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Date: 24 Apr 2002 19:53:52 -0000
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From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Lost and Found
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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"The game's afoot!"
--William Shakespeare
"King Henry V" (III,i,31)

--A.C. Doyle
"The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of Abby Grange."

And now that I've gotten at least a few of the most drooling lunatic
newsgroup parasites picked off of me and flushed I can actually try to
get back into the game with fewer distractions.

Redlands Exit <anmetet@freedom.gmsociety.org> wrote:

>Evidence in Exhibits; this outline of evidence documented and indexed
>separately with executive summaries for Calif., Canada and DOJ:

Well, I simply can't believe what a perfect vacuum this thing left in
its wake. (Initially it was an imperfect vacuum, but then Dave Bird
posted a reply, making it a perfect vacuum.)

Some of the things mentioned in here I know about, some of them are
entirely new to me, some I know only a little about. So I mainly have
questions about this document and I hope some people can provide
substantive answers, preferably with some kind of documentation.

(Slavering ravers will be plonked at the first sign of spittle.)

The first and most obvious question is who is doing the investigation
and who leaked this part, but I guess nobody has any answers to ~that~
or we surely would have heard about it by now. So on to the specifics:

>Not complete list. Other names on full list (Exhibits at XXXXX).
>Alleged participation necessary to perpetration of suspected crimes
>and/or cover-up of same:
>Norton S. Karno, attorney
>Sherman D. Lenske, attorney
>Stephen Lenske, attorney
>Lawrence E. Heller, attorney
>Norman F. Starkey
>Gerald "Gerry" Armstrong
>Lyman D. Spurlock
>Meade Emory, attorney, former IRS employee
>Leon Misterek, attorney
>David "DM" Miscavige
>Laurel Sullivan

I love this woman: Hubbard's (or "Hubbard's") "Personal Public Relations
Officer" who just happened to appear on the scene almost exactly when
"Hubbard" returned from what has been called "The Missing Ten Months,"
around October 1973. Then he almost immediately disappeared again, into
his cabin on the ship this time, for several more months as a result of
a "motorcycle accident." She was just always in exactly the "right"
place at the "right" time, about which probably a book could be written,
but suffice it to say for the moment that through the whole period
during which this particular document alleges that "Hubbard" was
actually an unreported missing person, ~she~ was absolutely key to
"keeping up appearances" to the organizations that Ronny boy was alive
and well. She's also placed by Armstrong at the Hemet/Gilman compounds
in about mid-1979 decorating "Hubbard's" residence, ~and~ she's
testified in court that Hubbard "could and did assume direct and
complete control over the major operations, management and
administration of the church of Scientology and organizations related
directly or indirectly to the Church" during this very period when
Hubbard is now alleged in this document to have been an unreported
missing person. So I imagine there are going to be some ~very~ warm and
ripe questions that will be put to her on this mess.

If anybody has her full affidavits/declarations, or transcripts from any
of her testimony and can post them it would be great. I know I don't
have them all, but I have excerpts and bits and pieces. I personally
think she's a major player and has lied her ass off. Also, wasn't she a
pretty key witness in some of the Flynn cases? The Christofferson <sp?>
case? Also, I believe it was ptsc who posted excerpts from her of
testimony or an affidavit in one of the IRS cases which I just haven't
gotten around to digging back up. Any help here? I also seem to remember
something about her being in the Emmons report, with efforts to arrange
for her travel from Canada, but I can look that up myself when I get a
little time.

>David Mayo
>Michael Flynn, attorney
>Patrick "Pat" Broeker
>Anne "Annie" Broeker
>Richard L. Brunelle, U.S. Treasury Department employee
>Howard Doulder, U.S. Treasury Department employee
>Dr. Eugene "Gene" Denk, physician
>Barbara DeCelle

Next question I have is about Barbara DeCelle. I know absolutely nothing
about her except I know Armstrong uses her in his stories twice in
pivotal roles (as is detailed in this document): one to be his "source"
for the Zolin tapes, one to "verify" orally that L. Ron Hubbard had
actually approved the petition/dispatch Armstrong claims Hubbard

Of course Ace of Clubs pointed out in one of his old posts that Omar
Garrison was conveniently dead when Garrison was the only other person
who could back up one of Armstrong's stories, so it started me wondering
if Barbara DeCelle is deceased. Does anybody know her or know if she's
actually still living?

