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Subject: Norton S. Karno and the Real Estate Fairy
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Just how MUCH money has real-estate toad <SPIT!> AND attorney <SPIT!>
Norton S. Karno raked in off of REAL ESTATE DEALS since getting his
giant bloodsucking maw vacuum-sealed to the money veins of Scientology
and the estate of L. Ron Hubbard?

What I mean is, how much in real estate commissions and rake-offs and
kickbacks in ADDITION to his lawyer fees from as early as 1973 to as
late as 10 May 1982--when he quietly stepped aside from the Executor and
Trustee postition he had been squatting on over the Hubbard estate. How
~fucking~ MUCH money might he have raked in on the side in massive real
estate deals he was involved in--even twice removed?

I think I'm finally beginning to get the picture on what that mysterious
and undefined alleged "partnership" involving Karno and "L. Ron Hubbard"
was that had been so carefully and so vaguely alluded to in the 15
December 1979 "Will" written by Sherman Lenske that named Karno as
Executor of "L. Ron Hubbard's" estate, AND as Trustee of the "L. Ron
Hubbard Inter Vivos Trust" of same date. I think I'm FINALLY beginning
to understand why Lenske, in writing both documents, made goddamned sure
that there was a BLANKET "waiver" for Karno and EVERYBODY in Karno's
firm--including the Lenske Bros.--in regard to that unspecified

The amount of real estate transactions that started taking place once
Karno's law firm became involved is truly awe inspiring, especially in
terms of those years' "dollars" (which I will not be attempting to

For instance, the first thing that caught my attention just HAPPENED to
happen right around the EXACT same time period that Karno's firm began
"representing" <SPIT!> CSC "against" the IRS. The attorney was "James Q.
Fisher, a member of the law firm of Karno, Rudnick & Fisher." And here
it is the real estate deal that happened right around then:

11 July 1973
The Chateau Elysee [Fifield Manor, The Manor Hotel], 5930
Franklin Boulevard, Hollywood, California, has been
purchased. [NOTE: No money figures available. Estimating
minimum $2.5 million.]
Source: Base Order 23 US, according to "Modern Management
Technology Defined"

I don't know how much that property actually cost in 1973, maybe more,
maybe less, but I think that's a reasonable estimate for this prime
historic property right in Hollywood--especially since the Ft. Harrison
in lowly Clearwater, Florida went for $2.6 million just about two years
later. I further find it very interesting that this massive piece of
property was purchased while "L. Ron Hubbard" was missing, allegedly
holed up somewhere in Queens, New York with a male nurse and a former
Green Beret, busy writing the "Snow White" program that would have its
climax right at the tippy top of this very building.

Now, I wonder who might have been involved in this cherry real estate
deal and might have been in line for commissions or even kick-backs from

Well, there's lots more:

On or about 15 September 1975, "L. Ron Hubbard" (having JUST come ashore
a few weeks earlier at Daytona Beach, Florida) purportedly wrote a
TOP-SECRET DOCUMENT to Henning Heldt, saying--and I quote from the
source for this little bit of intelligence, who is both quoting and
paraphrasing from the TOP-SECRET DOCUMENT allegedly from "L. Ron

15 c. September 1975
"'[T]he present corporate moves' were designed 'to continue
Flag training and processing' and 'to continue Flag
management services.' The United Churches group would allow
the Flag [sic] to 'function, financed and effective.'"

Who do you think the source is for that little snippet of intel work? It
might surprise YOU, but it won't surprise Arnie "Hold My Pony-Tail"
Lerma, butt-boy for Sherman Lenske. The author of that quote was Arnie's
good friend and co-defendant in a later copyright suit, Richard Leiby,
writing at the time for the Clearwater Sun on 7 November of 1979, in an
article he lovingly titled "Sect Front Started to Launder Cash."

