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Date: 6 May 2002 23:07:52 -0000
Message-ID: <4VRSCOTI37383.0471296296@frog.gilgamesh.org>
From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Lost and Found--Second Half
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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Well, hi, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, IRS spies, Minton spies,
the Lenske Bros., and other miscellaneous misfits. Continuing our
CL-brand non-certified, unprofessional, cost-free public service and
solely-opinion-based group therapy for the terrible and crippling social
disease of denial, we take up where we left off in "Lost and Found."


>* Hubbard never made public recorded lecture after 7 Apr 1972. Made
>over 3,000 prior to that. Two scripted recorded lectures after that
>both highly suspect. "Today and Tomorrow - the Proof" allegedly
>fraudulent. (Exhibits and audio analysis charts at XXXXXX.) Miscavige
>party to distribution of tape based on typed and unsigned orders placed
>on his desk that he "knew" were from "Hubbard" because he "just knew."
>(Exhibits at XXXXX.) Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard was
>unreported missing person which was being covered up.

This just slays me. This moron, DM, walks in and finds a piece of paper
on his desk that has "R" typed at the bottom, and has some kind of
religious vision that this came from Hubbard? And then I think, well,
no, I can't even single ~him~ out for imbecile of the century, because
apparently HUNDREDS of people bought this fraud for YEARS!

Here's my question: is there ~anybody~ reading in this newsgroup
(besides Armstrong, who's already admitted it, but allegedly was in on
the whole fraud anyway) who actually received these "advices" and
believed they actually came from "Hubbard" and never even questioned
it? And if so, ~why~? I'm honestly not asking in order to ridicule
anybody. I know that must sound insincere since I just described
Miscavige as a complete moron for buying it, so maybe I ought to just
retract the question. But I genuinely, honestly want to try to
understand how such an obvious method of fraud can be put over on so
many people.

I know! Here's my real question, and it doesn't require anybody being
made out to be an imbecile, which is ~not~ my purpose. My question is:
WHO DID YOU TRUST? Who did you place trust in that these had a genuine
provenance back to Hubbard himself, even though nobody supposedly knew
where he was? Was it CMO? And if so--if there are any ex-CMOers out
there--who did YOU trust?

Somewhere there's a "chain of trust" here that supposedly led back
to "Hubbard." But if Hubbard was an "unreported missing person," then
SOMEBODY at the end of that chain of trust was ~pretending~ to be
Hubbard, and had enough AUTHORITY and TRUST vested in them to be able to
inject these fraudulent "advices" into the line ~somewhere~ and make
everyone believe that they ~were~ from Hubbard. And if that ~is~ the
case, I wouldn't want to be sitting in ~that~ smelly chair right now.
There might be a replacement chair waiting.

>* 1974 non-Hubbard Board Policy Letters (BPLs) and Board Technical
>Bulletins (BTBs) started supplanting Hubbard issuances. Recorded
>approval only by anonymous and allegedly fraudulent "Boards of
>Directors of the Churches of Scientology" which no record can be found
>of, not legal body (Exhibits at XXXXX). Constitutes further evidence
>that Hubbard was unreported missing person which was being covered up.

Well, if the BPLs and BTBs were nothing more than a ruse, a fraud, set
up to later be cancelled anyway--which they all were, but only after
being used as a cover for the ultimate transfer of ALL the copyrights
into the Hubbard estate--that would explain their existence and explain
~why~ they were only approved by an anonymous and non-existent "Boards
of Directors." (I had wondered how multiple "boards" of directors
could approve these things.)

So here's my question on this: where did the buck ~really~ stop on the
issuance of these BPLs and BTBs? Somebody had to have signed off for
this phantom "Boards of Directors of the Churches of Scientology."
That's where I think the investigation should go: ~Who~ SIGNED?

I also have another question: somewhere along the line, the buck got
passed to yet ~another~ anonymous but high-authority "thing" called
variously the "Authorization(s) and Verification(s) Unit" (AVU) and the
"Authorization(s) and Verification(s)" something-or-other" (AVC).
(Jesus, I'm just putting it together that the blinds these slimy crooks
~always~ anonymous! Unbelievable. Maybe I ought to start putting out
"OFFICIAL CL PROGRAMS AND ORDERS" and see if anybody starts jumping to
do my bidding. The first one would say, "CL is now running things. He is
not to be questioned. Signed: CL, Approved by the United and
Unquestionable Boards of CL [UUBCL:CL:cl]." Hey, I like it!)

