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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 1 Jul 2002 06:35:47 -0000
Message-ID: <NLX35LR637438.0665162037@anonymous.poster>
From: ace of clubs <aoc@blackjack.not>
Subject: Re: Dear Phil - A post devoid of all Spin
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Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o, FACTNet!

Can it be true? Can there *be* a post from FACTNet "devoid of all Spin"?
Why, that would be a cow "devoid of all Moo," a train "devoid of all
Wheels," a breath "devoid of all Air."

It would herald the Second Coming! It would bring the dead clawing from
out their graves! It would make Congress honest...

(Welllll, I mighta' got a little carried away there on that last one.)

But, by *damn*, you little Larryites, you sure brought ol' Ace blinking
and squinting outta his backroads motel room and into the dusty noonday
sun to witness this burning bush, this manna from the skies, this
parting of the waters.

And ol' Ace did come forth and look upon it. And, behold! It was...

>Dear Phil,
>We have no gripe with "CL's" posts regarding who's-who in Scientology.

A miracle! An official statement from "FACTNet" of "no gripe" with
indisputable facts. This is traction. This is forward motion...

>We have no gripe with http://www.sc-i-r-s-ology.pair.com/ .

And *another* declaration, a witness, from "FACTNet" of "no gripe" with
ungripeable facts! They have found second gear without scraping. (But
Old Devil Doubt begins to tap ol' Ace on the shoulder, and whisper in
Ace's ear: "Why are we getting a list of 'no gripes,' huh? Why, it
almost seems, Ace," sez he, "as though this might be *leading* to
something, to something *else,* a slippery patch, an oily patch... .")

But I shush him and tell him let's listen to the little "no spin"
Larryites coordinated-typing team:

>(We think that is a valuable resource.)

O! And this blossoms hope back into the bosom and kicks Old Devil Doubt
into the gutter, for here the little Larryites at "FACTNet" have stood
around their computer doing coordinated group typing that would make
Buzby Berkely drop his jaw, and brings a tear to ol' Ace's eye, and have
endorsed *facts* as a "valuable resource." And somewhere, a chorus is
singing, I jest know it. And somewhere, old Satan hizownself is walking
up the steps of a church, cap in hand, resignation and repentance in his
black heart.

>We appreciate the website so much that
>we put a gazillion links to it at

And as the little Larryites search for third gear there is a groaning
grind of metal, a hideous screech and hissssss of madly spinning wheels.
Old Devil Doubt lifts himself up on one elbow from the gutter with a
smug leer. Satan hizownself stops ascending the steps of church and
turns his head with an incipient smile to see what the commotion is.

And ol' Ace stops short, too, and beholds this grinding and spinning
long and well, and ponders it, and thinks on it.

Now, charity is the soul of fellowship. And ol' Ace is as charitable as
they come, and is disinclined ever to suggest that any pilgrim or
penitent take his offering out of the donation plate and shove it back
into his filthy pocket from whence the blood money came. And the last
thing ol' Ace would ever be accused of is not being charitable and
gracious, and as pleasant as a peach.

But I could *not* stop me own sweet and guileless self from noticing
that you little Larryites announced this libation of largesse, this
martyred act of selflessness, only *after* CL nailed yer ass to the
cross of yer own public promise that FACTNet would link to a site
presenting "the supporting documents and evidence, in a logical
fashion." This somewhat takes the bloom off the rose.

For this site in question has been about for twice a fortnight and more.

And Old Devil Doubt pulls hisself up all the way out of the gutter and
dusts his duds, and raises his eyebrows at me in an all too knowing way.

When Old Devil Doubt arrives, Faith begins to gather its hat and coat.

And so, try as I might to fling myself into the coordinated-typing
FACTNet chorus line "no spin" proposition with faith-filled abandon,
with the blind trust of a snake handler, I find meself bit.

And with the pointing finger of Old Devil Doubt, I also can not stop me
own squinty-eyed mind from apprehending that in yer group typing effort,
you sed nothing whatsoever about linking to The ARSCC Librarian's
"Copyrights" timeline, which CL also gave you links to, which also
presents "supporting documents and evidence, in a logical fashion," but
which, lamentably, plots out in painful detail the unfortunate
connections between FACTNet, Lyin' Larry Wollersheim, IRS agent Tom
Klemesrud, IRS agent Scotty Mayer, CIA contractor Jolly West, admitted
perjurers Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks Young, and... .

