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I'm finding this to be an utterly fascinating exchange, and I wish some
people who were there in Morocco around this 1972 period would chime in
with some help. In trying to sort out 1972, I've run into this exact
kind of time-related madness that's been described in this exchange, to
such a degree that there came a point where I just abandoned it, hoping
to get more information at some point, and this has helped somewhat, but
is also stirring the hornets' nest.

I'm leaving this exchange, below, between Hermes Remailer and Ralph
Hilton complete for propagation, interjecting what I feel I can add to
the discussion where it seems appropriate, but before I do that, I want
to insert some background at the top that I think is relevant to
understanding the overall picture. Some of this data I've only recently
come into possession of, some of it I've had lying around for months or
years and am only now getting around to organizing it and getting it
factored in with all the other data--with a little help from my friends:

[*] As far as I can tell right now, the Hubbard Association of
Scientologists International, Incorporated of Arizona (HASI, Inc.),
which owned all the copyrights and trademarks, was, in 1972, and at all
relevant times until its revocation at the hands of the Lenskes in 1977,
a bonafide non-profit corporation whose non-profit status was never
challenged in its entire history. It's a very strange datum in all of
this, because it's just been sitting there the whole time, but it only
dawned on me recently when it was pointed out to me by someone else
working on the jigsaw puzzle. (I have copies of some documents from the
Arizona Corporations Commission that indicate and support this, but am
not including them here right now. At some point.) And at all relevant
times, L. Ron Hubbard was the Trustee of HASI, Inc.

[*] In 1972, or at the very least right up to 1972, Meade Emory was
Legislation Attorney to the Joint Committee on Taxation. See the next

[*] Beginning the previous year, in May of 1971, while Meade Emory was
~definitely~ the Legislation Attorney to the Joint Committee on
Taxation, the IRS had initiated an "audit" of Church of Scientology of
California (CSC), and in 1972 was still allegedly "attempting" that
audit of CSC, whose non-profit tax exemption had been summarily revoked
by IRS several years earlier, on 18 July 1967: "...For approximately two
years from May 1971 through February 1973, IRS Agent Robert Cluberton
tried unsuccessfully to audit [CSC]'s 1968 and 1969 tax returns. Part of
the audit's lack of success was attributable to the IRS's failure to
pursue vigorously the audit and part to [CSC]'s refusal to cooperate.
[CSC] never allowed agent Cluberton access to its financial records."

[*] According to CSC v. Commissioner of IRS (ruling of 24 September
1984), the IRS in 1972 had at least THREE intelligence units running
covert operations against CSC (and others) based on POLITICAL CRITERIA:
"[IRS] formed and maintained special intelligence units to collect
information about certain taxpayers, apparently selected by essentially
political criteria, to monitor their compliance with the tax laws. Two
of these units, the Special Service Staff (at first called the 'Activist
Organization Committee') and the Intelligence Gathering and Retrieval
Unit, were part of [IRS]'s National Office. The third unit, the Case
Development Unit, was part of the Los Angeles District Office. All three
collected information about [CSC]."

[*] Some key people whose names never seem to even get ~mentioned~ in
relation to the astounding events of 1972, but who had to have been in
the loop at ~least~ on the "Hubbard flight for freedom" to New York
include Robert Thomas (Bob Thomas), Deputy Guardian US; James Mulligan
(Jimmy Mulligan) Deputy Deputy Guardian US; Joel Kreiner, Deputy
Guardian Legal US (MUCH more on that boy further down); Arthur Maren
(Artie Maren), Deputy Guardian Public Relations US; and Terry Milner,
Deputy Guardian Intelligence US.

[*] In ~all~ of the IRS's incredibly detailed investigation into matters
involving CSC, Flag, and L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard and the
alleged "inurement" to the Hubbards, there is not a ~single~ mention of
"Villa Laure" (or "Villa Laura") in Tangiers where the Hubbard's
purportedly lived for at least a major part of 1972 (and from as early
as April 1971, according to Gerald Armstrong). For 1971 and 1972, the
IRS and the federal Tax Court, in CSC v. Commissioner of IRS, claim that
"L. Ron Hubbard, his wife, Mary Sue, and their family lived on the
Apollo with other members of the ship's crew and staff."

[*] On the subject of the Villa Laure (or Villa Laura):
[*] Armstrong claims it was procured around April 1971 and implies
that the Hubbard's were living there at least part of 1971.
[*] Chris Owen claims the Hubbard's were living there "in the spring
and summer of 1972," and that Hubbard wrote some "bio" there.
[*] Russell Miller in "Bare-Faced Messiah" claims that the Hubbards
only moved into Villa Laura WHEN the Apollo sailed to Lisbon for
refit, some-FUCKING-time in 1972, and that Mary Sue had been
"busy supervising the decoration and furnishing" prior to then
because it was the Hubbard's "plan to move ashore" while the
Apollo was put into drydock for refit.

Pick your conflicting stories--not that there aren't a lot more, but at
least there you have some relevant background for what comes later, in
the statements by Ralph Hilton, Hermes Remailer, and my own additions:

Hermes Remailer <remailer@eocto.net>wrote:

>In msg. <8u073vkqqbktflj26r353h3jkm0utu6buj@4ax.com>on Sun, 26 Jan
>2003 Ralph Hilton <ralph@fzint.org>wrote:
>>Hermes Remailer <remailer@eocto.net>wrote on 26 Jan 2003 07:01:25
>>+0100 in msg <5133fcd52105bc46ccd758667f8df23d@eocto.net>, :
>>>Or anybody else who actually knows:
>>>As close as you can narrow it down when did the Apollo go into
>>>drydock in Lisbon? Any actual record would be invaluable. Need to
>>>focus this down to order of magnitude of week or better if at all
>>>possible by any means.
>>>This may help: was it before or after the Oufkir coup and
>>>assassination attempt against Hassan II on August 16 1972?
>>I can't guarantee info as it was 30 years ago.
>>However I'm fairly certain it was after that date. I would say that
>>Apollo went to Lisbon in October 72. Possibly late September but
>>August is extremely unlikely from my recall.