I find this MOST interesting for many reasons, not the least being that
Leiby SOMEHOW, in his cracker-jack investigative reporting, managed to
entirely overlook Norton S. Karno's involvement and complicity. Maybe he
thought "L. Ron Hubbard" was creating the corporations for "the present
corporate moves" in his own name. LMAO!

But what poor Karno/Lenske mouthpiece Leiby inadvertently EXPOSED is
that WHOEVER was creating the corporations for "the present corporate
moves" had to have been already directly connected with "L. Ron Hubbard"
almost the instant he allegedly stepped foot out of his gaudy Cadillac
onto the golden sands of Daytona Beach--while he was busy hiding from
the Feds, doncha'know.

Well, let's see exactly how this drama unfolds, and just how connected
the Karno firm(s) (he's an attorney AND a real estate broker, a dessert
topping AND a floor wax) might be. Let us not forget, though, that
Karno's good friend Joel Kreiner at the time was the "lead tax attorney"
for CSC--but on the inside, inside the GO--and had COMPLETE control over
all of CSC's tax records.

Oh, and let's ALSO not overlook our good friends, hail-fellows-well-met,
old-school-tie buddies Meade Emory and Howard D. Schoenfeld, both
working at the time in the Assistant Commissioner strata at IRS in
Washington, D.C.

Oh, and let's ALSO not lose sight of the fact that CSC, with Joel
Kreiner representing, has been in recent litigation against their boss,
IRS Commissioner Donald C. Alexander, and that there is an FOIA suit
going at the time against IRS, which Kreiner is overseeing. Of course
Joel Kreiner is working very closely with the Karno firm.

And we can't forget Gerald Wolfe! Wolfe is employed at IRS far beneath
Emory and Schoenfeld, just as a lowly clerk typist. But of course Wolfe
is REALLY a spy for the Guardian Office (GO), and is REALLY there to
steal documents for the benefit of these very same attorneys. No,
really. (Now, what were those attorneys' names again? I forget... .)

So now, with all this firmly in mind:

20 c. September 1975
Henning Heldt writes a TOP-SECRET program, purportedly to
implement the mandates in the TOP-SECRET communique from
"L. Ron Hubbard" of 15 c. September 1975. Some of the
targets include:
"Work out what the cash assets, real property assets
and personal property assets of each U.S. (Scientology)
corporation are.
"Investigate means of safeguarding cash reserves from
IRS seizure or wipeout, to include increase of funds to
Trustee Account via special assessments, percentage
increases etc.; increases of funds to overseas Defense
"Work out whether it would be possible or advisable to
sell all or some of the U.S. Church property on a
lease-back basis... with options to renew lease or
repurchase such that we would not be liable to losing a
desired location.
"Consider the transfer of assets to newly forced [sic:
formed] corporations created for this purpose and report
"...[E]stablish back-up corporations to deliver the
Flag's services should the Church of Scientology of
California have difficulty in gaining exemption, or IRS
takes some savage action," including:
"Complete formation of a dormant corporation for Flag.
"Complete formation of a 'Mother Church' corporation
separate from the dormant (corporation), for possible use
re management functions."
Source: Clearwater Sun, November 7, 1979, ÒSect Front
Started to Launder CashÓ by Richard Leiby

Again I have to offer my undying gratitude to cracker-jack investigative
reporter and Karno dick-sucker Richard Leiby for all these invaluable
Norton S. Karno fingerprints. I'm sure Norton is going to be grateful.