Why the list of skanks and liars and slinking gu'miunt agents in the
little FACTNet circle of saints is like the Post Office wall for a.r.s.

So Old Devil Doubt lays his arm across me shoulders and smiles at me
like an Oklahoma life insurance salesman as I frown and watch the oily
sliding of FACTNet spin spinning more spin. I begin to wonder why you
little Larryites did not link *there,* and made no mention of it at all.

But charity is the soul of fellowship, and even though I feel the
stirrings of misgivings, like a green chile El Paso shredded pork and
refried bean burrito passing through, I realize you little Larryites are
handicapped, doing co-ordinated group typing as you are, and so it must
have been an oversight. And in the spirit of charity, I shall restore
those missing links for you. And you can thank me later:


Now what's that you wuz group typing about with such lust and gusto?

>We appreciate the website so much that
>we put a gazillion links to it at
>(They can thank us later)

They can thank you later? Ahhhhhh, well, it *was* awfully generous of
you to have spent twenty minutes adding them links on yer site. Jest
awfully generous. I hope you did not have to hire an outside contractor.
But, being somewhat slow in me old age, I wuz jest wondering: what,
exactly, is it that you little Lyin' Larryites feel that the
sc-i-r-s-ology people should thank you for?

Is it for them having done yer job for you?

Did you grant them some special FACTNet license, some L. Dominic
Wollersheim dispensation, for researching, organizing, and webbing
important documents on Scientology, on its organizations, on its
intellectual property, and on its lyin' lawyers? Did you bless and
consecrate their expos? of CST, of its tax-lawyer Special Directors, of
the Treasury Department and IRS worms tunneling beneath it? Did you pay
the sc-i-r-s-ology people to collect and publish this inestimably
valuable information that *you* at FACTNet, at all relevant times, had
available to you, but which FACTNet and Larry Wollersheim elected to
*actively* suppress for years, while simultaneously telling lie after
lie after lie to *replace* and cover up those documented facts with
consummate and abundant disinformation?

Is *that* what the sc-i-r-s-ology folks should send you an engraved
"Thank You" card for, little Larryites: for yer years-long malicious
cover-up of these same facts that they have now published, laid bare,

Help ol' Ace out here. Edyookate me. Try as I might, searching every
last corner of me pickled and raisoned heart, I cannot find the reason
that their gratitude should be pouring and gushing forth. Now, maybe the
good folks at sc-i-r-s-ology will see it differently.

But jest from where ol' Ace stands--watching yer wheels spinning in a
blur and blowing off clouds of noxious smoke--it 'pears to me that
FACTNet is *still* 99.99% false information and other seditious,
malfeasant, and malignant forms of propaganda that Lyin' Larry
Wollersheim and his band of proven perjurers have pumped, great gushing
geysers of it, into courts and the press, all of it now sittin' there at
FACTNet like a giant stagnant and polluted pond, like a Great
Lakes-sized open cess pool of poison, filled with the stink and rot and
flotsam of lie after lie after lie: countless lies, nameless lies, lies
great and small.

But you already know that, don't you, little lyin' Larryites? You know
that *thoroughly*. Because you helped put it there, didn't you, little
lyin' Larryites? And you know full well that *that* is the fetid,
hopeless, fatal pit that any pilgrim wandering FACTNet's way will fall
into first, *don't* you, you chatty little lying pieces of shit?

Now, don't go gettin' all defensive and clamming up on me: you can
confess to ol' Ace: have you taken *any* steps to fumigate your site and
disinfect it of all the *false* information it contains from proven and
even admitted perjurers and liars? Come on, now. Speak up. You can tell
ol' Ace the truth.

Have you taken the lies and disinformation off yer site?

Of *course* you haven't, have you? Because them lies and that
disinformation are the sole reason for FACTNet's existence, aren't they?
Why, if you did that, there would hardly be anything left at all.

So, I wuz jest pondering these further questions, posed to me by me dear
friend and insurance salesman, Old Devil Doubt: This dedication to
disinformation by FACTNet and Wollersheim and his scum-of-the-earth
friends, this fetid, lurking tar pit of lies that you call "FACTNet"--is
*that* what the people who did the sc-i-r-s-ology site should now be
falling all over themselves to touch the hem of the robe of St. Lyin'
Larry and *thank* FACTNet for? Or is it for you little Lyin' Larryites
*deigning* to spend twenty minutes to add a few links--links to honest
investigative work that FACTnet did not do or contribute to in any way?

