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Not-a-NOTs-NOT <not@nots.not> wrote:

>I can see now that Ken Urquhart had complete control over every
>conceivable form of communication that appeared to be coming from "L.
>Ron Hubbard" or going to "L. Ron Hubbard," including all orders and
>telexes, as well as all policies and bulletins and every other type
>of "L. Ron Hubbard" issue, all the way through some time in 1978.

Ain't it the truth. This is off the subject a bit, but since you
mentioned telexes, this is one datum that's been rattling around like a
BB in a bucket and I've got to get rid of it: the telex operator at Flag
through at least an important part of "Snow White" was our own dear Mike
Rinder, who made sure to call Stacy in from the cold once she was
hopelessly exposed for her lies about who was controlling Scientology:



BASE PERSONNEL ORDER IR-2 11 November 1975



Mike Rinder, Telex Op, 307 Nept, Integ Proc, SSII


It's just fucking amazing how these scumbag players and proven liars
like Armstrong, Urquhart, Mayo, and Rinder (among others) all managed to
be on the crucial controlling points of communication at the most
critical times. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning at least in
passing, considering where the boy rose--or descended--to.

>Perhaps as important, perhaps moreso, it is beginning to appear to me
>now that Ken Urquhart's position as "LRH Pers Comm" made him the
>person who was in control of LRH's intellectual property archives.
>I'm looking further into that myself as a result of this thread. I'd
>like to know how they passed from Ken Urquhart's control to Gerry
>Armstrong's control as the "LRH Archivist."

The ~exact~ same thing struck me as a result of getting sucked into this
thread and starting to review all this data again. I just brought up
something similar in a response to Martin Ottman. From the data in the
frontpiece of "Modern Management Technology Defined," Urquhart
completely ran the creation of that (although of course his name isn't
in there), because it was done by the "LRH Personal Secretary Office,
LRH Personal Compilation Bureau," both of which were under Urquhart.

Plus, since this thread started, the PGP elves have really started
burning things up in some "other" forums, and I've just gotten
word--just one MORE thing I need to check out--that essentially the same
core people were involved in putting out AT LEAST the following, which
I'm copying from one of the messages:

"Basic Study Manual" Post-15 August 1972
"Mission Into Time" (now pulled) September 1972, or
9 November 1973
"Hymn of Asia" (now pulled) December 1974
"Dianetics Today" (now pulled) March 1975
"Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary" June 1975
"Policy Subject Index" March 1976
"Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology" August 1976
"Modern Management Technology Defined" December 1976
"Volunteer Ministers Handbook" December 1976
"The Secret of Flag Results" (film - see note) 9 December 1977
"What is Scientology?" 18 December 1978

It's being said that all of those were "BOTWOs" (Based On The Works
Of...) and/or actually written by other people. I'm going to work on
getting those dates fed into the Big Bright Green Time Machine now and
see who was where doing what at the time. All of it is entirely
consistent, though, with Hubbard not turning out ~jack shit~ after about
September of 1972, and a bunch of people in possession and control of
his past works cobbling together BOTWO books to crank out to make it
LOOK like he was.

I'll get to the note on the film somewhere in here.

But all of those published books, ~especially~ the "HCOB Volumes," but
really all of them, HAD to have required access to the originals or,
~worst~ case, one-off copies. That means a massive operation of
collecting and verifying the archives had to have been accomplished back
then, ~long~ before Armstrong ever got involved being the "Archivist"
<SPIT!>. (So that's just one more thing to add to the skyscraper stack
of things that don't check out against Armstrong's lies worth a ~FUCK~.)

One thing I don't even know how to begin to figure out is what part of
the ORIGINALS followed Hubbard onto the ship from St. Hill (and
therefore to Florida), and what part stayed in St. Hill. I think there
might have been at least those two separate repositories of his
originals, the Florida one containing the things he had written and the
lectures he had given since going to sea, unless those had regularly
gotten shipped back to St. Hill for storage.

I feel fairly certain that Armstrong's trip to England in mid-late 1980
(after the final "Hubbard" disappearance) was largely, and secretly, to
shephard back to California the works that had been stored at St. Hill.
I'm wondering, though, if there wasn't an archive of original and
personal materials in Florida, too, that at some point had to have been
carted off to California so CST could take it all over.