Anyway, my point/question is: Somebody--~somebody~, you see--had to
have signed off for ~that~ anonymous fraud, too (AVU, AVC). Who was it,
and when? Does anybody have any pointers? Any idea? Where did these
things have to go for approval, and ~who~ was there?

>* Mid-late '70s non-Hubbard books and publications begin being
>published e.g. "Volunteer Minister's Handbook," "Hymn of Asia,"
>"Mission into Time," "Dianetics Today," "What is Scientology?"

Whoever is doing this investigation, if you're reading this, ~please~
add "The Way to Happiness" to your list. This is one little gem that is
solely owned by CST including ALL related trademarks, as was covered in
a Trademarks series that was posted last year, and "Way to Happiness"
was one of the manuscripts "sent down from above" by "Hubbard" while he
was "in seclusion." And there are some really foul-smelling tricks with
the copyrights which are ~also~ covered in that Trademarks series,
showing that Starkey apparently wound up completely owning one entire
version of that HIMSELF! Here are the message numbers:


The "Way to Happiness" info is in that last one, but they are all
important evidence on the whole trademarks issue.

>Also "assisted by" batches of allegedly fraudulent policies edited from
>Hubbard's "OODs" items, dispatches and other items under custody and
>control of suspects. Issued as Hubbard policies "assisted by" persons
>on projects under custody and control of suspects to compile old
>writings into something to appear as "new" from Hubbard. (Exhibits at
>XXXXXX.) Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard was unreported
>missing person which was being covered up and a premeditated effort to
>create illusion of Hubbard being alive.

Man, this document just snowballs. Every single point made aims straight
at the same conclusion: Hubbard was nowhere around. Starts giving me the
willies. Anybody know whose names (if any) are connected with this
"Assisted by" batch, and who ~they~ were answering to? Was it actually
to the Lenskes/Karno, but maybe through layers, like AVU or AVC?


>Alleged obsession with environmental cleanliness
>determined by expert consultant to most likely be suspects' excuse for
>wiping out evidentiary traces where "Hubbard" was alleged to have been.
>(Exhibits at XXXXX.) See also e.g. David Mayo's description of Patrick
>Broeker program to eradicate fingerprints and biological evidence after
>"official seclusion" of "Hubbard" in late Feb 1980, while Broeker was
>elsewhere reported to be with "Hubbard" at that particular time in said
>"seclusion" (Exhibits at XXXXX.). Constitutes further evidence that
>Hubbard was unreported missing person which was being covered up.

That is just downright scary to me. I mean, that scares the hell out of
~me~, and I wasn't anywhere near ~any~ of this crap. Anybody know
anything about this Mayo description of Broeker wiping out fingerprints
and stuff? Was it something public, in a.r.s. maybe? I'll do a search
myself when I can get ~around~ to it. <GRUMBLE, MUMBLE>

>* Approx. Sep 1978 through early '80s David Mayo allegedly conspired
>with Karno and Lenskes to write and issue and allow copyrights in
>Hubbard's name for fraudulent bulletins purportedly by "Hubbard". Mayo
>wrote and issued e.g. NOTs series (not in order or at actual time
>written) with Hubbard's name on them.

The subject of NOTs, or at least the copyrights for them (which all now
belong to CST, like everything else), I covered pretty thoroughly in
message <f17e8418f52ae9a0a70408cea39b6666@aarg.net> if that will be of
help. I don't know about other things Mayo might have written, but my
message does cover Mayo's statements that HE authored the NOTs, and it
also covers the very suspicious weirdnesses surrounding Starkey's
registration of the NOTs, with some funky little back-dating trick.

I am no expert on the Mayo litigation, and with all the involvement of
the other cases that got thrown in and combined with it, it confuses me
no end every time I've tried to get into it. I've documented fully in
the message referenced above that Mayo admitted, or claimed (depending
on your viewpoint) to have written the NOTs bulletins, but was it
actually ruled that way by any court?


>* Approx. mid-1979 Lyman Sprulock became "Investments Officer
>International" resulting in allegedly witnessed association with Karno
>and Lenskes and is alleged to have been a conduit for laundering funds
>for the attorneys for numerous of the cover-up activities. (Exhibits at
>XXXXX.) Witness testimony of his handing out large sum of cash without
>records. (Exhibit at XXXXX.)

Hey, what can you expect from a co-founder of CST? :-) Seriously, what
the hell is the "Investments Officer International"? Anybody ever heard
of it or know what he/it was supposed to be doing? Were these
investments for Scientology monies, Hubbard monies--uh, Karno monies?

