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From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Where the hell was Starkey?
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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Not-a-NOTs-NOT <not@nots.not> wrote:

>8 Feb 2003 tawnyagail@hotmail.com (Charlie) wrote:
>>CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon> wrote in message

>>This won't answer your excellent questions in this post regarding
>>the obfuscation of facts, but this is from an affadavit given by
>>Norman Starkey on 16 July, 2002.
>>"I, Norman F. Starkey, being duly sworn, hereby depose and say:

What?! You mean Charlie actually posted FACTS?! Jesus, now I'm going to
have to release her from the twitfile. (Okay, I know it was just more
Starkey lies, half-truths, and BS, but at least they were SWORN,
DOCUMENTED lies, half-truths, and BS, which is going to be very useful
in a courtroom one day for tacking the lying bastard's hide to the barn
wall where it belongs.)

>I believe that what Starkey says is
>correct regarding his still being in the Sea Org. CL said:
>>>So where the ~fuck~ was he for 10 years, and what the ~fuck~ was he
>>>doing? What was his post? How did he come into this sudden
>>>commanding position he had in April 1981, which was OUTSIDE the Sea
>>>Org? Does anybody know ANYTHING about this?
>CL, I believe what you were thinking about is that Starkey and Terri
>Gamboa had resigned from CSC, not from the Sea Org. In his 25 March
>1985 Declaration Starkey said:
>"In early 1981, I terminated my employment with the California Church
>and began to work directly for Mr. Hubbard. At that time, Mr.
>Hubbard was not an officer, director, or employee of the California
>Church. While I was paid a salary by Mr. Hubbard, I did not have any
>personal contact with him as I stated above. ...When I resigned from
>the Church of Scientology of California in early 1981, I worked with
>another employee of Mr. Hubbard, Terri Gamboa. Like me, Ms. Gamboa
>was not (and still is not) an employee of the California Church, or
>any other Church of Scientology, but was, at that time, in the
>employment of Mr. Hubbard."

Doh! Yep, I sure blew that one. That's THREE mistakes I've made now in
just a few days. I must be getting "PTS." <g>

>I hesitate to throw anything else into this, but this
>discussion has led me to something else that is very hard to find
>information on, and that is the "Special Unit" or "SU," which both
>Starkey's and Gamboa's names are connected with, although not until
>later, toward the end of 1981. But there are references to the "SU"
>going back at least as early as 1977.

You just got my attention, ~real~ quick...

>The "Special Unit" seems to have been a changeling that was never
>"officially" defined in any official issue. All the sources that say
>what it was seem to define it differently at different times.
>Some people say it was the unit that was "doing the films." Some
>people say it was the Hemet property. Some people say it was just
>"wherever Hubbard was" during the period in the '70s when he was
>supposedly in hiding. Some people say it was "the channel through
>which Hubbard managed Scientology." There was supposedly a "CMO SU,"
>but at one point they seem primarily to have been the relay point for
>unsigned "R advices" that were then distributed as "LRH orders."

This is starting to explain a lot. Every time I've run into this "SU"
thing it's been like bumping into something in a dark meat locker: "What
the ~FUCK~ was ~that~?!?!"

>the "SU" definitely already existed as early as
>about May of 1977, when David Miscavige was 17 years old, was
>transferred from Clearwater to La Quinta, and was put on post as
>"Director of Inspections and Reports, CMO SU." When asked in his
>deposition what "Special Unit" was, Miscavige answered, "Grounds man,
>engineer, meaning plumber, motor pool, orchard, estate type
>functions. That's what SU was, at that property." That's the earliest
>mention of "SU" that I've come across so far.
>Interestingly, this period in 1977 is around the same time that there
>was another vague and strange group at La Quinta called "Friends of
>Norton S. Karno."

You are mining an ever-widening vein of gold...

>And I'm sure I don't need to remind you, CL, that
>1977 is the year that Sherman and Stephen Lenske began working for
>Norton S. Karno's firm, handling L. Ron Hubbard's "business

LMAO! No, I'm pretty sure I've got a Post-it note around here somewhere
about ~that~ one.

Not only that, it's also around when the Lenskes killed off P.O. Box
242, Silver Spring, Maryland (right outside D.C.), which Hubbard had set
up in 1955 and which had been the address for HASI, Inc. ever since: 22
years. The Lenskes' closing it resulted in the "annual report delinquent
notification" from the Arizonal Corporations Commission getting a "BOX
CLOSED--NO FOR[ILLEGIBLE]" stamp smudged onto it and bouncing back,
which then resulted in HASI, Inc. being REVOKED as a corporation, all of
which was absoutely NECESSARY to Karno and the Lenskes taking over the
intellectual property.