Oh, and they are DEFINITELY the fingerprints of Norton S. Karno. That
becomes VERY clear very soon. (Gon' get me a "Trustee Account" and be
just like Nort). I also find it ~very~ endearing that "L. Ron Hubbard"
has ordered the GO to "consider the transfer of assets to newly formed
corporation." Wonder what's going to happen with that? Maybe we'll see,
maybe it will remain a dark secret, but before we find out, first we
suddenly we go spinning off into a very strange la-la land for a brief
period, keeping in mind that the Apollo at this time has been abandoned
to a small maintenance crew somewhere in the Caribbean, and is FOR SALE.
You know, they're supposed to be TRYING to FIND a fucking BUYER for it:

22 September 1975
The Flag Intelligence Officer, Gerry Armstrong, signs a
bond for 10,000 sterling to not divulge the whereabouts of
the Apollo or any nature of his employment with the church.
A description of this bond--for sterling--says: "Gerry
signs a bond covering confidential matters, in Canada, but
its for the Church of Scn. of Calif. It looks to be
incomplete. That is not fully filled in by others who
should have signed it."
Source: Armstrong Time Line produced by Guardian Office
Bureau I, "CHRONOLOGY: Gerry Armstrong," submitted as
attachment to Armstrong Declaration 10-11-1986

Hmmmm. Now, I wonder who would have drawn up such a bond, and I wonder
who didn't want their signatures on it, and I wonder what Gerry had to
be doing in--or via--Canada, or even why the fucking ~Flag Intelligence
Officer~ would suddenly need to be signing a "bond" at this late date,
ESPECIALLY including not revealing the fucking location of the
Apollo--WHICH IS UP FOR SALE--and ESPECIALLY given the fact that
Armstrong had been on that post for about A YEAR! Let's see if ANYTHING
that happens can shed ANY possible light on this VERY strange event.

(Oh, but first, let's just take one ~leetle~ tiny peek into 1111
Constitution Avenue, the IRS building, and check up on what those
fun-loving "Snow White" boys are doing behind Meade Emory's and Howard
Schoenfeld's backs. We'll peek through the blinds):

1 c. October 1975
"By early October 1975, Charles Zuravin had completed an
FOIA index regarding all IRS documents relating to
[emphasis added]. Prior to preparing the FOIA index, Mr.
Zuravin had numbered each document SO AS TO FACILITATE
LOCATING THEM [emphasis added]. Within the next few days,
the defendant Raymond sent Mr. Meisner a copy of that index
with a directive to obtain all documents which Mr. Zuravin
had concluded were exempted from the FOIA." [NOTE: Zuravin
is an attorney in the Disclosure Division of the IRS Chief
Counsel's Office, and is representing the United States in
that FOIA case being supervised by Joel Kreiner of the
United States Guardian Office.]
Source: "Stipulation of Evidence" in US v. Mary Sue Hubbard
et al.

Well, I wonder who the ~FUCK~ those "Scientology attorneys" could be.
Now, let me see--WHO had been representing CSC "against" IRS? I know the
name will come to me eventually. Must be alzheimers setting in. Oh,
well. Let's move on, because there is LOTS of real estate to be bought,
and where's the money going to come from? Something else is wavering and
shimmering in the ether on or around 1 c. October 1975, though, and it
may provide a mystical answer to all these questions...

1 c. October 1975
Quoted from CSC v. Commissioner of IRS, Docket No. 3352-78.
United States Tax Court: "[CSC] did not produce
instructions called 'Flag Mission Orders' and reports
pertaining to the two trips to Switzerland to close out the
OTC and trust accounts, although these records were
preserved in a mission file maintained at Clearwater,
3352-78. United States Tax Court. Filed September 24, 1984.

Now, WAIT a ~fucking~ minute: "Flag Mission Orders?" You don't suppose
that Gerry... . Nahhhhhh! Not Gerry. He must have just been on vacation
in Canada, instead of on his way to somewhere else. Yeah, that's it.
(But what the ~FUCK~ would that have to do with a bond concerning the
location of the Apollo?) Now, WHY wouldn't CSC produce those Mission
Orders and reports for the Tax Court in 1982, when the tax case was
going on? I wonder WHO could have been involved in these "two trips" to
Switzerland just when Gerry was on vacation in Canada. (I'm sure he was
probably alone. Can't think who might have been with him.)

