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Subject: CHRIS OWEN: "Judge for yourselves..."
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Here's a repost of my 2 December 2001 dissection of just some of Chris
Owen's knowing and willful lies, in this case concerning the corporate
structure and the power and control of Scientology.

===================BEGIN REPOST:

Date: 2 Dec 2001
Message-ID: <073GB4BR37227.5372106481@frog.gilgamesh.org>
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (CL)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT alias DOT net> wrote:

>On 30 Nov 2001 08:25:37 -0000, Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header
>(CL) wrote:

>>He also has the dreaded Kelleritis: he never heard of CST, and Lenske
>>is the name that must not be spoken! Shhhhhhhh. I also notice that
>>now that all this dirt on CST is spilling out, he felt the need to
>>expend 555 lines explaining why an investigation into Scientology
>>wouldn't be such a good idea. <Chuckle> And did you notice: in 555
>>lines of "authoritative" bluster about Scientology, he managed not
>>to mention CST--who owns all the copyrights and owns/controls all
>>the trademarks--even ~once~. That takes some ~serious~ dodging!

>>Fancy footwork...
>He most certainly has heard of CST and spoken the name "Lenske."

All right, point conceded, since you insisted on taking my statement
only as being absolutely 100% microscopically literal.

(Watch it, though, Rob: if you're not careful somebody may accuse you of
going to extreme lengths just to prove Hubbard's Logic 6: "ABSOLUTES ARE

This seems, though, to be almost the exact same argument you put up
against File Clerk when he/she/they pointed out ~Armstrong's~ shuddering
avoidance of mentioning the name "Lenske." (He seems to be trying
to overcompensate for it now, to the point where saying "Lenske" seems
to have become obsessive/compulsive with the poor boy. Couldn't happen
to nicer guy. The way Armstrong keeps going on about Sherman Lenske, I'm
beginning to think he's fallen in love with the man. Couldn't happen to
a nicer couple.)

But, as before, you're making an operating-room dissection of what was
just a very practical and fundamentally true statement, and you seem
intent on making some microscopically fine point by pointing out a
~single~ exception. (Don't get me wrong: fine distinctions are critical,
~especially~ when dealing with the Lenske crowd, who seem to have NEAR
duplicates or just about everything they touch, just to confuse the shit
out of anybody trying to follow their slimy snail-trails.)

But I think it's wasted on my statement above, which is true for any
PRACTICAL assessment of Chris Owen's track record on this subject.

Which I ~really~ didn't want to get into at the moment.

But you just ~had~ to make an issue of it, didn't you :-)

You cite:

>[From "Piercing the Corporate Veil"]

First, thank you for reminding me of this amazing warehouse of malicious
disinformation, which I early relied on to some degree--until, that is,
I felt like a Slinky[TM] that had been through a drier cycle and run
over by a garbage truck. Then I twigged: Hmm. Maybe this site isn't
exactly what it purports to be. Since then I ignored it entirely, quit
relying on Owen's cooked--make that Louisiana-blackened--data, turned to
primary source documents, and to my ~enormous~ relief, things finally
started making sense.

So Owen's one-and-only "mention" of the name "Lenske" is a very toxic
mix of minimal truth, many half-truths, and some very malicious,
knowing, outright lies. (Why does this not surprise me?)

Second, let me point out to you something: in the ENTIRETY of Chris
Owen's involvement in a.r.s., and in the ENTIRETY of EVERYTHING he has
EVER written that is available to me, what you just quoted is the
ENTIRETY of EVERYTHING he has ever said with the name "Lenske" in it.

So when I said "single exception," as regards Lenske, I meant it.

And that one-and-only-ever mention of Lenske--naturally--contains gross
and very serious disinformation.

Google reports about 4,500 posts by "Chris Owen" (yes, I know the total
includes all the sporgeries and spam, but I'm not going to try to sort
all that shit out). Hell, let's say the number is only 1/3 of that:
1,500 posts over the course of six years.

In all of those posts, there are THREE and ONLY three posts in which
Owen has used the name "Lenske," and you'll love this: ALL THREE of them
are merely his reposting of the EXACT SAME PARAGRAPHS YOU POSTED ABOVE.

Three. Out of 1,500 posts. All of them exactly the same "information."
Which is disinformation. Check it out for yourself.

