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From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: ATTN: GERRY ARMSTRONG--Some Questions REPOST
Date: 1999/07/26
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mreuss@mciworld.com (Michael Reuss) sed:

>CL, you don't have to reveal your identity to answer this question, so
>I'm hoping that will make it easier to answer.
>Are you the same person who last year posted under the moniker of

Michael, Michael, Michael, me boy-o! I yam cut to the quick. I clutch at
my heart. I swoon and I gasp with astonishment and wonder. How could you
turn on me. And here I thought we wuz friends and all.

Now, I'll warrant you that CL seems like a decent enough chap--like
yers truly. And I'll stipulate that the boy is intelligent and quick--like
yer humble servant, I. I would even go so far as to brag on him to friends,
saying, "Look at that CL boy carvin' new ass-holes in ass-holes. He's jest
like his daddy, ain't he?" Things like that. Neighborly things to say. (No,
I don't know who his fuckin' daddy was. It's just something nice to say.)

But, Mikey, snap out of it, Kid!. He might be able to turn a phrase here
and there--but he ain't no fuckin' Ace of Clubs. Shit, I doubt if he'd even
know which end of a Harley to suck on.

>The reason I ask is that last year, an anonymous poster with that
>psuedonym had a very strong desire to insult Gerry Armstrong,

I do beg your pardon, Kid, but I have to say that you jest got that dead
wrong. Why, I'd never waste a perfectly good insult on Gerry Armstrong.
They are too hard to come by, and precious. They require work. They are
pearls, and are not to be cast before swine, sayeth the Lord--or someone
close to him.

No, I believe the greatest similarity between CL and yers truly,
is that we both have tried in vain to extract or extrude, to cajole, to
beseech, to implore an answer out of our good fox-hole buddy, Gerry
Armstrong. Alas, to no avail. Perhaps Ger is like a tube of toothpaste,
and has to be rolled up from the bottom in order to squeeze an answer
out of him.

You see, Gerry once had some photographs of L. Ron Hubbard. Oh, very
interesting photographs, indeed. And he got them from somebody, don't
you see. Or he took them hizownself. He claims he was selling them for
"a friend." So all ol' Ace axed him is:

"Say, Ger. Where'd you get the photos, Ger?"

And Ger says: " "

Soz I scratched me 'ead, and took another run at it from another angle.
I axed him:

"Say, Ger. Where'd you get the fuckin' photos from, Ger?"

And Ger says: " "

Well, this perplexes me, as it don't seem neighborly, and Ger has said
he jest loves ever'body with the love of sweet Jesus, so I know he loves
me, but I can't help but feel a little slighted by being so voluably
ignored. Soz I flip through my Emily Post, and sure enough it says right
there in black-and-white that etiquette is suffering, in that my
correspondence has not been replied to. And I always rely on Emily Post.

Soz I felt it was incumbent upon me to ensure proper etiquette, soz
I sed:

"Say, Ger. Where'd you get the goddamned motherfucking pictures from, you
skanky, lily-livered, cowardly, lyin' freezer-bag full of diarrhea?!?!?"
(I have taken the liberty of paraphrasin' myself somewhat)

And Ger says: " "

And to this day, his beatific mouth has not moved to utter a single
syllable regarding the origin of them photos. He is as mum as a stump,
and half as pretty.

Now, it's not as if I believe that sweet, huggable Ger has any reason
to hide anything regarding them photos. He may well be hiding it without
reason. His lack of reason has been adequately demonstrated in many
areas. And it's not that them pictures are necessarily related in any
way with the hints made by my other dear, dear fox-hole friend, RVY,
that L. Ron Hubbard was murdered.

No, I don't suggest any of those things at all. And I never said that
any of that is connected in any way with CST, about which ol' slow-
walkin', slow-talkin' Ger will also answer no questions. And I never
made the *slightest* connection, in any way, of any of the above to
Meade Emory, or to any VA hospital anywhere.

I jest axed Ger, real nice, about where he got his fuckin' pictures.
And the boy jest WON'T answer. Whaddaya make of that, Kid?


>Do you have evidence that Sherman Lenske and Russell Bellin are not
>paid on a retainer to merely lend their names and wog credibility
>(such as it is) to these corporations? Do you have any evidence that
>they do, in fact, exert day-to-day control over the RTC and David
>Miscavige? Please post it.
>BTW, about a year or so ago, I asked Ace-of-Clubs for the same thing.
>I asked him to post any documentation he had on the lawyers actually
>making operational calls in the day-to-day business of the RTC. He
>said ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING. But he did ignore my reasonable request,
>and directed a few more, highly-witty sounding insults at Gerry
>Michael Reuss
>Honorary Kid

Kid, may I get a raspberry on me fore'ead from bowing and scraping in
obsequious apology. It seems I have pulled an Armstrong on you, but I
vow on me own sweet mother's grave it was not intentional, and I
disremember the exchange you refer to.

Please allow me to give my inexcuseably belated reply now:


Exactly the way you axed the question, not only no, but Hell no.