>* 15 Dec 1979 Karno and Lenske allegedly conspired to create fraudulent
>will for Hubbard naming Karno as Executor putting Karno's interests
>senior to Hubbard interests, yet "Hubbard" purportedly signed this
>instrument. (Exhibits at XXXXX.) Constitutes further evidence of
>forgery to effect a cover-up of Hubbard's death or kidnapping and that
>Hubbard was not a party and not able to represent his own interests.

Even ~I~ have a hard time keeping this one in focus. It's just ~so~
blatant, ~so~ outlandish, ~so~ beyond comprehension, that it tends to
just sink into the mental quicksand of denial and tries to go out of
sight. You just stare at this thing where "Hubbard's" OWN WILL was used
to put Karno in the driver's seat, and to put KARNO's interests ABOVE
Hubbard's estate, and you get told that Hubbard signed this thing. And
the mind just creaks and groans and tries to spit it out into the
quicksand and make it go away, because it ~cannot~ be made to be
understandable. I sit here and wonder: why aren't the police at Karno's
and the Lenskes' doors right now with search warrants? SOMEBODY's got to
crack this insanity open and find out the truth behind this gigantic,
ridiculous, fraudulent lie. Damn!

Sorry to vent. That's just the sound of denial ripping away. I don't
even have a question on this, because nobody can answer any questions I
have about it WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT to find out what these "business
interests" were between "Hubbard" and Karno. Yet another attorny-created
black hole. I've lost count of how many holes they created for
themselves to hide things in, but I know this: I've never in my life
seen a group of people so damned intent on hiding things and lying about
things. And I've never in my life known people intent on hiding things
and lying about things who weren't up to some kind of low down no good.

>* On or about 1 Jan 1980 suspect Armstrong allegedly conspired with
>Karno and Lenske to plant boxes of "Hubbard documents" provided by
>Karno at Gilman Hot Springs location purportedly the domicile of
>"Hubbard" and to contrive false threat of raid to serve dual purpose of
>eliminating all evidence of "Hubbard" while resulting in "discovery" of
>planted boxes.

Yeah, okay, so I know some of you think I've been "out to get"
Armstrong, when all I ever wanted from him was some honest answers to
some honest questions, so of course I'm "out to get him" according to
the A.R.S.C.C. [wdne] Codes of Appropriate Behavior When Addressing
A.R.S. Saints.

But this whole crucial event being described has always raised so many
questions I don't know where to start. And of course I never got around
to any of them because I couldn't get Armstrong to answer ~any~
questions, and some of the others I had were more important to me at the
time. But I was going to get around to the ones about ~this~. And one of
the main ones was, if "Hubbard" had been living in whatever this
facility was where these boxes had supposedly been found, and "Hubbard"
was such a cleanliness-obsessed neat-freak, how could there be a bunch
of ratty boxes stuffed in there somewhere and Hubbard not even ~know~
about them or know what was in them? I've known a couple of ~real~
neat-Nazis, and there is no WAY any such stash of junky uninspected
boxes of who-knows-what could be lying around just waiting for Brenda
Black to stub her toe on them--if, of course you accept the "cleanliness
obsession" story, which now appears to be something that just makes me
shudder. The point is, the two stories against each other are just
ABSURD, and ARMSTRONG has told ~both~ of them! Just one of the ~many~
absolutely absurd aspects of his whole pack of lies. And
~this~ analysis in this report certainly SHREDS Armstrong's account of
this shredding party, like the big machines he described going
"WHIR-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R." It takes it even further than I had gone:

>Armstrong stories about box "discovery" contradictory and not
>credible. (Exhibits at XXXXX.) E.g. Armstrong alleges that "Hubbard"
>approved Armstrong's 8 Jan 1980 "petition"/"dispatch" (his story
>changes from "petition" to "dispatch" in different versions, Exhibits
>at XXXXX) to have Armstrong be in custody and control of a "biography
>project" on Hubbard on strength of contents of "found boxes" without
>Hubbard seeing boxes or contents or being apprised of contents.

Yeah, DUH! How many people reading this would blindly approve of a
biography being written about their life based on some boxes of private
papers that somebody just told you in a "dispatch" that somebody had
found, but nobody had yet gone through to find out what was in them?
Show of hands? No, because if you're ~that~ stupid, you wouldn't be able
to lift your arm.

