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Date: 19 Jan 2003 06:34:32 -0000
Message-ID: <8S2HZOXH37640.3156481481@Gilgamesh-frog.org>
From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Distractions
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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"Fluffygirl" <cswazey@comcast.net> wrote:

>"CL" <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon> wrote in message
>> So see: I answered YOUR question, teach. Now here are some YOU can
>> answer--or you can just ignore them (which will be very telling
>> itself), or you can come back with all the same tired old dodges
>> that others like you have tried: avoiding the questions at all
>> cost, dreaming up endless excuses to evade them, trying to change
>> the issue to a complete non-issue, like "who CL is," and all the
>> other bag of evasive tricks used by lying, criminal shitstains like
>> Gerry "Grand Theft" Armstrong,
>His lady love seems to think you and I are the same person...

CLaire, you mean... You mean...

...we're ~NOT~?!?!


(Oh, wait: what am I getting so identity-crisissed about? I can just go
ask Magoo who I am. (Who I am TODAY is what I mean, of course.) She said
she knew... But if I'm not ~you~, then what in the world am I going to
do with these ~gowns~? Give them to Scarff?)

CLaire-- I mean, I mean, Claire. In all seriousness: I'm really,
~really~ genuinely sorry.

Of course, considering the source you cited, what could you expect?

(But, really, how did she get onto us?)

Kidding! Kidding!

And here I had moved YOU up on ~my~ list of "ARSCC Librarian" suspects.

But then again, from what I hear, the ARSCC Librarian is alleged to be a
50-something man. If so, all I can say is that he sure looks good in a
short dress:


Come on, Fluffygirl: give it up--where are you hiding the "Xenu is
Grumpy" mug?

Then again, I hear we're ALL supposedly just some lone-wolf
uber-urban-legend masked "Headless Horseman of A.R.S." who has somehow
managed to single-handedly conduct more research and produce more output
than the entire United Nations has since its inception.

But we both know I who I *actually* am, don't we:

Only now can it be told--I'm Tom Cruise's ~real~ secret male lover.
(Tom, Tom, Tom--that was just another little topical joke. Don't point
that lawyer at me. I've got enough lawyers pissed off at me as it is.)


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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