As fer Russell Bellin, let's jest take that Joker out of the deck
right now and lay him on the table, 'cause I don't know any more about
him than where his name appears on various papers as "President" of
CST, and he could be scrubbin' pots 'n' pans fer all I know.

But I will tell you this:

1) Sealed communications packs pass between OSA and CST;
RTC and CST; CSI and CST; ASI and CST; and between the
various attorney snakeholes and CST. Not just regularly,
but often several times a day. (Eyewitness accounts to me,
nothin' but my claim to you fer now. Take 'er or leave 'er.)

2) The Special Directors have "access at all times to the
books and records of the corporation." (Bylaws of CST)

3) The Special Directors have the following functions, and are
"EMPOWERED" to "ENSURE" (all emphasis mine):

"...That the corporation['s]...TAX EXEMPT STATUS...is
maintained throughout the existence of the corporation.
[stay tuned on this one]
"That the ASSETS of the corporation are not subject to waste
and/or extravagance but are instead INCREASED IN VALUE.
"That PROPER SCIENTOLOGY MANAGEMENT is correctly applied to
the end that the purposes of the corporation are accomplished."
(Bylaws of CST)

4) To effect the above (all emphasis mine):

"The Special Directors shall carry out their duties by
APPROVING OR VETOING EVERY resolution, vote, or ACT of the
General Directors which in any way DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY
affects the duties of the Special Directors set forth above.
In addition, Special Directors may by unanimous vote DIRECT
THE GENERAL DIRECTORS to consider ANY MATTER which comes
within the scope of their duties, as outlined above."
(Bylaws of CST)

Now, Kid. If anyone ever offers you that kind of power, graciously slip
into the purple robes, look suitably humble as the crown is lowered onto
yer 'ead, keep yer sceptre up, and then start takin' names and kickin'
ass. 'Cause you will be lord and king, and shall from thence forward be
speakin' only to the kneeling, and even then only to the tops of their
bowed heads.

I don't know how many times you may have to read through the above before
it dawns on you that Lenske & Co. wrote themselves the biggest blank
check ever written, and handed it to themselves for LIFE! And they kept
it hidden for all these years, ever since 1982 when they put this little
scam together. Nobody had ever seen these Bylaws till this year.

They have carte blanche. They have access to every nook, cranny, and
ass-crack all the way from the tip-top of CST right down to Buttnor's butt.

Why? Well, what are the ASSETS of the corporation? The fucking copyrights
and the royalties they earn on every single policy letter, bulletin, book,
course pack, tape, tape series, and e-meter, for one thing! How the fuck
are they going to ENSURE that the ASSETS are INCREASED IN VALUE if they
can't monitor sales and have some four-times-removed way of cracking the
whip across the backs of every slugging, slogging bookseller and registrar
on the planet? Huh?

And what about the LICENSE FEES paid to CST by RTC and BPI and NEP? Are
those ASSETS OF THE CORPORATION? You bet yer flaming ass they are! You
think maybe the Lenskes jest calls DM up and axes him, real softly and
politely--soz he won't stand up on a chair and konk their noggins--"Uh,
Mr. Miscavige, Sir! We hates to bother you and all, but we've got to earn
our $250.00 an hour for life--which you so graciously gave us--and we wuz
wonderin' if you would be so kind as to, possibly, if and when you gets
around to it, if it doesn't interfere with yer hair apperntment, or
beating the living shit out of some lackeys, please be kind and generous
enough to deposit into the mail the several million dollars that you owe
to CST fer the license we granted to you fer the AT?"

Sure, Kid. That's how it goes down.

And howz about that PROPER SCIENTOLOGY MANAGEMENT clause? I jest bust
a seam on that one. Sometimes ol' Ace thinks about that one when he's
out and public, and he jest has to lean against a wall and laugh his
scrawny ass off. I get strange looks.

Lenske, Lenske & Heller, non-Scientologists all, are going to ENSURE that
they know? They wouldn't know PROPER SCIENTOLOGY MANAGEMENT if it crawled
up their asses and died.

But let's assume for a moment that they have completed their FEBC training

<I'm sorry. Give me a minute. I can't see the monitor from here
on the floor, and I gots ta get out me hanky and wipe these tears
that are streamin' down me cheeks. Gots ta catch me breath.>

Okay. Sorry. So they completed their FEBC training, managing all the while
to remain good, card-carrying non-Scientologists. Now, you tell me: How the
FUCK are they going to ensure "proper Scientology management is correctly
applied" (which includes every policy you hate with a passion) if they don't
get *all* the stats from everywhere, *all* the financial reports from
everywhere, and have their fingers constantly on the pulse of every fucking
thing going on anywhere and everywhere in Scientology?

Well, lemme' tell you something, Kid: They DO.

Now, here is one other thing that will help you know they do. And keep
yer eyes peeled REAL wide here, 'cause this one is slicker than a $10
Tiajuana whore on Saturday night. 'Member I axed you to stay tuned on that
"maintaining TAX EXEMPT STATUS" clause? Well, buckle up, 'cause here we go.

