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Wartwhore (Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca>) wrote:

>Here's a letter from Ron to former Sea Org member Andre Tabayoyon.

~Was~ it a letter "from Ron," Wartwhore? That would really be the crux
of the matter, now, wouldn't it. Again, you make a declarative assertion
that not only is without substantive and verifiable foundation, but, in
fact, has many very pertinent facts in the balance weighing ~against~ it
actually being "from Ron," at least some of which facts I ~know~ that
YOU ~know~. And so you intentionally withheld them, didn't you, you coy
little hanging turd, you?

Now, before getting to a recitation of those facts, the prudent and
unbiased and impartial observer needfully asks: ~why~ would such a
prissy little holier-than-thou shitstain like you ~do~ such a patently
and willfully dishonest thing?

Of course, you ~did~ manage to get a knee-jerk sputtering paroxysm out
of "Kim P." But, really, who cares about that airheaded hysterical cunt?
So ~that~ couldn't have been it. Could it? Or do you just like to hear
the more impressionable gossip-bags shriek? Are you ~that~ starved for
some female attention? That definitely ~could~ be it. Or is that you're
just fundamentally so debased, biased, crooked, and dishonest that there
simply is no other way for you to approach ~any~ subject? Could ~that~
be the case? I mean, so far you're batting a thousand in that direction.

Well, whatever it is, the bulk of the population, fortunately, isn't
made up of trash like you and Armstrong and Kim P. and Magoo and
company, so when other facts are made available, the sentient will
assimilate those facts and weigh them fairly in the balance.

So we're going to do a little of that now, if you don't mind. And if you
do mind, just sit there and swallow your fucking black tongue, and
please try and manage to choke on it.

Let's look at the date and routing of that "letter" you submitted into

> 15 September 1978
> Andre Tabayoyon

Oh, well, 15 September 1978! That's quite a red-letter date,
Wartwhore--or didn't you know? If you didn't, it's only because you're
too fucking perversely bent on spreading sick sensationalism that you
didn't bother to find out. So I'm going to 'splain it to you.

First, a little background: just about four months earlier, on Thursday,
4 May 1978, ALL of the copyrights that L. Ron Hubbard had assigned into
perpetuity to HASI, Inc. (which had become part of CSC) were covertly
transferred OUT of CSC and INTO the estate of "L. Ron Hubbard"--without
any "L. Ron Hubbard" being involved at ~all~. This could only have been
effected by the attorneys handling his "business interests" at the time:
Norton S. Karno, Sherman Lenske, and Stephen Lenske. (BTW, this
September date was also just months before Sherman Lenske would start
doing double-duty as the attorney handling Hubbard's "business
interests," while also presenting himself to the world as President of
Temple Beth Torah in Granada Hills. Lovely people, don't you think? Your
kind of people, Wartwhore.)

Anyway, the covert transfer of the copyrights is memorialized here:


As you'll see--well, not ~you~, asshole, because I know you'd rather not
know the truth--but as people with a measurable IQ will see, this covert
transfer of ownership was done under the camoflage of pretending to
transfer only "Board Policy Letters" (BPLs) and "Board Technical
Bulletins" (BTBs)--both of which just HAPPENED to have been brought into
being in January 1974 withing ONE FUCKING WEEK of Urquhart having
created the RPF, all while "L. Ron Hubbard" was being confined
incommunicado, for months, in a cabin on the Apollo, supposedly the
victim of his one-and-only-ever single-vehicle "motorcycle accident."

But coming back up to 1978: on or about 10 May 1978, just days after the
covert copyrights transfer, a Soviet Tupolev-22 bomber--a type
code-named "Blinder" by NATO--that reportedly had been configured for
the gathering of electronic and photographic intelligence, went down in
the jungles somewhere in Zaire. The Joint Chiefs decided to call on two
CIA remote-viewers: a Gary Langford at SRI (under Scientology OT VII Hal
Puthoff), and a woman named Frances Bryan at Wright-Patterson Air Force
Base. Independently, both produced sketches of a river, which were then
compared to maps of the general area where the plane was thought to have
been. A cabled summary of their results went via the Pentagon to the CIA
station chief in Kinshasa. But the remote-viewers' co-ordinates were
over 70 miles away from where the ~local~ CIA team on the ground
believed the plane had gone down. Yet the wreckage of the plane was soon
found less than three miles from where the remote-viewers had
pin-pointed it. CIA Director Stansfield Turner briefed President Jimmy
Carter on the successful operation and recovery--all of which loose-lips
Carter described, years later, during a speech at a college. Of course
the entire secret program was based on Scientology materials that had
been stolen by the CIA-contracted US government operatives Puthoff, Ingo
Swann, and Pat Price:


I'm just giving you some CONTEXT for what follows, Wartwhore. Because it
was NO MORE THAN SIX DAYS LATER, on 16 May 1978, that the Washington
Post hit the streets with this sensationalistic headline in the
post-Nixon, post-Watergate era: "Scientologists Kept Files on 'Enemies;'
Church Kept Detailed Files on 'Enemies;' Inventory of Seized Documents
Shows Memos on Congressmen and Judges." Wow. Timing is everything, isn't

Now moving forward toward September 1978: it was 8 July 1978 that US
District Court Judge Lucas ruled that the FBI's 1977 seizure of hundreds
of thousands of Scientology documents from the GO was "legal"--at least
on one coast. Of course, the ruling for the opposite coast was entirely
contrary, but confusion is paramount in an operation like this, so FUCK
it. The feds had what they needed to hack down the GO, and that's all
that mattered. (You might notice that the Washington Post screaming
headlines ~preceded~ this ruling by almost two months. No, YOU probably
wouldn't notice that ever. That's why I used this two-by-four tactic to
bring it to your attention.)

