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Message-ID: <ZKT3MH1Z37672.1181365741@Gilgamesh-frog.org>
From: Cambridge <cambrdge@ivy.league>
Subject: Re: Call for Volunteer Chris Owen, 3rd request
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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Date: 20 Feb 2003 02:51:33 +0100
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Posted & mailed.

Mr. Owen, thank you for your reply below, oblique and once removed though
it is. Before I received it I had posted and mailed another message in this
thread that I titled "Re: Call for Volunteer Chris Owen--Helpful
Suggestion." I make reference to it below, and will refer to it just as
"Helpful Suggestion."

On 19 Feb 2003 14:45:00 -0800
in message <f758becc.0302191445.6c82edc6@posting.google.com>
ronthewarhero@yahoo.co.uk (Chris Owen) wrote:

>desertphile@RE-MOVEhotmail.com (Shy David) wrote in message
>> On 18 Feb 2003 23:23:36 +0100, Cambridge <cambrdge@ivy.league> wrote:
>> > It was pointed out to me that perhaps the reason Chris Owen isn't
>> > responding to my good faith request for help with access to
>> > documents to aid in research is that for one reason or another he
>> > isn't seeing my messages.
>> Conversely, perhaps Mr. Owen has a Real Life, and he's too damn busy
>> to read a.r.s. but only follows threads he initiated.
>Amazingly enough, this is true... Real Life has the upper hand right
>now and likely will do so for some months to come. I've not read ars
>in depth for a long time, and these days I tend to dip in only once
>every so often.

Since you recently had issued a call for volunteers in a.r.s., I thought
that perhaps you might be checking rather more frequently. Be that as it
may, I presume that you have been receiving my posted & mailed messages, is
that correct?

>As for Cambridge's request - I do have some transcripts and a long
>time ago I had a crack at OCRing them, but didn't get very far with

As I quoted in "Helpful Suggestion," you said in a 1997 message to Gerry
Armstrong regarding your scanning of the trial transcript that it would be
"on the Web soon," so I had the impression that you were fairly far along.

Also in "Helpful Suggestion," I quoted from "Piercing the Corporate Veil"
where you had cited testimony of Homer Schomer as "Schomer in GA25,

Also, in a message <8VYFFjA$nR44EwuY@lutefisk.demon.co.uk> as recently as
28 March 2000, you quoted a paragraph from Mary Sue Hubbard's testimony
specifying that it had come from "Church of Scientology of California v.
Gerald Armstrong, 7 May 1984, p. 1083."

So when you say you "didn't get very far with it," specifically how far did
you get? How many pages did you get OCRed?

>Frankly, I don't have the time or the interest right now to resume
>that project.

Surely you realize that any portion that you have completed would be
invaluable. Is there anything that would prevent you from making public the
parts you have done?

>I do have quite a bit of material that's worth scanning
>and webbing, but it'll have to wait - I have other fish to fry. In
>other words, I'll do it when I do it.

All right, that's understandable. Then if you would be kind enough to post
or web what you have done, and would also be kind enough to advise me of
exactly where you obtained your transcript and its cost, I am certain that
I can arrange for the financing to purchase a complete transcript and get
finished the job that you started in 1997. There is a group of voluteers I
have available to me who are willing to do whatever is necessary to get
these invaluable records fully published and disclosed.

We feel (as it seems you also must have in 1997 to embark on such a large
project), that these are immeasurably important documents and that they
should be fully published.

While I fully understand that you, personally, no longer feel the keen
interest in the transcripts that you exhibited in 1997 by embarking on such
an imposing task as OCRing them, there is yet intense interest in several
quarters right now about what was said by whom in court in the Armstrong
and Christofferson cases, especially in light of so much other data that
has come to view since then.

I realize that your recent call for volunteers was in relation to another
project that you currently consider more important, and though I can't help
you with that, I am offering a team of volunteers that can complete the
other project, the Armstrong trial transcript publication project, that in
1997 you felt was important enough to do.

That will free you from the burden of finishing that long-unfinished
project so you can concentrate on your current interests.

As soon as you can provide me with information on where and how you
acquired the transcripts, and what they cost, someone will obtain a copy
and get started on it who has all the facilities and resources required to
get the job that you were attempting done fairly rapidly. That way everyone
will have access to the data contained in the trial testimony, including
you, which I fully understand was your desire and intention in starting
your OCR project on the transcript in 1997 to begin with.

If that's the way this is going to work out, I also would appreciate it if
you could advise me of the same information regarding the Christofferson
transcript(s) that you cite: where you got the transcript(s) and the cost.
That way the same group can get the actual testimony from that case
published as well.

Thanks again for your help on this.





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