I'm going to have to start for looking for what might have covered that
kind of transfer of property--since these covert slimy motherfuckers
always gave some other "reason" for what they actually were doing.

Anyway, I think you raise a very valid point on Urquhart having had
ultimate custody and control of the archives, and now it becomes this
MASSIVE question: WHERE were the archives WHEN, and WHO was in control
of them at any given time, and HOW did they get delivered to Armstrong?
(Oh, yeah, I forgot: Armstrong found a cardboard box. LMFAO!)

Seriously, I guess the entire "chain of custody" question needs to get
mapped out eventually. This "Urquhart Factor" has certainly popped the
lid on where to start looking, and has really started an unusual amount
of encrypted traffic whizzing through the ether.

>So far I have failed to find any record of anyone who ever held the
>post of "LRH Pers Comm" except Ken Urquhart.

Martin Ottman did! Maybe he didn't even realize it. I know Martin thinks
I'm out to get him, but it's thanks only to him that there's now at
least ONE record of somebody ELSE holding the post after 1978:


2 April 1979

ED 1735 FLAG

All Crew


An International Watchdog Committee is hereby established.
Comm and lines are via IHQ. ... [Etc. SNIP]

LRH Pers Comm

for the



Only one little problem: whoever it was was too coy and shy to sign
their name. Imagine that. Nobody wanted to take credit for creating the
"Watchdog Committee," the anonymous "committee" that soon became the
"ask no questions" relay point for anonymous orders from God-knows. I'll
be damned. But the initials are "JM." Hmmmm.

John Malkovich? Probably not.

James Mason. No...

Julie Mayo?

But was she "Mayo" by 2 April 1979? I know that on 11 November 1977, as
Julie Gillespie, she had written the "BTB" called "Handling PTS
Situations," which was approved by "LRH Pers Comm." (I think we all know
who THAT was by now. Hi, Ken. Cat got your tongue?)

I can't come up with any other "JMs". Anybody? Bueller? Anybody?

The only other candidate I can find so far is the cleaning girl at Hemet
in April 1979; her first name was Juanita, but unfortunately there's no
record of her last name. Aw, I be you probably think I'm being
facetious. ;-) Well, let's see if I am or not.

To track down this elusive "LRH Pers Comm" with the "JM" monogram, it's
necessary to find out who was with "L. Ron Hubbard" during this period
around April 1979. I mean, hell, whoever it was CREATED the goddamned

And in trying to narrow this down, wouldn't you just know it: there are
several versions of "The Official Story" that, once again, we are faced
with taking our pick from, so here goes, backtracking a little to March
of 1979, the month before this "ED 1735 FLAG" is issued.

And, once again, we find the skittish "L. Ron Hubbard" on yet another of
his EXHAUSTIVE series of hide-outs, ~this~ one having purportedly been
in the company of Mike and Kima Douglas, probably in Lake Elsinore,
California--although Perris, California, near there, is also mentioned.

Here are most of the various accounts of "Hubbard" going up the mount
with Mike and Kima, and all of the stories are all down pretty pat (but
then they WOULD be, since they ALL ~had~ to come from either Mike or
Kima Douglas, and Kima is the one with the mouth):

"Hubbard went even deeper into hiding for a few weeks in
March 1979, travelling with a CMO escort to nearby Lake
--Jon Atack, "A Piece of Blue Sky.

"In March of '79, with LRH still staying at La Quinta, a flap
occurred in terms of security. A member of the film crew blew
and made threats about coming back with authorities and with
a gun, and so forth. And so, LRH was forced to flee La
Quinta. He takes off with Mike and Kima Douglas to a small
community about twenty miles south of Riverside, California
called Lake Elsinore. Lake Elsinore is actually a lake up in
the San Bernardino mountains. There they take a trailer or an
apartment or a small house, it's unclear, but they will stay
there approximately a month or so."
--Jon Zegel, Briefing 2