>Full suspects list names other persons who claimed to be with Hubbard
>at periods when he is believed to have been already deceased or

I tried to count up who that might be, and even taking this back all the
way to 1972 (which is the earliest date this document mentions), I only
came up with these who aren't already on the list above:

Kima Douglas (Nee Sanderson, I think) and her husband (name?)
Jim Dincalci
Paul Preston
Julie Mayo
The Hartwells (leading to Ed Walters, who wound up as a Flynn "client"
~and~ played a key role in making sure that critical records disappeared
in the Quentin murder/suicide [take your pick] all of which is its ~own~
story, maybe for later if I get around to it.)

Does anybody know of others?

>possible accomplises, additional TreasDept employees/former

Dunno who that might be, except I ~hope~ it includes the slugs involved
in the secret "Closing Agreement."

>Several hundreds of millions of dollars in properties and judgements
>(Exhibits at XXXXX). Attorney suspects allegedly profited from padded
>fees and/or judgements and kickbacks between them whichever "side" won
>in allegedly fraudulent collusive suits (Exhibits at XXXXX).

So as I understand this the way it's developed later on in this
document, it's referring to Flynn's cases being set-ups in collusion
with the Karno/Lenske gang, with some kind of thieves' agreement that
they would grease each other's palms, so they essentially didn't give
two hoots which way things went, but maybe the Karno/Lenske team would
make sure that the "church" side laid down just enough so that the
majority of payments/settlements would come out of bottomless church
pockets, then everybody would make out like bandits. Sort of like
putting the fix in on a sports game, right? Do I have this?

If that ~is~ what was going on, what a sweet deal!

Unfortunately I don't ~think~ I have a hell of a lot on the Flynn cases
but haven't had time to really look. I'd like to get a complete list of
the cases compiled and timelined. Does anybody have a morgue of court
filings or media stories, anything that might help compile a concise
list of the Flynn cases?

>suspects still profiting in self-created and self-serving positions
>(Exhibits at XXXXX).

Heh. Guess that would be our favorite Special Directors.

>Suspected additional embezzlements pending results

Not a flaming clue what this could be about. Anybody?

>Armstrong believed to have received over
>$2,000,000 for participation, Flynn more (Exhibits at XXXXX).

This is interesting. I had thought the Armstrong figure at around
$800,000, but now I can't find ~him~ actually ever saying. All he said
is "I got what I got." (Yeah, Gerry: And the sky is the sky. And your
pants are your pants. And the popcorn is the popcorn. And the zygote is
the zygote. Have we covered everything? Thanks for your wisdom and

>allowed to resign from Sea Organization and allegedly took payoffs in
>supplement to approx. $50,000 a year (Exhibits at XXXXX). Spurlock
>allegedly passed out large sums of unrecorded cash (Exhibits at XXXXX).

The 50 Gs for Starkey is in one of the "Author's Family Trust" documents
Tenyaka posted. Hmm, now I'm wondering if Tenyaka is part of this whole
investigation and has been leaking some of the evidence over time.

But what's this about old Lie-man Spurlock being the Candy Man? Anybody
have any more info on that?

>Emory unexplained windfalls (Exhibits at XXXXX).

Well, hell, a few years ago ~I~ posted about Emory buying that expensive
home in D.C. back in '77. That's all I know about though. Of course if
one takes the ~extremely~ unpopular course of postulating that Emory's
involvement goes all the way back to his IRS gig, then that little piece
clicks right into place. That's the year of the FBI raid and it's also
the year that the Lenskes started working for Karno handling L. Ron
Hubbard's "business affairs."