And so we come to August 1978, and man, does the shit ever hit the fan.
Because beginning on 15 August 1978, and going on for fucking WEEKS, the
media was absolutely ~saturated~ with these kinds of stories and

AP, 15 August 1978: "Eleven members and officials of the
Church of Scientology, including the wife of its founder,
were indicted Tuesday on charges that include stealing
government documents and planting bugging devices in
government offices."

NEW YORK TIMES, 16 August 1978: "Federal grand jury indicts
11 Church of Scientology members on charges of stealing
Government documents and bugging government offices. Mary Sue
Hubbard, wife of church's founder, L Ron Hubbard, is among
defendants. Indictment charges that Scientologists planted
agents in Government to find out about investigations in
church. Government's case is based partly on findings of FBI
July '77 raid on church offices in Washington and Los
Angeles." (From NYT Abstracts)

THE WASHINGTON POST, 16 August 1978: "HEADLINE: U.S. Charges
Scientology Conspiracy; 11 Scientologists Charged With Plot
to Spy on Government; 11 Church Agents Accused of Spying,
Bugging and Theft."

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 16 August 1978: "US Indicts Eleven in
Scientology Case; A federal grand jury indicted eleven
Scientologists accusing them of 216 cts. of conspiracy, theft
and burglary, in a plot by high level members of the Church
of Scientology to break into government buildings and steal

AP, 17 August 1978: "Nine of the eleven members and officials
of the Church of Scientology accused in a plot to burglarize
government offices and steal official documents surrendered
to authorities Thursday and were released without bail."

NEW YORK TIMES, 17 August 1978: "Justice Dept is attempting
to extradite, from GB, Jane Kember and Morris Budlong, 2 of
11 Church of Scientology members charged with breaking into
Govt offices, planting bugging devices and stealing official
documents. Notes 8 defendants in US have been issued
summonses to appear before Fed magistrate for bail hearing,
while church's 2nd-ranking official Mary Sue Hubbard, who
lives in Sussex (GB), has agreed to appear in court.
Indictment accuses church of plotting against Govt and
charges some defendants with lying to grand jury and
obstructing justice." (From NYT Abstracts)

CLEARWATER SUN, 17 August 1978: "Scientologists Never Change;
An editorial regarding the history of and recent indictment
of eleven church members."

NEW YORK TIMES, 18 August 1978: "9 of 11 officials and
members of Church of Scientology accused of stealing official
Government documents and eavesdropping on IRS surrender to
Washington (DC) Federal authorities and are released withou t
bail. Arraignment is set for Aug 29. Defendants in court are
Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of church's founder L Ron Hubbard.
Henning Heldt. Duke Snider. Richard Weigand. Gregory
Willardson. Mitchell Hermann. Cindy Raymond. Gerald Bennett
Wolfe, and Sharon Thomas. (From NYT Abstracts)

THE WASHINGTON POST, 18 August 1978: "HEADLINE: Matriarch
Surrenders; Scientologists' Matriarch Surrenders;
Scientologists Appear in Court"

NEWSWEEK, 28 August 1978: "Scientology in the Dock; It
started a little like Watergate. Late one night two years
ago, two men made their way to the third floor of the U.S.
courthouse in Washington. With stolen keys, they opened the
office of assistant U.S. attorney Nathan Dodell and
photocopied sheaves of government documents rifled from his
files. They repeated the caper a few nights later, but when
they showed up at the building again, a suspicious guard
called the FBI..."

AP, 29 August 1978: "Nine members of the Church of
Scientology pleaded innocent Tuesday to charges that include
stealing government documents and planting eavesdropping
devices in government offices."

NEW YORK TIMES, 30 August 1978: "Nine members of Church of
Scientology plead innocent to charges of stealing Federal
documents and planting eavsdropping devices in Federal
offices. US District Court Judge George L Hart rejects
defendants' claim that case involves issue of freedom of
religion. Gives defense until Nov 20 '78 to file pretrial
motions and prepare for complex case involving thousands of
Federal documents allegedly stolen by defendants and
subsequently seized by FBI in raids on church facilities in
Los Angeles and Washington in '77. Defendants are Mary Sue
Hubbard, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, Mitchell Hermann, Cindy
Raymond, Richard Weigand, Gregory Willardson, Gerald B Wolfe
and Sharon Thomas. (From NYT Abstracts)

Scientologists Plead Innocent; New Judge Asked BODY: Nine
members of the Church of Scientology pleaded innocent
yesterday to charges of conspiring to steal from the
government, and at the same time, lawyers for some of them
asked the judge assigned to the case to withdraw. ..."

