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Date: 19 Feb 2003 21:14:01 -0000
Message-ID: <NC5G259137671.926400463@Gilgamesh-frog.org>
From: Cambridge <cambrdge@ivy.league>
Subject: Re: Call for Volunteer Chris Owen--Adding Mary Sue Hubbard
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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Posted & Mailed

Mr. Owen, I apologize that I somehow overlooked that fact that you have
also quoted from the transcript of Mary Sue Hubbard's testimony in CSC v.
Gerald Armstrong. Although I specified that my list of witnesses that you
have cited the transcripts for was inclusive, not exclusive, and although
I'm sure you would not have overlooked her testimony, still, because of its
importance I am resubmitting this request to add her name prominently to
the list.

Here is my original request, amended.

Mr. Owen: Would you be gracious enough to extend me the courtesy of a reply
to my request? I reproduce it below, and have taken this opportunity to
correct my earlier omission of the word "in" in the paragraph beginning
"While your own selections... ."

I would be most appreciative of a response. Here is the original request:

Mr. Owen, I have been engaged for a good many months, in my spare time, on
a research project that has grown to proportions I could not have
anticipated. It concerns the clients of Michael Flynn.

I have been impressed by the copious cites you have made, in your own
research projects, to transcripts of testimony from the Gerald Armstrong
case and from the Julie Christofferson case, including the testimony of
Mary Sue Hubbard in CSC v. Armstrong.

In "Piercing the Corporate Veil," you say:

"In the following, 'GA' refers to the transcript in Church of Scientology
International v. Armstrong (Los Angeles Superior Court, decided June 1984),
preceded by the witness' name, and followed by the volume and page

You then cite specific passages from the transcripts of the testimony of:

[Mary Sue Hubbard--cited and quoted elsewhere]
Laurel Sullivan
Gerald Armstrong
Jocelyn Armstrong
Howard Schomer
Lyman Spurlock
Terri Gamboa
James Morrow
Tom Vorm

The list above is presented as inclusive, not exclusive.

While your own selections from and interpretations of the transcripts have
their own value, the original records of testimony, in their pure and
unedited form, not only form an invaluable historical record themselves,
not only would be a fitting and treasured contribution to the storehouse of
public knowledge, but also, more specifically, would be of immeasurable
value to my fellow researchers and to me in our work on the Flynn cases.
Therefore I am making a public plea for you to place the transcripts from
the Armstrong and the Christofferson case in this forum of public access
for the benefit of all.

You are to be commended for devoting so much of your own spare time to
public presentation of materials as you have. In doing so, you have
certainly demonstrated both your devotion to, and resources for, making
such documents public.

I pray that you will consider the publication of the transcripts as an
altogether justified extension of your public service calling, and will see
your way clear to helping us in the successful completion of our own
research efforts.

Thank you.





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