So, you can be right, you can win the point: what I said is NOT an
absolute, so you can take me to task for having used the word "never."
If your effort was in the cause of defending Chris Owen, though, I
believe you're going to find that it's a Pyrrhic victory:

Let's study Owen's posting record for the phrase "Spiritual Technology"
(as in "Church of"), exclusive of the three posts above, which mentions
"Lenske" and CST:

Total posts where Owen ~himself~ specifically
mentions "Church of Spiritual Technology": 6

That's a grand total of NINE posts where the Church of Spiritual
Technology, AND/OR Lenske, are mentioned by Chris Owen out of an
estimated 1,500 posts. In SIX of those nine, he is merely responding in
some way to to someone else who has brought up CST or something about
it. There is a total of only THREE posts where he originated something
about "Church of Spiritual Technology" himself.

But it's much, MUCH worse than that:

Of those sad and lonely THREE posts which are his originations, one is
just his own post of the so-called "Piercing the Corporate Veil," which
you quote from above, and which I cover in more detail below (the very
title itself being intentional disinformation, as I will cover).

In another of those THREE orignations, he tells the following blatant,
inexcuseable, outright LIE:


"The 'religion angle' was deemed sufficiently
promising for Hubbard to incorporate the Church of
Scientology and Church of Spiritual Technology in
Camden, New Jersey in December 1953."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END FALSE STATEMENT ALERT!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is our famous "historian" <SPIT!>. Lying fuck. The actual name of
the church in question, as you already know, was the "Church of
Spiritual ENGINEERING." Hubbard also founded, at the same time--at least
according to Russell Miller--the Church of American Science, and a
"Church of Scientology." (Of course Miller and Chris Owen seem to be
joined at the pelvic arch, with Owen somehow managing to "get the
permission of the author" to effectively eradicate any and all
commercial value in "Bare-Faced Messiah" for Miller by publishing the
book free on the web. This seems perfectly natural to the devotees of
both men. Sometimes I walk out back and stare at the stars and listen to
the lapping water, and don't try to make sense out of one bit of it.)

So there is just one example of Owen setting up a punji-stakes pit for
anyone trying to research CST to fall into. (Aw, just an honest mistake
by the self-proclaimed "historian," right? We have only just begun.)

A complete analysis of Owen's so-called "Piercing the Corporate Veil"
<SPIT!> could run to book-length, but the conclusion is simple: it is
the exact 180-degree opposite of what the title claims it to be, and
should be named what it is: "Creating a Corporate Iron Curtain."

Owen makes any effort to actually get at the corporate truth an absolute
impossibility, a full dead, and sends the reader off down so many rabbit
holes that reliance on his lies and misrepresentations and half-truths
has generated--in perfect harmony with the lies of Armstrong and the
Youngs--probably 90% of the false information and beliefs that have
dominated this entire area of research. Owen's part was to lean in heavy
with the SEVERABLE but IMPLIED weight of the British Ministry of Defence
behind him to lend credence to his fucking lies and disinformation, and
to "Bare-Faced Messiah," and to ally it all with the Youngs and
Armstrong to lend credence to ~their~ coordinated lies.

This is quite a little package, these jokers. You think maybe this is
all just my misapprehension of the facts? Read on.

The result, as intended, is the balled-uppest, most confused bunch of
people I have ever encountered, right here in a.r.s., a majority of them
believing and parroting Owen's and Armstrong's and the Youngs'
ridiculous four part harmony:

"None of it matters anyway."

And if you think that hasn't been Owen's cant, here is just some of his
carefully-planted disinformation in one of those FEW posts where he
actually mentions CST:


"This corporate structure is completely meaningless
in practice, however, when you consider that it's
the Sea Org which runs the whole show."
Chris Owen
Message <n8hTfNAI3Ic6EwWN@lutefisk.demon.co.uk>
"Re: what is the exact legal relationship between
narconon & the CoS?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END FALSE STATEMENT ALERT!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What a lying sack o' shit.

Of course, maybe somebody should have taken the clue that a Brit twit
might not be exactly the final authority on corporate America, but,
geez, Mr. Owen is such an educated credentialled historian, and works
for the British Ministry of Defence and all, and, well, geez, we just
CAN'T question HIM, can we? I mean, HE is an AUTHORITY! <SPIT!> He's a
lying sack o' shit.

Christ, I mean let's take just that section you posted and dissect that,
and one immediate thing leaps out right in the section title:


Wow. Let's go plug "CoST" into Google, kids, and see what we can find.

(No, don't try that at home, kids, or you'll find out what "google"
really means.)