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 30 August 1978: "Scientologists Plead
Innocent to US Charges; Nine leaders of the Church of
Scientology pleaded innocent to charges of bugging government
offices and stealing government documents."

Had enough yet? Want more? I've got more, but I believe even somebody as
dense as you, Wartwhore, might be starting to somehow get some glimmer
of what was going on.

And so we come to September 1978. But we ~still~ can't quite get to this
purported 15 September "letter from Ron" yet, Wartwhore. Events leading
up to that have not yet played entirely out.

Because, you see, just as though God himself were writing the script, it
was only ~days~ later, somewhere between 1 September and about 5
September 1978, that "L. Ron Hubbard" purportedly, ~allegedly~,
"collapsed in the desert," at the very door of death, while he was
purportedly--~allegedly~--ENTIRELY wrapped up in making amateur fucking
FILMS with a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears hayseeds and pre-teens running
around the desert with cans of spray paint and cardboard movie sets.

You see how this all makes sense, right? I mean, at least I'm sure it
does to you and your ilk, right?

Yes, this is the infamous incident in which David Mayo and Dr. Gene Denk
(who had only recently been set up as President of Shaw Management Group
by our good friend and soon-to-be Temple Beth Torah President, Sherman
Lenske) purportedly were both rushed out to the California desert in
blindfolds in a melodramtic attempt to save the very life of "L. Ron
Hubbard." (Propitiously, this provided David Mayo with the golden
opportunity to author NOTs, and also served to establish Denk as "L. Ron
Hubbard's" "personal" physician, so Denk could later sign all the right
papers and help rush the dead "Hubbard" body into a fiery furnace. But
all that's later.)

According to one of our cherished and unimpeachable <SPIT!> Bare-Faced
Messiah (BFM) "historians," it was on this august (actually
September--pun intended) occasion that "Hubbard" is purported to have
hoarsely whispered to Kima Douglas, "If I die, bury me under the date

And according to another of our cherished and unimpeachable <SPIT!> BFM
"historians"--David Mayo himself--here is how the scene is set in the
unimpeachable <SPIT!> "Bare-Faced Messiah Interviews" (please ignore the
cardboard sets and spray paint--but please carefully do NOT ignore my

ÒHe [Hubbard] was ill *IN LATE '78, SEPTEMBER*, and I was
transferred to La Quinta when he was ill. ...I was in
Clearwater *IN SEPTEMBER '78* and I was told to go to La
Quinta. He was very ill. Dr [Eugene] Denk was there and
trying to find out what was wrong with him. He was very weak,
had low blood pressure, pulse rate, low temperature. He was
lying on his back in bed, *ALMOST IN A COMA FOR A WEEK OR
TWO*. He talked a little but not very much. He talked very
slowly and quietly. I didn't know what was wrong with him.
One of the things established was that he had blood
coagulation problem, but that wasn't why he was in bed. Denk
prescribed anti-coagulant for his blood but that was to
prevent a stroke. He was in a Spanish-style bungalow at La
Quinta. He had an office in his bungalow, it was on a
property with other buildings. Mary Sue was in LA in another
secret location.

"I was surprised and shocked at his condition. It was a telex
message addressed to CMO [Commodore's Messenger Org] that
transferred me, but gave almost no info. It was extremely
urgent and said it was important that I was to be put on the
next plane to LA. It was top secret. I didn't know what it
was for, how long it was for. So I grabbed a few clothes in
my suitcase, I had 20 minutes to get to the airport, and I
wasn't allowed to tell anyone I was going. I couldn't even
see my wife. People were supposed to pretend I hadn't gone
anywhere. In LA I was met at the airport by someone who knew
me. I got in the car at night, was driven to a parking lot
and switched cars - this happened 2-3 times in LA in case we
were being followed. Then in the last car I was blindfolded
and told that I wasn't allowed to know where we were going.
I'd asked everyone what it was about but they said they
didn't know. The last driver told me LRH was sick and that's
why I was there.

"I was given his PC [preclear] folders and told to solve it.
I started looking through folders and started auditing him
the next day and audited him from then on. Can auditing cure
illness? In the Scientological environment that existed in La
Quinta the answer would be 100% yes. For legal reasons the
answer was no. They deny it is intended as a physical cure,
whereas in the First Book [Dianetics: The Modern Science of
Mental Health, pub. 1950] Hubbard claimed it would cure
everything from diabetes to psychosomatic illness. Hubbard
considered the cause of illness to be some bad auditing he'd
had just prior, so the idea was to find out what had gone
wrong in the auditing and correct that - it would be a
spiritual cure. Denk said, when I arrived, that he thought he
was close to death; he didn't know whether to move him to
hospital. His concern was that the ride in ambulance would
finish him off. He was getting ready to restart his heart
with an electric-pulse thing and started moving some medical
equipment in there.