Hmmm. ~There's~ one of those magnificent little coincidences now. And
~if~, as it's beginning to appear, the ~entire~ new corporate structure
had Emory's dirty fingerprints all over it, and ~if~ it had actually all
been planned by Karno/Emory/Lenskes by the time MCCS had been set up at
the beginning of 1980 (as is later alleged in this document), then ~all~
those little ducks start waddling right in a row. That allows about two
and a half years for hammering out all the details in private attorney
meetings--while the G.O., of course, was completely drowning in handling
the criminal cases that were being prosecuted and going on appeal, plus
appeals and proceedings on about seven or eight major FOIA cases still
running through this period against federal agencies.

Lots of "ifs," but then there's still lots of stink surround all this,
too, and that's got to be coming from ~somewhere.


>Suspects Lenskes and Karno in custody and control of business and
>financial affairs of Hubbards and of organizations at relevant times.
>(Exhibits at XXXXX). Access to Hubbard's personal and business files,
>literary properties, accounts and records personally and accounts and
>records of organizations (Exhibits at XXXXX). Karno's firm had inside
>financial and tax records of Hubbards, HASI, Inc. (owned copyrights and
>trademarks), Church of Scientology of California (CSC) and Guardians
>Office (Exhibits at XXXXX). Attorneys had all opportunity and means to
>conduct every alleged crime and to support accomplises (Exhibits at

That evokes a low whistle. I had never pulled all that together, but I
guess, yeah, it must have been about that way--although there's no way I
know of to know just how much custody and control the Karno/Lenske gang
had when of what. I guess that's what they make subpoenas for, huh? And
~that~ certainly brings a warm smile.

>Attorneys had opportunity and means to secure self-protection
>under privilege, also created self-protecting "release" forms including
>Armstrong waivers (Exhibits at XXXXX)

I think that is one absolute key. These guys ~could~ have pulled
everything off with virtually no risk of being found out. Privelge is a
perfect cover for all kinds of chicanery, and the (releases and waivers
these attorneys have saddled ~everybody~ with have always seemed extreme
to me. But isn't it convenient that they theoretically could ~provide~
releases and waivers for ~accomplices~ while having it appear that they
were ~burdening~ those people. Then the accomplices would have perfect
excuses for going completely off the radar and never having to answer
anybody's questions ever about ~any~ of it. And if anyone ~not~ an
accomplice started getting close in civil discovery, then they just
offer them a big enough settlement that they shut up and go away, ~also~
with a gag order. Well, hell, that covers all the bases, doesn't it?

>and had opportunity and means for
>collusive initiative of allegedly fraudulent suits in collusion with
>Flynn etc. setting precedent and blocking future civil discovery
>pertinent to alleged crimes (Exhibits at XXXXX).

That's smart. I mean, that's brilliant. That's criminal genius to me if
that really is what has been done. This set me to thinking also about
the flat-on-its-face probate challenge that slammed the door on the
fingers of anybody trying to pry into that and into the weird
circumstances surrounding the 1986 "death" using civil means. Of course
a ~criminal~ investigation... Well, that's another story, isn't it.
Speaking of the "death" mess, I don't see this addressed in here at all,
but then again this thing just cuts off in the middle. I hope to hell
it's part of the investigation, and don't see how it could be otherwise.

>Armstrong had custody
>and control and insider knowledge important to alleged crimes.
>Armstrong participated in numerous allegedly fraudulent suits with
>Flynn (Exhibits at XXXXX).

How many of the Flynn cases was Armstrong involved in and in what
capacity? Anybody have any actual record? I would like to collect as
much information on this as possible, so if anybody has information they
can post it would be greatly appreciated.

>Outline of evidence of unreported missing person:

And that is exactly how it seems to me, and what I've been saying for a
long time. The whole story of him going "into seclusion" and from that
seclusion merrily writing fiction while also having the entire
organizational structure that had stood for 30 years gutted and rebuilt
from the ground up-- Ahhhh, <SPIT!> The whole "shore story" is just too
insultingly NUTS for ~anybody~ to swallow. I just don't understand how
these clowns have gotten away with that completely ridiculous fairy tale
for so long. I don't know what ~really~ happened, but it sure as ~hell~
isn't the load of absolute horse manure that they've been shoveling.