And ~that~ brings me now to yet another important question on this that
finally just hit me just reading ~this~ report: why would it have been
~either~ a "petition" or "dispatch"? The one thing Armstrong ~never~
said it was is the ~one~ thing it not only ~should~ have been, but would
have been ~required~: a "Completed Staff Work," the famous "C.S.W." So
now I know ~why~ Armstrong only ever called it a "petition" or a
"dispatch" in his cooked-up story: because a "C.S.W." requires ALL
RELEVANT DATA! That means he would have had to at ~least~ list
everything in the boxes, if not send package the contents up and send
them along for Hubbard to review. But then ~that~ would have made
Armstrong's whole lie impossible, because ~key~ to it is that "Hubbard
never knew what was in those boxes."

>"Hubbard" purportedly was at Gilman/Hemet (stories by different
>suspects contradict on location, but in proximity, Exhibits at XXXXX)
>where Armstrong was at relevant times. Hubbard did not go into
>"seclusion" from said location until two months later in late Feb 80.
>"Hubbard" would have had ample time to inspect contents of purportedly
>found boxes (timetable Exhibits at XXXXX).

Damn, this raises questions I hadn't even thought of. Yeah, what the
hell ~was~ "Hubbard" doing: sitting around for two months twiddling his
thumbs waiting for this alleged "raid" to happen, while not bothering to
even ~look~ at the materials that the story of his life was now going to
be based entirely on?

ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGH! If a child tried to hand me a cock-and-bull story like
this, he wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. Yet utter ~crap~ like
this has people EATING out of Gerry Armstrong's HANDS, while throwing
rocks at ~me~ because I had the ~gall~ to question some of his fucking
lies! Christ!

>Armstrong alleges in claims that "Hubbard" approved Armstrong
>going onto alleged "biography project":
> "He answered that with a couple of paragraphs. I did not have any
>idea of the extent of the materials I had stumbled onto. Neither,
>it turned out, did he". (Exhibit at XXXXX.)
> Armstrong gives no explanation of why "Hubbard" would authorize a
>biography of his life based on single dispatch/petition from Armstrong
>advising "Hubbard" of the discovery of boxes allegedly found in same
>domicile where "Hubbard" had purportedly been living with contents
>uninventoried and undescribed.

Of ~course~ Gerry Armstrong "gives no explanation." Armstrong "gives no
explanation" for ~anything.~ That's because he's a fucking pathological
LIAR, and so the instant you question one of his LIES, and start
subjecting it to just the tiniest bit of logic, there ~is~ no ~possible~
explanation, and so the LYING worm CLams up and tucks tail and runs, or
starts one of his "I got what I got" lines of mystical verbal diarrhea.

> Further, for two months afterwards Armstrong and "Hubbard" were
>purportedly in same geographical location yet Hubbard did not in that
>time inspect contents of alleged biography material according to
>Armstrong's version of alleged events. Armstrong also admitted in re
>"Hubbard's" purported approval of Armstrong's alleged
> "Now I know what you're saying, 'How do you know he did, Ger?' And
>I would have to say I don't; all his correspondence during this period
>was typed, and often typed for him, and communications of the nature of
>his to me were signed with a typed 'R.' But Barbara DeCelle, LRH
>Personel Secretary at the time, later told me, because I asked, that
>Hubbard had indeed seen my petition, and answered it". (Exhibit at

Well, here it's a "petition" again, but mainly here is the crucial
hearsay "testimony" of Barbara DeCelle being channeled through
Armstrong, so I'd still like to know if she is alive or dead. It's
funny, but the only ~other~ reference to DeCelle is ~also~ from
Armstrong, who claims in one of his affidavits or declarations that SHE
gave him the "Zolin" tapes. And of course, we're back to the infamous
typed "R". Is this some kind of really bad novel?

This is about all I can take of the Armstrong lies, except for the

>The noncredibility of Armstrong's
>cover-up story constitutes more evidence that Hubbard was unreported
>missing person by this time and had no custody or control over his
>personal property or over alleged "biography." Armstrong's allegations
>also provided foundation for later related alleged criminal acts
>including collection and confiscation by Armstrong in collusion with
>Karno and Lenskes of all Hubbard literary property from international
>locations, increasing "Hubbard archives" under Armstrong to hundreds of
>thousands of intellectual property documents to secure custody and
>control of said properties for Karno and the Lenskes.

And this is precisely what led ~directly~ to CST, and collected all
the intellectual property in one place for CST to take control of.