"[Ed] Walters began telephoning his closest friends in
Scientology, among them Art Maren, to tell them he was
thinking of getting out. Maren rushed to Las Vegas and begged
Ed to re-consider. It dawned on Walters, with a sense of deep
shock, that his friend Artie was *frightened*. Next day
Walters went to the FBI.
"Alarm bells were already ringing at Olive Tree Ranch,
where someone had been seen taking photographs of the
property. Hubbard reacted as he always reacted in a crisis:
he fled.
"The chosen getaway vehicle was a white customized Dodge
Ram van with darkened windows, fitted out inside with a bed,
CB radio and the latest stereo system. Hubbard had had it
made so that he could sleep on long journeys by road, but it
served the purpose for which it was now needed -- to get him
out of Olive Tree Ranch unseen.
"Kima and Mike Douglas were again chosen to go with him.
They left at nightfall, with the Commodore in his usual state
of paranoid hysteria. 'As we drove up into the San Jacinto
Mountains,' said Kima, 'he was lying on the bed in the back,
alternately urging Mike to drive faster and complaining that
he was feeling sick. We were already tearing round these
hairpin bends as fast as we could, but he kept repeating,
"We've got to get out of here. Go faster, Go faster."'
"They checked into an isolated motel up in the mountains
and Hubbard stayed in his room while the Douglas's went out
every day looking for a place where they could set up yet
another secret base for the Commodore. They eventually found
several adjoining apartments for rent in new building just
off the main street in Hemet, a small town on the west side
of the mountains."
--Russell Miller, "Bare-Faced Messiah"

Then we come to David Mayo's version, and there are some problems.

In one place Mayo says, in his interview with Russell Miller:

"I stayed with him at La Quinta until he moved to Hemet in
the early part of '79, I think March '79."

But then Mayo ~also~ says, in the same interview:

"He ["Hubbard"] thought there was going to be an FBI raid and
in early 79 he left La Quinta and ended up in an apartment
complex in Hemet. ...After La Quinta he went to Lake Paris
[sic--should probably be Perris, California] briefly... . It
was because of the threat of an FBI raid. He was screaming
about it for days, before it happened [sic(?!?)].
"...[J]ust before this he had heavily mistreated a
couple, Ernie Hartwell and his wife. They left and went back
to Vegas and subsequently a car showed up and someone was
taking photographs from it of the property.
"The GO [Guardian's Office] got news relayed to Hubbard
that the Hartwells were talking to the FBI. Then the GO sent
a message that FBI were taking interest and that triggered
his departure. I think he left in a motor home with Mike and
Kima Douglas. They drove to Lake Elsinore, a resort area not
far away. They stayed there for a month or so and then went
to Hemet.
"...I was told he had had a cancer removed from his
cheek, a tumour, and as result of that I was sent to audit
him... . He was very concerned if Scientology knew about the
cancer/tumour it would ruin his credibility. He thought it
would affect the tech and processes he put out."

So did "Hubbard" go to Perris, California, or Lake Elsinore? Did he
maybe go nowhere at all but right there with David Mayo at La Quinta?
Who the fuck knows. But they've all got their stories ~more or less~
straight, and the consensus seems to be that this all started right
around the end of February/beginning of March 1979, and that "Hubbard"
was on the lam for about a month--during which paranoid hiding episode,
he purportedly had surgery to get a cancer removed (?!), which nobody
mentions except Mayo and, later, Zegel--who no doubt was told that by
Mayo or Kima Douglas, the same two sources for ALL of this.

Well, did "Hubbard" check into a hospital for this surgery? Where?
Because then there would be medical records.

Or are we to assume that the faithful Dr. Denk performed this surgery to
help protect Hubbard's tek, identity, and whereabouts while he was on
the run? If so, where did Clean Gene "Crematorium" Denk perform cancer
surgery--in a motel room in Lake Elsinore? In the back of the Dodge Ram
van with the darkened windows? And why is there no scar indicating such
surgery reported in the 1986 death documents?