You might be interested to know who was an the Board of HASI, Inc. at
the time. And you might not. But of course I'm going to tell you anyway.

The previous year, just a few months before the June 1976 FBI
confrontation with Meisner and Wolfe in the federal courthouse, on 16
April 1976, some people whose names you might be familiar with had
resigned from the Board of HASI, Inc., to be replaced by some people
whose names might not be so familiar, but I'll 'splain:

First, "Deputy Deputy Guardian," aka "CS-G Communicator," aka "CS-G
Assistant for Information" James "Jimmy" Mulligan resigned as Director
and Vice President of HASI, Inc., replaced by Lynn McNeil--Michael
Meisner's direct senior.

On the same day, Joel Kreiner resigned as Director and Secretary,
replaced by Judy Weigand--wife of DGI US Richard Weigand and indicted

Isn't THIS a close-knit little look-the-other-way committee while the
crime-boss Lenske Bros. quietly shut down the one and only address there
had ever been for HASI, Inc., thereby allowing the U.S. Postal Service
to do ALL the dirty work, so nobody's name could be connected with the
revocation. These are very, very clever boys, these Lenske Bros.

So back to 1977:

That little Lenske "work product" was completed on 22 May 1977 (a
Sunday, by the way), when the Certificate of Revocation for HASI, Inc.
that the Arizona Corporations Commission had mailed out to P.O. Box 242,
Silver Spring, Maryland, got a US Govt. Approved "MOVED--NOT
FORWARDABLE" stamp on it (uh, on a Sunday). And ~that~ was the fucking
end of HASI, Inc. R.I.P.

Precisely three weeks and one day after that, on Monday, 20 June 1977,
Michael Meisner went to a Glendale bowling alley and made a
long-distance call to D.C., which won him a free plane ride back to the
nation's capitol with some FBI agents.

Exactly ONE WEEK after that, on Monday, 4 July 1977--that's right, the
national holiday, and at 2:00 a.m., no less--Magistrate Henry H.
Kennedy, Jr. of the U.S. District Court SOMEHOW had ALL THE GROUNDS HE
NEEDED to issue a warrant permitting the FBI to conduct a search of the
premises of the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C.

Same holiday, Magistrate James J. Penne in the Central District of
California SOMEHOW had ALL THE GROUNDS HE NEEDED to issue a warrant that
commanded a search of two Los Angeles area church premises. One was a
seven-storey victorian building known as Fifield Manor, at 5930 West
Franklin Avenue, Hollywood. The other was an eight-storey, multi-winged
building complex known as Cedars-Sinai, which occupied an entire city
block and fronted on Fountain Avenue, also in Hollywood.

And exactly 4 days later, on 8 July 1977, the FBI raids went down.

Total number of days since the HASI, Inc. revocation was sent back to
the Arizona Corporations Commission as "MOVED--NOT FORWARDABLE": 33.

And now we find that right in the middle of all that, at almost the
exact same time--suddenly, from no known source, we have arising out of
these hidden ashes a brand new no-see-um, hear-and-obey, undefined,
unincorporated, amorphous, mercurial, shape-changing, one-mask-fits-all,
omnipotent, unlocatable, secretive, furtive, elusive, "Final Authority
on All Things" that's called "Special Unit," and you are welcome to ask
ALL questions you want about it--while you're slipping into your boiler

Fucking ~GORGEUOUS~!

>Gerry Armstrong says in his "Curriculum Vitae" that he was "'Special
>Unit,' La Quinta, CA, film unit; Sets I/C, Crew Chief, Assistant
>Producer," with the dates "1977-1978." However, in a Declaration
>dated 18 December 1983, Armstrong acknowledges a dispatch dated
>sometime in December 1977 saying that he was approved for duty at the
>"SU" (Special Unit). So although his "Curriculum Vitae" says
>1977-1978, apparently he did not start in that position until the
>very end of 1977.

Well, I am just simply AMAZED to learn that somebody as sweet and
lovable and innocent and infallibly honest as Gerry Armstrong could
POSSIBLY have gotten himself mixed up in something like that. He must
have thought that "Special Unit" meant something stiffly different.
Well, all I can say is thank GOD that God sent down a chariot and
plucked that poor Xtian martyr out of there, and gave him some documents
to stack around himself like a fort of impenetrable Godliness.