Well, it's jest got to be one of those things. And, now, *that's* a lot
o' fucking gall you have right there. That's jest unmeasureable gall.
That's gall that sets a new high water mark for gall. And that turns ol'
Satan right around on his heels, and back down the church steps to the
gutter, whistling and laughing on his merry and evil way.

FACTNet is the single largest disinformation machine on these topics in
the world. You and yer "founder" and yer "Board Members" and yer
"attorneys" and yer "eXpErT WiTneSsEs" have expended and consumed
millions of dollars pumping out millions of gallons of offal and sewage:
lies, misdirections, falshehoods, spin, and scandalous unsupported
generalized allegations, all dedicated to hatred and emotionalism, all
calculated to deflect attention away from the true facts about the
Scientology organizations you have pretended to "expose." You are
debased and tainted. You are without shame.

FACTNet and Lyin' Larry Wollersheim have sent forth a great worldwide
flood of poisonous lies about the seat of power in Scientology, and have
poisoned every single well and puddle of information anyone could ever
turn to trying to drink of the truth.

You have booby-trapped every possible source of information with the
poison of yer lies. Lies in uncountable numbers of press reports, lies
saturating the internet and newspapers and radio programs and TV
reports, lies polluting court records. This is your chief export to the
world at large: this sewage, this offal, this toxic pollution, soaked
and sponged and flooded into the very groundwater of information on
Scientology and it's organizations and the people actually running it,
lies calculated--blended and mixed with grains of truth in careful
suspension--to forever taint and delude and deceive the unwary who come
to drink of the pool of knowledge.

And not *one* of you has taken *any* steps to unpoison the wells you
have poisoned, even to correct yer own lying, seditious web site.

You are the great polluters of the world storehouse of information.

Lyin' Larry pissed his poison into the pool again, recently, after his
pay-off from CST, which is being laundered through the lower
organizations. (I can't wait for one of you to tell ol' Ace that it's
coming from CSC.)

He had a golden opportunity to report the truth about CST and its
principals all over the press, truth that he *knows*. And did he do it?
No he did not do it. He made damned *certain* that not *one word* of the
truth got out about CST, didn't he, little Lyin' Larryites?

What an eternal embarrassment it must be for you to have had it recently
exposed that Lyin' Larry had all the facts he needed in his grimy, slimy
paws all the way back in early 1998--could have changed the course of
history, could have laid open the very beating heart of the Scientology
organizations and exposed CST fer what it actually is.

What did he do with it? He sent it to FACTNet accomplice Arnie Lerma's
friend Leiby, who is in the FACTNet good-ol-boy inner circle, and who
hid it under a rock. Look at all the information, proven information,
that Lyin' Larry Wollersheim, and Lyin' Lerma, and Lyin' Leiby have had
all along:


They had the data. They was all in possession of the facts since at
*least* early 1998.

And Lyin' Larry Wollersheim and all his friends and all his lawyers and
all his IRS buddies and all his CIA buddies and all the king's men have
made goddamned *sure* that not one word of that truth wuz *ever* allowed
into *any* public or court statement that *any* of 'em has made since.
Three and a half years of active, knowing suppression of the documented,
proven facts by Lyin' Larry Wollersheim and his friends and lawyers.

My, my, my.

That is one *fine* untarnished record. That is a record of dedication to
suppression of evidence and facts that has no precedent, has no equal.
It is a conspiracy of suppression of knowledge and truth that is of
historic proportions, epic proportions, storybook proportions.

Now, others may judge by their own lights whether yer post is, in fact,
"devoid of all Spin," but ol' Ace squints his one good eye at you, and
grins so's the sun <*GLINTS*> on his teeth, and says, so's you can feel
his warm breath on yer facial hair: Yer a goddamn motherfucking liar.

You would shit on yer mother's grave before you would tell the truth.

And that says all that needs to be said about Lyin' Larry's and
FACTNet's actual motives. And if *I* wuz runnin' that sc-i-r-s-ology
site, I not only wouldn't be thanking you, *I* would be telling you to
get them goddamned links *off* yer fucking abomination of a web site,
*now,* and I don't mean wait a minute. I wouldn't want *any* fucking
connection to yer miserable cess pool of lies and disinformation.

But that's jest me.