This is very strange indeed. And this "Trust account" the Tax Court was
talking about: Isn't that the one that "L. Ron Hubbard" was supposedly
the Trustee of? I believe it certainly is. (But what's still troubling
me just a LITTLE bit about that account is it's the account that somehow
magically had been "memorialized" by a Trust instrument in 1973--while
"L. Ron Hubbard" was supposedly hiding out in New York city. Don't know
how he EXECUTED the fucking trust instrument without running severe risk
of giving his location away, or how the FUCK the trust instrument was
gotten to him to sign when his location was TOP SECRET, or who the FUCK
the notary public was who witnessed him signing this "Trust instrument,"
but BY GOD that's what the Tax Court said had happened back in 1973, so
it MUST be what happened.)

The main point is: here at the beginning of October 1975, what could
these myterious trips by party or parties unknown to Switzerland in
order to shuffle money around POSSIBLY have to do with the events going
on back in Clearwater?

15 c. October 1975
Quoted from CSC v. Commissioner of IRS, Docket No. 3352-78.
United States Tax Court: "Fran Harris...did not know...why
the OTC cash aboard the Apollo was not deposited in the
Banque du Benelux account in Luxembourg until 1975 even
though the account was opened in 1973 [NOTE: while "L. Ron
Hubbard" was missing, allegedly in New York, and while the
Karno firm was respresenting CSC "against" IRS.] ...Taking
into account that Harris served as the chief financial
officer at USLO, ASHO, AOLA and then Flag, and considering
that she and L. Ron Hubbard masterminded the transfer of
the OTC and trust monies from banks in Switzerland to the
Apollo [in mid-1972], we can only conclude that her
evasiveness was intentional."
3352-78. United States Tax Court. Filed September 24, 1984.

L M F A O! And I bet she's STILL scratching her fucking head to this
day! Well, hell, if poor old dopey Fran didn't know... You don't think
that Gerry... Nahhhhhhh! Not our Gerry Armstrong! He wouldn't have gone
sneaking off on a mission VIA CANADA to go secretly recover cash off of
the abandoned Apollo (you know, that cash that supposedly was ON the
Apollo since mid-1972, that supposedly ONLY Mary Sue had a key to, but
that L. Ron Hubbard, for SOME fucking reason, didn't have access to in
December of 1972 when he allegedly high-tailed it for New York, carrying
just the couch-change that Urquhart had been able to scrape up). And
Armstrong wouldn't then secretly take that cash to Luxembourg and put it
INTO an account that Karno and friends had "memorialized" in 1973 in L.
Ron Hubbard's name (you know, while "L. Ron Hubbard" was supposedly
hiding out in New York with Dincalci and Preston). Would he?!?

Nahhhhhhhh! Not our Gerry! He wouldn't be involved in ~that~ kind of
shit! WOULD he? Beside, Gerry was alone in Canada. Wasn't he? And the
tax court said there were TWO trips. Well, let's move on...

1 c. November 1975
"Gerry has just earlier been on leave to visit and handle
his family. Found they had been getting entheta from the
McLean articles. His mother is antagonistic to both him and
to Terry [Terri] at first, but this does eventually get
handled. Also during this visit there is a letter given to
Gerry by his mother, from a former girlfriend who
apparently still carries the torch - though she has been
married herself for 3 years. Gerrys [sic] mother is asked
to pass the letter on to Gerry in 'your usual discreet
Source: Armstrong Time Line produced by Guardian Office
Bureau I, ÒCHRONOLOGY: Gerry Armstrong,Ó submitted as
attachment to Armstrong Declaration 10-11-1986

Well, SEE! I ~told~ you our Gerry wouldn't be involved in that money
shuffling shit. Of COURSE not. He was just up in Canada visiting mom and
dad. And look: the C/O of the Commodore's Messengers, his wife Terri
Armstrong--later to become our very own Terri Gamboa, helping Norman
Starkey hire the Lenske Bros.--was traveling with Gerry, just a sweet
couple on a sweet and innocent leave of absence, with a little friction
from the folks, a little intrigue from an old girlfriend: you know,
homey, familiar, innocent, boring family shit. Phew! Man, THAT'S a
relief. Had nothing to do with the cash suddenly teleporting from the
Apollo to into that overseas account at the same time Gerry and Terri
were away seeing the folks.