>* Small number of suspects allege to have been in personal company of
>Hubbard at relevant times. Reports of Hubbard being in company of
>persons doing films was alleged fraud created during 1977-1979 by Karno
>and other suspects. (Exhibits at XXXXX. See also "Friends of Karno" at
>XXXXX.) Only a few persons had actual access to "Hubbard" (Exhibits at
>XXXXX). No film footage of Hubbard.

So in the desert, the people I know of who ~personally~ claim (not had
it claimed ~for~ them by somebody else) to have been personally with
Hubbard are Kima Douglas, Gerry Armstrong, and David Mayo. Anybody else?
Then there's the Hartwells, who said essentially that the guy that they
believed to be Hubbard was nuts, but as far as I know, they had never
had any previous contact with Hubbard and wouldn't have known him from
Red Skelton. Is that right? Those are all the people I know of.

As for the "Friends of Norton Karno," all I know of is the few
references to it, with absolutely no idea WTF it was or was supposed to
be. Even those references, though, come from Armstrong and Mayo, IIRC.
Are the Karno hounds still loosed? Can they bring back any info on this
weird "Friends of Norton Karno"? It's still one of the most bizarre
things in an absolute Macy's Parade of bizarre things.

>(See also Denk at XXXXX.)

Well, we're ~told~ that Denk went into the desert to treat Hubbard in
September 1978, when Mayo went there, just before NOTs was written. I
don't know of any account by Denk himself. Is there one? I think it's
David Mayo and Kima Douglas who put Denk there with Hubbard. (Or with
"Hubbard.") Has anybody besides those two testified that Denk was there?

>* HASI, Inc. owned Hubbard copyrights and trademarks. Revoked by
>Arizona Corporations Commission 10 May 1977 for failure to file annual
>report. Hubbard was HASI Trustee (Exhibits at XXXXXX) but did not
>respond to avert revocation or to get corporation reinstated and did
>nothing to secure succession of ownership of intellectual property.

This is just too beautiful, isn't it? Here's 1977 again. It was a very
bad year. And it was the year the Lenskes started handling Hubbard's
"business affairs." <SPIT!> The year Meade got his new house. The year
the FBI raided the G.O. Man! And L. Ron Hubbard is supposedly in the
desert making ~movies~ while HASI, Inc.--where all of his copyrights
reside--just dies unattended? Come ~ON~! Christ! How gullible do you
have to ~be~ to swallow such codswallop? (I don't know who I
appropriated "codswallop" from, but it was in some thread I read since I
got back. Must have been ptsc or Kady. Damn fine word.)

Anyway, back to HASI, Inc. and the copyrights. Here is where it gets
sticky, and the only thing I can ~deduce~ is that there is some missing
legal document, and I'll explain why I'm theorizing the existence of
this mystery document: with the copyrights residing in HASI, Inc.,
there's a 6 November 1964 policy letter that says the following:

"All Organization Secretaries in the United States and
Canada are advised to consolidate their corporate structures as
"That the Church of Scientology of California take immediate
and effective steps to bring in all ways the corporation The
Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc of Arizona up to date in
Arizona and make sure it is properly constituted and active.
"That HASI, Inc of Arizona buy the C of S of California,
from FCDC, for the sum of $1 and other valuable consideration,
attested by proper bill of sale."

So apparently HASI, Inc. not only owned all the copyrights, but ~also~
owned CSC! And this is right where I believe there's a missing legal
instrument of some description, perhaps buried in CSC corporate papers
somewhere, an amendment to Articles or Bylaws maybe, but something
that's never surfaced. I believe there is ~something~ that extracted CSC
from HASI, Inc. just as HASI, Inc. went under, and that the copyrights
went with CSC by that instrument, and it has been kept under wraps.