So ol' Ace unwraps the hygeine paper off of one of them barrel-shaped
scratched-up motel glasses and pours hisself three fingers o' Wild
Turkey, neat, sets it on the nightstand, then bandy-legs out to his
Harley, opens the saddle bags, pulls out his marbleized "Composition
Notebook," walks back into the stale air-conditioning of the stucco room
and kicks the door closed, stretches out on the threadbare chenile
bedspread with his boots hanging off the end, flips his little book open
to the grimy "FACTNet" tab, and writes in a chicken-scritch scrawl on
the title page: "Lyin' fuckin' disinformation machine, top to bottom,
stem to stern, in all directions. FACTNet, and Lyin' Larry Wollersheim,
and every one of the lawyers and scum connected to them in any way."

I turn the page. Printed in me own chicken-scritch scrawl, it says:

I browse me notes taken over the years, bringing back maudlin memories
of southwestern towns and cheap motels, of sun-baked blacktop and
tarantulas scurrying across the roads, of rusted barbed wire and purple
mesas and barren, eroded, scrub-brush expanses, spreadin' like death to
the horizon, spreadin' like the barren lies of Lyin' Larry Wollersheim
and FACTNet. And my notes talk to me from the past:

"Let the world *never* forget:

"It was Wollersheim and FACTNet and Berry, with Leipold lurking in the
shadows, who launched that stupid fuckin' hopelessly and fatally flawed
"probate challenge" to "remove Starkey." It not only included lies
(*please* ask me to document them), but aided and abetted the Lenskes
and Norman F. Starkey and Thomas Small and Monique Yingling--who flew
out from D.C. especially for the important occassion--in providing
titanium protection for CST and its founder, Meade Emory, and its scummy
lawyer Special Directors from *ever* having the real facts behind their
probate fraud uncovered in any future civil action--a fraud designed
specifically for CST to be the prime beneficiary of, in order to put all
of Scientology under the Lenskes' control on orders of IRS in the
Closing Agreement."

Now, little Lyin' Larryites, I can't speak for the sc-i-r-s-ology
people, but on me *own* behalf, allow me to grovel before you and offer
my eternal gratitude to Wollersheim and FACTNet for this gift to mankind
and the truth. Or, was it a gift to CST and it's principals to cover up
their crimes? Oh, *that's* right; it was. God, I just can't be
obsequious enough in thanking you. Lemme' raise me glass o' Turkey to
you. And here's my toast: Go fuck yerself with an awl. Ahhhh.

And my notebook sez:

"And let the world *never* forget:

"It was Wollersheim and FACTNet who brought into their corporate
management Mr. Bob "I don't give a shit about CST or the Veritas Loons"
Minton and his millions o' dirty dollars, as well as his consort, Ms.
Stacy "DM is the supreme dictator over all of Scientology" Brooks Young
(both admitted perjurers) to torpedo the copyrights suit that had been
filed by--well, who else--RTC and BPI. And of course they torpedoed it
in the eleventh hour, *just* before it was going before a jury with a
Special Master that was destined to prove before the entire world that
CST--not RTC and BPI--owned the copyrights."

Ah, sweet mem'ries.

Would you like to argue about who owns the copyrights, little Lyin'
Larryites? Argue with this:


Should I let me fingers do the walkin' through the Yaller Pages, and
find me an FTD florist, and send roses to FACTNet and Lyin' Larry to
express me *own* humble gratitude for yer multi-million $ cover-up
machine? I will if you volunteer to wait in the middle of the nearest
freeway, tell me where it is, and I will have them delivered there.

You are bold, shameless suppressors of truth, desecrators of truth,
defilers of truth, vandals of truth, and promoters of lies and
disinformation and spin.

The proof is in the pudding. And you have poisoned the pudding. The
proof is in the results. And you have poisoned the results.

The proof is that for years *nobody* reading FACTNet's site could ever
possibly get the truth about the real situation regarding Scientology
and who controls it. Until you was nailed to the bleeding cross of yer
own shoddy promise, there was almost a complete whitewash on FACTNet
about CST, or about the Lenskes, or about Meade Emory, or about the
actual ownership of the copyrights and trademarks.

Was this an accident? No, it wuz yer purpose.

FACTNet is a giant disinformation machine, a veritable endless
spin-cycle of dispersing and confusing "facts," a potent and deadly mix
of tiny grains of truths sprinkled into millions of gallons of lies,
half-truths, and undocumented bullshit allegations and "personal
accounts," none of which would stand for 20 seconds under honest cross
examination by somebody armed with the actual facts. FACTNet is a
labyrinth of lies, with scraggly signposts of truth to keep pointing the
poor lost soul to more and more and more rooms full of lies.