>I think I can safely narrow down the creation of "Special Unit" to
>some time between December of 1976 and approximately May of 1977.
>December 1976, probably at the Christmas or even as late as the New
>Year's 1977 event, is when "Modern Mangement Technology Defined" was
>released and there is no definition in there for "Special Unit." Then
>the Lenskes were hired by Karno to start handling LRH's "business
>interests," and by about May 1977, when Miscavige is transferred to
>La Quinta, there is what he describes as the "Special Unit."

See, that's some fucking THINKING! That's brilliant, that you narrowed
that down like that. If half of these prissy, bitching wise-asses in
a.r.s. were doing that kind of detective work instead of their non-stop
ad hominem cluster fuck of each other, and gang-beating of Fluffygirl,
and endless remote-viewing analysis of every troll that pedals by with a
clown nose, and endless wailing and breastbeating over the utterly
irrelevant Bob Minton, and tracking and counting individual private
Scientologists like SS troops at trainside, and constantly trying to
figure out who is OSA--like anybody GIVES a FUCK--and the other National
Pastimes of the Kill Kults Klan, we might actually GET somewhere.

In fact I liked your work so much that I applied the same technique to a
mysterious move of the USGO Information Bureau in late 1976-early
1977--which, by God, ~ALSO~ happens to be right around this time period,
which just fully dawned on me! Anyway, you can see the fruits of my
toils in my latest post in the "Attn: Ralph Hilton" thread. I was only
able to narrow it down to within about a 10-month span, but now maybe
something else will come along that will nail it.

>Sorry to bring all this up about SU

The HELL you're sorry! This is gold. (No, I guess Gold was another
off-shoot of "SU." Sorry for the pun. No I'm not.)

>but both Starkey's and Gamboa's names are associated with it,

Right, which I find ~very~ interesting, and this is DEFINITELY going to
command attention now and more research. This is rich.

>The last thing I want to mention about it is that "SU," however
>nebulous and undefined it was in terms of location, personnel,
>structure and fuction, seems to have had a "parent" relationship to
>other nebulous but junior "sibling children" offshoot
>"organizations," including CMO SU, "R Accounts," "Corporate Sort-Out"
>(CSO, which spawned "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out," or MCCS),
>and the later "All Clear Unit" (ACU).

Ohhhhhhh, man! Of course! Definitely both CSO and MCCS would have been
under the control of the attorneys. And definitely "R Accounts." One
point about "R Accounts" that the authors and mouthpieces of "The
Official Story" STUPIDLY overlooked is that even if you ARE gullible
enough to BELIEVE the bullshit about Hubbard being on the run and hiding
and "unlocatable" by even the FBI <insert maniacal laughter here>, then
you BETTER concede that he had turned over the management of his money
TO SOMEBODY ELSE, because he couldn't very well be waltzing into K-Mart
and whipping out a credit card or writing a fucking check, now, could
he? And he couldn't very well be buzzing out to the local First
Interstate branch and opening himself an account, now could he? So
SOMEBODY had to be handling the accounts BESIDES "L. Ron
Hubbard"--whether he was alive, dead, drugged, lobotomized, on the lam,
or ice fishing in Nova Scotia.

>Here is what Chris Owen claims about the ACU In "Piercing the
>Corporate Veil," which I know is one of your favorite works, CL:

Oh, Jesus! Okay, go ahead, if you must. Wait, let me cue the laugh
track... Okay: roll.

>"The All Clear Unit was established by David Miscavige in 1981.


>It was established to deal with all litigation against Hubbard (so that
>it would be 'all clear' for Hubbard to come out of hiding).


>In 1982, its offices were alongside those of Author Services Inc (ASI)
>(or 'R Accounts' as it originally was)


>inside the offices of CMO Pacific in
>the Cedars Building in Los Angeles (Schomer in Christofferson


>In 1982, Norman Starkey, Terri Gamboa, Kathie O'Gorman
>(formerly Guardian's Office staff at Clearwater) were also in ACU
>(ibid p.3718)."

Omigod! Not Norm and Terri! Don't tell me THEY got tricked by Miscavige

>As you have pointed out, this is almost 100% lie, with maybe a thin
>spread of truth over the top to make it look convincing.

No! It can't be! Don't disillusion me!

~FUCK~ Chris Owen and every piece of shit package of garbage lies he's
pumped all over the world, AND all of his low-rent whores who are
hosting his disinformation shit for him. Every one of them is absolutely
DEVOID of ANY fucking integrity. I wouldn't waste spit on ONE of them
any more.

>Starkey and Gamboa had hired Lenske, Lenske & Heller in April of 1981
>specifically to handle LRH's litigation among other things

Oh, it can't be: Chris Owen says that "David Miscavige" set up the "All
Clear Unit" all by himself! You know Owen wouldn't lie. Not unless it
was either daytime or nighttime.