Well, we can just be very understanding, and conjecture that there is no
effort at muddying things up here, and that "CoST" really ~IS~ the
letter-perfect acronym, and that's why he uses it. But then we look
elsewhere in "Piercing the Corporate Veil" <SPIT!> and find:


Hm. Well, now, following Mr. Owen's "convention" in re: "CoST,"
shouldn't we have found here "CoSI"? No, because it, being one of the
out-front organizations set up as a wall around the very secretive CST
(which he knew), doesn't need to be hidden and buried out of sight--as
CST does--and so its acronym hasn't been set up to be a common word like
"cost," and so Chris Owen uses the normal convention of leaving out
articles and prepositions in forming the acronym. So why does he
consistetly use "CoST" instead of "CST" when referring to Scientology's
most powerful and once most secretive corporation, yet uses "CSI" for
the other? I'll leave you to figure it out.

Let's move on with his "authoritative" study of CST:

>Incorporated 28 May 1982 by Sherman Lenske.

GIANT GLARING OMISSION: There is NO mention of co-founders Meade
Emory--former Assistant to Commissioner of IRS--and Leon Misterek, of
Seattle, Washington (for this California Corporation). Of course, we can
be very kind and generous and understanding, can't we, and just say that
poor "historian" Chris Owen didn't do his homework worth a shit, and so
didn't know about the Bruggink ruling--can't we? Well, no, because at
the end of this little whitewash on CST, Owen himself claims that he
has, as reference, "documents released in CoST's [sic--CST's] litigation
against the IRS." That litigation took place in the U.S. Claims Court,
resulting in Bruggink, and contained the information about Meade Emory
and Leon Misterek. So Owen elected to bury it.

Fortunately, the PRF press release hit a.r.s. exactly one month after
Owen posted his "Creating the Corporate Iron Curtain" abortion to
a.r.s., and whoever did the PRF press release had done their homework
honestly and fully (as Owen should have done), and THEY told the TRUTH,
and gave the relevant facts. But the a.r.s. regulars had already swarmed
around their adoreable and unimpeachable "authority" <SPIT!>, Chris The
Educated Historian Owen <SPIT!>, eating up his bullshit instead.

>Lenske was a partner in the law firm Lenske, Lenske and Heller.

GIANT GLARING OMISSION: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E.
Heller are the Special Directors of CST. This is also information
available in the tax-litigation documents Owen generally claimed (but
never cited specifically or told anybody where to find them) as being
among his reference materials. Fortunately, the PRF press release hit
a.r.s. exactly one month after Owen posted his "Creating the Corporate
Iron Curtain" abortion to a.r.s., and exposed this fact about the
Special Directors--which Owen had buried. Wonder why? I also love Owen's
subtle and exclusive use of the past-tense in the Lenske sentence--which
of course doesn't ~eliminate~ the present-tense, and of course is
~literally~ quite true, but of course subtly lulls the unsuspecting
reader away from any further interest in Lenske, Lenkse and Heller.
Chris Owen is so smooth, and of course knows ~exactly~ what he is doing.

>Officers Lyman Spurlock, Maria Starkey and Rebecca Hay (an ASI staff
>member, Schomer in GA25, p.4493).

This is my most favorite part: the ONLY references that Owen actually
CITES regarding CST are from the Armstrong trial, so that anyone using
his carefully-structured "authoritative" profile of CST as their
starting place gets sent down ~that~ rabbit-hole to the Breckenridge
amateur psychoanalysis, which has the built-in merry-go-round of:
Armstrong > "documents" > Russel Miller > Bare-Faced Messiah > Chris
Owen and Armstrong. Dramamine handed out at the door.

>According to CoST staff member Tom Vorm, CoST received orders from ASI
>via Dan Prybilski [sic--Przybylski], Commanding Officer LRH Archives,
>at the time of Vorm's testimony in the Armstrong case (in GA5,

Great: There are so many lies and half-truths in that one sentence that
it would require at least a book chapter to fully document them all.
First we get sent ~back~ to Armstrong (naturally) for the perjury of a
semi-literate idiot named Tom Vorm, who is known to have been in league
with Sherman Lenske, made President by Lenske of Lenske's secret little
side-corporation known as "Media Storage, Inc."--which the ARSCC
Librarian brought to our attention, but nobody seems to have given a
fuck about. (Hey, Sherman: there ~are~ people who give a fuck about it,
never fear. You just won't read it here.)