"The Messengers who were looking after him figured they had
to get an auditor there. Paulette Cohen had been auditing him
but he got dissatisfied and upset with her and wanted someone
else. They wanted to get Jeff Walker, and *I WAS SENIOR CASE
SUPERVISOR* [Senior C/S] at Flag and they didn't think they
could take me away. Jeff Walker started on the route but
Hubbard heard and said, 'no way, send Mayo,' so they sent me.
Walker arrived in LA and was on his way back by the time I
was on the way.

"Initially I gave him assist auditing to help him recover. We
had several short sessions a day *UNTIL HE RECOVERED ABOUT A

--David Mayo

Well, gee. Here we are presented with a tableau of Mayo and Denk on
attendance with an "L. Ron Hubbard" that was in a such a delicate state
of health that Denk purportedly believed that a simple ride to a
hospital might ~KILL~ the man--or so we are led to believe.

Of course this account conflicts with one or more of your other precious
"sources" <SPIT!>--either Kima Douglas, Gerry "Grand Theft" Armstrong,
or the admitted perjurer Ron DeWolf. Because ~one~ of those three (not
expressly identified in the story) told the Riverside Press-Enterprise
that "Hubbard" Òwent to Gilman Hot Springs after being hospitalized in
Los Angeles in 1978Ó--as reported by both AP and UPI.

Regardless, we have Mayo--the Senior C/S--describing this "Hubbard" as
being "almost in a coma for a week or two," hooked up to Denk's
Traveling Medicine Show, and not really recovering until "about a month

And somewhere in there is 15 September 1978. It is an amazing day.

On this ONE red-letter day, this near-comatose door-of-death "L. Ron
Hubbard" is purported to have produced the following:

15-09-78 HCOB: NED for OTs RD, Theory of
15-09-78 HCOB: Why you can't run engrams after Clear
15-09-78 HCOB: Assists
15-09-78 HCOB: Cluster, Cumulative Cluster handling etc.

What a guy. What a trooper. (Of course, we have David Mayo's much-later
confession that he, MAYO, wrote all the NOTs. Somehow he managed to
write all that in one day while also keeping "L. Ron Hubbard" from
dropping off into the arms of waiting coma or death. But we can't pause
to wonder on that mystery because we're not done yet...)

Also on that SAME fateful day--15 September 1978--"L. Ron Hubbard"
purportedly penned ~this~ absolutely ~crucial~ gem:

FO 3729, also issued as ED 106 CMO, "Commodore's Messengers."

Jeeeeeeesus. This is ~only~ the "L. Ron Hubbard" document that
immediately transformed ALL "Commodore's Messengers" into little
Chucky-like teeny-bopper surrogate "L. Ron Hubbards" running around
striking absolute abject terror into the hearts of all and sundry.

That's right, Wartwhore: same fucking day, different comatose "L. Ron
Hubbard" output. Busy, busy, busy little death's-bed shit, wasn't he?

At around the same time, BTW, The ArmyÕs Intelligence and Security
Command (INSCOM) was busy setting up its own unit of military remote
viewers at Fort Meade, Maryland. Major General Edmund Thompson, the
ArmyÕs Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, has been busy, busy,
busy himself encouraging the establishment of the unit, an extension of
the covert CIA program at SRI being run by the Scientology OTs Hal
Puthoff and Ingo Swann. (Unfortunately, poor Pat Price had met an early
and untimely demise in a hotel in Las Vegas by this time.) Anyway, the
extensive new Fort Meade installation was the part of a remote viewing
programme being managed at the time by the Defense Intelligence Agency
(DIA), codenamed GRILL FLAME. You probably don't want to know all that,
but, frankly, I don't give a shit whether you do or not.

And ~now~, Wartwhore, with all of that proper context and framework,
let's look anew at that ~one more~ just ~vitally~ important epistle that
a frail, sickly, near-comatose "Ron" purportedly managed, on that
fateful day, to raise up on one elbow and scrawl onto a grimy legal pad,
or dictate into a pleghm-specked dictaphone mic--in the midst of ALL of
this shit:

> 15 September 1978
> Andre Tabayoyon
> Dear Andre,
> Thank you very much for sending along your
> good and I am sure that you have put it on the
> proper lines.
> I also appreciate hearing the progress you
> are making and the responsability you are taking.
> Very good, Andre.
> As you know, I am currently on the lines
> regarding the RPF as you have probably seen the
> I am sure the Senior C/S will be of assistance
> in helping you with the children on the RPF.
> Thank you for taking responsability.
> Love,
> [signature]

I wonder if he then turned that over to the very "Senior C/S" he
mentioned--David Mayo--who must have been sitting, with lines of dire
concern etched into his face, right next to "Ron's" sick-bed. Is that
how ~you~ envision it, Wartwhore?

And how about that "signature" you "cite," Warthore? Does it look like
the unsteady hand of a man in the state described by one of your heroes,
Mayo? Or does it look like one of many, countless, strong and steady
forgeries of said "signature" that you ~KNOW~ fucking well were cranked
out by the mail-pack load.