Of course we have NOBODY to rely on for ANY of these versions of the
screaming flight-for-life except Scientology's own Nurse Ratchd--Kima
Douglas--and the lying motherfucker con artist David Mayo, who wrote
NOTs with Dr. Denk, and then HELPED the entire world to be defrauded to
the tune of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars by having them be
led to believe that NOTs was written not by him but by "L. Ron Hubbard,"
then took a belated NOTs-authorship pay-off from the Lenskes out of
those tens of millions in NOTs proceeds that they had collected by then.

What a guy.

But now the Lenskes have come up, and though we could linger and ponder
long and hard on the MANY questions about this purported "Hubbard"
cancer, unfortunately there is something even stranger to move on to and
ponder. Because during this very merry month of March 1979, while
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Norton S. Karno were handling "L.
Ron Hubbard's" "business interests," while "L. Ron Hubbard" was
allegedly busy screaming his head off at Kima and Mike Douglas, while
"L. Ron Hubbard" was quivering in terror in a remote mountain hideaway,
while "L. Ron Hubbaard" was nursing a cancer and getting surgery for it,
in a location where NOBODY but the Douglases knew where he
was--naturally--"L. Ron Hubbard" ~also~ was apparently that's hard to
imagine: tinkering around in the back of the Dodge Ram van or his
motel-room-hideout, busy designing, or at ~least~ thoroughly testing and
giving final approval on a new E-meter, and somehow--without revealing
his location, naturally--making sure the patent got filed in his name:

8 March 1979
ASSIGNEE: Hubbard, Lafayette R.
(East Grinstead, GB2)
APPL. NUMBER: 018845
The ornamental design for a
device for measuring and
indicating changes in resistance
of a living body, substantially
as shown and described.

8 March 1979
ASSIGNEE: UNKNOWN [See 22 September 1981 below]
PATENT NUMBER: UNKNOWN [See 22 September 1981 below]
Device for measuring and
indicating changes in resistance
of a living body.

22 September 1981 (CONTINUATION OF 8 MARCH 1979 FILING)
ASSIGNEE: Hubbard, Lafayette R.
(Sussex, GB2)
PATENT NUMBER: 4,459,995
APPL. NUMBER: 105395
Device for measuring and
indicating changes in resistance
of a living body.
continuation-in-part of Ser. No.
18,727 filed on Mar. 8, 1979 which
is now abandoned.

You know, there's hardly anything quite as much fun as a bunch of lying
motherfuckers getting together to tell the same lie, especially when
they get a little TOO fucking clever for their own good.

But we STILL haven't solved the "JM" mystery surrounding the "LRH Pers
Comm" post, and NOW the movie-making has come up, and so I'm just going
to be forced to get to that "note" about "The Secret of Flag Results"
somehow before this is over, so...

.Moving on! To the beginning of April 1979--when "ED 1735 FLAG,"
quoted earlier, was issued by some "LRH Pers Comm" creating the Watchdog
Committee: according to the various clever and always entertaining
versions of "The Official Story," this would have been right around the
very time when "L. Ron Hubbard" came down the mount in his Dodge van,
recovering from some motel-room cancer surgery, and alighted in Hemet.

Recall that Hemet is a VERY secure and secretive new location,
supposedly safe from the prying eyes of the FBI. <LMMFAO! Excuse me;
just had to clear my throat.> So this mysterious "LRH Pers Comm" who
wrote this issue on 2 April 1979 MUST be among the anointed few who are
hovering around the recovering cancer-surgery patient in his new
digs--because we KNOW from "The Official Story" that Hubbard was
micromanaging everything to do with all Scientology everywhere <LMAO!>,
so he CERTAINLY had to personally approve this MONUMENTAL creation of
the Watchdog Committee, which essentially took over control of
Scientology internationally while also remaining anonymous. (Look, I
didn't WRITE the fucking "Official Story," okay?) So let's return to
"The Official Story" in all its variegated forms for our introduction to
Hemet, and find out WHO is there with "Hubbard":

"Hubbard moved in at the end of March 1979, along with a
slimmed-down staff of messengers and aides. In many ways,
Hemet was an ideal place to hide."
--Russell Miller, "Bare-Faced Messiah"