Man, what an operation. And the number of complex, convoluted lies that
have been told to make it look like it was something else. And of course
the reason no biography was produced is for the simplest and most
obvious reason imaginable: there never ~was~ a biography to begin with.
Period. Obvious. End of "story." END OF DENIAL. Wake up, all "Biography
Believers." And if you were gullible enough to believe it, learn a
valuable lesson about con artists, and then get over it. Everybody's
been conned in their lives. It's not something to hide in shame about.
And it's the most trusting ones who get conned the hardest. But learn
the lesson and WAKE THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING CONNED! It's only when
you ~don't~ that you achieve actual STUPIDITY, and that's a LOT harder
to get over than having been conned. You've been conned. You're in a lot
of good company. Laugh about it and learn from it and get on with your
life without the liars and con artists and frauds who duped you.

>* Karno and Lenskes and Armstrong conspired with attorney Flynn to file
>frivolous civil suits, some naming "Hubbard" as party, to accomplish
>several allegedly criminal purposes: 1. a "reason" for "Hubbard" to
>"disappear;" 2. control on media stories about "Hubbard to effect
>cover-up;" 3. options for receivership of Hubbard estate and/or
>"motivation" for structuring it in ways beneficial to criminal intent;
>4. personal profit from fees and judgements to come from "the Church"
>and/or Hubbard accounts under their custody and control, with kickbacks
>to Lenskes and Armstrong from Flynn and other possible suspects
>(Exhibits at XXXXX).

Ohhhhhhh, man, this is just too much. This just knocks the ball out of
the park and knocks the cover off and unravels it down to the little
cork center. This is juice. If this ~is~ what wemt on it's the biggest
criminal story of ~any~ century--and covering up maybe even murder or
kidnapping to boot? Talk about denial. I'm looking at the Berlin Wall of
denial right here. But then I look at those alleged "criminal purposes,"
and from my brief study so far of the Flynn cases, EVERY ONE OF THOSE

Taking #3 first, you've got to love this: as part of Flynn's ~first~
case, Von Schaick, she was "asking the court to unseat 17 top church
leaders and place the organization's finances in the hands of a
court-appointed receiver" according to an AP story of 14 December 1979.
Oh, but ~that's~ not even the NEWS FLASH. Are you ready? The NEWS FLASH
is the DATE of that article. Sound a little frighteningly familiar?
Well, this FIRST FLYNN CASE was filed by Flynn on 13 December 1979: TWO
DAYS before "Hubbard" supposedly "signed" the 15 December 1979 will,
written by Sherman Lenske, that put Karno's interests above Hubbard's.
Take THAT to bed with you tonight and try to sleep. Two days before.

Of course Flynn's most sensational client, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., a.k.a.
Ron DeWolf was also seeking receivership in his suit. I'm still sorting
through the others, but there's one story that the whole mess with
Armstrong and the L.A. IRS CID boys and the OSA cruds was ~also~ about
federal receivership of all the assets. There is way too much smoke in
the room for anybody to be thinking about drifting off to sleep! Find
the goddamned fire!

As for "alleged criminal purpose" #2 above, controlling media stories on
"Hubbard," the Flynn cases were an absolute media BLITZ, only part of
which has been trickling in to me now from friends who have access to
some media libraries and are getting into this themselves. ~Everything~
that involved the Lenskes charging in to "prove" that L. Ron Hubbard was
"alive and well and in control of his affairs" was done in conjunction
WITH A FLYNN CASE! One of them was Armstrong's, one of them was
DeWolf's. Also, ~all~ the stories about Hubbard in the desert and being
a "Howard Hughes-like recluse" and about his illnesses and strokes and
crap ALL were stories that first appeared surrounding these Flynn suits.
They only later made it into BFM and other sources. You start ~looking~
at this stuff and your jaw just drops. It's just Flynn, Flynn, Flynn,
Flynn, Flynn and his clients and his witnesses as the source points for
~all~ these stories about "Hubbard" and where he supposedly was and what
he supposedly was doing for ~all~ those years that ~nobody~ else except
the few people who just ~happened~ to be involved with Flynn knew ~all~
about. It gives you fucking ~goosebumps.~ EVERY eyewitness to "Hubbard"
through this ~entire~ period just ~happened~ to wind up as a Flynn
client or witness. (Jesus, I'm sleeping sitting up with the lights on

As for "alleged criminal purpose" #1--a "reason" for "Hubbard" to
"disappear"--it ~does~ look like utter bullshit, but that's covered more

And as for #4, the alleged kickbacks between Flynn on one side, and
Karno and the Lenskes on the other--well, I don't guess that will ever
be answered without a fucking WARRANT, will it?