And who has provided those lies?

Allow yer humble host to turn another page in the FACTNet section of me
Composition Notebook, and there it says across the top: "CONNECTIONS."

And, oh, what connections you have! I can hardly wait until somebody
charts all *those* connections.

But till then, while we're on the subject of yer chummy liars, let's
read on down under "CONNECTIONS," and let's have us a looksee at what
ol' Ace has cobbled together on this subject.

Here, in brief, is jest a partial list of the proven and/or admitted
liars and perjurers and suppressors of important facts that are
irrevocably, now, linked to yer own august organization, and what their
association has been:

"Lawrence D. Wollersheim
"FACTNet founder, officer and Board member; proven liar and perjurer;
known and proven ties to CIA's Jolly West

"Bob Miinton
"FACTNet officer and Board member; proven and admitted perjurer

"Stacy Brooks Young
"FACTNet officer; FACTNet-paid 'expert witness;' proven and admitted
perjurer; worked in key positions inside Scientology organizations that
had proven connections to Sherman Lenske and Meade Emory at relevant

"Jesse Prince
"FACTNet-paid 'expert witness;' proven perjurer

"Robert Vaughn Young
"FACTNet-paid 'expert witness;' proven liar and perjurer; possible
former Board member of FACTNet (this just in, needs further research);
proven, known ties to Sherman Lenske in early 80s and to CIA's Jolly
West in mid 90s; alleged ties to CIA's Jolly West and William Hermann at
Vacaville in early '70s.

"Gerry Armstrong
"FACTNet Board member; thief who stole $5 million worth of intellectual
property while it was under Sherman Lenske's custody and control;
admitted ties to the Lenskes ("Hubbard's lawyers in L.A.") and to Norman
Starkey; proven liar and perjurer

"Arnie Lerma
"FACTNet Board member; willfully took steps to instigate a copyright
suit in collusion with Leiby that provided a platform for CST Special
Director Sherman Lenske to put vital CST-beneficial information into the
court record; suit also resulted in *false* but widely-promoted ruling
that RTC owned important copyrights that are actually owned by CST.

"Dan Leipold
"Wollersheim attorney; also represented admitted covert IRS agent Tom
Klemesrud in yet another copyright suit in which RTC and DM were main
focus of attention and in which little to no information about CST's
actual controlling interest was allowed into the record.

"Scott Mayer
"Admitted covert IRS agent and informant who has worked directly for
Commissioner of IRS; known close ties to Wollersheim, Berry, and other
connections to FACTNet."

That's quite an impressive stink you've got around you, little Lyin'

In this entire pack of proven, even admitted, liars so far uncovered and
exposed by others, all of them connected to Lyin' Larry, FACTNet not
only has the lies of *all* these proven and/or admitted liars, and/or
active suppressors of fact permanently enshrined on its website, and
promoted and disseminated around the world, but FACTNet and Lawrence
Dominic Wollersheim have been discovered to be a vital nexus, a hub, a
center to which all of these liars and disinformation sources have
ultimately been found to be connected.

You're a squirmin' nest of vipers.

>But we do take exception to anonymous ad-hominem attacks.

The problem you've got, Priscilla--you and yer tapeworm--is it ain't "ad
hominem" when it's proven. Now CL can take care of hizownself, but when
ol' Ace talks about liars, well, I've got me a little carefully
downloaded and saved cache of the documentation for the lies. There's
jest been pages and pages of such documentation posted, and there's more
to come--bank on it. It's all filed not only in Google, but it's also
filed, databased, and cross-indexed in repositories all along ol's Ace's
meanderin' routes across the Southwestern and Midwest United States. And
in some of them little waterin' holes, where from time to time I bite
off a brick of tobacco and have a chaw with some o' the little packrats
who haunt these parts, I hear tell--jest desert and plains talk, you
understand--that there's repositories all around the whole wide world.
So may I recommend that you roll yer "exception" up and use it as a

>If CL starts
>calling all-and-sundry "liars" then CL should elaborate on those

Your problem, Danny Boy, is that it seems t' me that CL doesn't call
"all-and-sundry" liars: CL only calls the *liars* liars, and only when
he's got the facts in hand. And then he names the names, and presents
the lies, and then he presents the documentation that proves that the
lies *are* lies, and that the liars *are* liars. And I b'lieve, upon me
soul, that *that* is why you are so concerned about *who* CL is.

>With proof.