"The next LRH location is a place called X. X was an
apartment rented in a small town called Hemet. Hemet is the
town closest to Gilman Hot Springs, it's on Route 74 near the
intersection of Route 79. Hemet and Gilman Hot Springs are
just a few miles apart.
"The apartment is behind the acupuncture clinic on
Florida St., in downtown Gilman. Two apartments are taken
there, one LRH lives in, one is for the messengers and the
other people who accompany him. In late April 1979, David
Mayo, who is at that time the Senior C/S International, is
stationed at Gilman Hot Springs. He's called to come to X to
again give assists and auditing to Ron. Ron has had a cancer
operation on the front of his head and needs to have some
assists, as anyone would I suppose, if they had an operation."
--Jon Zegel, Briefing 2

"In April, he moved to an apartment in Hemet, where he lived
with about ten Messengers. The security around him was
extremely tight. Very few people knew his whereabouts; by
this time he was even hiding from the Guardian's Office."
--Jon Atack, "A Piece of Blue Sky.

Well, gee, Jon: then how the FUCK had he managed to get his E-meter
patent filed? If you know. Never mind: ~FUCK~ you.

Okay, so, "The Official Story" is that there are only about ten people
around "L. Ron Hubbard" in Hemet. Ten little indians. So WHICH one is
the mysterious "LRH Pers Comm"? Well, since not ONE of the three
"sources" <SPIT!> cited above was actually THERE, we have to turn to one
of the biggest, lyingest, most amoral motherfucking con men ever in
history, David Mayo, who says he WAS there with "L. Ron Hubbard."

And here's what David Mayo says about this period--April 1979--when he
supposedly first comes to Hemet. Now, you may be having some difficulty
with the fact that when we last left David, he was in La Quinta, and now
he is being transferred from Gilman, but that's a whole 'nother story
for another time. Just go with it, and don't ask questions, because here
we get the NAMES of this inner circle of the inner sanctum sanctorum:

"[I]n April '79 I was transferred from Gilman to Hemet. It
was off Florida St - there were two main streets, one State
and one Florida. Sunny something was an apartment building
behind an acupuncture clinic. We had to take circuitous
routes to and from the apartment. I had to continue auditing
him. The reason they sent me there? He didn't want too many
people at Hemet - he was still worried about an FBI raid. I
was told he had had a cancer removed from his cheek, a
tumour, and as result of that I was sent to audit him,
initially for day [sic] or two at a time, then after about a
week I moved into the apartments. I stayed there until after
he left in February 1980. ...The inner circle at Hemet was
Pat and Annie Broeker, Clarice Rousseau, Mike and Kima -
there until they blew - Warwick and Annie Allcock, Merrill
[Mayo] and me, his cook, Sinar Parinan, a cleaning girl
called Juanita; all Sea Org members. We had about five or six
apartments. ...He was very concerned if Scientology knew
about the cancer / tumour it would ruin his credibility. He
thought it would affect the tech and processes he put out.."
--David Mayo, "Bare-Faced Messiah Interview"

Ten little indians? Let's count:


1. David Mayo DM
2. Pat Broeker PB
3. Annie Broeker CR
4. Mike Douglas MD
5. Kima Douglas KD
6. Clarice Rousseau CR
7. Warwick Allcock WA
8. Annie Allcock AA
9. Merrill Mayo MM
10. Sinar Parinan SP
11. Juanita _______ J_

Eleven little indians. Close enough. But ~NO~ "JM". Welllll, there's the
little cleaning girl, Juanita... And you thought I was kidding. ;-)

So who WAS this mysterious "JM," the one and only "LRH Pers Comm"
besides Ken Urquhart ever, and the person who created the almighty
"Watchdog Committee"--apparently as the only thing they ever did? How
was it possible for them to be "LRH Pers Comm" if they were NOWHERE NEAR
"L. Ron Hubbard"? Hell, whoever it was didn't even bother typing "L. Ron
Hubbard" on the issue, or even the initials "LRH"!

But so goes "The Official Story." Cling to it for dear life.