Isn't this fascinating: Lenske's lap-dog, Vorm, is being used as one of
Owen's "authorities" for the flat-out lie that "CST" was at any time,
ever, taking any orders from ASI. Of course Owen already knew that
Armstrong and the Youngs had built into their declarations and
affidavits the falsehood that David Miscavige had been running all of
Scientology, and that Miscavige had done it from ASI, so the unwary nod
along, believing this all lines up. Of course it does: the lies were
very carefully planned and the participants very carefully backed each
other up. Unfortunately, like all liars, they left tracks, and the
tracks have been hounded down.

Here's one of those tracks: a document from CST v. US (which Owen claims
to have had in his research on CST) states [emphasis added]:

"In its decision in Church of Scientology of California v.
Armstrong (AR Ex. I-35; AR pages I-334 to I-336; Govt. App.
79-81), the Superior Court for Los Angeles County found that
in 1981--the year before CST's formation--C.S.C. was enagaged
in archival activities in connection with the writings of L.
Ron Hubbard. ...One C.S.C. employee (the defendant in
Armstrong) was referred to as the 'Hubbard Archivist.' CST,
the plaintiff here, was formed the next year, WITH ITS
Defendant's Proposed Findings
of Uncontroverted Fact
United States Claims Court
No. 581-88 T
C. November 1991

So CST was formed on 28 May 1982--five months after Armstrong absconded
with $5-million worth of the estate--for the PRINCIPAL PURPOSE of
Hubbard's PERSONAL ATTORNEY FOR LRH's ESTATE--being self-installed there
as a Special Director, supposedly "to carry out Mr. Hubbard's exact
intentions." (Lenske, Declaration)

Okay, so, there's CST, they are handling the archival work, there is L.
Ron Hubbard's PERSONAL ATTORNEY there at CST with all the powers of a
Special Director: THEN the Armstrong case gets filed, but not until
August 1982--four months AFTER CST was incorporated.


So THEN Lenske's lap dog, Vorm, lies to the court and tells the entire
world--via Armstrong, of COURSE, in a case contesting the very documents
that were taken out of the estate archive under the very nose of Sherman
Lenske--that CST (and therefore the well-hidden Sherman Lenske) have
been taking orders from some idiot named Dan Przybylski at ASI.


Wait a fucking minute! Is this somebody's idea of a joke? Or is this the
cover-up of major felony crimes? And why has Chris Owen so carefully
selected out this major, MAJOR fucking perjury by Thomas Vorm to include
so prominently as THE SECOND PARAGRAPH in his FOUR PARAGRAPH profile of
CST in his oh-so-authoritative "Piercing the Corporate Veil"? <SPIT!>

And wait a fucking minute! Is this the same Dan Przybylski who a few
years later, on 4 February 1986 filed the following:

I, Daniel J. Przybylski, declare the following to be true and
1. I am the vice President and a Director of Church of
Spiritual Technology (the "Church").

Well, I'll be goddamned if it isn't! Read it for yourselves:


And what is old Danny-boy doing? Only doing exactly what Sherman Lenske
and the Special Directors have ordered him to do, and even written for
him to sign: insisting that Norman F. Starkey be set up as Special
Administrator of the probate estate, so Starkey can then dump it all
into CST (after, of course, the IRS grants them the tax exemption that
is already money in the bank).

What a nest of fucking snakes.

But what is it we get from the British Ministry of Defence's
Oh-So-Educated Unimpeachable Historian, the Great, the One and Only
Chris Owen? The only thing we get from HIM is the Vorm lie, as though it
came from the Mouth of God.

What a nest of fucking snakes! And you want to make an issue to ME of
how Chris Owen "certainly has heard of CST and spoken the name

<SPIT!> The low-life goes on:

>At the time of his testimony in the Armstrong case,

BANG! Back to the Armstrong case. Hm. Might there be a fucking agenda
here? Nahhhhh.

>Lyman Spurlock was on the Board of CoST (in GA20, p.3431).

BANG! Back to Armstrong. And please--let's be very sure that we don't
mention that Lying Lyman Spurlock was one of the co-founders of CST,
because THEN we would have to mention MEADE FUCKING EMORY, wouldn't we,
Mr. Owen? Fucking low-life snake.

>Spurlock was President and Chairman of the Board CoST (ibid p.3490).

BANG! Back to Armstrong as the only cited reference for CST. And, in
other words, let's all concentrate only on the powerless Board of
General Directors and the Officers of CST, but let's be SURE we don't
even MENTION the Special Directors--who Owen knew about. Fucking snake.


>Documents released in CoST's litigation against the IRS

And here Chris Owen hoists himself on his own petard by revealing his
familiarity with the CST v. IRS documents. So he KNEW! Covert, lying,
fucking snake.

