some interesting federal reports.

Especially since Kima says that not only did she set up the RRF, she set
up THREE fucking corporations, and there is some GARBLED fucking claim
that one of them was connected with "Snow White." Here's a reprise, and
NOW we've got a fucking DATE to attach to it:

10 c. November 1972
"Kima [Kima Douglas] and a girl called Jill went to the
Gold Coast [now Ghana] in Africa to register three
corporations, RRF [Religious Research Foundation], one was
the 'Snow White' project to straighten up and clean all
Scientology's dirty washing."
Source: Interview with Kima Douglas for "Bare-Faced
Messiah," Oakland, California 27 August 1986

Say ~WHAT~?!

Because if you think we had a ~FUCKING~ problem before, then you'd
better go to one of Chris Owen's charitable public-service pages and
read when the fucking "Snow White" program purportedly was written by
"L. Ron Hubbard" in Queens, New York, while he supposedly was on the lam
from possible extradition.

Go on, go to Chris Owen's "Timeline" <SPIT!>, and scroll down to where
"GO 732 WW," the "SNOW WHITE PROGRAM" is listed, and see what the date
is. Go on:


Of course the link to the actual "document" is surprisingly a dead 404
error now, but here's a text version of what the heading said:




GO 732 WW - Legal Apr. 20, 73..



See that date? Do you notice a little ~FUCKING~ problem? That's ~only~
FIVE ~FUCKING~ MONTHS ~AFTER~ Kima Douglas and Fred Hare went on their
little lark to "the Gold Coast" to set up THREE CORPORATIONS, one being
RRF, and something ELSE that we have NO fucking idea about, but that
supposedly was for the benefit of "Snow White"--which would be being

Well, I'll tell you what, that Kima Douglas must be ONE "OT" BITCH. I
mean, she had a gift of fucking prescience that just put poor old
Nostradamus back in the fucking BUSH leagues. She AND Fred Hare.

Wait: Fred Hare? You mean, he's one of the OTHER people who got to spend
a week in solitude in Madrid in November of 1972 with US Treasury
Department personnel--right after he and Kima set up these corporations?

Well, then I guess we better visit Guardian Order 1206, "THE SNOW WHITE
PROGRAM," 22 June 1974, hadn't we, and see what that's all about.
Naturally, it's also being presented as a public service by Chris Owen
through one of his favorite whores, Andreas Held-da-Funds. You don't
want to miss this. Go there and read it, and read all the way to the
bottom, and see who wrote it:

Go ahead: http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/snowwhit/snowwhit.gif

Could you read who wrote it?

It's "Fred Hare, CS-G Asst for Mary Sue Hubbard, The Controller."

Just one more devoted slave doing things "for" one of the Hubbards, just
as Ken Urquhart created the RPF "for" L. Ron Hubbard. No, Urquhart
didn't create the RPF so that Norton S. Karno and the Lenskes would have
an endless supply of degraded golems to perform "improvements" on all
the property they were about to launch into purchasing.

That didn't have FUCK ALL to do with it.

He was just helping "L. Ron Hubbard."

Like Kima was in early November when she slinked off to Ghana and set up
the RRF and the other "Snow White" corporations.

But you gourd rattlers party on, and continue to make enough noise to
drown all this out, and continue to burn effigies of L. Ron Hubbard and
David "Particle Board" Miscavige, and kneel in worship before your
graven images of Kima Douglas and Gerry Armstrong . God knows I wouldn't
want actual facts to be littering the ground around the crucifixtions.

Kady, when you come out of your mystical trance: send my beer to the
Lenskes. Tell 'em it's on me.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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