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From: aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: Armstrong VI Hearing in Reno September 2
Date: 1998/08/28
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Ger-bil Butt! Boy! I yam SO glad to see yer skinny, ugly, greasy,
slimy self back here! I thought I'd lost you, son! An' I wuz
already so heart-broke over losin' RV, and all, that I jest about
couldn't stand it! But here you are, ever' bit as soft-spoken and
unctuous as I remember!

You sed:

>To my many friends on ars and abroad:

Well, I know I am amongst yer many, many, many close fox-hole
friends here on a.r.s., Geritol, but who's the broad yer

>There will be an *evidentiary hearing* in my Nevada Federal case
>September 2, 1998. Each side will have two hours to present

Goddamn it, Ger, now you and I both know that won't be enough time
to get in any mention of CST. 'Course, you never mention them,
anyways, do you, Gerk-off? Nah, 'cause that's not what yer many
good, good fox-hole friends connected with CST pay you fer, now,
is it? Well, as long as you stick to yer story about DM, you'll
be okay. You'll still be a lyin' shitheel, but you'll be a
CONSISTANT lyin' shitheel, and tha's what's really important, Ger.
At least, in yer line of work. BTW, what exzactly IS it you do
fer a livin', Ger?

>Attorney Sandy Rosen is to be there for defendants RTC and CSI.

Oh, you got 'em now, Ger! Go, Ger, go! Oh, I feel faint! The way
you go up agin' the big, bad RTC. AND CSI! Why, somebody might
think that you been appointed and annointed by God his-own-self
be the ONE who is going to bring down DM! Could it be, Ger? Is
that what we're gettin' all heated up here for? Lemme' git my
cardboard picture of Ja-HEE-zus and fan myself!

Oh, Ger! That reminds me. Pictures! Why, I almost plumb fergot!
I axed you a question, Ger-butt. I axed you real nice-like. I
even axed you two or three times, Ger, and fer some reason, you
almost seem to be avoidin' the question. I know you wouldn't do
that, being a paragon of virtue and trooooth like you are, Ger,
so on the premise that you din't hear me right the first time,
let me ax you again:

Who took them pictures of LRH when he wuz in seclusion, Ger? You
tol' poor ol' dumb Virgil that you wuz sellin' them fer some
"friends" of yers. (Of course, we all know ever'body is yer
"friend," don't we, Ger?)

Well, please don't be a slime-bellied slug here, Ger, and keep
actin' like you don't hear me. I know you do. And I know you
know who took 'em. And I know you know the condition the Old Man
was in when they wuz took, too. Wuz it Nurse Kima, Ger? (Didja'
ever notice, Ger, how Nurse Kima seemed to be with the Old Man
everywhere he went from 1974 on? Why do you suppose that was,

But, nah. She wuz better with the psychiatric drugs than she
wuz with a camera. So, come on, Ger. Tell us! Who took the

Boy, if you don't answer, it starts lookin' like you got somethin'
to hide. And, of course, you know damn well you better not give
the wrong answer. 'Cause you know somebody might know somethin'
that ain't bein' sed here yet, don't you?

Come on, Ger. Open up fer us. Tell the troooooth, Ger.

Hey! Before I go, remember Vic?


"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever
remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


ace of clubs




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