Oh! But there's that note about "The Secret of Flag Results" movie. I
said I'd get to it. Well, that takes us back two years, to 1977, and yet
ANOTHER paranoid flight-for-life by "L. Ron Hubbard." So here's the note
that was included with the message just the way I received it. Maybe
some of you can figure out the Magick of OatTee Movie Making Tek. I sure
as hell can't:

The movie "Secret of Flag Results" wasn't produced by the
same group that did the BOTWO books but by what was called
then "Universal Media Productions" which became "Source
Productions." Urquhart had to have been all over their lines.
They supposedly were being run by "LRH" while he was at La
Quinta but there are definite problems:

17 July 1977
"L. Ron Hubbard" flees La Quinta with Diane Reisdorf, Claire
Rousseau and Pat Broeker. They end up in Sparks, Nevada,
where "LRH" purportedly stays for the entire rest of the year,
through December 1977, hiding from authorities because of
possible repurcussions from the FBI raids.

1 c. October 1977
"Fall 1977 - Universal Media Productions was reorganized as
Source Productions in La Quinta, California, to produce
Scientology technical instructional Films."

9 December 1977
ÒThe Secret of Flag ResultsÓ is released, described as: ÒA
film written by L. Ron Hubbard, produced by Universal Media
Productions and released 9 December 1977.Ó

Ken? How did this OatTea Movie-Making Magick get accomplished?

The rest of these are great questions from Not-a-NOTs-NOT. I hope
somebody answers them. Ken? Where are you, boy? Cat got your tongue?

Well, maybe all these questions will get answered in the next edition of
IVy. <LMFAO! Sorry. Had to clear my throat again.>

>He says that he was on
>the post until 1978, but he doesn't say when in 1978. Perhaps someone
>who knows him can ask him. It seems that some people in the Freezone
>are in regular communication with him. I feel it is an important date
>to determine.
>This raises another very perplexing question. Ken Urquhart was in one
>of the very highest positions in all of Scientology. Here is the only
>thing I've been able to find about how he left that position:
>"I kept the title of Pers Comm until 1978 ...I was on it until 1978."
>I can't find any record of his being removed from that post, or who
>replaced him, or why, or what his title was from 1978 until he left
>the Sea Org in 1982. Does anyone have any information or answers to
>any of these questions? Surely he couldn't have resigned without any
>penalty or Ethics Order. There doesn't seem to be any record of any
>Comm Ev or any other type of ethics or personnel order. This is one
>of those very odd omissions that doesn't seem odd until you notice
>it. Can anyone please help clear this mystery up?
>The other question that arises then is who took over all the
>important functions of "LRH Pers Comm" post if no one else was on it?
>There certainly was still a "Household Unit." By 1978 Norton S. Karno
>and Sherman and Stephen Lenske appear to have been heavily involved
>with LRH's properties and business interests. Was there no more "LRH
>Pers Comm" at all, and if so, had the lawyers taken over those
>functions from Urquhart? If so, how?
>Also, exactly what was Ken Urquhart doing from (sometime?) in 1978
>until he reportedly was offered the "Executive Director
>International" post in about April of 1981? That was the same month
>that Norman Starkey claims to have hired the Lenske firm. According
>to the Peter Greene Debrief, Urquhart was offered the job for life
>but refused it, and that's how Bill Franks got it. But there is no
>indication of what Urquhart was doing then, or what post he was on
>and continued to hold.
>What was Urquhart's relationship to Lenske, Lenske & Heller? I was
>just thinking that given the post he had held for so long, it seems
>like all the things they took over in April 1981 were very similar to
>the things Urquhart had been handling for so long as "LRH Pers Comm,"
>and so it seems that they would have had to coordinate quite a lot
>with him in the transition, whether that began in 1978 (or earlier)
>or 1981.
>Finally, Ken Urquhart says the following about how he left the Sea
>"RTC, the new management, came to Clearwater in 1982. I'd been
>planning to take a long leave as my first quiet step in actually
>leaving the SO. RTC knew I was what they called 'disaffected.' They
>made a show of me. They kicked me out nastily and noisily as I opened
>the door to let myself out. One of them spat in my face. I was back
>in the 'real' world. I was back on the street. A journey was truly
>Is there any record of the "show" that was made of him and of the
>actual date of his "journey" being "truly over"? I'm wondering now
>how close his "journey's end" was to CST's start.

Approved by


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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