But, now, this shuffling of money that Gerry and Terri aren't involved
with: this wouldn't have anything to do with the set-up of some new
corporations and the purchase of some REAL ESTATE, now, WOULD it?

2 November 1975
"Hotel Sale Breaks A Link With Small Town Past--Southern
Land Sales and Development purchase the Fort Harrison
Hotel, followed by the old Bank of Clearwater building,
sparking intense community concerns and suspicions over the
intended use and real ownership. Local officials and
reporters begin to question the purchase. ...Southern Land
Development explained that the Fort Harrison Hotel would be
used for conferences and conventions, available to
religious groups."
Source: Clearwater Sun, 2 November 1975

Well, what the ~FUCK~ is this "Southern Land Sales and Development" that
has suddenly sprung up and bought the Fort Harrison Hotel and the
Clearwater building? Why, it sounds like a new REAL ESTATE corporation
that SOMEBODY has set up. Well, where the ~FUCK~ did they get that kind
of start-up capital? Is THIS the "front corporation" for CSC? Is that
the way this game has been rigged? That seems to be the current popular
conception--amidst a lot of confusion about it. Well, fuck ~NO~ it
isn't. Think again. THIS is the fucking CONDUIT corporation. This is a
MIDDLE MAN corporation that has been set up to BUY the fucking property,
and turn around and LEASE it to "United Churches of Florida" [UCF],
which ~IS~ the "front corporation" for CSC, later to SELL it to them:

12 November 1975
"Hotel's Lessee Named--Announced that the lessee of the
Fort Harrison Hotel is the United Churches of Florida."
Source: Clearwater Sun, 12 November 1975

Then WHOSE fucking corporation is "Southern Land Sales and Development"?
And where the FUCK did they get this sudden infusion of cash? And who
the FUCK is involved with all this shit? Well, let's see...

25 November 1975
Henning Heldt in letter to "L. Ron Hubbard" headed "Re:
"Goldmine has produced instantaneous VGI's [Very Good
Indicators] on the DG Legal US, DG Finance US, Marty
[accountant Martin Greenberg] and Joel [attorney Joel
Kreiner], and Karno [attorney and real estate mogul Norton
S. Karno]. CofSofC ownership had been mentioned a number of
times, particularly by Karno, but we had not thought of
this method of turning [???] CofSofC ownership into a Lead
Pipe Cinch. The right item of course makes the N/A Corp
work quite worthwhile, even though we are not using it.
All concerned feel the work has paid off.
"...CofSofC [CSC] Account Balance is $7,100,000.00
approximately. Defense funds for CofSofC total
$2,535,563.33 as of 30 Sept 75.
"Subtracting $3,100,000.00 for Fort Harrison, Bank
Building, Cars and various costs, the remainder is in
excess of $6,500,000. This leaves funds for purchase of
Building 13, and the covering of Marty's [CSC accountant
Martin Greenberg] 14 Nov figure.
"To bring this fully into the field of Lead Pipe
Cinches, I discussed with Karno the availability of Trustee
Funds for the purpose of a Bond, and he agreed those could
be used. Trustee Funds totaled $3,372,000.00 at the end of
1974, nearly a year ago.
"...Further the Trustee Funds are for defense of
Churches, and posting bond in such an instance would
qualify as defense."
Source: Letter, "RE: GOLDMINE Yrs: 22 Nov 75," from
Henning Heldt purportedly to L. Ron Hubbard

Well, I'll just be goddamned. There's Karno and Kreiner and Martin
Greenberg all up in there, Karno sitting on the "Trustee Funds"
accounts--the Trustee being "L. Ron Hubbard" of COURSE--very pleasantly
and happily helping CSC to set up phony corporations and all the
business and tax relationships between them. (Don't know what the "N/A
Corp" was, but maybe it's N/A. And maybe it's not.)