I can't find any other chain of custody for ownership of the copyrights
from HASI, Inc.--whose annual reports have the copyrights listed on
every one of them--back to Hubbard (or "Hubbard") and therefore into his
estate for later transfer to CST without them having passed through CSC.
But there is no known ~record~ of that. That's why I'm ~guessing~ that
we are all missing a key legal document, and here's ~why~ I believe that
has been kept under wraps:

I believe that weird 4 May 1978 "Assignment" that I dug up and went over
when I was taking apart the Sherman Lenske Declaration--the one
supposedly transferring just the BPLs and BTBs ~TO~ "L. Ron Hubbard"
~from~ CSC--was what actually covertly transferred ALL the copyrights
from CSC to "Hubbard" so they could later be transferred from his estate
to CST. And that insipid "assignment" is "signed" ONLY by the "Board of
Directors" of CSC, no names, and is NOT signed by Hubbard. (At least not
on the only copy I have available to me, which came from the Grady Ward
case, posted by Keith Henson. If anybody wants to see what I said about
that then, its message <BKJEKAAX37229.3020833333@frog.gilgamesh.org>)

If anybody had trouble following all of that, I understand. I know this
is complicated, but I believe it's ~why~ HASI, Inc., was allowed to die
a very, very quiet death that ~nobody~ was made aware of (undertaking
services courtesy of the Lenske Bros.). I believe that CSC inherited the
copyrights very, very quietly at the death of HASI (that would have to
be the "missing document" around 1977-78), then very, very quietly
slipped them ALL back to "Hubbard" with that covert 4 May 1978
"Assignment" supposedly just of the BTBs/BPLs, and THEN--and ~only~
then--could the whole "estate plan" start unfolding that would lead to
CST being the inheritor from the Hubbard ESTATE.

And I personally don't think L. Ron Hubbard had fuck ~all~ to do with
~any~ of it. I think he ~was~ an "unreported missing person." YMMV.

BUT if that ~is~ the case, then the plan was in place as early as
January 1974, the date of the introduction of BPLs and BTBs, which would
have been created really just to be the "moving bush" to disguise the
"Assignment" of ~all~ the copyrights CSC>"Hubbard" four years later, in
1978. If so, of course they would all later just be cancelled out of
existence, having served their purpose. And guess what. They were.

So I'm on the record postulating the existence of an important missing
legal document that slipped the copyrights over from HASI, Inc. to CSC
~prior~ to that 4 May 1978 "Assignment" of the BTBs and BPLs. Anybody
have ~any~ indication of any such contract, corporate amendment,
anything, that would have taken place between HASI, Inc.'s death on 10
May 1977, and that "Assignment" on 4 May 1978--almost ~exactly~ one year
later? If not, maybe somebody would be willing to make enquiries in
California for the CSC corporate records during that year-long period.

>HASI, Inc., stated by Hubbard to be crucial to continuation of his
>organizations. Membership in HASI required to keep organizations
>"auditors" certificates in force (Exhibits at XXXXXX). After HASI
>revoke (which was kept secret from public) suspects allegedly
>fraudulently sold HASI memberships for over 7 years until creation of
>IAS 7 Oct 1984 (Exhibits at XXXXX). Lenskes and/or Karno were in
>custody and control of Hubbards' and organization's business affairs at
>relevant times. (Exhibits at XXXXXX.)

Well, Christ, it seems to me that this alone is some serious, serious
interstate and even international fraud on a felony scale. Hell, this
~alone~ seems enough to file racketeering charges on, isn't it? This
~alone~ seems to constitute a prima facie case of massive fraud! What am
I missing? Why isn't this being prosecuted right ~now~? Jesus! WTF are
the federal agencies ~there~ for? What are they ~doing~? Eating donuts?

>Constitutes further evidence that Hubbard was unreported
>missing person not in custody and control of his interests and Trustee

Doesn't it though. I've got to stop this for now and get to the rest of
it later. It's pissing me off for one thing, and it's already taken me
three days to get this far in the little time I've got to devote to it
right now. If anybody can provide any documents or solid information
related to any of the above, it would be greatly, ~greatly~ appreciated.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.

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