Well, something else very interesting happened in October 1972,
something I'm just certain all my fans are going to ~love~ hearing
about, which I'll get to shortly. But what slays me is that there is NO
surviving accurate record of when the Apollo went into drydock for
refit. I've kept expecting to trip over this somewhere, ANYWHERE, in the
absolute oceans of data I've waded through. (I know there's a harmful
and painful pun in there somewhere about "wading through oceans" looking
while the ship was "drydock.") Nothing. Nada. Zip. It's like somebody
did a fingerprint wipe.

However, for what it's worth, the lying scum Gerald "Gerry" "Grand
Theft" Armstrong ~believes~ that he corroborates your estimation, Ralph,
of September as the time period for the Apollo going to Lisbon for

"In, I believe, September, 1972, the ship sailed to Lisbon
and went into dry dock at Lisnave. After dry dock we stayed
in Lisnave wet docks or other berths in Lisbon harbor for
some months. Hubbard, Mary Sue, their household staff, the
messengers, the TRC crew, and the PR/sec check missions
stayed in Morocco."

Functionally all of Armstrong's dates are qualified with "I believe...,"
"I think...," "Around the 20th century sometime... ." Wriggling fucking
worm. But that's at least one other corroborating statement of September
1972 for the month of the Apollo going for refit to Lisbon. (Unless, of
course, Armstrong is where you got the idea it was September to begin

Lisnave is a shipyard on the Setubal peninsula near Lisbon.
Unfortunately, it was nationalized in 1975, so God only knows what might
have become of its records, but it has recently started undergoing
privitization steps.

Here are some current contacts for the shipyard:

Mr. A. Correia Rodrigues (correia.rodrigues@lisnave.pt)
Ana Carla Cardoso (carla.cardoso@lisnave.pt)
Mr. Jos? Alexandre (jose.alexandre@lisnave.pt)

Is there ~anybody~ who would e-mail and just ask them what records they
have of the dates sometime for 1972 (and likely into 1973, again
according to an Armstrong reference) of the Apollo being in their yard
for refit? They've got to have SOME record of it somewhere. Then at
least THAT date could get nailed, riveted, contact-cemented, and welded
into place so at least THAT one date isn't still squirming around all
over 1972. Maybe some things that have been said and alleged could then
get compared against it.

>>>Also would like to know if Ahmed Rami was involved in the Sec Check
>>>training of Moroccon security forces with Warren and Jessup and
>>No data. I wasn't involved in the shore based operations at all.
>>>Also would like to know about Bragin's involvement. His name has
>>>not been connected with it publicly but he was CS PRAC and it was a
>>>PRAC operation. Would especially like to know if Bragin was at the
>>>apartment in Rabat and if so when.
>>I think not but again vague recall from limited data. I thought
>>Bragin was appointed CS PRAC at a later date. Gerry Armstrong would
>>probably know. He is on this newsgroup.

Well, a good deal of the data about Bragin that comes further down in
this was new to me, but there's one thing about Bragin--and about Ken
Urquhart--and their involvement that hasn't come up at all yet in this
thread, so I'm going to throw this VERY pungent quote from Ken Urquhart
in here now:

"The year that he [Hubbard] spent in NY changed the way he
operated, and the way we related. These changes began the
moment I (and another, John Bragin) put him on the plane at
Lisbon for New York, in September 1972."

So there we have the LRH Pers Comm himself, Ken "RPF Author" Urquhart,
claiming that he and JOHN BRAGIN were the two people who PUT HUBBARD ON
THE PLANE FOR NEW YORK. But Chris Owen's precioussssss, "Bare-Faced
Messiah" (BFM) <SPIT!> doesn't even MENTION Bragin in relation to this

Anyway, with what Hermes Remailer reported, that's the THIRD time that
Ken Urquhart claims that the "Hubbard" trip to New York began in
September, not December, 1972.

I tell you what: when ~I~ encounter this much stink, I start watching
~very~ carefully where I'm stepping.

>>>Also, was the apartment actually at Rabat or at Temara and whether
>>>or not Armstrong had set up the apartment in addition to his having
>>>smuggled the E-meters off ship as he says he did.

Jesus, that's another thing about Armstrong's involvement vs. his
asserted non-involvement in all this that I just do NOT get. I touched
on this when Warrior mouthed off in 2001, shouting up his own colon
about this exact time period and what Armstrong was doing at the time.

In message <2b0kct8ov258lgms8f4ovv53ih6h4gvavo@4ax.com> Armstrong said:

"I was first Deputy Ship's Rep then Ship's Rep for maybe 2
1/2 years, from 1972 into 1974. ...The Ship's Rep handled
many of the ship's needs in port, including, dealings with
immigration, customs, police, port authorities, the ship's
agent, chandlers, all sorts of suppliers, lawyers, and so

What he doesn't say is that the "Ship's Rep" was in the PORT CAPTAIN'S
OFFICE. "Immigration." "Customs." "Port Authorities." "Lawyers." Well,
ALL of these had to have been involved in the crossing of "Hubbard," AND
of the rest of the Morocco "base" personnel.

As for Hubbard's alleged flight and its relationship to Armstrong, BFM
claims that the word about extradition came from "lawyers in Paris,
Lisbon and New York," through "a telephone call from the PORT CAPTAIN."
(My emphasis.) Well, the Ship's Rep at the time in the PORT CAPTAIN'S
OFFICE was Gerry Armstrong, and he's the one who says HIMSELF that his
duties included "dealings with...lawyers."

But now guess who ELSE would have been "dealing with lawyers" at the
SAME TIME, ~especially~ the ones in NEW YORK--but dealing with them on
the other side of the Atlantic from where Armstrong was: Joel Kreiner,
Deputy Guardian Legal US, THAT'S who.