Well, as yer own lowlife scum-sucking lawyers no doubt are fond of
saying: asked and answered. Or maybe you want to explain to us all how
yer former officers, Minton and Brooks, *aren't* liars and perjurers?
Want to walk that path of cacti and thorns with me for a while? Ol' Ace
will show you how to smell, up close and personal, the primroses *and*
the skunks *and* the sidewinders along the way.

The evidence is strewn along like bleached bones. 'Course, a lot of it's
webbed on that Librarian site that, fer some reason, you seem
disinclined to link to. Care to explain why?

>If CL starts calling all-and-sundry "liars"

Well, now, look at that: you've used the "all-and-sundry" lie now
*twice* in one post. But then, that's what liars do, ain't it, little
Lyin' Larryites?

>then CL should tell us who he/she is.

And yer name is...? Oh: The anonymous little Lyin' Larryites, hypocricy
to the end.

>Does one not have the right to know one's accusor?

And yer name is...? Oh: The anonymous little Lyin' Larryites, hypocricy
with a chaser of gall.

>Even Moxon has that right. Believe it or don't.

Oh, yes: SpinDick Moxon, CST's very own attorney, the gu'mint's very own
pivot man in Snow White, who you little Lyin' Larryites have such a
close "wink and nod" relationship with. Who the fuck do you skanks and
whores think you're fooling anymore? Even some of the *most* dense are
starting to wake up to the stink that surrounds you and yer whole sham
game. And even the absolute most dense are startin' to experience a kind
of squirmin' discomfort about all the revelations of connections that
you've managed to keep hid fer years. They're findin' it harder and
harder to explain all that away. Why, this whole bottle of Wild Turkey
won't make it go away, which ol' Ace can tell you as the result of
clinical trial. There's too much evidence now. It won't explain away, it
won't drive away, it won't wash away. Oral Roberts couldn't make it go
away. Jack Daniels couldn't make it go away. Nowadays, about all the the
absolute most dense will do is remain silent or crack uncomfortable
jokes, whistling past the graveyard.

But there's a stink around the graveyard. It's a stink that sticks like
skunk juice, but smells like a rotted cow dead six days in the sun that
surrounds Lyin' Larry and all you little Lyin' Larryites. The flies are
swarmin' and the buzzards circlin'. And nothin's ever gonna wash the
stink away.

>It matters not how long CL has posted to a.r.s. or how much valuable
>research he/she has, or has not, done.

'S'ata fact? Well, now, from where ol' Ace stands, watchin' the endless
spin and smelling the noxious cloud of oily smoke comin' outta yer ass,
it sure as hell seems to matter a *lot* to you. You seem almost obsessed
with it. That's because it's knocking on your door.

>The fact remains: CL is anonymous.

And yer name is...? Oh: The anonymous little Lyin' Larryites, hypocricy
without shame.

I'd'a sorta figured you people, of *all* people, with yer proven direct
connections to CIA's acknowledged master of individual and group
"behavioral modification" atrocities, Jolly West, and his dear, sweet,
still-breathin' friends, would know better than to allow yer attention
to get fixated in a certain direction. Nurses haven't been suddenly
popping out of doors anywhere, have they--or anything like that?

You are boxing with shadows. But the shadows have the facts. And it's
the facts you can't deal with, which is why you are so desperate to get
yer stinkin', dirty, grimy hands on an individual you can smear or
destroy, and then attempt to link the facts to an individual you have
smeared or destroyed, hoping to discredit the facts by association with
an individual, because the facts that are coming out now are leading
right up to yer crepe-draped doorstep and knocking on yer fucking door.

But rest assured--if you are able to rest at all--that the facts will
*never* stop being uncovered and exposed. The facts are always resident
in more places than you could hope to find.

So the facts will jest keep on coming and knocking on yer door.

A wee little word to the wise: *that*, little Lyin' Larryites, is what
you'd be better off spending your time on now, instead of all these
Buzby Berkely coordinated group typing and outing expeditions. *That* is
what you need a strategy for now. *That* is what is just *begging* for
some "plausible deniability"--which ol' Ace b'lieves you've overlooked
building in.

Personally, ol' Ace thinks you need it PDQ.

But, hey: I'm like CL, ain't I: jest an anonymous troll, so what I think
don't really matter. Does it.

But you read this all the way to the end, anyway. Didn't you. Scum.


Every violation of truth is not only a sort of
suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health
of human society.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


ace of clubs




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