Of course David Miscavige says in sworn deposition:

QUESTION: You did not supervise Terry [sic: Terri] Gamboa and
Norman Starkey with regard to that project? Is that your
testimony? ...Did you supervise Terry [sic: Terri] Gamboa or
Norman Starkey with regard to the Project All Clear?


QUESTION: Did you assist them?


>and that was just before LL&H removed MSH.


>Chris Owen also claims that "R
>Accounts" is what "became" ASI somehow, which is just one more lie.

Of ~COURSE~ it's a fucking lie. It came from Chris Owen.

Do you know that he actually has what he purports to be a "document" on
the web, dated 20 July 1974, purportedly from the "A/Natl Sec," that
describes in detail "thefts" that didn't occur until after December 1975
and well into 1976? You don't believe me? Do a Google search for A/NATL
SEC DEFEO. You'll find a page titled "20 Jul 74 - RE: TYPEWRITER AWARD"
being hosted by just one of Chris Owen's whores, Andreas Heldal-Lund,
who obviously will put ANY fucking lie on his pages without the
slightest compunction.

Don't take my word for it; check it out. Hell, just as one example, this
Chris Owen "document" claims that the person writing it (in July 1974)
had "personally obtained" the DeFeo report. LMFAO! The ALLEGED theft of
the DeFeo report from the offices of Deputy Attorney General Harold R.
Tyler, Jr. didn't happen until 9 April 1976, NEARLY TWO FUCKING YEARS
sure everybody sees.

This is the "great historian." This is a LYING MOTHERFUCKER among lying
motherfuckers. This is the MOTHER of all lying motherfuckers.

Aided and abetted in his FUCKING lies by Andreas Held-da-Funds.

>Not that "R Accounts," which is what Starkey and Gamboa must have
>been being paid from, wasn't being controlled by the same agency that
>created the "All Clear Unit" and "R Account" and ASI, and arranged to
>have them all in the same close location to each other. But it's
>clear that said agency could only have been Lenske, Lenske & Heller.

Exactly! This is good. This is very, very good. This makes me smile.
This is going to open a lot of doors. This is going to clear up a whole
BARREL of worms. Man!

>So my leaning now is that "SU" always was little more than a front,
>or "blind," for Karno and especially the Lenskes, as that is where
>the coincidence of the date of creation for "SU" in early 1977 seems
>to connect, then leading to its sibling "children" like "R Accounts,"
>"CMO SU," the film-production "SU," "Corporate Sort-Out," MCCS, and
>the "All Clear Unit."


I mean: Yes, Not!

I mean: Yes, you're absolutely right, Not!

Awwwww, ~FUCK~ it! You know what I mean! I think you just slammed the
sledgehammer down on Sherman Lenske's toe so hard his fucking skull
rang. CLANG! A winnah! We have ourselves a winnah!

>I'm beginning to believe that all of those
>things were under the control of the attorneys at all times, using
>this nebulous thing called "SU". Even its name is about as nebulous
>as you can get.

Okay, this has really started making LOTS of bells ring. Kreiner was all
up in there with Karno and the Lenskes in that time period, too. I've
got to get back to the Time Machine and get all this plugged in and get
the lights blinking and see what else falls out.

>If that's true and Starkey was working with Karno and
>the Lenskes behind those secretive "fronts" throughout that period,
>that might explain why his name doesn't turn up anywhere. Since Terri
>Gamboa was a very senior CMO person then, she would have been in a
>position to work directly with the attorneys as well, then be the
>originating point for the "R advices" to go out from "CMO SU."

<GOOFY> Wull, shore. Wull, gawrsh, it, uh, says "*" right thar at th'
bottom. See? It's typed, right thar. Musta' come right outta' old Hubby
Tubby's typewriter right t' me! A-hyuck! </GOOFY>

>Just a
>thought, but it all seems to make sense and tie together with how she
>and Starkey would get into the positions they were in come April 1981
>to pretend to "hire" Lenske, Lenske & Heller.

It sure does. It all snaps together like Legos. Now I'm going to go back
and see where that mystical "Watchdog Committee" document fits into all
of this from the phantom "LRH Pers Comm."

>I have a very complete Dianetics and Scientology library of my own
>and have friends who are collectors and who have collected every
>version and edition they could find of everything. If there is
>anything you need looked up from Scientology references I'm glad to
>help out in any way.

I will ~definitely~ be calling on you, and thank you very much.

I think you will be hearing much more about all this soon.

Damn good work!


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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