>showed that the corporation held some $503 million in its accounts.

Should half-a-billion dollars maybe given you a clue, Chris? Dumbass.

And now these next few sentences deserve enshrinement for being worthy
of Sherman Lenske himself for evasiveness, vagueness, ambiguity,
duplicity, and lies, and for being a well-oiled word-machine built
expressly to introduce as much confusion as humanly possible:

>It claims ownership of the copyrights of Dianetics and Scientology and
>holds the Hubbard archives. Registrations show Norman Starkey as the
>copyright holder, however. Books published by the cult in the 1990s
>give "L. Ron Hubbard Library" as the copyright holder (a registered dba
>- "doing business as" - of Norman Starkey).

Oh, how much the poor man doth give away about his motives: Owen, you
low-life sack of shit.

ONLY from the information provided by PRF, Veritas, the ARSCC Librarian,
and other HONEST researchers can we pull apart this truly incredible
construct of half-truths, omissions, lies, and manufactured confusion
that was knowingly and willfully created and published by Chris Owen.

The FACTS are:

1. CST inarguably DOES own the copyrights, proven conclusively. Owen's
first sentence is incredibly convoluted: First, he lies when he says CST
"claims" ownership of the copyrights, because CST's ownership of the
copyrights was a very closely-guarded secret. That was obviously the
entire purpose of their hiding behind the d.b.a. "L. Ron Hubbard
Library," which Sherman Lenske had FIRST set up for Starkey to use! This
fucking intentionally-created confusion was PLANNED for a LONG TIME!
Second, Owen's usage of the word "claims" is specifically intended to
cast doubt on CST's ownership. That malicious intent is proven by his
second and third sentences, above, which are carefully constructed and
specifically intended--using half-truths--to create the very false
impression that Starkey owned the copyrights.

2. The copyright registrations made by Norman F. Starkey were in his
roles as Trustee and Executor of the Estate and Will, and were
transferred to CST on 29 November 1993 in compliance with the IRS
Closing Agreement--four years BEFORE Owen wrote his whitewash in which
he obviously had NO other intention than to help to cover up that fact.
Yet Owen obviously had access to copyright records, because he tells the
half-truth about Starkey's registrations! (If he wants to claim he had
the copyright records, but didn't bother to do the research and get it
right, then I hope the lying motherfucker ever has the audacity to call
himself a "historian" again when ~I'm~ around.)

3. The phony name "L. Ron Hubbard Library" was used by BOTH Starkey and
CST (even overlapping for several months), but at the time Owen wrote
his lies, the d.b.a. was EXCLUSIVELY being used by CST--NOT by Starkey.
The dates on the d.b.a. records PROVE it. So, again, Owen carefully sent
everyone down a rabbit hole AWAY FROM CST. (Gee, do you think Chris Owen
really is just this abyssmally awful and sloppy a researcher, or do you
think maybe he is just an oh-so-credentialled lying motherfucker on a
mission to muddy the waters? Take your pick. Whichever it is, I wouldn't
piss on him if he were on fire.)

So THERE is the ONE AND ONLY time Chris Owen ever mentioned the name
"Lenske," and he made damn SURE that it would absolutely CRIPPLE anyone
trying to get past it to the TRUTH about Lenske and company and CST.

What does he devote to the most powerful corporation in all of
Scientology? Four fucking paragraphs of nothing but lies, half-truths,
and disinformation, all kind of tossed in nonchalantly with reams of
other disinformation about the other junior organizations, and MCCS, and
you name it, so CST and Lenske are all just lost in the corporate
shuffle, which, according to Owen: "This corporate structure is
completely meaningless... ."

Lying sack of shit.

And even then, when he got around to mentioning CST, whose name did he
invoked to "prove" his fucking pack of lies?

Gerry Armstrong. That poor, helpless victim of the psychotic meanies
(who only hung around for ten fucking years--masochistic, I guess), who
had to steal off in the night with $5 million worth of L. Ron Hubbard's
Estate property, because that was the ONLY way to protect his poor
pitiful self--while Sherman Lenske, who was responsible for L. Ron
Hubbard's Estate at the time, with L. Ron Hubbard being a missing person
and all, musta' been in the bathroom whacking off or something while
Gerry took 30,000 of Hubbard's personal Estate papers, and just
overlooked it.

The Gospel of St. Owen, the Gospel of St. Armstrong, the Gospel of St.
Lenske. They all tell the same story.




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===================END REPOST

In the immortal words of Chris Owen: "Judge for yourselves..."


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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