Oh, that's right: somehow you forgot to mention that little wrinkle when
you posted this piece of shit "letter" from "Ron." Of course you can't
pretend you don't know about the many accounts--even from some of your
heroes--of such regular forgeries of letters on the "SO-1" line. I've
never seen you once challenge such accounts, either. And yet, somehow,
you overlooked mentioning this VERY relevant datum in your pitiable
attempt to use this "letter" in the most damaging way possible. Would
you like to contest the accounts of these forgeries NOW? Would you like
me to post for you a compendium of these accounts and attestations of
such forgeries? Or would you like to take the initiative and attempt to
recover any shredded thread of credibility out of this? Not that I give
a flying fuck.

Because we're not even done. Not by a long shot. Because one the MOST
interesting parts of this isn't only the date and its context, but the
purported RECIPIENT, and his location at the time:

> Andre Tabayoyon

Fascinating. Do you know why it's so fascinating, Wartwhore? (It's a
rhetorical question; I care more about the thoughts of a rattlesnake
than what you think, asshole, but you are a fun foil for providing
actual facts against your pathetic bullshit.)

Andre Tabayoyon himself is a study in self-contradiction, and in more
proven lies than I care to list in this message (but will happily list
separately), and had a very curious facility for being in crucially
important positions at crucially important times.

For instance, here's a little trivia quiz for you:

Who are the only two people known to have styled themselves as having
been "butler" to L. Ron Hubbard?

Have you guessed? Are you ready for the answer? (Do I give a fuck?)

1) Ken Urquhart (created the RPF)
2) Andre Tabayoyon (was "on" the RPF for SIX FUCKING YEARS; voluntarily
created the "Cadet RPF" after having been EXTENSIVELY trained at
taxpayer expense by the United States government in "brainwashing and
coercive persuasion techniques," then having personally been in
government-sponsored psychiatric treatment post-Vietnam--all according
to his OWN "affidavit" <SPIT!>)

Fascinating. What's even ~more~ interesting is ~when~ Tabayoyon
supposedly was "butler" for Hubbard. Apparently he succeeded Urquhart,
much as Robert Vaughn "Vacaville" Young succeeded Gerry "Grand Theft"
Armstrong--both lying motherfuckers--in the "Hubbard Archives" under the
tutelage and control of the Lenske Bros. But there has to be a little
bit of foundation laid on--including some of Tabayoyon's own
self-contradictions--to even get there.

First, Tabayoyan claims in his own "affidavit" <SPIT!> that he was "a
member of the Sea Organization ('Sea Org')," which he says he "joined in
1972." Unfortunately, he goes on to claim, in that same document, that
he "worked personally with Hubbard on the ship called the Apollo, from
1971-73," claiming that during that time he "served as both steward and
butler for Hubbard." Maybe you can spot the contradiction, dimbulb. If
so, you can rush to come up with one of your fucking apologist
"explanations"--not that I give a shit.

But if you're going to attempt such a reconciliation, you've got more
shit to deal with, and not only from Tabayoyon himself, but from that
other golden liar, Gerry "Grand Theft" Armstrong. See, Armstrong, in a
write-up that YOU posted for him, Wartwhore, said this concerning a time
frame right around April of 1971:

"Around the time that the TRC [Tours Reception Center,
Tangiers, Morocco] property was purchased Hubbard also
acquired (I think by purchase, but I can't say definitely) a
home for his residence in Tangiers. It was a very nice house,
called Villa Laure (sp?) I think, in a very nice neighborhood
a drive from TRC. Andre Tabayoyon would have a better memory
of Hubbard's Tangiers home as I was only there a few times
briefly. ...Paul Preston was the garrison mission I/C... ."

Remember the name "Paul Preston," Wartwhore? He's the fucking "former"
Green Beret (of whom there is currently no trace) who, along with male
nurse Jim Dincalci, would supposedly "accompany" L. Ron Hubbard on his
immortal 3 December 1972 flight from Spain to New York, where Hubbard
was "detained" for some time, reportedly, by Immigration officials.

Fascinating. So here we have Tabayoyan: a "former" covert Marine
operative who has been extensively trained in "brainwashing and coercive
persuasion techniques," AND who has been under military psychiatric
hospital care, SOMEHOW qualifying to become something as high-security
as L. Ron Hubbard's "butler"--and ~before~ Tabayoyon reportedly even
joined the Sea Org!

But that's not all! As luck would have it, right there on the scene in
Tangiers with Tabayoyan was yet ~another~ "former" covert military
operative, Paul Preston, somehow, with that background, ~also~ having
gotten right up-close-and-personal with Hubbard and his family--who soon
becomes instrumental in Hubbard disappearing for ten fucking months,
purportedly somewhere in New York.

And of course right after this ten-month disappearance is when "Hubbard"
returns to the Apollo, only to allegedly spill his motorcycle on
Tenarife, and to subsequently be confined incommunicado in a ship cabin
for months, while ~some~-fucking-body (we still don't know who) creates
"Board Technical Bulletins" and "Board Policy Letters" (which in 1978
will be used for covering the secret transfer of the copyrights) at
almost the ~precise~ same time that former "butler" to L. Ron Hubbard,
Ken Urquhart, creates the fucking RPF.