Not only that, but here's a fucking news flash: Joel Kreiner was IN NEW
YORK IN LATE 1972, at the very least on the dates 4 October through 6
October 1972, right there in New York City, 500 Pearl Street/40 Centre
Street, at the United States District Court, Southern District, and he
just HAPPENED to be WORKING with "lawyers from New York"--specifically
Silk, Slonim & Young--in the following case:

Bernard GREEN and Barbara Green, Defendants. No. 69 Civ.
5745. United States District Court, Southern District New
York. Feb. 9, 1973.

The 9 February 1973 date is the date of the ruling, but the case was
heard in the court in New York City on 4, 5, and 6 October 1972--a
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Kreiner is listed as follows:

"Silk, Slonim & Young, New York City, for plaintiff; Howard
Slonim, New York City, Joel Kreiner, Los Angeles, Cal., of
counsel. John J. Seffern, New York City, for defendants."

Yeah, that's right: our good buddy Joel Kreiner, top earner in the
Slatkin fraud, DEPUTY GUARDIAN LEGAL US at the time, just HAPPENED to be
IN NEW YORK CITY in October of 1972, in a fucking THROWAWAY "libel suit"
that got slam-dunked for CSC, just takin' care o' bid'ness. (I have to
comment that this seems to be an early version of what appears to ME to
have become a pattern for Kreiner, Karno, and the crime-boss Lenske
Bros., setting up phony "law suits" with "adversaries" that really only
served some OTHER purpose for the lawyers involved. Hell, in this "libel
suit," the instrument of alleged lible HAD NEVER EVEN BEEN PUBLISHED.
What kind of fucking IDIOT lawyer for the Greens would enter the
counterclaim for them that got slam-dunked out of court? Maybe one who
was being paid off? Nahhhhhh.)

Of course, even though Kreiner was in New York in this crucial late-1972
period, we just never hear a WORD about KREINER in relation to "L. Ron
Hubbard's" desperate flight to New York City. Just like we somehow never
hear WORD ONE about Kreiner throughout the ENTIRE "Stipulation of
Evidence" in the "Snow White" mess.

(Hi, Joel. How's it going in Slatkin? You did real well for yourself.
Congratulations. Did you think the above indication of you being in New
York at an awfully critical time would slip by? Did you think it would
be missed? Do you think ANY FUCKING THING is going to be missed? Think
again, fuckhead. And you ain't seen it all yet. Be sure to say "hi" to
Sherman for me.)

Now back to Armstrong: Armstrong has also said, concerning the E-meters
for the alleged "sec checking course" for Hassan II's and Oufkir's
SECURITY FORCES, for Christ's sake:

"At some point, the bright idea for PRAC in Morocco became a
mission to get E-metered security checking instituted in the
Moroccan military. I knew this was occuring, although I
stayed on board, and was not directly involved. I got the
assignment one night to smuggle dozens of E-meters off the
ship and get them to TRC, which I dutifully did."

Oh, Armstrong was ~always~ just ~so~ fucking dutiful, wasn't he. (And of
COURSE, since Armstrong is the one telling it, we get to find out the
vital datum that it happened "at some point."

Well, ~now~ we know--no thanks to Armstrong of course, where that
"bright idea for PRAC" likely originated, since it's now learned from
Hermes Remailer that "Commodore's Staff PR Area Control" (CS PRAC) was
John Bragin, and Armstrong is saying the whole E-Meter/Sec Check mission
was run by PRAC. So then Armstrong admits that he smuggled the E-meters
off the ship for the ENTIRE FUCKING OPERATION, but "was not directly
involved." Jeeeeeezus.

Except there's this one ~other~ little admission from Armstrong that is
a COMPLETE self-contradiction that occurs in ONE PARAGRAPH:

"I have never read any detailed report concerning the failed
E-meter mission and exactly what happened in the Tangiers
evacuation. I heard that someone in the government ordered
everyone connected to the mission to leave. I know from
various reports that there had been direct contact with
Hassan II."

Say ~what~?!? It just makes your head spin around like Linda Blair in
"The Exorcist." Because there is not ONE SINGLE PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE
"REPORT" that says that there was EVER "direct contact with Hassan II."
But Armstrong "never read any detailed report" about it? Riiiiiiight!
This motherfucker was completely up to his eyeballs in it, and he's
obviously a lying shit, but what's new. Oh, but there's more...

>>I thought Rabat.
>>>Any specific information that can be supplied with dates and names
>>>as accurately as possible surrounding these events would be very
>>>valuable in light of other recent information.
>>I had almost no involvement so can't say much.
>>Given good reason I could check with a few people for more data.
>>I'm fairly sure that there's much about that period that hasn't

Ralph, I think you have just made the understatement of all time. LMAO!
That was a fucking GOOD one!

Here is one MAJOR "thing" to add to the list of what "hasn't surfaced",
and to set up what "hasn't surfaced," I am going to give you ALL of the
conflicting accounts of a particular incident that I've had to wade
through--ALL from the SAME "SOURCE"--so you can see JUST what a bollixed
up mess it really is. What I guess is worse is I'm going to give it to
you all in one long account, since it ALL appears to be describing the
same event, even though the statements (from various places in the same
legal document) are hopelessly self-contradictory. Then I'm going to add
some commentary afterward, and even wind up tying it ALL back in to the
alleged "Hubbard flight for freedom" to New York, and that thing that

The source, again, is CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, Petitioner v.
COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent, Docket No. 3352-78, United
States Tax Court, filed September 24, 1984. I can't give you an accurate
date for the event being described, because, as usual, there are NO
FUCKING ACCURATE DATES associated with it (even though the "Tax Court"
<SPIT!> HAD to have SOME kind of records to even KNOW what they are
alluding to and alleging), but here goes, with a ROUGH estimate of the
date being mid-July 1972, based solely on the language "summer of 1972."
Of course 15 July was almost exactly a month before the "attempted coup"
of 16 August 1972 against Hassan II:

CIRCA 15 JULY 1972
"OTC was a sham corporation controlled by L. Ron Hubbard,
Mary Sue Hubbard and Leon Steinberg were the original
directors of OTC [sic--written ambiguously in the source].
They resigned immediately after the corporation's formation
and were replaced by Brian Livingston, Joyce Popham and Barry
Watson. All three of these individuals were Flag employees.
Joyce Popham was the secretary to L. Ron Hubbard's personal
aide. Barry Watson and Brian Livingston were Class-10
auditors and served on the Aides Council. During the docketed
years [1970-1972], these three individuals performed only one
board function. Sometime in the summer of 1972 they approved
L. Ron Hubbard's decision to transfer approximately $2
million from OTC bank accounts in Switzerland to Apollo. That
they even performed this function is questionable since there
are no minutes of the board meeting adopting a resolution
authorizing the transfer.
"...In the summer of 1972, L. Ron Hubbard authorized the
transfer of approximately $2 million in cash from OTC
accounts in Switzerland to the Apollo. The money was stored
in a locked file cabinet to which Mary Sue Hubbard had the
only set of keys.
"...In 1972, 4,222,015 Swiss francs ($1,119,678) was
withdrawn from the trust accounts in Switzerland. [CSC]'s
worksheets originally showed this withdrawal as an
inter-account transfer to OTS [sic]. This is crossed out and in
different handwriting the transaction is shown as cash held.
According to [CSC], this money was brought aboard the Apollo
where it was kept in a locked file cabinet until 1975. Mary
Sue Hubbard had the only keys to the cabinet.
"...[CSC] also represented that in 1972 over $2 million
in cash belonging to OTC was transferred to the Apollo and
kept in OTC's custody until the end of 1974 when it was
credited to [CSC] as partial payment of a debt OTC owed
"...The $2 million in cash that was brought to the
Apollo in 1972 in reality belonged to [CSC] and not OTC. The
cash was withdrawn from a Swiss bank account upon L. Ron
Hubbard's authority, transferred to the Apollo by Flag
employees, and kept in a file cabinet in a strongroom to
which only Mary Sue Hubbard had keys.
"...Fred Hare [and] Vicki Polimeni...were the Church
officials who allegedly transported the trust funds from
Switzerland to the Apollo.
"...Fran Harris...did not know...whether one or two
Swiss trust accounts were closed out in 1972; ...Taking into
account that...she and L. Ron Hubbard masterminded the
transfer of the OTC and trust monies from banks in
Switzerland to the Apollo, we can only conclude that her
evasiveness was intentional."

Are you sufficiently fucked up yet on this $1,119,678-to-"over $2
million" in cash that purportedly was spirited aboard the Apollo from
Swiss bank accounts, and about whose money it was, and about whether the
monies were "trust funds" (when neither CSC nor OTC was not a trust) or
from "OTC accounts" or BOTH? If not, I can help you get CONSIDERABLY
~more~ fucked up:

First, of COURSE there would be "no minutes of the board meeting." So
how did the Tax Court know there ever was any such "board meeting?" They
just did, that's all, and so of course they reported it, then cast it
into doubt. But that isn't what "hasn't surfaced."

So let's just ignore that, and let's jump right to Joyce Popham,
identified in this document as "the secretary to L. Ron Hubbard's
personal aide."

Man. Talk about something not ALLOWED to surface.

Well, who is that "L. Ron Hubbard's personal aide" whose name is so
fucking CAREFULLY left out by the Tax Court <SPIT!>? Hmmm. Well, that
just ~happens~ to be Ken Urquhart, author of the RPF, and the man who
claims he personally put L. Ron Hubbard on the "plane to New York" in
SEPTEMBER of 1972. Also, Joyce Popham, Ken Urquhart's secretary, is the
person who Gerald Armstrong has described this way: "Hubbard Personal
Secretary and signaturist Joyce Popham." So Armstrong's allegation is
that Mrs. Popham--who was married to the "LRH Chauffer" for the period,
Des Popham--could and did forge L. Ron Hubbard's signature, apparently
on a regular basis.

But it gets worse. MUCH worse:

Back to "dear friend of L. Ron Hubbard," Ken Urquhart, who was so
account of all of this. It's just fucking AMAZING what lengths that the
attorneys for the Commissioner of IRS and the United States Tax Court
had to go to in order to keep Ken Urquhart's name out of it, which is
EVIDENT once you start to get even a GLIMMER of the scope of Urquhart's
power and authority throughout all of this. It just becomes STUNNING.
And there is no question that the attorneys for the Commissioner of IRS
and the Tax Court were ACTIVELY covering up for Urquhart, because not
ONLY did they NEVER refer to his name, then NEVER even referred to his
actual post title. Yet he was ABSOLUTELY CENTRAL to everything that went
on during in the "docketed years."

Hermes Remailer gave Urquhart's ~own~ description of his post, but
Urquhart was FAR too fucking humble, because there are OTHER
descriptions of what Urquhart did, and of the power and authority he
weilded, and over whom and what. All of these descriptions can be found
in one single source that I've finally gotten a beat up used copy
of--"Modern Management Technology Defined":

Flag Order 2370, ÒHat LRH Personal Communicator,Ó says in
pertinent part: "This post coordinates communications from
all sources to LRH. The LRH Pers Comm has full control of the
Household Unit and LRH Personal Pro [sic: PRO] and all
equipment, vehicles, gear, material and spaces. Thus the hat
breaks down into five functions: (1) coordinating and
rerouting traffic so it will be handled, (2) logging, nudging
and keeping track of LRH projects, (3) library and filing,
(4) keeping Household Unit matters up to the mark and the
personnel busy and accounted for, (5) setting up schedules
and events and getting things coordinated for them. The LRH
Personal Comm hat is vital to let me produce."