> Allegedly raudulent stories were circulated by suspects that suits
>were reason for Hubbard to be in hiding but see court papers from suits
>(Exhibits at XXXXX.). Nothing in suits to send Hubbard into hiding.
>Also no criminal complaints against him.

Ditto for me so far. Anybody know of any reason why he would suddenly
dive into "hiding" over the stupid Van Schaick lawsuit, when the
~entire~ bone of contention was a lousy $12 grand she wanted a refund
on? It's just too absurd for words, but I sure would like somebody to
try and make sense out of it for me. And I can't find any criminal
complaints, either. Anybody? Or is it just the fraud it all appears to
be, start to finish?

>Story later changed that he wasn't
>hiding, he was "in seclusion" to write. The alleged collusive "civil
>suits" fraud run by Flynn with the Karno/Lenske/Heller group as
>fraudulent "opposing" parties (through the churches) had alleged
>criminal intent to embezzle Hubbard and church accounts to profit of
>all suspect attorneys while also providing "plausible" cover for
>missing Hubbard. Lenskes allegedly used Armstrong suit and DeWolf suit
>to get press coverage on "proof" aided and abetted by Treas Dept
>personnel (Doulder, Brunelle) that "Hubbard" was alive and in custody
>and control of his business affairs which were in fact in the custody
>and control of the Lenskes who were fraudulently pretending to be
>"Hubbard" through production of forged documents.

Well, this covers several points I've already touched on. But, yeah,
Doulder and Brunelle, as I went over in my analysis of the Sherman
Lenske Declaration, were brought in by Lenske to make those sensational
plays in the courts and press with the fingerprinted stuff from
"Hubbard," and the Flynn suits were the stage for that whole Lenske

And ~this~ alleges that it was the LENSKES who were fraudulently
pretending to be "Hubbard," which goes back to that issue of TRUST and
AUTHORITY I was talking about in relation to the BTBs and BPLs. Were
~they~ the ones who were in a position to say, "Here, this package was
delivered to us personally by L. Ron Hubbard, whose whereabout you don't
know, but we do because we are his personal attorneys"? Sure looks about
right to me. I mean, who ~else~ would be "entrusted" with his
communications from some "secret location" ~except~ his "personal
attorneys"? Broeker? (LMAO!) Not a chance! Lenske has already admitted
in his Declaration on about THREE OR FOUR DIFFERENT OCCASSIONS to having
the line to "Hubbard" in order to arrange for the "proofs" of his being
alive, and for the "Rocky Mountain News" "interview" and for the
signings of the 10 May 1982 legal instruments, etc.

Okay, I'm getting a little nauseous right about here. I better start
wrapping this up.

>(Exhibits at XXXXX.
>See also XXXXXX for
>trace routes Lenske-Emory-Brunelle-Doulder and to possible other
>TreasDept personnel; also TreasDept personnel to Armstrong, Exhibits at

Oh, would I love to see ~that~!

>* Beginning as early as 1979 and continuing nearly through Hubbard's
>announced "death" in 1986 communications from "Hubbard" were called "R"
>advices and never signed but only identified with a typed "R" or "*" or
>"# # #". (Exhibits at XXXXX.) Forgeries of his signature are alleged
>to have been done by suspects but only when necessary. (Exhibits at
>XXXXX.) Typed "dispatches" or "advices" with nothing but typed symbols
>to "certify" that they had come from "Hubbard". Attorneys were
>allegedly creating or having created for hire and delivering "advices"
>sending them "down lines" through allegedly fraudulent and anonymous
>"Watchdog Committee" which the attorneys are alleged to have created as
>a blind for control as "R". Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard
>was unreported missing person which was being covered up.

I already covered this, except of course the "Watchdog Committee"
<SPIT!> part--ANOTHER fucking anonymous entity at the very highest
organizational levels--which this is saying was the blind used by the
attorneys for a lot of their dirty work. Anybody want to expand on this?
I don't know a hell of a lot about it, but when you're dealing with yet
~another~ anonymous "official" organizational entity actually being used
to manage the entire Scientology empire, how much does it matter once
you just twig: oh, it's another anonymous entity that has been granted
the power (in an issue written by itself) to run everything, and nobody
is allowed to question it. Great. (Is there any precedent for anything
this ridiculous in all of history, anywhere? I can't think of one.)