Fascinating how conveniently it all worked out, isn't it?

And fascinating how these SAME few people who intimately surrounded
Hubbard at crucial times--immediately preceding, during, and at all
relevant time after his ten-month disappearance (after which he never
gave another single public lecture)--are the SAME people who we have to
rely on entirely--mostly in BFM, but also in numerous media stories and
in "affidavits" <SPIT!>--for ALL the anecdotal accounts of "Hubbard's"
whereabouts and doings from his initial 3 December 1972 disappearance
until his reported death in January 1986.


Equally fascinating is the other people, along with the perjuring
Tabayoyan, who were tapped by Graham Berry to provide "affidavits"
<SPIT!> in the Fishman/Geertz case. Of course there's admitted perjurer
Stacy Brooks Young--who demonstrably was in bed with the Lenske boys and
Meade Emory during the crucial period when all the "new" corporations
were created--and her cohort, lying motherfucker Robert Vaughn
"Vacaville" Young, who has repeatedly been caught and exposed in
documented bare-faced lies in his sworn "testimony" and declarations.

I've barely scratched the surface on Tabayoyon. There's more. Much more.
But I thought, Wartwhore, that you might enjoy learning that this
altruistic hero of yours, who just happened to somehow become
practically a lifer on RPF, and who just happened to volunteer to create
an RPF for children, had been extensively trained (using yo' momma's tax
dollars) by military intelligence specialists of the United States
federal government in "brainwashing and coercive persuasion techniques."

For your further reading, twit, allow me to recommend items from the
CIA's very own "preferred reading" list describing the techniques that
your fucking hero, Tabayoyon, was extensively trained in. Strap in,
motherfucker. First, as a warm up only, there's this:

submitted to FBI by CIA Director Allen W. Dulles

Then the following, all recommended and discussed in the bibliography of
a declassified CIA document, "KUBARK [Codename for CIA]

U. S. Army, Counterintelligence Corps, Fort Holabird,
ÒInterrogations,Ó Restricted, 5 September 1952. ÒBasic
coverage of military interrogation. Among the subjects
discussed are the interrogation of witnesses, suspects,
POW's, and refugees, and the employment of interpreters and
of the polygraph. Although this text does not concentrate
upon the basic problems confronting KUBARK interrogators, it
will repay reading.Ó

Oatis, William N. "Why I Confessed," Life , 21 September
1953, Vol. 35. "Of some marginal value [to CIA interrogators]
because it combines the writer's profession of innocence (ÔI
am not a spy and never wasÕ) with an account of how he was
brought to ÔconfessÕ to espionage within three days of his
arrest. Although Oatis was periodically deprived of sleep
(once for 42 hours) and forced to stand until weary, the
Czechs obtained the ÔconfessionsÕ without torture or
starvation and without sophisticated techniques."

Sullivan, Harry Stack, ÒThe Psychiatric InterviewÓ, W. W.
Norton and Co., New York, 1954. ÒAny [CIA] interrogator
reading this book will be struck by parallels between the
psychiatric interview and the interrogation. The book is also
valuable because the author, a psychiatrist of considerable
repute, obviously had a deep understanding of the nature of
the inter-personal relationship and of resistance.Ó

Moloney, James Clark, "Psychic Self-Abandon and Extortion of
Confessions," International Journal of Psychoanalysis,
January/February 1955, Vol. 36. ÒThis short article relates
the psychological release obtained through confession (i.e.,
the sense of well-being following surrender as a solution to
an otherwise conflict) with religious experience generally
and some zen Buddhistic practices particularly. The [CIA]
interrogator will find little here that is not more helpfully
discussed in other sources, including Gill and Brenman's
Hypnosis and Related States. Marginal.Ó

Biderman, Albert D., ÒSocial Psychological Needs and
ÔInvoluntaryÕ Behavior as Illustrated by Compliance in
Interrogation.Ó Sociometry , June 1960, Vol. 23. "This
interesting article is directly relevant [for CIA
interrogators]. It provides a useful insight into the
interaction between interrogator and interrogatee. It should
be compared with Melton W. Horowitz's ÔPsychology of

U. S. Army, The Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird,
Techniques of Interrogation, Instructors Folder I-6437/A,
January 1956. ÒThis folder consists largely of an article,
'Without Torture,' by a German ex-interrogator, Hans Joachim
Scharff. Both the preliminary discussion and the Scharff
article (first published in Argosy, May 1950) are exclusively
concerned with the interrogation of POW's. Although Scharff
claims that the methods used by German Military Intelligence
against captured U.S. Air Force personnel Ô...were almost
irresistible;Õ the basic technique consisted of impressing
upon the prisoner the false conviction that his information
was already known to the Germans in full detail. The success
of this method depends upon circumstances that are usually
lacking in the peacetime interrogation of a staff or agent
member of a hostile intelligence service. The article merits
reading [by CIA interrogators], nevertheless, because it
shows vividly the advantages that result from good planning
and organization.Ó