Flag Order 2374R, ÒFlag Office of LRH,Ó says in pertinent
part: "The FLAG OFFICE OF LRH is under the control and
administrative command of the LRH Personal Communicator [LRH
Pers Comm, who is Ken Urquhart]. In matters of pay, liberty,
uniforms, quarters, repairs, etc., the Flag Office of LRH and
its personnel operate under the LRH Personal Communicator.
The office contains: CO HU and Household Unit, LRH Pers Sec
Flag and LRH Secretariat with CommodoreÕs Messengers,
Research, Transcription, Preparations and Compilations.
Foundation Collections Officer, liaison with local LRH Comms
and with CS-7 and external network. Liaison with CS-Aides, FB
and FSO executives, AVU, LRH Pers PRO."

FSO 74 of 6 July 1970, ÒZones of FP,Ó says: "HOUSEHOLD UNIT
EXPENSES, expenses involved in research and command care and
activities as designated by LRH Pers Comm." The LRH Pers Comm
is Ken Urquhart.

Jesus. Where to start.

Well, first, Urquhart was completely in control of ALL the "Household
Unit" finances, which meant ALL of the finances for the care and feeding
and transportation and lodging of the Hubbards. Would you care to start
even imagining how ALL of that factors in to this time period, into
Hubbard's location at any given time, into the communications to and
from "L. Ron Hubbard," to the whereabouts of Mary Sue at any given time
in all of this, to the jump of "Hubbard" from Tangiers, Morocco to
Lisbon, Portugal to New York, and to ANY and ALL "inurement" to the
Hubbards? Christ, Urquhart had to be ALL OVER every tiniest detail.

How about just the question of the Villa Laura (or Villa Laure), ALSO
completely whitewashed out of the Tax Court ruling? Urquhart would HAVE
to have known ~precisely~ when it was acquired, how it was acquired,
whether it was rented or purchased, how much money was involved, who was
there when, and HOW IT WAS DISPOSED OF. He would have controlled EVERY
communication into and out of the place.

Urquhart would also have been over the personnel who were involved with
the Villa and the "Houshold Unit." Do you know who those included? Well
how about the "butler" who is reported to have been at the Villa with
the Hubbards: Andre Tabayoyan, a Vietnam veteran who not only had been
in post-combat military psychiatric care, but had been highly trained by
US Intelligence personnel in "brainwashing techniques." And how about
"former" Green Beret Paul Preston, described as having been "L. Ron
Hubbard's bodyguard." These were BOTH Urquhart's personnel, BOTH under
his command and control, who HE had put onto post right in close
intimate contact with the Hubbard's at an isolated Villa. Go figure.

Urquhart was also in charge of all the Hubbard vehicles. Well, guess who
was very involved in the shuffling of the vehicles throughout this
entire period. Gerry "I wasn't involved" Armstrong.

Also under Urquhart were the Commodore's Messengers. Gee.

Also under Urquhart was the "LRH Personal PRO" office, which darling
Laurel Watson would be put onto in late 1973, after the "return" of "L.
Ron Hubbard," and who would mastermind the infamous "I want my medals"
incident, as well as the infamous "Things You Should Know About L. Ron
Hubbard" incident, ALL of it directly under the command and control of
Ken Urquhart. Gee.

Maybe you can start to figure out some of the OTHER ramifications of
Urquhart's position in all of this, but I'll leave you to your own fun
with that (allow yourself about three weeks, uninterrupted), because now
I want to get to this especially endearing passage from "Bare-Faced
Messiah" <SPIT!> and just one more of its bare-faced lies, again
centered around the stalwart, loyal, always faithful Ken Urquhart, which
will bring us back not only to the infamous "Hubbard flight for
freedom," but also back to the question of the stashed MILLIONS in cash
that purportedly is sitting onboard the Apollo, RIGHT THERE IN THE
LISNAVE SHIPYARDS near Lisbon at the time this purportedly happens IN
Lisbon--you know, those millions in cash that the Tax Court and the IRS
Commissioner made sure that Ken Urquhart's name wasn't connected with in

"Urquhart was sent out to book seats on the first available
flight to the United States and collect some cash. ...The
loyal Urquhart returned with three Lisbon-Chicago tickets on
a flight leaving early next morning. ...He also had a
briefcase stuffed with banknotes in different currencies -
escudos, marks, francs, pounds, dollars and Moroccan dirhams,
about $100,000 in total; it was the best he could do, he told

What? What? What was that? $100,000? "It was the best he could do"? What
the ~FUCK~?! Where the FUCK is Mary Sue and her "key"?! "Hubbard" is
supposedly fleeing for his very fucking LIFE, about to be extradicted,
and there is anywhere from a million-and-a-half to two million dollars
that HE HIMSELF supposedly had arranged to have stashed on the Apollo,
just sitting there, just a few miles away, yet poor long-suffering Ken
Urquhart has to run around and scrape up change out of the couch
cushions in all KINDS of different denominations, and can only come up
with a lousy hundred grand? What the ~FUCK~ is going on here?

It doesn't matter a DAMN whether this purported "Hubbard flight for
freedom" happened in September ~or~ December of 1972--anytime after
about mid-July, the fucking MILLIONS in CASH would have been SITTING
there at his disposal.

This is the lyingest bunch of motherfuckers ever, in the world, period.
I don't know what the FUCK they are ALL covering up, but by God, it is
something DIRTY. That's all I know. And sooner or later it is going to
ALL be exhumed.

>>About 10 years ago I saw a book written by an ex-CIA agent detailing
>>his observations of the occurences but I didn't retain a copy. --
>>Ralph Hilton http://www.ralphhilton.org Freezone Directory:
>>http://www.freescientology.org Freezone International:
>>http://www.fzint.org FZAOINT http://www.fzaoint.org
>Thanks for this. If you can recall the book by the ex-CIA agent
>you're referring to it would be much appreciated. All sources of
>information on this 1972 time period are being actively sought out.

Oi. More on ~this~ to come any minute now. Gird your loins, girls...