>* On 23 Feb 1980 Karno, the Lenskes, Laurel Sullivan and Gerald
>Armstrong conspired to create "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out"
>(MCCS) as alleged fraud to introduce to organizations the idea of
>restructuring those organizations. The restructuring allegedly had
>already been planned in secret before (Exhibits at XXXXX). E.g.
>evidence of fraudulent nature of MCCS and its timetable is single page
>FOR SMI MISSIONS". SMI (Scientology Missions International) was not
>incorporated until 22 Dec 1981 in corporate restructuring by Lenskes
>and Heller. SMI's trademark "first use" dated 1982 with USPTO (Exhibits
>at XXXXX).

Has anybody seen, or does anybody know about or have this "SMI"
document? This sure seems like a smoking gun: a "starter pack" for SMI
two years before it was incorporated?

And if MCCS was just the fraud being described, look who we've got
running it: Ms. "Right Place at the Right Time" Laurel Sullivan, and the
unimpeachable saint, Gerry Armstrong.

>MCCS allegedly was fraud set up to give appearance of Sea Organization
>involvement and to deceive organizational staff and executives into
>believing that it was a "Hubbard" mission when it was actually under
>custody and control of suspects via allegedly fraudulent and anonymous
>"Watch Dog Committee". Alleged criminal purpose was to restructure
>organizations to further their own profit and criminal intent.
> MCCS also allegedly served fraudulent purpose of providing "Zolin
>tapes" as fraudulent evidence that corporate restructuring was to cover
>alleged "inurement" to "Hubbard". "Evidence" was allegedly manufactured
>in recorded meetings by Laurel Sullivan specifically for the purpose of
>being passed to Armstrong and then into the public record, of which
>premeditated fraud on the courts Armstrong was allegedly knowing party
>to. See Armstrong noncredible and contradictory stories about chain of
>custody of tapes implicating DeCelle who was also on MCCS. (Exhibits at

There's the very-convenient Barbara DeCelle again, supposedly
"Hubbard's" "personal secretary," according to Armstrong. Wonder if
she's the one who got to type "R" and "*" and "# # #" at the bottom
of hundreds or thousands of "advices." And I still wonder if she is
alive to tell about it if she did.

As for MCCS, I'm rather amazed to find that it makes total sense that it
was just a fraud set up to cover up a fraud. In fact, it makes ~far~
more sense than trying to believe all the lies that have been circulated
about it. ~Exactly~ like the biography, it went ~exactly~ NOWHERE! And
the obvious reason: it was never MEANT to go anywhere. It was a fraud
all along, set up only to cover up a bigger fraud. I really am getting
sick to my stomache.

> Restructuring of organizations could not proceed without prior
>revoke of HASI, Inc. (see above) and allegedly planned removal of
>Guardians Office later executed (Exhibits at XXXXX). Hubbard had
>created structure in policy and instructed that said policy could not
>be changed lacking his approval. Restructuring done by suspects for
>alleged criminal purposes conflicted Hubbard policy. Suspects allegedly
>created fraudulent "Scientology Policy Directives" to carry out
>criminal intent in absence of Hubbard. Constitutes further evidence
>that Hubbard was unreported missing person which was being covered up.

It really does just all line up in one direction. Down went HASI, down
went the G.O., up went the other corporations. Tick, tick, tick. Like
clockwork. Right according to plan. And where, oh where, was Ronny boy?

And that does seem to explain "SPDs," which have never had ~any~
explanation that I could see. That was always just a major strange area
to me.

>* Sherman Lenske allegedly set up a "safe-house" for operations of part
>of alleged criminal activity under the name of corporation Informed
>Visuals, Inc. at 8335 Moorcroft Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91304. Location
>close to Lenske offices. Set-up occured only a few months after Hubbard
>"went into seclusion" and around same time firm of Lenske, Lenske,
>Heller & Magasin formed to be "hired" at appropriate time by another
>allegedly fraudulent "mission" of Norman F. Starkey and Terri Gamboa,
>Armstrong's former wife. Property records in file include current and
>former owner names and evidence of unusual grant of property. (Exhibits
>at XXXXX. See also possible connection to Fed Reserve West at XXXXX.)

I knew about "Informed Visuals, Inc.," and even asked some questions
about it in a post probably two years ago, and always thought Lenske's
incorporation of that came at an odd time in relation to the sudden
"disappearance" of "Hubbard," but never tied it into the formation of
LLH&M. Don't know what it means. Does anybody know WT~F~ a possible
connection to "Fed Reserve West" has to do with it? How hard is it to
get the property records being referred to? I sure wouldn't mind seeing
those, but I also wanted a Ferrari for my 16th birthday, and ~that~
didn't happen.