KUBARK (KUSODA) [unknown designation--Ed.], "Communist
Control Techniques,Ó Secret, 2 April 1956 ÒThis study is an
analysis of the methods used by Communist State police in the
arrest, interrogation, and indoctrination of persons regarded
as enemies of the state. This paper, like others which deal
with Communist interrogation techniques, may be useful to any
KUBARK interrogator charged with questioning a former member
of an Orbit intelligence or security service but does not
deal with interrogation conducted without police powers.Ó

KUBARK, "Communist Control Methods, Appendix 1: 'The Use of
Scientific Design and Guidance Drugs and Hypnosis in
Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination Procedures.'
Secret, no date. [NOTE: Although this entry is listed as Òno
date,Ó it is being placed at the date of a similar CIA
report, ÒCommunist Control Techniques,Ó 2 April 1956, until
furtherr date information can be established.--Ed.] ÒThe
appendix reports a study of whether Communist interrogation
methods included such aids as hypnosis and drugs. Although
experimentation in these areas is, of course, conducted in
Communist countries, the study found no evidence that such
methods are used in Communist interrogations--or that they
would be necessary.Ó

KUBARK, "Hostile Control and Interrogation TechniquesÓ
Secret, undated. [NOTE: Although this entry is listed as
Òundated,Ó it is being placed at the date of a similar CIA
report, ÒCommunist Control Techniques,Ó 2 April 1956, until
furtherr date information can be established.--Ed.] ÒThis
paper consists of 28 pages and two annexes. It provides
counsel to KUBARK personnel on how to resist interrogation
conducted by a hostile service. Although it includes advice
on resistance, it does not present any new information about
the theories or practices of interrogation.Ó

Hinkle, Lawrence E. Jr. and Harold G. Wolff, "Communist
Interrogation and Indoctrination of Enemies of the State",
AMA Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry , August 1956, Vol.
76, No. 2. ÒThis article summarizes the physiological and
psychological reactions of American prisoners to Communist
detention and interrogation. It merits reading but not study,
chiefly because of the vast differences between Communist
interrogation of American POW's and KUBARK interrogation of
known or suspected personnel of Communist services or

Biderman, Albert D., ÒCommunist Attempts to Elicit False
Confession from Air Force Prisoners of War,Ó Bulletin of the
New York Academy of Medicine, September 1957, Vol. 33. "An
excellent analysis [for CIA interrogators] of the
psychological pressures applied by Chinese Communists to
American POW's to extract Ôconfessions" for propaganda

Lefton, Robert Jay, "Chinese Communist 'Thought Reform':
Confession and Reeducation of Western Civilians," Bulletin of
the New York Academy of Medicine, September 1957, Vol. 33. ÒA
sound article about Chicom brainwashing techniques. The
information was compiled from first-hand interviews with
prisoners who had been subjected to the process. Recommended
as background reading [for CIA interrogators].Ó

U.S. Army, 7707 European Command Intelligence Center, Guide
for Intelligence Interrogators of Eastern Cases, Secret,
April 1958. ÒThis specialized study is of some marginal value
for KUBARK [Codename for CIA--Ed.] interrogators dealing with
Russians and other Slavs.Ó

Singer, Margaret Thaler and Edgar H. Schein, "Projective Test
Responses of Prisoners of War Following Repatriation."
Psychiatry , 1958, Vol. 21. ÒTests conducted on American
ex-POW's returned during the Big and Little Switches in Korea
showed differences in characteristics between
non-collaborators and corroborators. The latter showed more
typical and humanly responsive reactions to psychological
testing than the former, who tended to be more apathetic and
emotionally barren or withdrawn. Active resisters, however,
often showed a pattern of reaction or responsiveness like
that of collaborators. Rorschach tests provided clues, with a
good statistical incidence of reliability, for
differentiation between collaborators and non-collaborators.
The tests and results described are worth noting [for CIA
interrogators] in conjunction with the screening procedures
recommended in this paper.Ó [NOTE: Date is estimated at
middle of year, as only year is given.]

Biderman, Albert D., A Study for Development of Improved
Interrogation Techniques : Study SR 177-D (U), Secret, final
report of Contract AS 18 (600) 1797, Bureau of Social Science
Research Inc., Washington, D. C., March 1959. "Although this
book (207 pages of text) is principally concerned with
lessons derived from the interrogation of American POW's by
Communist services and with the problem of resisting
interrogation, it also deals with the interrogation of
resistant subjects. It has the added advantage of
incorporating the findings and views of a number of scholars
and specialists in subjects closely related to interrogation.
As the frequency of citation indicates, this book was one of
the most useful works consulted; few KUBARK interrogators
would fail to profit from reading it. It also contains a
descriminating but undescribed bibliography of 343 items.Ó

Comprehensive Bibliography of Interrogation Techniques,
Procedures, and Experiences,Ó Air Intelligence Information
Report, Unclassified, 10 June 1959. ÒThis bibliography of 158
items dating between 1915 and 1957 comprises Ôthe monographs
on this subject available in the Library of Congress and
arranged in alphabetical order by author, or in the absence
of an author, by title.Õ No descriptions are included, except
for explanatory sub-titles. The monographs, in several
languages, are not categorized. This collection is extremely
heterogeneous. Most of the items are of scant or peripheral
value to the [CIA] interrogator.Ó