>I don't know what constitutes good reason to you but there is a
>refugee from the area who says he was there at the time in a certain
>capacity and is talking about what happened. The death of Hassan II
>and the changing political climate and advancing age have loosened
>some lips.
>He's saying that the e-meter/sec-checking op was only a cover for
>other things that were going on between people from the ship and
>Oufkir and some of Oufkir's people.
>Oufkir had close ties to CIA and had been involved in some very nasty
>business with them and French intelligence including the murder of
>Ben Barka. For background read the news article from the Irish times
>about what a man named Ahmed Boukhari (not the refugee I'm referring
>to) has revealed. Two places to find it:

So NOW we've got the CIA all up in here--with Oufkir...

And there were Apollo crew involved--with Oufkir...

And so guess what that "October 1972 event" I referred to before is?
Well, here it is, take it or ~FUCKING~ leave it:

1 October 1972
CIA Office of Technical Service Contract 8473 is issued. It
is marked CONFIDENTIAL. It is a $50,000 research contract
with "the physicists at SRI." That includes former NSA
employee, now Scientology OT VII, Hal Puthoff, but the
contract also allows for the hiring of two other Scientology
OTs, Ingo Swann and Pat Price. The contract is for an
"expanded effort in parapsychology." A CIA agent, "Ken
Kress," is assigned as the CIA "Project Officer" for the
contract. [NOTE: The program is greatly expanded over the
ensuing years, split between CIA and DIA, and is managed
under the auspices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. One strange
note: the date of the contract is a Sunday. But there is an
even stranger note: the CIA contract is issued by the CIA's
"Office of Technical Services," which goes under the acronym
OTS. Yet prior to this contract with the Scientology-trained
OTs, the same division of CIA had been called "Technical
Services Division," the acronym being TSD.]
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal
Review and Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in
the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's
classified internal publication; report released to the
public in 1996; Book, "Remote Viewers, the Secret History,"
Chapter 14

That's from this url:


And three days later, on 4 October 1972, DG Legal US Joel Kreiner is in
New York city, working directly with "lawyers from New York," isn't he?

Well, guess who ~else~ just HAPPENS to be in New York City in October
1972, while Kreiner is there, having flown back to NYC from SRI--well,
my God, it was on 26 August of 1972, just ten days after the Hassan II
attempted coup. Like to take a guess who it is? That's right, it's that
flitty-flighty gad-about, "former" United Nations employee, and
Scientology OT VII, Ingo Swann--who has JUST secretly become one of the
secret beneficiaries of the SECRET CIA Remote Viewing contract with

And sometime around all of this, L. Ron Hubbard suddenly disappears,
doesn't he--supposedly into New York City in the company of a FUCKING
Green Beret, Paul Preston, and a FUCKING male nurse, Jim Dincalci, BOTH
of whom are personnel under the command and control of LRH Pers Comm,
Ken Urquhart.

What's awfully sad is that even though Dincalci is a MALE NURSE, having
NO known legal background, and even though there is a perfectly "good
lawyer" <SPIT! Sorry for the oxymoron> named Joel Kreiner available, who
ALSO just happens to be the DG LEGAL US, somehow poor male nurse
Dincalci gets the job of doing fucking LEGAL research in New York on
Hubbard's LEGAL fate, and SOMEHOW Joel Kreiner has NOTHING TO DO WITH
IT. Well, that's what BFM wants us all to believe. And what's one of the
stops Dincalci makes on his trudging around doing "legal research"? Why,
the United Nations, of course. Where else?

And then, of COURSE, Hubbard gets busy in his secret little New York
hideaway writing the "Snow White" program so he can permanently destroy
all of Scientology. How do we know? Because JIM DINCALCI SAID SO, that's
how! Oh, that's not good enough for you? Well, eat THIS: the alphabet
letters "L. RON HUBBARD" are TYPED onto the BOTTOM of the fucking thing,
so FUCK you.

What's the matter, you mean THAT ain't good enough for you? Still have
the GALL to doubt it? Well, JUST ASK CHRIS OWEN, covert operative for
the British Ministry of Defence. He's been kind enough to make SURE it's
up on the 'net for you to see. So, see? It's fucking PROVEN that "L. Ron
Hubbard" wrote it.

>Oufkir made two trips alone before the August 16 1972 coup attempt.
>One was between about August 5 and August 10 to Tetouan supposedly to
>meet his family. The other was on the morning of the coup attempt to
>Temara. Indications that seem to have some merit are that on both
>trips Oufkir made contacts with people who were connected with the

Jeeeeeeezus! Oufkir wasn't the ~only~ one taking little unexplained
trips around that EXACT same time! Christ, this gets weird:

7 August 1972
Ingo Swann flies to San Francisco and is met by Hal Puthoff.
Puthoff gives Swann an envelope. They are to have a one-week
informal period, and then a two-week formal set-up. The
latter two-week segment will be attended by "two East Coast
scientists who would observe some of the experiments." Swann
says, "CIA, right?"

11 c. August 1972
Ingo Swann flies to Los Angeles for the weekend with Dr.
Shafica Karagulla and "her associate." No reason is given.

14 August 1972
Swann is back at SRI to begin the two-week formal experiments
in the company of the "two East Coast scientists" (CIA).

First, I CUT from the first incident above what Swann said about the
envelope Puthoff handed him, because FUCK what that covert lying CIA-op
CLAIMS was in the sealed envelope that was handed to him just before his
little unexplained trip to Los Angeles with a CIA PSYCHIATRIST and "her
associate"--whoever the FUCK that was. Swann CLAIMED that the envelope
contained "the reimbursement for the first trip, and a copy of their
three-week schedule." Yeah, FUCK yeah, sure, of COURSE it did, Ingo.
(Guess what I've got down in my pants, Swann. It's in a sealed envelope.