What is CERTAINLY applicable is that the "TRUSTEE FUNDS ARE FOR DEFENSE
OF CHURCHES," which, unincoded, means it was a fucking SLUSH TROUGH for
the pig attorneys to slop from. No WONDER Karno had his scaly talons on
the purse strings. No WONDER Karno had set it up in 1973--while "L. Ron
Hubbard" was "hiding out" somewhere in New York. Wasn't THAT fucking
convenient. (But I still wonder how the ~FUCK~ Karno managed to get "L.
Ron Hubbard's" signature on that trust instrument when "L. Ron Hubbard"
was hiding out in a VERY secret location. I know: I'm just anal.)

Not only had Karno and Kreiner and friends arranged for the TRUSTEE
ACCOUNT to be for "defense" (meaning destined for THEIR fucking bank
accounts), it looks like they also had a SEPARATE set of "Defense funds
for CofSofC (CSC)" sitting somewhere to dip into--even for the
convenience of Karno's real estate machinations.

So what the ~FUCK~ is really going on here?

All I can say is that I am relieved beyond WORDS to learn that Gerry
Armstrong and Terri Armstrong (Terri Gamboa) weren't mixed up in this
shit, because it looks like it links all the way back to 1972 when those
funds were BROUGHT ON BOARD the Apollo. Of course we STILL don't
understand why the ~FUCK~ "L. Ron Hubbard" would have left the Apollo in
the Caribbean to be sold at the beginning of September 1975, and headed
for Daytona Beach, Florida, abandoning his alleged stash of cash, do we?

No, but at least we KNOW that sweet Gerry and Terri weren't in on it.

And meanwhile, while all of THIS shit was going on, back at the 1111
Constitution Ave. ranch:

1 c. December 1975
Gerald Wolfe (aka "Silver") has managed to photocopy well
over "a foot of material"--"withheld IRS documents
(exempted under FOIA)"--out of the offices of Charles
Zuravin in five separate runs. [NOTE: All of these pilfered
documents have been sent to the USGO for the benefit of
Source: "Stipulation of Evidence" in US v. Mary Sue Hubbard
et al.

The names of these attorneys, though, still, somehow, keeps eluding me.
I think it's because their names are NEVER ~FUCKING~ MENTIONED in the
"Stipulation" <SPIT!>, which makes it kind of difficult for me to keep
track of WHO the fuck was ~receiving~ all these stolen documents. (I'm
just going to have to make myself some fucking notes.)

So then...

8 December 1975
"In early December 1975," Michael Meisner goes to Los
Angeles California, for briefings with his superiors in the
Guardian's Office (GO). [NOTE: Meisner was running Gerald
Wolfe and all other alleged GO spy operations in D.C.]
Source: "Stipulation of Evidence" in US v. Mary Sue Hubbard
et al.

Well, I don't guess any of these "superiors in the Guardian's [sic]
Office" would have included ANY of the FUCKING "attorneys" that all this
wholesale theft was being done for, right? Well, of COURSE it didn't,
And if it's not in there, it DIDN'T FUCKING HAPPEN. Right, kiddies?

Well, we can't dwell on it, because:

15 c. December 1975
"United Churches [aka "United Churches of Florida" (UCF)]
purchased the old Fort Harrison Hotel and Bank of
Clearwater buildings in December 1975 for $2.3 million cash
from another Scientology front group, Southern Land
Development and Leasing Corp. [aka Southern Land Sales and
Development (SLD)]."
Source: Clearwater Sun, November 7, 1979, ÒSect Front
Started to Launder CashÓ by Richard Leiby

Well, THANK you, Richard Leiby! Thanks for explaining to us exactly what
"Southern Land Development and Leasing Corp." was. It didn't have ~JACK
SHIT~ to do with Norton S. Karno and his buddies when the Ft. Harrison
and the bank building were BOUGHT AND THEN RESOLD to CSC via "United
Churches of Floridaa," did it? No, the middle-man corporation was just
"another Scientology front group," right, Richard? ~That~ makes a LOT of
fucking sense. And "RTC owns the copyrights," too, right, Richard?