>* In re MCCS and Lenske/Heller/Magasin hiring missions: according to
>Armstrong Miscavige was "CMO Int Mission Ops" for both missions which
>Armstrong says were on "Hubbard orders". (Exhibits at XXXXX.) CMO Int
>was at relevant times under custody and control of allegedly
>Karno/Lenske controlled anonymous "WatchDog Committee." Miscavige in
>sworn deposition (Exhibits at XXXXX) testifies that at no time
>subsequent to his becoming CMO Int Mission Ops at Gilman Hot Springs on
>or around 1 Apr 1979 did he receive "any communications from Mr.
>Hubbard...in writing, either by typed communication or telex regarding
>the management of the Church of Scientology of California" (CSC). CSC
>was mother church and housed Guardians Office. Constitutes more
>evidence of fraudulent nature of MCCS with one of its allegedly
>criminal purposes being to assist in covering up the death or
>disappearance of Hubbard. Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard was
>unreported missing person which was being covered up.

This is either ~very~ significant or it just proves what a lying
slimeball Miscavige is. And while I don't doubt for a moment that he
~is~ a lying slimeball, I get the impression that he was totally
unguarded in his admission that he hadn't received any such
communication from "Hubbard." It fits like Ethan Alan dovetail joints
with everything else. And at the very least it puts him down on the list
for ~very~ close questioning on this in any criminal investigation,
because if he can back it up--and there ~have~ to be records--then the
entire fucking lie about "Hubbard" ordering MCCS and the hiring of the
Lenskes for any corporate restructuring (Sullivan's story about the
reason for the hiring of the Lenskes) goes right up in smoke, and all
the lying fucks who have been perpetrating ~that~ fraud wind up tacked
to the barn wall for salting and drying.

Thank God I'm near the end of this mess...

>* Armstrong in 1981-82 in alleged collusion with Lenske converted
>approx. 30,000 documents of Hubbard writings valued at approx. $5
>million from "Hubbard archives" (see also ALLEGED CRIMES SECTION II).
>Hubbard did not file criminal charges. Constitutes further evidence
>that Hubbard was unreported missing person no longer in custody and
>control of his property and interests which was being covered up by

That's a point I've been trying to make for months. I can't see it any
other way than that Hubbard was nowhere near any of the things going on.
There is absolutely no reason in the world Hubbard or ANYBODY would have
sat by and let $5,000,000 worth of his prized intellectual property be
whisked away first down to Garrison, then stolen by Armstrong and
delivered across the country to Flynn, who was supposedly "Hubbard's"
arch enemy. But of course if FLYNN ~was~ in cahoots with KARNO ~and~ the
LENSKEs ~and~ ARMSTRONG, and Hubbard ~was~ dead or kidnapped, then guess

Jesus! I'm sleeping with ~all~ the lights on.

>* Hubbard was ordered by U.S. District Judge Manuel Real to appear for
>deposition on 20 Mar 1985 in Los Angeles in civil suit allegedly being
>conducted secretly by the Lenskes/Karno purportedly "against" attorney
>Flynn with whom they were in alleged collusion. Hubbard failed to
>appear resulting in case against Flynn being dismissed. Flynn had
>profited from suits he had been party to in alleged collusion with
>Lenskes/Karno and being a party to alleged fraud knew Hubbard couldn't
>appear and so prevailed. Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard was
>unreported missing person no longer in custody and control of his
>property and

I guess that sort of says it all. What an ending. And that was just a
few months before the reported "death." Guess "Hubbard" had served all
the purposes he was needed for.

I set out going through this thing enthusiastically, because on first
reading there was so much interesting stuff in this document that I
actually thought it would be "fun" to play detective and try to find out
more about these allegations and allusions to things I don't know much
or anything about, and to try to get some discussion going on it. But
I'll tell you, actually going through it and confronting all the things
spelled out in here stopped being much "fun" early on, because it got
pretty sickening pretty fast. It got harder and harder to even go back
to it and deal with it. I can understand why nobody wants to talk about
the things in here. If they are true, it's almost too much plotting,
conspiring, premeditated viciousness and evil to confront.

If anybody could help answer any of my questions, though, I would really
appreciate it.

I have no idea how much of this might be true or not, and I guess only
time will tell. But it's pretty frightening to me how much it explains
that had no explanation at all before; things that made absolutely no
sense before suddenly started adding up in a bad, bad way. And the only
thing I guess I can say I hope for now is that justice, whatever actual
justice turns out to be, is done. I hope all parties involved in any
capacity, ~whatever~ actually happened, get total and complete and fair
justice, and all justice due them.

Every drop of it.


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