But two days after Swann gets back to SRI from his little trip TO Los
Angeles with CIA PSYCHIATRIST Shafica Karagulla and "her associate" (he
doesn't say they came back with him), the CIA's favorite fall-boy,
Oufkir, hangs HIS ass out to dry by sending three AMERICAN F-5s that
just HAPPENED to be armed with BLANKS to "shoot down" Hassan II's
Boeing, as described by Hermes Remailer below.

Then Oufkir's Foster Grants get removed for him with the help of a .45

I'm sure it's all a big coincidence. I'm sure the CIA wasn't involved in
any of it. I'm sure Michael Reuss will spend pages screaming about how
it is--which I'll fortunately miss. And I'm sure we can count on the
7-year-old mentality of "Shy David" to provide us with yet another full
sheet of the words "bLAcK hEliCOpTeRs" repeated over and over, since
that's as close as he is ever able to come to addressing the facts.

But I still wonder who Karagulla's "associate" was. I wonder if it might
have been a tall, heavy-set older man wearing a cheap disguise, maybe a
little drugged-out looking, maybe something like "L. Ron Hubbard" looked
when he purportedly fled by plane from Washington, D.C. in 1977 with
Kima Douglas acting in the capacity as his care-giver. Could that have
been just a trumped-up description by Douglas of what had been an
EARLIER ~actual~ plane trip by L. Ron Hubbard in the company of a
"care-giver"--like CIA's own Dr. Shafica Karagulla? Wouldn't that kind
of "in your face" lie be entirely consistent with these debased, lying,
scummy amoral pricks?

Somebody must think so, because in my "WTF Do I Do With THIS" file, I
have the following, which is in one of the Freezone "timetracks":


Subject: Hubbard Neutralization - confessions
Date: 24 Sep 2000 20:01:55 -0000
From: Private User <See.Comment.Header@[127.1]>
Organization: mail2news@zedz.net
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology


Week of Aug. 7-14 1972. CIA funds through SRI to Burlingame, CA freight
company near San Fran airport. Check name Liu. Funds for safehouse and
psychiatrist - CIA-Puthoff-Swann. Swann and psychiatrist fly to LA Aug
11-14. Canoga Park safehouse.


Aug. 16-17-18. Villa Laura, Tangier. Apollo going for refit. Cover -
Hassan II assassination attempt. Hubbard transported as freight to US.


Dr. Shafica Karagulla, M.D.; M.R.C.P.Ed (Member of the Royal College of
Physicians of Edinburgh; D.P.M. (Diploma in Psychological Medicine). Bad
foot (like Gottlieb, who ran black op). Trained in psychiatry Univ.
Edinburgh. Studied under Dr. Wilder Penfield at Montreal Neurological
Institute (used brain probes on conscious subjects). Asst. Prof.
Psychiatry New York Univ. "Thing" for cats. Neutralization - stereotaxic


By Sep. 15 1972.Ê

CIA contract for SRI RV lab go-ahead given by Gottlieb. Contract issued
Oct. 1 1972.


The url for the above is:


I think I've had just about all I can take for now. Maybe three months
in Rio will make me almost ready to deal with any of this again. Here is
the rest of this very interesting data concerning the incredibly
involved and tangled year of 1972.