Didn't you set Arnie Lerma up with your little "profile" piece on him in
the Washington Post on Christmas Day, 25 December 1994, expressly so he
could turn around six months later and publish the "Advanced Technology"
in a.r.s. and then involve YOU, specifically so you and he and the
Washington Post could be in a big legal "war" with "Scientology," and
"prove" that "RTC owned the copyrights"?

You know, while the IRS operative Tom Klemesrud was ALSO in a big
copyright "war" with David "Particle Board" Miscavige and "the RTC."
Remember, Richard? Oh, yeah, and wasn't one of the players in all of
that dear old Scott Mayer, the personal informant to the Commissioner of
IRS. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

But the case that you and Arnie were involved in was special, wasn't it,
because you even provided a stage for Sherman Lenske to enter and give
his "Declaration," telling the story the way HE wanted, didn't you?

You're the same Richard Leiby, aren't you, you sold-out, paid-off, lying
criminal sack of shit excuse for a clerk typist.

Thanks, too, Richard, for giving "Southern Land Sales and Development" a
slightly different name in your story--"Southern Land Development and
Leasing Corp."--so we could all get fucking lost. But we didn't get
lost, Leiby. No, you crawling, lying fucking worm--NOTHING and NOBODY is
getting lost. TRUST me. (Even the fact that you gave it THREE different
names. Thought I'd missed it, didn't you, scum? Thought you had skated
by for a second there, didn't you? Thought I hadn't noticed "Southern
Land Development" from the FIRST Clearwater Sun article, above, didn't
you? What the ~fuck~ did I JUST get through telling you?)

Well, we can't dwell here any longer on Karno and Lenske scum employees
like Leiby and Lerma, because there is SO MUCH MORE REAL ESTATE for
Karno to rake off fees and commissions and kickbacks and God knows WHAT
from. Next on the property list is:

1 c. June 1976
The Cedars-Sinai Medical Clinic property is purchased for
$5.5 million. [NOTE: The referenced source says it was
purchased by "the California church," which is assumed to
mean Church of Scientology of California (CSC).]

Hey, old Norton and Joel didn't let any "grass grow under their feet" in
the real estate biz, did they? <Wink> Hardly six months after the
Clearwater bonanza, here is ANOTHER $5.5 million. And yet ANOTHER
setting for some upcoming FBI raids. SOMEBODY probably got a nice
commission. What do you think? And hadn't Marshall Goldblatt, that jolly
South African (well, FUCK, of COURSE he would be from a Commonwealth
country) gotten involved in the BIG REAL ESTATE DEALS by then? Why I
think he ~had~ suddenly appeared on the scene from out of the "blue"
(pun intended).

Got to keep those real estate commission rolling in, though. Don't slow
down for a minute! We've got all these Urquhart-created golems running
around in boiler suits for us upgrading our properties, so lets get out
and buy, buy, buy! Location, location, location:

1 c. September 1976
"...La Quinta [is] bought for $l.3m We bought Rifle
[separate Hubbard residence near the main La Quinta
property] for $180,000."
Source: Kima Douglas interview for "Bare-Faced Messiah"

Okay, let's take a quick breather and tote things up before the FBI
raids. We've got about $2.5 mil for Fifield. Then Karno's "Southern
Whatthefuckever" corporation bought a package including the Ft. Harrison
for $3.1 mil, then LEASED it to UCF, then SOLD the Ft. Harrison,
apparently ALONE, for $2.6 mil to UCF. So in other words, there is NO
way to know what kind of fucking rake-offs were buried in all that shit,
so let's just say it's the $3.1 mil, plus the $2.5 mil for Fifield, and
we're at $5.6. Add on $5.5 mil for Cedars, and now we're at $11.1 mil.
Then we tack on La Quinta + Rifle at what we'll call a combined $1.5
mill (hey, there's points and all that shit), and suddenly you're ALMOST
talking real money: around $12.6 MILLION in real estate transactions in
less than three years. (Yes, I'm ignoring the sale of the Apollo.)