Here's an excerpt from one of CST's rewrites of a policy letter, HCO POLICY
LETTER OF 29 JANUARY 1971RA, REVISED 2 FEBRUARY 1991, "Finance Series IRA,

"Balance sheets and other reports are under the same responsibility
as the Treasury Division but in the matter of balance sheets and tax
also come under the Office of Special Affairs and the Finance Office
to which both Treasury Aides and A/Aides are answerable."

Who-o-o-o-o-oa! You don't know WHAT orifice that jest slipped into! Let's
check that again, now. Did I jest see that OFFICE OF SPECIAL AFFAIRS wuz
added in the re-write, and put over BALANCE SHEETS AND TAX? Well, bless
my black heart, so I did!

Well, that means that OSA has to report to...

Well, fuck me blind. They have to report to the Special Directors of CST.
Wonder jest what all IS in them sealed packs that whiz back and forth twixt
OSA and CST?

Goddamn! Let's see what ELSE Special Affairs has been assigned to
take care of in the new CST-owned policy re-writes. Here's another one
now that was re-written, and then transferred over to CST:


"...The Director of Special Affairs ensures the org is properly
incorporated, registered to do business and files the necessary
corporation reports and RETURNS required by the county, state or

"...The Director of Special Affairs ensures the COPYRIGHTS,
trademarks and patents of Scientology are properly registered and
protected in the state or country concerned." (Emphasis mine.)

Who-o-o-o-o-oa! These are among Special Affairs primary duties now. TAX
returns? COPYRIGHTS? Wonder who has to check these things to ENSURE that
of CST are able to continue being INCREASED IN VALUE?

I know. I bet they all land right on the desk of David Miscavige.

I bet he goes over those tax forms with a fine-toothed comb, him being so
edjeekated in TAX LAW, and all, and bein' the XPERT that he is on the
IRS codes.

And I'm bettin' he's jest a cracker-jack at copyright law, too. Yes, my
money is going on DM. He must burn the midnight oil handling all that
copyright traffic from OSA, so the $250.00-an-hour-fer-life Special
Directors at CST won't have to work past 5:00.

So put me down as a DM convert and disciple, would you? I'll order the
robes and sandals later. I swear.

Well, Kid, I trust I have answered yer long-lost question to yer utter
satisfaction, and I'm sorry if there wuz no prize in the bottom of the
box fer you.

But think on these things above.

And think on this:

I wuz spendin' one night earlier this year in a sway-back faux-adobe
motel in one of them sidewinder-ranches they try to pass off as a
"town" down in southwest Texas.

There wuz a wind howlin' and screamin' outside, an unnatural wind, a
blistering hot wind full of sand and grit, and I couldn't sleep, and
I couldn't go out on my bike, and the goddamned TV wuz fer shit.

So I wuz layin' on the threadbare bedspread, hands laced behind my
head, starin' at the bugs clingin' to the ceiling, and thinkin'. And
I wuz thinkin' about Hubbard, and CST, and a.r.s. And somethin' wuz
naggin', and naggin', and naggin' me, like a itchy label on underwear.

I couldn't get it. And I wuz startin' to doze off, when I suddenly
JERKED like they had thrown the Big Switch on me. Man, I mean I musta
come a foot off the bed. I sat up then, went into the dingily-lit
head and splashed some water on my face and stared at me ugly mug
and these goddamned silly tatooes in the mirror fer a second.

If the Hubbo-Tubby-Phatso-Flubbard Club fer Boys & Girls on a.r.s. is
right about the old man, I thunk; if he was a megalomaniacal paranoid
schizophrenic peddling his brainwashing "TEK" fer money and power;
if he wanted Scientology to rule the world; if he disdained the
IRS and all governments of the world, and thought that they should
buckle under the ultimate control and domination of Scientology...

Then WHY, "as part of his estate planning" [Bruggink, CST v. US]--ALL
of which "estate planning" was executed by Sherman Lenske, with the
able assistance of Meade Emory and the boys--did he set up CST with
and Heller--as the most powerful people at CST, and the ONLY ones
appointed for life, and then REQUIRE that they see to it that CST
obtain TAX EXEMPTION--which would automatically put CST and all of
Scientology at EFFECT of IRS and the Government--BEFORE CST would
receive the copyrights? And yet, Lenske, Lenske & Heller were
appointed *for life* BEFORE they had accomplished getting tax
exemption? Would they still be appointed for life if they HADN'T
accomplished that primary purpose allegedly assigned to them by
LRH's trust?

And a creepy little question started to bubble up in me addled brain,
one I didn't want to let break the surfact at first. But I did:

What was the alternative if CST didn't get tax exemption?

What was "Plan B?"

And with a wind hotter than all forty levels of hell blowing ticking
little taps against the windows, I felt a chill, Kid. I got it.




--Stephen King


ace of clubs




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