Gill, Merton, Inc., and Margaret Brenman, "Hypnosis and
Related States: Psychoanalytic Studies in Regression,"
International Universities Press Inc., New York, 1959. ÒThis
book is a scholarly and comprehensive examination of
hypnosis. The approach is basically Freudian but the authors
are neither narrow nor doctrinaire. The book discusses the
induction of hypnosis, the hypnotic state, theories of
induction and of the hypnotic condition, the concept of
regression as a basic element in hypnosis, relationships
between hypnosis and drugs, sleep, fugue, etc., and the use
of hypnosis in psychotherapy. Interrogators may find the
comparison between hypnosis and ÔbrainwashingÕ in chapter 9
more relevant than other parts. The book is recommended [for
CIA interrogators], however, not because it contains any
discussion of the employment of hypnosis in interrogation (it
does not) but because it provides the interrogator with sound
information about what hypnosis can and cannot do.Ó

Interrogation Methods and Techniques,Ó KUPALM, L-3, 024, 941,
July 1959, Secret/NOFORN. ÒThis bibliography of 114 items
includes references to four categories: books and pamphlets,
articles from periodicals, classified documents, and
materials from classified periodicals. No descriptions
(except sub-titles) are included. The range is broad, so that
a number of nearly-irrelevant [for CIA interrogators] titles
are includedÓ

Brainwashing, A Guide to the Literature,Ó prepared by the
Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, Inc., Forest
Hills, New York, December 1960. ÒA wide variety of materials
is represented: scholarly and scientific reports,
governmental and organizational reports, legal discussions,
biographical accounts, fiction, journalism, and miscellaneous
[for CIA interrogators].Ó

Biderman, Albert D. and Herbert Zimmer, "The Manipulation of
Human Behavior," John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York and
London, 1961. ÒThis book of 304 pages consists of an
introduction by the editors and seven chapters by the
following specialists: Dr. Lawrence E. Hinkle Jr., 'The
Physiological State of the Interrogation Subject as it
Affects Brain Function;' Dr. Philip E. Kubzansky, 'The
Effects of Reduced Environmental Stimulation on Human
Behavior: A Review;' Dr. Louis A. Gottschalk, 'The Use of
Drugs in Interrogation;' Dr. R. C. Davis, 'Physiological
Responses as a Means of Evaluating Information' (this chapter
deals with the polygraph); Dr. Martin T. Orne, 'The Potential
Uses of Hypnosis In Interrogation;' Drs. Robert R. Blake and
Jane S. Mouton, 'The Experimental Investigation of
Interpersonal Influence;' and Dr. Malcolm L. Meltzer,
'Countermanipulation through Malingering.' Despite the
editors preliminary announcement that the book has 'a
particular frame of reference; the interrogation of an
unwilling subject,' the stress is on the listed psychological
specialties; and interrogation gets comparitively short
shrift. Nevertheless, the KUBARK [Codename for CIA--Ed.]
interrogator should read this book, especially the chapters
by Drs. Orne and Meltzer. He will find that the book is by
scientists for scientists and that the contributions
consistently demonstrate too theoretical an understanding of
interrogation per se. He will also find that practically no
valid experimentation the results of which were unclassified
and available to the authors has been conducted under
interrogation conditions. Conclusions are suggested, almost
invariably, on a basis of extrapolation. But the book does
contain much useful information, as frequent references in
this study show. The combined bibliographies contain a total
of 771 items.Ó

manual [redacted version declassified in 1996] discusses
drugs, hypnosis, and torture as methods for extracting
information from resistive interogattees.

Finally, for your reading enjoyment, dipshit, there's A 1963 CIA
Inspector General (IG) report of interest stating that MKULTRA is a
program "concerned with research and development of chemical,
biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in
clandestine operations to control human behavior." The IG report states
that "additional avenues to the control of human behavior had been
designated...as appropriate to investigation under the MKULTRA charter,
including radiation, electroshock, various fields of psychology,
sociology, and anthropology, graphology, harassment substances, and
paramilitary devices and materials." The program as described (and
supported by other CIA documents) includes unwitting experimentation on
humans with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), brainwashing, and "other"
interrogation methods.

Have fun. If you actually were intelligent enough to do some study of
the facts, you'd start to get ~some~ ~vague~ inkling of where the
crushing terror and oppression that was entirely built into the very
fabric of the RPF by Urquhart and his associates ~actually~ originated,
and you'd know with absolute certainty that it had NOTHING to do with L.
Ron Hubbard or Scientology, ever, at all. Not for a fucking minute.

But then that would shake your fucking religion of hate to the roots,
wouldn't it, Gourd Rattler? You might pop a vein like a geyser. And
wouldn't that be a fucking loss to humanity.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid
"Your latest 'post' was longer than two paragraphs, so I didn't read it."
--boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)

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