And just because the fucking FBI raids, that's Mary Sue's fucking
problem, not Karnos or the Lenskes or Kreiners! Hell, they ain't
involved! Can't stop now!

1 c. February c. 1979
"I found a bankrupt property at Gilman [Gilman Hot
Springs], went to court and bid on it and bought it for
Source: Kima Douglas interview for "Bare-Faced Messiah"

Hey, now Kima's in the real estate business, too! Wonder who handed her
the cash to go BID on property with? I bet we're going to find out,
maybe a whole lot sooner than she or any of them think. (Maybe then
she'll have an opportunity to explain why the medical officer, Jim
Dincalci, was suddenly sent off on a mission right after Susan Meister
had been shot in the head with a gun belonging to Peter Gillham way back
on 25 June 1971, even before all that cash got brought to the Apollo.
[Gillham? Now, where have I heard that name before in connection with
all of this? I have GOT to make myself some notes.] And maybe Kima can
tell what she knows about what happened even earlier than that: about
Susan Meister and Gerry Armstrong having first come to Flag together,
arriving on the same plane at Barajas airport in Madrid on 19 February
1971, and why Gerry never mentioned that, and what she knows about Mike
Douglas--Deputy Ship Captain under Norman Starkey, and who Kima would
later marry--being the one who had met them at the airport, and... Aw,
~fuck~ it; this is her story, and she should tell it herself. And to the
proper people. She's a MUCH better story-teller than I am.)

We're buying and selling real estate! It's like "Monopoly"! And so with
Kima's purchase of Gilman...


15 c. March 1979
"We moved out of La Quinta...and we sold the lot for $4.8m."
Source: Kima Douglas interview for "Bare-Faced Messiah"

Hey, buying or selling: the broker doesn't give a ~FUCK~ which way the
money flows, as long as some can be siphoned off.


26 April 1979
"Scientologists Buy Downtown Building--The Church of
Scientology signed a contract to buy the West Coast
Building at 118 North Fort Harrison Avenue. The property is
valued at $258,070.00.
Source: 4/26/79 Clearwater Sun


1 c. May 1979
"The Scientologists have purchased the Plasma Products
Clearwater Inc. building at 109 N. Ft. Harrison. The
building was purchased in May..."
Source: Clearwater Sun, Saturday, 3-Nov-79

I don't know how much. Say $200,000? Does it matter, really?


29 June 1979
"Scientologists Negotiating To Buy Building--The Church of
Scientology negotiated to purchase the Heart of Clearwater
at 1024 Cleveland Street. The motel is appraised at
Source: 6/29/79 Clearwater Sun


Call it $20 milllion in sales. It's a good place to stop.

I've gotten late word, while putting this together, that Marshall
Goldblatt was involved as early as 1974, and was involved in the
purchase of even MORE properties sometime around 1974-1975: a hotel (the
Wilcox hotel) in downtown Hollywood, and an office building (?) for
Celebrity Centrethat was on La Brea Boulevard in Hollywood as well. No
idea what THOSE went for, or exactly when they were purchased, but
apparently sometime in 1974-1975. Let's say it totes up to another
million and a half. Who's counting pennies now?

But THEN we get up into the 1980s, and there's the purchase of the
Guaranty Building in Hollywood, ON HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, and some other
residence building on Hollywood Boulevard where the Hollywood "Test
Center" also is, and God knows what else.

I have NO idea what real estate deals have gone on overseas.

But at this point: Who fucking CARES?


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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