>There is an unidentified Moroccon Colonel who is reported in BFM to
>have been instrumental in setting up the connection between the
>e-meter/sec check people from the ship and Oufkir.
>The night before the August 16 1972 coup attempt the main pilot
>supposed to be involved flying the American-made F-5s that were going
>to attack Hassan II's plane was a Lieutenant Colonel named Amkrane.
>Amkrane suddenly got "very sick" and said he couldn't participate,
>and so was replaced as the commander of the operation by a man named
>Kouira, who Amkrane had recommended.
>According to articles written by and interviews with Oufkir's
>assistant at the time, Ammed Ramit (also not the refugee I'm
>referring to), it was Kouira who then "accidentally" loaded the F-5
>guns with blanks which is why the coup attempt failed.
>This refugee is now saying the attempted coup was planned from the
>outset to fail because it was staged partly as a distraction for the
>media and also as a reason for getting rid of Oufkir because he knew
>too much about many things, but that one of them was something very
>big and very secretive that had gone on involving Oufkir and the CIA
>and Hubbard and people from the ship around the same time.
>After the sabatoged attempted coup it was reported to the press by
>Hassan II's regime that Oufkir had committed suicide. Ahmed Rami has
>said that is a lie. Rami says Oufkir was forcibly taken to the palace
>after the coup attempt. Rami also has said that he managed to view
>Oufkir's body before fleeing and becoming a refugee himself, and says
>that Oufkir had been shot numerous times, all from the back. One of
>the shots was to the back of Oufkir's head and appeared intentionally
>meant to go through the eye and blow off Oufkir's trademark
>sunglasses. It also took off most of his face. What has recently been
>confirmed is that Oufkir's widow and children were taken into custody
>afterward and were held as political prisoners for eighteen years.
>What all of this has to do with the Apollo and Hubbard, if anything,
>is what is at question. But we're being told it had a lot to do more
>to do with Hubbard and people from the Apollo and the CIA than
>anybody has found out so far.
>Attempts to corroborate this refugee's information against the
>whereabouts of certain people from the ship at certain times, and
>against the whereabouts of Hubbard, and against the whereabouts of
>the ship itself are running up against a very obvious absence of
>accurate information and an abundance of false information. It is a
>true group engram, complete with false dates, false data, bouncers,
>groupers, deniers, authorities, ally computations, pain,
>unconsciousness, death, dispersal, confusion, loss of mass, and every
>bank mechanism you can think of. The time track around the area is in
>a complete tangled ball and that's what some people are trying to
>BFM and a 1975 Dincali debrief claim Hubbard didn't leave Morocco
>headed for New York until about December 3 or 4 1972. BFM says that
>was at the same time that the entire Morocco base was unmocked and
>moved across the Straits. Dincalci claims the contrary in his debrief
>saying that Hubbard went to Lisbon alone on December 3 or 4
>specifically to keep the trouble away from the Morocco base and the
>Scientologists there:
>"In the beginning of Dec_72 LRH came up from Tanger [sic] because of
>possible trouble in Maroc and LRH did not want to get the
>Scientologists there pulled in on it as the trouble was directed at
>him. So he came up to lisbon alone."
>BFM claims that the 3 or 4 December 1972 word on possible extradition
>came to Hubbard in a hotel room in Lisbon from some unnamed party in
>the Port Captain's office. Dincalci claims in his debrief that it
>came from John Bragin CS PRAC:
>"On 4 dec [HANDWRITTEN: '^ IN LISBON'] LRH was told by Jonh [sic]
>Bragin CS PRAC that he could be extradite d [sic] to france from
>Portugal on a court case which was occuring in Paris against the org
>and LRH. LRH therefore decided to go to the US as opposed to pulling
>in trouble to the ship which was being refitted. [HANDWRITTEN: 'AND
>COULDN'T BE US' (cuts off--presumably 'USED')]"
>BFM says that Ken Urquhart was majorly involved in the event and was
>there in the Lisbon Hotel room.
>Ken Urquhart, though, claims that Hubbard left for New York with
>Dincalci and Preston in September 1972, not December 1972:
>"Now I will give a broad account of Hubbard and how he changed over
>these years, 1968-1975. This period divides neatly into two, firstly
>to September 1972 when he left the ship for a year in New York, and
>then from September, 1973 when he returned to the ship. There were
>very marked differences between the two periods. ...[I]n September of
>1972 he had to hustle out of his lovely little house in Tangiers,
>Morocco to avoid being extradited to France. This was in the middle
>of a ridiculous attempt to train the Moroccan Security Forces in
>sec-checking! He spent the next year in seclusion in New York."
>So that's another important contradiction, especially since Urquhart
>was LRH Pers Comm at the time, and Urquhart has said this about his
>"While I was Pers Comm, I sat in an office a few feet from his
>[Hubbard's]. I saw him come and go from his office, I heard
>everything he said in his office (unless he had MSH in there), I
>heard all the orders and queries he passed to his messengers. Almost
>always I was present when he had another in for a briefing, and I
>took the notes. If for some reason I wasn't there he would take care
>to tell me later what was the outcome of the meeting. I was
>responsible for entry to his office. Anybody other than MSH that
>sought access to LRH had to come to me. I was responsible for the
>considerable flow of paper to and from his desk. LRH frequently
>called me to discuss ship matters, international management matters,
>internal ship organization matters, technical matters, family
>matters. In addition to all this, he had me in his office or out on
>the deck with him to chat."
>The refugee who is now talking is saying that Hubbard was abducted
>earlier even than September by Preston in cooperation with Urquhart
>and other people connected with the Apollo working in conjunction
>with Oufkir, and that the apartment in Rabat (or Temara) was involved
>with that abduction. Also that the coup attempt in which Oufkir was
>set up to fail was all part of it but the part Oufkir didn't know
>about. Oufkir had been led to believe by CIA operatives involved that
>he would end up ruling Morocco, not riddled with bullets.
>We're being told that this is the real reason why the Apollo and crew
>was moved far away, to Lisbon for refit, leaving only the people from
>the ship who were involved in the operation in Morocco along with
>some uninvolved and uninformed support personnel. We're also being
>told that it all happened right around the same time, sometime
>between late June to mid July 1972, and was all connected. Only
>later, then, actually around December 1972, was the remaining and
>involved Morocco contingent moved enmasse out of Morocco with the
>shore story being told that it was because of a threatened
>extradition of Hubbard, who actually was already long gone. But
>that's the event that BFM is describing as a mass move ordered by
>Hubbard. Even that shore story has been made more complicated by
>people claiming that the move out of Morocco was due to complications
>arising from the e-meter/sec-checking operations in the wake of the
>attempted coup. So even the shore stories don't line up. It seems
>like there was a need to have at least two going simultaneously.
>In addition to all this there is some sketchy information being
>leaked that the abduction of Hubbard and the phony attempted
>assassination of Hassan II and the actual assassination of both Ben
>Barka and Oufkir were a major part of the suppressed information on
>foreign assassinations by the CIA that started to surface just a few
>months later, in 1973, and grew and culminated in 1974 and 1975 in
>the Congressional hearings on the CIA.
>Don't forget that on January 16 1975 President Ford held a luncheon
>in the White House for the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur
>Ochs Sulzberger, and of Ochs's top editors including the managing
>editor A. M Rosenthal. At the end of some general discussion
>Rosenthal asked Ford how he expected the Rockefeller Commission to be
>trusted when its membership was so heavily weighted by conservative
>figures with a history of hard-line political beliefs and sympathy
>for the military. Ford explained that the Commission's mandate was
>strictly limited to CIA activities within the United States and that
>he didn't want anybody on it who might stray off the reservation and
>start rummaging about in the recesses of CIA history. If they did, he
>said, they might stumble onto things that would blacken the name of
>the United States and every President since Truman. These hard-nosed
>journalists were stunned.
> "Like what?" Rosenthal asked. "Like assassinations!" Ford shot back.
> And then he quickly added,
>"That's off the record!" But hadn't been off the record, which some
>people believe he knew when he said it, and so it didn't stay off the
>record. It later made the network news.
>Everything the Rockefellar Commission and the Church Committee
>uncovered certainly did not make the network news.
>So there is a lot of smoke from all directions and some people are
>trying to find the actual fire. When there's sufficient information
>reports are going to be prepared and submitted to proper offices and
>oversight committees in Morocco, France, Israel and the United States
>by people in each of those countries, as well as a report going to
>the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.
>If that's reason enough for you to ask around for some accurate
>information on what happened when and who was involved around that
>time, information that can be used to corroborate or impeach other
>information coming in from some unexpected sources, great. If not,
>thanks for your help.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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